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JULY 2022

Turkey Is Negotiating With Russia To Reach Ceasefire In Idlib, Defense Minister Says

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Turkey Is Negotiating With Russia To Reach Ceasefire In Idlib, Defense Minister Says


Turkey is negotiating with Russia in order to declare a new ceasefire south of Syria’s Idlib, Turkish Minister of Defense Hulusi Akar revealed on May 28.

“We continue our contacts to stop this drama as soon as possible, to ensure the safety of people, reinstate the ceasefire and bring stability to the region,” the Daily Sabah quoted Akar as saying.

The Turkish minister said that he expects Moscow to use its “influence” on Damascus to stop the ongoing Syrian Arab Army (SAA) military operation around Idlib. He also stressed that Ankara will continue its de-escalation efforts in Idlib within the framework of agreements made in the Astana Process and the Sochi Conference.

Earlier this month, a temporary ceasefire was imposed around Idlib. The Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) and the Russian Aerospace Forces even halted their operations over the region.

However, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), the former branch of al-Qaeda in Syria, and its Turkish-backed allies took advantage of the ceasefire to launched a counter attack in northern Hama. The terrorists also resumed their rocket attacks on the Russian Hmeimim airbase on the Syrian coast.

These violations forced the SAA and its allies to resume their military operations, including aerial attacks on militants’ positions throughout “greater Idlib.”

Despite this, Moscow and Damascus could accept another ceasefire agreement, especially if Ankara ensures that HTS and its allies will hold their attacks this time.

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Rafik Chauhan

Turkey cant do anything to stop this terriost . Turkey wants this terriost in Syria for his benefit. Turkey is still working behind the scene with US. to destroy Syria systematically


No cease fires, Idlib terrorists must be eliminated!

Zionism = EVIL

The Turkeys are coming home to roost. The last 2 weeks of devastating airstrikes by Russian AF and SyAAF has literally decimated the terrorists and they want their Americunt masters to stop the belting. However, Russia needs to act firmly this time and no more local ceasefires as these savages are like cockroaches and will show up some place else to fan terrorism. This time bomb them to hell.

Oscar Silva Martinez


Xoli Xoli

I support fully.


Ceasefire for what to leave Idlib a safe heaven for terrorists. Even though these terrorists attack on Russian base. Let Syrian and Russian to eliminate these US termites. So then they will be able to focus on Israel and rest of Syria.


could you please explain the article for me in simple english please


I have to give it to the moderates: during the years when they had the upper hand, there was none of this ceasefire nonsense. They hammered the SAA with everything they had; almost got them to Damascus. This whole Idlibstan entity only exists because Putin’s slow-slow tactics have bailed out the jihadists time and again; given how successful this strategy has been in balkanizing Syria, why not one more time?

Concrete Mike

SAA has the initiative, if SAA wants to stop , it wont change a thing on the ground.

Last time I checked , Al Nusra are still peices of shit that havent had succesful offensive operations since around sept 2015. Let them rot!

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

haahhaha yes i hope al nusra totally ceases to exist for eternity, such a piece of shit scum worthless rats they are


Not a again a “ceasefire”, everyone knows this is useless and hinder SAA’s offensive. Russia must start pressuring Turkey to stop its aid to terrorism in Syria or they will cut their diplomatic ties with them.


Russia has been bought by the S400 sale, the are counting the terrorist just like before can’t keep sticking to the ceasefire deals. Even if Russia got it right is still means the terrorist have time to fortified their positions.

just f#cking burn them an be done with it

Jacob Wohl's Nose

lol in their wildest dreams. They’ll have to keep “observing” their little terrorist friends be pulverized by the Syrian Army/RuAF. If turkey doesn’t evacuate their observation posts, they will get SAA boots on their face :)

Zionism = EVIL

Arsehole 21 year old faggot troll as if you would know LOL

Nick Sobkowiak

Hi Jacob

Zionism = EVIL

Jacob is a 21 year old faggot troll, he disappeared when I called him out. He is a raging homosexual and has been banned from most sites. He is a professional troll and not a very good one.

Nick Sobkowiak

Are you sure you don’t have Jacob mixed up with Jacob’s Nose? lmfao

Zionism = EVIL

The close up nose is Jacob’s nose, who is OK. Google Jacob Wahl as you will see who he is LOL. He switches accounts too as he is professional Jew troll.

Nick Sobkowiak

You are correct! I swear I had replied to a different comment. My apologies

Zionism = EVIL

You are fine amigo. That is what trolls do, to mislead people. That idiot just posts repetitive nonsense. Yesterday, he was posting BS about F-35 aircraft without even knowing basics. He posts nonsense and then disappears. He also posts as “White American Patriot” without knowing a thing about US.

Concrete Mike

My sentiments exacly. The hammer will arrive from the East!

Zionism = EVIL

Turkey’s terrorists are getting hammered in Idlib and the bastards want another bail out so that they can rearm and chop more heads. It is time Russia recognize that the only to stop this never ending terror campaign is to destroy all terrorists regardless of who their pay masters are. Time to bomb the scum to smithereens.

Brother Ma

I agree and shoot the caught foreign spies in Kafr Naboudah out of hand! How israeli mossad can help headchopper moslems arabs is beyond me! They are Semite cousins after all !

klove and light


opps…that had to be…..

a ceasefire with headchopping raping Maniacs, who have to this day broken ALL ceasfires and Agreements in the past……who have even sent Children at the age of 8 years old as suicide Bombers, while their “proud” parents thank god?(Story posted here at southfront)….who chopp peoples heads off, including those of Children….who have an organzied “slave trade” ie. see the stories of yazidi women and others on Internet….

and who have openly declared on each and every Occasion that they will not stop their Terrorist attacks/war as Long as the current Government-form is in power………

ceasfire again with those……lol….ridiculous..pathetic……unreal……

it is clear that assad Government has lost total supremacy of their political command…and hence of parts of the armed Forces..not including hezbollah or PMU shiite Forces….

Zionism = EVIL

The first mistake Russia made was to trust the arsehole Erdogan and his agenda to annex the best lands of Syria.


Russia does not trust Turkey. But it is forced to deal with Turkey and even pretend friendship in order to remove Turkey from US sphere of influence (vassalship)


Finally a voice of reason

Concrete Mike

Yep i agree, i would compare it to ( i feel.bad for saying this) sleeping with a girl your not really attracted to but your “trying to keep the keep the paint brush wet”.

Its not the greatest but in the end worth it!!! ( Unless you knock her up whoppssss lol.) You gotta do what you gotta do!

Im pretty sure some of us had similar experiences. 2007 was the shennanigans year for me. Thank goodness i met Kara shortly after in a cloudy bus!

Brother Ma

Doesnt help the Syrians though does it?


Dont do it, it is a trick like all proposals of Erdogan, it only benefits Erdogan: money, power, elections, influence, territory, religion, etc… you will be the loser, the victime.


Waste of time.


None ceasefire..fu..ck Turkish. Terrorists and Turkish on Idlib must disappeared for ever. I hope SAA-RUssia-Hezboah-Iran can continue the offensive on Idlib, and Russia be able to stop pleasing Erdoga on Idlib. Turkey is a terrorist country which has been and will continue supporting its terrorists at Idlib.

klove and light

it is so fucking obvious what is Happening……….Balkans 2.0 we here are……

slowly bleeding SAA Forces out…….. Breaking News on almasda News…..again… one can call it a usual News Story……” several SAA Forces killed during Terrorist attack in Latakia”- enemy struck behing enemy lines……

in n. hama…… it is even more ridiculous…..take a look at the map…… there are several strategic Points that have to be take by any Forces willing to capture n. hama and Idlib……..most of them are on hill tops or mountain tops…… and on each and every strategic Point, there is a fucking TURKISH OBERSAVATION POST…lol……. the 2 towns that have been lost, than conquered back..than lost and 2 days agao conqured back again by SAA is just the first of such a Problem as mentioned.Both towns can only be Held IF the hill tops to the WEST are taken….surprise…thats where the turkish Observation post is…..

one can make his own concllusion About certain FACTS

..Maybe SAA should take a good look at jemen….an example of bravery and Courage …..here their Slogan ” “God is the Greatest, Death to America, Death to Israel, Curse on the Jews, Victory to Islam” ….iam not a Moslem..

SYRIA IS PARTIONED. thats a fucking fact…… for 2 weeks the SO CALLED big offensice began….and with what results?????????? Latakia??? could not even break defense line number 1 of terrrorists bastards….failed so far in 5 atatempts, costinf dozens of SAA foces their lives

N. Hama?????? they captured 2 towns, lost them, captured them back…… that is About 10 km from where they started originally……… and every 7 days…..Russia keeps coming with ceasfires and Agreements……

Syrias number 1 enemy was and is Turkey.

Turkey is not trustworthy , as shown in Turkeys latest move in regards to IRAN.Turkey is abiding by USA sanctions, and will not buy iranian oil from 1.6. 2019 onwards.

As i have written here numerous times……you can only trust those nations that do NOT RECOGNIZE the illegal satanic Entity named ISRAEL.


and whats happeing in syria over the last years is proove enough….the Actions of some and inactions of others……remember Libya???? well what ahppend on the UN security council?????????

WITHOUT any VETO….WITHOUT any withhold

the security council gaev the green light to bomb gadaffi´s Forces, tanks, Airports etc… hence making it possible for jihadi Forces overrunning the capital………. Russia voted yes…China voted yes..France etc.. all YES….

example 2.jemen. well what happend in the UN security council in redards to jemen?????? dont remember???

the UN security council again without a Veto, without a Nation witholding… all voted yes for the following

an arms Embargo to the houhti Forces and the Government of jemen…..

all voted yes, including Russia uk, USA, France and China……

hmmmmmm let me think this out…. so the defending Nation , that Comes under attack of two nations, saudi Arabia and uae that can buy all weapons from exactly Those five nations that have voted for the defending Nation not to be allowd to buy anything……

Alice in Wonderland says hiiiiiiiiiiiiii, with abig smile to all smart asses… and their every stupid but reoccuring Russia is good, Russia is bad , uk is good uk is bad USA is good USA is bad etc…… lol thats the different sides to the same fucking COIN u Dummies……. they all serve the same master……….and it aint a good one !!!


Seems you forget Russia recognises Israël. As does China. And Turkey. And Iran used to.

Brother Ma

I agree. I cant see any of this being good for asyria. Maybe for Russia but not for Syria. If asyria had money it should buy some good special forces mercs and just go in and kill the turk observation posts in the dead of the night before a russian bombardment,silently and get it over and done with. Do not tell the russians! They will only tell the turks!

So when bombardments take place ,terrorists are on the run,turks lose fortified positions and thus turkey can not then come BACK! The game is lost! They cant come back again in public and Russia cant be seen agreeing to them coming back!


A cease fire is not smart for SAA, unless they have crack reserves that can be brought up to the front..


No deal, iblib belong to the Syrian state not Turkey or the ottoman empire, the Syrian government must reclaim it. by all means

Saddam Hussein

Russia is slowly becoming a problem to the SAA. Sadly, President Assad can only rely on Arab and Iranian support in this matter.

Tudor Miron


I’m not sure that you “see the larger picture” – in the long run it’s more important to rip the Turkey out of NATO. For Russia, for Syria and entire world. So Russia is using seemingly soft approach and yes, it takes longer than we wish but it’s not that easy and not that black and white. When Turkey steps to far than it brings different results than they anticipate (above link)

Saddam Hussein

Russia prefers to have Turkey than a poor and war torn country like Syria. Plus, Putin is too close to Israel, and theyd prefer Erdogan over President Assad.

Tudor Miron

No :) The real picture is much wider than you paint it.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I think Putin’s support for Erdogan should be viewed as treachery to the Russian people, not a geopolitical strategy, no matter how great the gain. Putin’s support for Erdogan actually endangers Russian servicemens lives, not by asking them to defend their country, and not by asking them to fight someone else, but by asking them to sit tight and put up with the rebels attacking them. And worse still their leaders new ally is actually giving their enemies the weapons they’re using to try and kill them, that’s what used to be called treachery in the old days. Don’t be offended by my questioning of your logic, it just seems totally immoral to me to sacrifice peoples lives for a geopolitical interest, I wouldn’t be fighting for a leader who treated me like that that’s for sure, I’d be hanging him from a tree for treachery.

Tudor Miron

Do you think your fantasies can fool anyone? I doub’t that anyone other than usual Russia bashers gang will buy into disinformation you’re trying to feed us :) “by asking them to sit tight and put up with the rebels attacking them. “(c) Thats a lie and everyone (including you) knows that it is. For every attack on Russian forces (airbase and other) we retaliated – exterminating terrorist rats. Every time it happens half of your gang is screaming that “Russia destoyed 1028th last and only hospital!” and another half is screaming “Putin is traitor!” :) You guys a miserable and funny (in a bad way). Your time is coming to an unfortunate end. Factual knowledge/truth is spreading ever more widely and that spells doom to antihuman creatures that rule the west and to their servants. Try harder trolly! You got to work harder for those sheckels :)

Willing Conscience (The Truths

“For every attack on Russian forces (airbase and other) we retaliated – exterminating terrorist rats”

But the attacks haven’t stopped and Russian soldiers lives are still at risk, constant retaliation isn’t going to stop the attacks, but what Assad’s doing will. While the rebels have a presence near the Russian airbases Russian servicemen will always be at risk, but when the rebels are gone they wont be, it’s just simple logic, but it’s not computing for some of us. So yes, I’ll reaffirm “Putting up with the rebels” is the best way to phrase what’s going on, anything but total elimination of these enemies that keep firing rockets at the Russian is “just putting up with them”, constant attacks followed constant retaliation is meaningless when it achieves nothing but continued attacks. I don’t think you’d make a very good military leader, a good politician maybe, but not a good military leader. I’m not anti Putin or anti Russian, I like everything I’ve heard coming from Russian military commanders and government officials, I just hate what Putin’s saying now, and it’s not the same thing every other Russian official is saying. I don’t even hate Putin, I actually admire him, but if you think I can’t admire him and criticize him for certain behaviours at the same time you’re just brainwashed, no ones perfect or above criticism in my eyes, even people I usually admire or agree with. Putin’s not a God, he’s just a man like you or me, and he makes mistakes like all the rest of us, and this I believe is one of his mistakes, HE DOESN’T ELIMINATE THE REBEL THREAT ONCE AND FOR ALL AND HE SHOULD. And I hope you don’t think just because a lot of others are also starting to question why Putin is bizarrely tolerating the continued rebel presence it means any of them are necessarily anti Russian/Putin either, it just means they’re not as brainwashed as you seem to be, and they’re actually letting their own logic decide whether this is actually a good or bad decision, and sensibly a lot of them are saying no, not really, it isn’t a good decision. I don’t want Putin to give away the moral high ground, but he is by capitulating to Erdogan, and by default the rebels too. You do know it’s ok to disagree with people don’t you, you don’t have to think of them as an enemy just because they disagree with you, you should only think of people as enemies when they’re trying to kill you, or helping someone else trying to kill you, like perhaps the way the rebels are trying to kill Russians, and Erdogan helps them do it, and Putin should by rights see them both as the enemy, but he doesn’t, ones he has as a friend and the others an enemy. If you had a friend that was actually helping someone that was try to kill you, I’ll bet you wouldn’t be friends with them for very long, you’d end up dead if you didn’t come to your senses and ditch the two faced friend. Sheckels, that’s very insulting and silly at the same time, I can’t think of one thing I’ve ever said that was remotely pro Israel or Zionist, just the opposite.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I’m not sure he can rely on the Iranians anymore, but I hope I’m wrong and you’re right.

Saddam Hussein

I dont completely trust the Iranians (pretty obvious from my name). But President Assad is cornered and he cant turn down anyone.

Prince Teutonic

Don’t forget that Russia use Idlibstan as a test ground for it’s latest weapons so it’s not in it’s interest to liberate it at least not entire…

Dick Von Dast'Ard

I think the Israeli’s call it ‘Mowing the Grass’ as a strategy.


The Russian need to request the militants hand over the area of northern latakia province back to the Syrian government and the buffer zone need to go under the under the Syrian government controls and a new buffer zone need to be created, passages should be open for civilians to escape to governments sides of control territory. If they agree there is cease fire if they denied one bit of the term a full scale operation should commence at one and may Allah have mercy on the innocents.


The buffer zone needs to be carved out of Turkey’s territory.


Lest we forget Turkey is the country where the Ashkenazi Jews originated.

S Melanson

Turkey says they will continue with its de-escalation in Idlib. I was not aware Turkey had ever even started.

Brother Ma

It irritates me how Turkey triesto be heard at the table.

Tudor Miron

Things didn’t go according to Erdogan’s plan – https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/breaking-russian-jets-swarm-idlib-after-ceasefire-talks-with-turkey-fail/

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)


Xoli Xoli

No more safety for Erdogan terrorists. Finally Turkey must stop entering Syrian soil and negotiations.No to Germany no fly zone patrol.Foreign forces interference and arming of terrorists must stop.Idlip must be completely liberate before any ceasefire.Because Syrian ceasefire means rearming and changing attack tactics.

Xoli Xoli

Erdogan is already knee deep in shit from Russia. Erdogan is going to sell operational and detection range of S-400 to Israel,NATO and Ukraine.combat operational range will be tested with F35.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL WTF LIARS Assad and the SAA are the main ones breaking the ceasefire agreement, they don’t want to agree to a ceasefire, they want to kill all the rebels and take back the country [AND GOOD ON THEM, THEY ARE THE REAL HEROES], and it seems lately they’re the only ones who want to do that, the Iranians don’t want to, the Russians don’t want to, and even poor old Hezbollah are being held back with a strong leash [hopefully it breaks], so the poor old SAA are going to have to dig deep if they want to keep up the fight, they’re not going to get too much more help from anyone, that’s if recent events are anything to go by. 8 years of misery is too much misery, and this Astana ceasefire agreement just prolongs that misery, it will never really end it, not properly anyway. Assad knows this and so should every sane person, YOU CAN’T DO DEALS WITH THE DEVIL, it just never works out, the people who condoned their soldiers slitting ten year old boys throats and eating dead SAA soldiers livers can never be a part of the Syrian political system. A lot of you believe the peace process can work here, you believe that Putin can somehow pull off a miracle and make everyone live happily ever after, but he or you don’t have to live with the people who slit ten year old boys throats or ate dead SAA soldiers livers, Assad will though, and so will the Syrian people. Go Assad and the SAA, F–k Putin, F–k Erdogan, and F–k the Iranians and the Asatana agreement, kill all the rebels, every last one of them, show no mercy at all, you can’t afford to take prisoners anymore. If Assad hurries up and gets Idlib back, he can then start to concentrate on the already just about fully established and recognized Kurdish controlled self autonomous zone. Which unlike the Iraqi self autonomous zone isn’t populated by kurds alone, Assad still has a chance of recovering that territory too, but not if it it takes too long, we all know what happened in Iraq and Palestine, time is now the greatest killer of ever recovering the northern territories and Assad must know it. Go Assad and the SAA, but go faster if you can, times running out waiting for help that isn’t coming.

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