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JUNE 2023

Turkey Is Preparing To Take Military Action Against US-Backed Kurdish Forces In Syria – Report

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Turkey Is Preparing To Take Military Action Against US-Backed Kurdish Forces In Syria – Report

Turkish Army tanks manoeuvre during a military exercise near the Turkish-Iraqi border in Silopi, Turkey, September 25, 2017 © Umit Bektas / Reuters

Turkey is preparing to take military action against US-backed Kurdish forces in Syria if talks on the issue with the US and Russia fail, Reuters reported on October 15 citing two Turkish officials with knowledge on the matter.

The Turkish officials were referring to the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), the core of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces.

Last week, a Turkish marine and two police officers were killed in the northern countryside of Syria’s Aleppo in two separate attacks by Kurdish forces. In response, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowed to end the threat of Kurdish forces in Syria.

“It is essential that the areas, notably the Tell Rifaat region from which attacks are constantly carried out against us, are cleansed,” one senior official told Reuters.

The official said that the time or nature of Turkey’s next military move in Syria is still unclear. Yet, the Turkish military and intelligence are making preparations.

“The decision for this has been taken and the necessary coordination will be done with particular countries. This subject will be discussed with Russia and the United States,” the official said.

Turkey wants the YPG to withdraw at least 30 kilometers away from all frontlines with its forces in Syria. Erdogan will discuss the issue with US President Joe Biden on the sideline of the G20 summit that will be held in Rome at the end of October. Later, the Turkish President will speak with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to the officials, if the talks fail, the Turkish military will take military action against the YPG in Tell Rifaat in the northern Aleppo countryside and “other areas”.

A Turkish attack on Tell Rifaat will not be possible without the approval of Russia who maintains a force in the town and the surrounding areas. The Syrian Arab Army and Iranian-backed forces are also present there.

If Turkey decide to go on with its military plans, its forces will likely face resistance not only from the YPG but also from Russian, Syrian and Iranian forces.

Russia will not likely abandon Tell Rifaat, especially that Turkey is still not willing to pull its troops out from Greater Idlib in northwestern Syria. Turkish-backed militants launch attacks from the region on a regular basis.


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US will have a SWIFT embargo put on Turkey, and it will collapse in an hour.


I doubt they’ll do that over Kurds


It’s not for the kurds, but for the oil fileds they control. This is also Erdogans motivation to go after them. With energy prices getting up Turkeys economy is at the brink of collaps.


You’re right, but America going after Turkey is huge. America doesn’t ally with any Middle eastern country for no reason, they always need something they have, especially the ones in NATO. If america goes after them, Turkey will slowly lean toward Russian, Iran and Bashar interests for revenge against America. That can destroy all of the Zionist work


Turkish invaders should be killed in great numbers and the only blame for their deaths will fall on their own sultan.




I don’t think so. This is just a small issue. Turkey has just no real clue what to do. They are dissatisfied with the situation they brought on themselves and now they bluffing too to buy some time. They simply cannot afford this kind of military standoff with their whole economy and their currency breaking down like that. We will see how it will play out.


oink oink, piggila!

marcus aurelias

That is exactly why an invasion is likely. Nothing fixes an economy like a war. Look at ww1 and ww2.


only if you win :-)


Do not compare WWI and II with this. This is just one problem more for the Turks. They don’t want to be seen weak when they get whacked in Idlib like that. Everyone can comprehend that. They don’t want to create peace in Idlib in the first place, their mistake. Now they have to accept the consequences. Bluffing won’t save them. If they go in, they will increase their loses and may be even responsible for endangering Russian service men. That is not a good idea. They had their lesson after they shot down a Russian Bomber over Syria. In the end they bowed to all of Russia’s demands. You don’t win conflicts with tanks and heavy artillery or by droning people. You just make new enemies like that.


…says the one who does not understand economy. By the way: how is tourism going nowadays?


Stupid degeneratettila. You are are pathetic trash.


Bullocks I can understand true always hurts. But you can lump it


You like bullocks weirdo? Filthy dirttilla ready for the firing squad.


Lets hope the turds and the turds butcher each other.

Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

Oy gevalt…


Rule by Turks instead of commie kurd turds and their handlers in the US of gAy would be somewhat of an improvement

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