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Turkey Is Preparing To Send Its Syrian Proxies To Yemen – Report

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Turkey Is Preparing To Send Its Syrian Proxies To Yemen – Report

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Turkey is preparing to send its Syrian proxies to Yemen, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on June 4.

Initially, the UK-based monitoring group claimed that Turkish-backed militants will be fighting alongside the Houthis. However, the group later released a new version of its report saying that the militants will be fighting for large sums of money.

“Turkish intelligence asked its proxy factions to prepare fighters for deployment in Yemen to fight in return for large financial incentives,” the SOHR said.

An Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia intervened in Yemen in 2015 to put an end to a revolution led by the Houthis, who are backed by Iran. Since then, a brutal war has devastated most of the country.

If the SOHR’s information are accurate, Turkish-backed militants could go to Yemen to fight for the Saudi-led coalition. Turkey is not a supporter of the coalition. Nevertheless, some parties within the Saudi-backed Yemeni government are known to be close to Turkey, namely the al-Islah party.

More than 11,000 Turkish-backed Syrian militants are currently fighting for the Government of National Accord in Libya. The militants are receiving salaries of up to $2,000 a month. Ankara is apparently willing to offer the special services of its Syrian proxies to those who can afford to pay.


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Hanny Benny

turkey = REAL ISIS !!! (500 years of devsirme childabduction)


Greece , a proud Disnesland and a colony since 1821.

Thomas Simeon

As far as I can see so far Turkey got there a*** handed to them in Syria. And are at the backfoot. In Libia all we see is the GNA fighting their lungs out while LNA have still not thrown any punches yet. While the world wonders why. LNA are playing smart. They want everyone to see that al Qaida are getting stronger in Libia. I don’t know why LNA are allowing it. But let’s not forget LNA top general worked for the CIA. And it’s beneficial for U.S. and especially Israel for it’s neighbors to remain weak and suffering.

Rafik Chauhan

turkey will do big mistake if it send syrian militant to fight houthis. bcuz it wil be against iran . but houithis will attack turkey direct if they interfere in yemen. and iran will increase more support to houthis and Syrian Hezbollah to fight tuekey terriost. . yurkey is poking nose everywhere, they are working for US/Israel to undermine and bring resitance down. but it want happen.

jade villaceran

did you not read ot clearly? syrians backed by turkey will fight along side with houthis, but im not good at it, syrian militants will gain knowledge from houthis strategies


You’d have to be among the top 100 most retarded people on Earth to believe that. Also you’re pretty terrible at reading since you managed to miss the very next sentence witch completely contradicts the one before it.
“Initially, the UK-based monitoring group claimed that Turkish-backed militants will be fighting alongside the Houthis.” – Makes NO sense.

“However, the group later released a new version of its report saying that the militants will be fighting for large sums of money (obviously that means Saudi Arabia).” – Makes COMPLETE SENSE.


They do NOT. If you tell others to read the article, read it YOURSELF.
This was an error of SOHR, they will fight with the Saudi coalition (parts of it).
And not only is this what the article is actually saying, but also the only option that makes any sense at all.


Maybe they are sent to fight the STC rather than the Houthis since Turks are enemies with the UAE in the libyan battelfield? Therefore complicating evenmore LNA’s position in Libya. What do you think?


Well, IMO that is a pretty likely possibility! Thanks for the input, i did not put the pieces together, but this is likely it!
And yeah, it is a massive move. Not only that the Turks project power into Yemen, but also like you say because it messes up the power balances against the UAE!
On the other hand, will this force the UAE to escalate too, and might (!) lead to a surge in support for the LNA.
No matter what, this is bringing this mess to a whole new level!
Again, thanks for the input!


Thank you for the answer and it was a pleasure to exchange ideas!


Likewise Joaquin!
All the best to you and a nice evening!


I think too this is going to widen the mess completely out of scale or at least it has the potential to do so. What do you think about other countries getting dragged to the conflict like Egypt? A real possibility?

Also it seems until now that everything is coming favorable to Iran strangely so

Swift Laggard II

why would turkey send it’s proxies to fight for saudia while they are adversaries? makes no sense whatsoever


You just killed the last neuron of everyone reading your comment, your IQ is negative like the antimatter


TR is already fighting with hezbollah in Idlib , what difference will it make?
How Iran will further support the Houthis , with what ? Iran is already doing whatever it can , what else she has in hand in Yemen and Syria ?

Concrete Mike

Iran seems to have a hand up your tushy, since its all you blab about, like a an ugly marionnette.


Whenever something criticizing is written about iran , insects gather asap. It never fails.

Furkan Sahin

i think Turkey go to support Southern Transitional Council

klove and light

hhahahajh…told u so…u moronic idiots……..erdogan..Moslem brotherhood created and controlled by zionism….
Putin controlled by zionism…..


99% idiots Zionist brainwashed


Again here we go with the spineless Zionism rhetoric, speak with facts, speak with actual things one can listen to instead of just bloviating old and boring slogans.


Well its sort of a PMC. Illegal, but why not, everyone is doing it.


A PMC with official Muslim brotherhood Jihadi flavor.


the only thing seems to be legality since using refugees in a PMC is kinda grey area. But other than that as long as it follows the governmental general direction, whatever the nationality, ethnicity or ideology, PMC has one god and its the greens.


Maybe by helping Saudis they want to eliminate Egypt factor from Libya scenario. Like an exchange. Yemen is kinda far to mean much for Turkey so why not.


L…..O…….L ….Okay, that was very funny. Now, hmmmmmm mercs vs. Houthis, haven’t we seen this before?

The Objective

This one will be different




Turkish leadership seems totally unhinged with all of this stuff but at the same time seems capable to handle simultaneous fronts


This will be funny. First because Turkey would take over Saudis influence and will increase Qatar influence too. Maybe they will do a thing or two against Houthis but they would stay around Aden as a permanent presence. That should teach UAE in Libia too. UAE and Saudis will have nothing left other than start supporting Houthis.


Damaging Iranian expansionism with saudi finance and setting foot on Yemen.

Concrete Mike

Expansionnism, give me a break.

If standing in solidarity with the people of yemen is imperial expansionnism, care to explain the overthrow of Gadaffi in Libya,or the attempted overthrow of Syria, by western imperialist expansionnism.

Your just a lowly creature taking potshots. Insignificant little twat you are.


Ah yes , I forgot. Iran is in Iraq , Syria , Lebanon , Yemen with its militia for humaitarian purposes only. They are not expansionist , it is not their national character since a millenium when they find the chance. May be you should take your break and go fuck yourself , how about that ?


That is what Saudis will be told at first, Turkey will need Iranians to scare them. USA will slowly retreat from the region. A guangmire for all is set. Let the games begin.

Assad must stay

If they fight against houthis they are literally comitting suicide, all that money wont do them any good dead, do they not know how badly saudis are getting pulverized there? Just give it up erdogan

Furkan Sahin

Southern Transitional Council
i think Turkey support them


The more wahabi’s and turk proxies pulverized, the better


Yemen and Libya now reminds me of Lebanon in the 70s and 80s. So many players on one chess board. Let’s see what the Turks are going to do with their Syrian mercs.

Porc Halal

who still doubts the ambitions of the antichrist zoophile to re-create the evil ottoman empire?! … however, how ignorant this goatfucker is in terms of fulfilling a certain prophecy !!! …

Porc Halal

PS…i wonder if the jews got it right. Maybe they don’t..:)))))

cechas vodobenikov

the culture less shallow functionally illiterate amerikans fuel genocide in Yemen—yet these cowards r notorious for losing all wars—this requires them to employ jihadi mercenaries to fight for them—turkeys, GNA, —they even convince a few tokens from their colonies to help them in Afghanistan—amerikans have murdered at least 30 million in their barbaric invasions since WWII—of course they always lose…these primitives murdered 4 million Koreans—they were required to retreat all the way from the Yalu River to the 38th parallel—of course their history is defeat —they attacked Canada in 1812, a nation of 500,000—and despite that their population was 8 million they were unable to steal a millimeter of Canadian territory —-the best they can do is lose in Vietnam and win by invading Grenada…to this day they have been unable to produce regime change in the island nation of Cuba
incompetent barbaric imperialists–paper tigers as Mao observed

Jamal Utr.

Turkey is bring order in the region. Allahu akbar

Jens Holm

Its a very good system and for Libya too.

This cant be a part of Turkey unless all kinds of Jihadists has been killed.

Many good systems are invented in the area. Here the Jihadists are paid to kill themselves. Another good example is iprovinbg the Russian economy in a weapon for no oil by Assad.

It solves unimplyment a lot even some might say that is a very strange kind of late contraseption.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The Turks pay $100 a week more for their mercs, and give them better equipment too, so the Iranians only pay their militia forces 1,600 a month compared to the Turks 2,000 per month.
Does that mean the Turks are getting better fighters for that extra money, not really, not if events on the ground are anything to go by, though they’ve just had a big win in Libya so things may be changing.

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