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Turkey Is Looking For Casus Belli To Launch Large-Scale Operation Against Kurds In Syria’s Afrin


Turkey Is Looking For Casus Belli To Launch Large-Scale Operation Against Kurds In Syria's Afrin


Translated from Russian; Originally appeared at warsonline.info

Since the November 27 the situation has been escalating around Afrin region in northwestern Syria. Enclosed on the region’s perimeter, the Turkish artillery and tanks opened fire on northeastern, eastern and southern parts of front. The Kurdish forces have returned fire and defended against two attacks of pro-Turkish militants from direction of Aazaz.

The Turkish forces did not relent on November 28. Despite the fact that the Turkish government does not hide its desire to conduct a full fledged attack on Afrin, they have tried to create an illusion of the Kurdish aggression to create a casus belli (an act or event that provokes or is used to justify war). The Turkish media published reports of the Kurdish forces attacking the Turkish Army checkpoint in Kilis province, injuring one serviceman in the process. The key message of those reports being the Kurds in Afrin “pose a threat to Turkey’s national security.”

The command of the Kurdish People People’s Protection Units (YPG) in Afrin published a statement about the Turkish artillery fire and media provocations. The statement said that the Turkish military deliberately warp the facts and try to legitimize their attack on Afrin.

The statement reads as follows:

“The media of the Turkish occupation army claim that our forces are attacking them on the border and that the soldiers of the Turkish occupation army are protecting themselves. With these lies they want to legislate the attack on Afrin and northern Syria.

For a long time, the Turkish occupation army continued to harass and abuse against Afrin and northern Syria. Yesterday, between 18:30 and 19:00, Turkish occupation army attacked with heavy and light weapons such as shells and Dushka, the villages of Tobal, Ikidama and Bukhaz which are belonging to Bulbul, in Afrin canton..

Our fighters responded to the attack, and clashes broke out. According to information reported, a soldier from Turkish occupation army was wounded. But the Turkish army’s media say our forces have started attacking. The attack began on the part of the Turkish occupation army, and our forces in the framework of legitimate defense responded to the attacks and protected the civilian area of Turkish occupation army.

The Turkish detection planes hovering over the canton and the Turkish occupation army is preparing to attack Afrin to occupy it intensively. We, as the People’s Protection Units, will not stand idly by in the face of these attacks and are prepared to protect Rojava’s people and the people of northern Syria.”



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  • Solomon Krupacek

    thanks, Russia!

    • Valery Grigoryev

      Someone shouldn’t have seized the Omar oil fields :)

      • Bill Wilson

        Assad could care less since nobody wants to buy the low grade crap from that feild.

        • dutchnational

          Even low grade oil can be used. Problem though is there is much damage and Assad has no money.

        • Valery Grigoryev

          As to Omar particularly – there is a low-sulphur quality oil contrary to another fields.

  • dutchnational

    Turkey will attack or not. They Do not need provocation, they are provocation. For defenders, this is the best time. Cold, whet, muddy and snow. Just inflict too many losses on TSK and they will declare victory and will leave.

  • Rodger

    I doubt it. There isn’t an easy win anymore. Too many parties involved. No opportunity for some land grab.

  • Lupus

    Turks are committing crimes in Efrin

  • Jim Martin

    Even better or in addition would be to put in a UN or coalition separation and observation force so that Erdogan cannot shoot and shell the SDF/YPG/YPJ. Both the Americans and Russians did it with good effect last year ad hoc. Now it needs to be formalized. This could be a flagship role for traditional peace-keeping forces in a Classic peacekeeping as we have done on Cyprus; not too far away??? It all starts with an idea or vision for a better way of doing things

  • @Inc2Get

    FUCking bullshit! The Syrian war has become a major world wide mess! Israel, Kuwait, gulf, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, UAE, USA, Iran, Russia, Britain and many more countries. It’s a freaking disgrace. I’ve always favored Russia but god damn they are pussies when it comes to global power. Why don’t they raise their voices and threaten The gulf states along with Israel that they will be bombed into oblivion if they don’t withdraw their jihadis from Syria and end support? The Kurds will face their faith after the war but they are in fact Syrians who have lived there for a long time and the Turkish shelling should be condemned with highest regards. Yes, they did steal oil fields but they will return them as soon as the war is over. North Korea should nuke the gulf states into oblivion because it seems that they are the only ones with guts.

    • Bill Wilson

      It seems that you have shit for brains!

  • Kurds should be working with SAA to repel foreign invaders. First they need to expel foreign terrorists included in SDF. SDF is just Waffen SS of Wahhabistan, NATO, Jerusalem, Ottomans and GCC.

    • Bill Wilson

      There isn’t any SAA. Just a bunch of half-ass militias that cant do anything without the help of the elite units.

      • So US, NATO, Wahhabistan, GCC, Ziostan, and Ottoman empire have lost to “a bunch of half-ass militias!!! :D

  • Bobby Twoshoes

    My two cents; the only way guaranteed and proven to thwart Turkey and protect Kurds is to cede control to the Syrian government and SAA.

    • Bill Wilson

      Those two don’t exist which is why Turkey is threatening Afrin.

      • Bobby Twoshoes

        I’m puzzled, what doesn’t exist?

  • BL

    No sympathy for the sellout Kurds. They’ve sold their souls to (((the devil))) and now they must reap what they have sown.

    • Wegan

      It’s unfortunate that the mistake of some sellouts will be paid by the non sellouts.

  • Illegal

    Turkey wants any excuse to invade northern Syria and annex the region. It was responsible for the pillage of Aleppo. If Russian can’t contain Turkey then the Syrian war is right back to where it started.

    • Justin

      There is certain coordination between Russia, Syria and Turkey! The Kurds are a problem for Turkey who cannot attack the Eastern pockets because they are supported by USA troops! Syria doesn’t want the Kurds creating a Kurdish state nor controlling their water supply via Tabqa damn and the huge oil reserves on the Eastern DeZ side of the Euphrates! Russia wants the USA out of Syria!

      So common interests are set here!
      Turkey will attack Afrin but only at the right time! This will draw Kurdish forces and perhaps PKK and YPG members into the fight where Turkey can and will go on a Kurdish killing spree! America can’t do shit because Turkey is NATO’s GREATEST ally! I mean they are the MOST important due to their control of the Black Sea and access to the Middle East!

      Turkey has already got Trump to admit that the YPJ are a terrorist organisation! (the ACE up Turkeys sleeve)

      Once Turkey attack Afrin (originally the largest Kurdish region in Syria) the Kurds from the eastern pockets will be drawn towards Afrin where the SAA will attack Raqqa and regain the oil fields! Eventually Turkey will attack Manbij also! Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria will unite and contain the Kurds and disallow any access to the Kurdish region (which is why Turkey is buying s-400’s from Russia). USA will be risking their necks to aid the Kurds!

      AASham will be used to attack the Kurds in Afrin also which can be explained as NOT a Turkish attack! Turkey can in fact wash their hands from the attack!

      The goal for Russia is to keep Syria as a whole country. Syria wants its land and resources back! Iran doesn’t want a Kurdish / Israeli friendly pocket near its own Kurdish region! Iraq does not want Kurds to revolt and try to take control of its northern oil reserves which are the 2nd biggest in the world (a big interest for Israel).

      So be sure, Turkey’s (or AASham) attack on Afrin will be given the green light only by Russia! Of course Russia and Syria will denounce Turkey’s actions officially, but they will be on the same side due to common interests!

      Yes Turkey will be granted a chunk of land from Syria. Probably about 30km of the Idlib northern area and Afrin itself!
      Perhaps even Manbij if that is attacked! Id say al-bab will be Turkeys too!

      This is the price Syria will pay to stop the Kurds stealing its land and resources and defeating a common enemy who are backed by the REAL terrorists, USA and Israel!

      Israel will start the war with Hezbollah BEFORE Idlib can be liberated!

  • Deo Cass

    Afrin! What the hell is Afrin? There is no such name on the Syrian map as Afrin. The only name there is of that town is Ayn al-Arab (the well of the Arabs). The Kurdish invaders could have invaded that town and mass eradicated and ethnically cleansed the indigenous Arab population, but that town remains an Arab town and its inhabitants will return to their homes and throw the Kurdish occupiers out. The Kurds don’t belong to Syria. If the Americans love them so much, let them be transferred to the US.