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Turkey Is Paying Its Hope For Geopolitical Victories In Blood

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Turkey Is Paying Its Hope For Geopolitical Victories In Blood

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On February 25th, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan claimed that two Turkish soldiers had died in Libya.

Erdoğan did not say when the soldiers were martyred. The Turkish president also acknowledged an unspecified number of troops had been martyred in Libya.

He didn’t mention the Russian mercenaries he and his government have claimed are operating in Libya, but it is possible that this is yet to happen.

“We will try to draw up our roadmap by negotiating with Russia at the highest level,” Recep Tayyip Erdogan told reporters ahead of an official visit to Azerbaijan.

Turkey is working closely with Russia to resolve issues in both Idlib and Libya, he added.

Meanwhile, Turkish media continue reports aimed against the Libyan National Army and its commander Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar.

In a justification for its own military support of the Government of National Accord (GNA), it repeated a report by the GNA’s center for “Operation Volcano of Rage” that claimed 100 flights have transferred almost 6,200 tons of weapons from the UAE to Haftar since January 12th.

The planes carrying the weapons took off from Suweihan Air Base in the UAE and Assab airbase in Eritrea, the statement said.

Arms shipments to Libya violate UN Security Council resolution 1970, which bans weapon exports to the country. Despite even citing the resolution, Turkey also exports weapons in support of Tripoli.

In an apparent attempt to get some more support, the GNA interior minister Fathi Bashagha said that the UN-backed government would greenlight US military bases in the country if it wished to establish them.

Bashagha said Russia was in war-weary Libya for its strategic interests in Africa, not to help Haftar.

This also seems as an apparent attempt to receive some support from the US, as it appears unlikely that any tangible support would come to Ankara in Idlib.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that a Russian delegation would visit Turkey in the coming days to discuss Idlib, and that Ankara was unhappy over Russia’s support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Erdogan said Turkey is aware of Russia’s strong assistance to the Syrian Arab Army, including air support, despite the Russian side’s denials.

On the threats and crises over the Idlib issue, Erdogan said Turkey must solve the crisis there at once.

“The country most affected by the Syrian crisis is Turkey, due to our 911-kilometer [566-mile] shared border,” he said.

Currently, in both Libya and Idlib, Turkey appears to be having little success, but big ambitions, reinforced by claims of success, which are accompanied by loud proclamations, but little actual evidence.


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Zionism = EVIL

So far the only headway the Turkeys have made is to be bombed by both Russia and Syria. Things ain’t looking very imperial for the goat fucker Erdogan. Libya is a worse disaster.

Mustafa Mehmet

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He’s mad about us lol, next week he’s gonna be even more mad as Gantz will win the elections. Then we will roast the terrorists good.

Concrete Mike

Right, and since when does politicians change things for the better?

How fucken naive does one have to be to think a different PM will change anything in a “democracy”. LOL

Zionism = EVIL

and you will be pounding the little Jew pecker in mommy’s basement :) as usual, different day same wank ROFLMAO


I had never doubted Israelis and Turks in bed together !

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Like you used to roast your own babies in a sacrifice to your evil gods

Zionism = EVIL

Too tough it will only fizzle out :) How was the session with the goat today? made any progress in the man/goat love department ?

Porc Halal


Mustafa Mehmet

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Turkgay boy have you reached the Mongolian desert yet ?

Keep running turky turky !

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Mustafa Mehmet

Souvlaki boy We gonna liberate, Salonika first Then I think about it.


You don’t liberate something that’s not yours re malaka karagiozi mogoloid!
Your silly nanny army is getting Rekt in Syria and in Libya hahaaha and you think they can liberate …
ahahahaah you silly kebapboy.

Mustafa Mehmet

Souflaki boy watch this space Turkish force coming towards you be gd ottoman leftover


[Imgur]comment image)

The Objective

The Libyan GNA is supported by Turkey. The GNA is aligned with Muslim Brotherhood and Qatar. In fact, facts suggest that GNA is Muslim Brotherhood.

The Muslim Brotherhood seek to overthrow gulf Arab mornachies like Saudi Arabia and the like. The Muslim Brotherhood are also trying to overthrow Sisi of Egypt.

Russia is helping the GCC Arab countries by propping up Haftar. Muslim brotherhood is an existential threat to many sunni regimes.


Hafez al-Assad, who seized power in 1970 and handed over his seat to his son Bashar al-Assad.Among Hafez al-Assad’s children, Bashar al-Assad, the most uninterested in state affairs, suddenly found himself in the embrace of politics.Beautiful reign.


We are sooooo happy that you open our eyes and mind for such deep insights. Thank you so much for this wonderful declaration. Probably you should be offered to take over the authority of the Syrian President?
Ummm – no good idea, there is already CHAOS enough due to the brave fighters for freedom (beheader, rapers, torturers and other scumbags)…


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Public announcement by the spokesmen of Turkish foreign ministry disclosed that, finally Erdogan and Netanyahu announced their sexual relationship and in coming weeks would pick a wedding day. Spokesmen also confirmed that regardless that science have long proven that sexual intercourse between two males can’t result in pregnancy, Netanyahu and Erdogan are continuing their attempts and not giving up. The whole Turkish and Israeli society is applauding them and wish them luck in their attempts. No confirmation who would be the mother. Many happy years to the new couple.


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