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JULY 2022

Turkey Is Deploying Child Soldiers In Libya – Report

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Turkey Is Deploying Child Soldiers In Libya – Report

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Turkey is recruiting Syrian child soldiers and sending them to fight for the Government of National Accord (GNA) in Libya, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on May 13.

According to the UK-based monitoring group, at least 150 child soldiers, aging between 16 and 18, have been deployed in Libya so far.

“Many children under the age of 18 go from Idlib and the northern Aleppo countryside to Afrin … In Afrin they are recruited by pro-Turkey factions then sent to fight for the GNA in its battles against Haftar forces [the Libyan National Army (LNA)] on Libyan soil,” the group’s report reads.

The SOHR also shared the story of a 15-year old child who told his parents he was going to work on a farmland in Afrin. The parents lost contact with their child 20 days after his supposed trip to Afrin.

Later, the parents were shocked when they came across a video from Libya showing their son fighting for the GNA. The parents found out that their son was recruited by the Turkish-backed Sultan Murad Division.

Initially the group told the parents that the fate of their son is unknown, but later they were told that their son was killed and that his body is with the LNA.

The SOHR said that the Sultan Murad Division, one of Turkey’s largest proxy groups, is responsible for most of the child soldiers deployed in Libya.

Currently, 8,700 Syrian militants are fighting for the GNA in Libya. Despite the mounting losses and repeated scandals, Turkey is preparing to send more militants to Libya. Around 3,550 militants are receiving training ahead of deployment, according to the SOHR.


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Old habits die hard, ain’t it? The centuries-old Ottoman custom of kidnapping children for sacrifices and proxy mercenary armies is as thriving as ever in NATO-Turkey. Gotta keep the ranks of NATO’s ISIS/al-Qaeda useful idiots well-manned and no better way to do that than easy-to-manipulate kidnapped children. NATO Zioterrorism proves once again that it knows no lows, ISISrael is the same, brainwashing its children since birth to become IDF neo-Crusader scum, this time with Ziowahhabi support.

klove and light

spot on

Mustafa Mehmet


Icarus Tanović

I know what you mean, but no man, this is Ziowahhabi habit to brainwash and send kids to War. Old habits are long gone and it have nothing to do with this. I just don’t know how much World will be silenced about this…

cechas vodobenikov

studies find that suicide bombers r typically irreligious insecure young people that r easily manipulated—also true in Sri Lanka where suicide bombing was invented by the Hindu minority


They also killed Rajiv Gandhi, Indian PM.

Astar Roth

Ziowahhabis largely use remotely controled cars filled with explosives.

Icarus Tanović

This is utterly evil. Turkey needs to get a beatdown in Syria because of this Wahhabi Satanism pogrom. They must be destroyed. And it is a must and duty to all of us comerades from SF and around the way to stop this, and to destroy the core evil.


Turkey is only emulating the USA as part of NATO solidarity by using proxies to fight zionist wars.

Icarus Tanović

This is utter evil and must be destroyed.


I agree, and to do that the parasitic factions in all Western nations need to be destroyed.

Icarus Tanović

That is a long way. Thi EVIL must be stopped promptly. It is enough of this Turkish Wahhabi Satanism. This must be destroyed. I know what I am talking about, because I seen them brainwash kids, utterly terrifying kids do what they tell them. I have seen that procedure. It is a Horror.

Mustafa Mehmet

Stop running around like a headless chicken you don’t know what you talking about clueless moron


It will take another ‘horror’ to cleanse the Wahibi’s and their Western elite supporters with fire.


Evil such as this must be destroyed, in all nations.

The West does not hold the monopoly on evil, it must be addressed any time it shows its ugly head. Boko Harum in Nigeria also uses kidnapped children, but even younger.

Mustafa Mehmet

O piç I’m sure you can do this for everyone. be brave destroy the evil


Turks are historical perverts, child molesters and cowards.


Ahahahahha, what a load of bollocks.


Normal muslim behaviour

cechas vodobenikov

I suspect no civilized people r surprised

Ivan Freely

There goes the idea of Erdogan getting rid of the crazies near the Turkish border.

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