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Turkey Invaded Syria, Captured Tal Ziyab


The Turkish army has built foritications at Tal Ziyab to defend the supply route which ISIS uses for smuggling the Syrian oil from the ISIS-controlled city of Raqqa to Turkey.

Turkey Invaded Syria, Captured Tal Ziyab

The Turkish army invaded the Syrian territory and took control of the hill Tal Ziyab. Troops crossed the border accompanied by bulldozers.

After occupying the high ground (50 meters), the Turkish force built fortifications. Also, 3 battle tanks, 2 armored infantry fighting vehicles and several SUVs were deployed there.

Considering the location of Tal Ziyab, Turkey wants to cover the smuggling route of the Syrian oil which is taken out of the ISIS-controlled Raqqa.

“It is a challenge to the sovereignty of Syria from the point of view of international law, and we encourage the Syrian government to protest against the international courts at the official level, – Lifenews cites one of the locals. – In the past, support for the terrorists conducted in secret, but now it is official action of the Turkish army, which requires a formal protest to the United Nations “.

It seems that Ankara has decided to act much more aggresively after the Ministry of Defense of Russia were released pictures and videos of oil delivery convoys at the border between Syria and Turkey.

We remember, on Nov. 24, the Turkish Air Force shot down Russian Su-24 in Syria. Discussing the incident Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that the Su-24 was shot down by Turkey to protect oil deliveries of the ISIS terrorist group.



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