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Turkey Imposes Duties on Grain Imports from Russia

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Russia has been deprived of the right to duty-free supply of grain in Turkey.

Turkey Imposes Duties on Grain Imports from Russia

Photo: RIA Novosti / Aleksey Malgavko

Turkey has deprived Russia of the right to duty-free supply of wheat, corn and sunflower’s oilseed meal from March 15. According to experts, this will have a negative impact on Russian exports, as Turkey is the second buyer of Russian grain after Egypt.

According to the new conditions, Russia will be forced to pay import duty equal to 130 percent, supplying wheat. “With such, in fact, prohibitive duty, there may be no supplies,” the Interfax news agency quoted the words of CEO of the Institute for the Agrarian Market Conjuncture, Dmitry Rylko.

Experts connect the reasons for such a decision of the Turkish side with the ban on import of Turkish tomatoes and other vegetables to Russia, which is currently valid. “The harvest season is approaching, and this is a purely demonstrative action in retaliation for tomatoes,” Vice President of the Russian Grain Union, Aleksandr Korbut, said.

Meanwhile, other experts link the move, as well as the decision of the “opposition” to ignore the Astana peace talks, with Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s visit to Moscow, during wihch the Turkish President failed to achieve any significant political and economic goals in the relations with Russia.

As it was noted, the duty’s introduction can do more harm to Turkey than to Russia, as the former is interested in the wheat’s supply.

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Erdogan’s play on both sides game is about to end. Russia and even Iran have tried hard to bring Turkey to their side or at least to a neutral position but Turkey was already deeply committed to the Sunni axis.


It angers Russia and the West. That’s not a play that’s suicide.


Russia shouldn’t give Erdagon the S-400, He would turn around and use it against Russia in less than one year. Erdagon is cleary off his head and has lost his mind. The other day he was asking all Turkish expats in Europe to have 5 or more kids so they can conquer Europe throughout birthrates. He’s also now working closely with Israel, which is the enemy of mankind. I don’t see a stable and trustworthy ally in Erdagon’s Turkey.


Or a sane one. Normal people use sanctions to harm the other party. The Turkish tomatoes and such will rot in a week or 2. Russia can still sell it’s grain or store it for later because it’s much more robust or usable for other things than veggies. Turkish people will have to pay much much more for basic foods it’s hard to go without while Russians just eat different (locally produced) veggies for a while. Russia is only wanting this trade war to continue.

Solomon Krupacek

russias policy was never consequent


I think he’s walking a tightrope with the Russians on one side and the Americans on the other. If he slips, the Americans will kill him.

John Whitehot

Do you really believe that if I sell a missile to you I don’t make sure that it’s not going to work against my planes?


Putin:”Ok, so eat sand.” The Turks will love paying double for their beer, bread and pasta. And grain can be stored for a long time if you turn it into vodka so it won’t go to waste even if Turkey doesn’t buy it.

Expo Marker

Erdogan has gone mad. Then again, he was mad to have supported the “Syrian Revoluion” in 2011, and Islamist factions since then.

Bill Wilson

Before the Syrian Revolution started, the West considered Assad to be a reasonable man so Tayyip made a major effort to become buddies with him and let the World know about it to boot. That quickly came to an end when the fighting started with Tayyip calling Assad a mad bloodthirsty dog since that was what the West wanted to hear.

Peter Moy

This Turkish action is just downright stupid as it damages Russia-Turkish relations probably at the instigation of the European Union which already has a trade embargo against Russia. Russian will just have to look elsewhere for buyers, possibly in the east: e.g. China, India, Vietnam, etc. Remember, Turkey is still trying to gain accession to the EU at all costs despite the war of words with Germany and the Netherlands.


“war of words” served well to both Rutte and erdogan.it was well staged and just in time. i am sure after the “performance” they had a drink to celebrate another successful brainwashing manipulation.


So how does the idiot Putin feel now, about having lifted the tourism sanctions against Turkey (enabling not only the tourism sector of Erdogan’s economy to stay afloat, but also low-class bastards in Turkish tourism hotspots to continue wooing and screwing dumb slutty Russian female tourists); about continuing to supply Erdoganist Turkey with natural gas; and, worst of all – according to many reports – about having helped Erdogan survive the coup attempt last summer and consolidate his vile regime’s power?

Putin’s foreign policy, especially towards Erdogan’s Turkey, the Saudis, and Israel, is too weak and cowardly.

john mason

your animosity is evident, it is quite apparent that Turkey, Saudi are suffering huge losses and Israel just lost a fighter plane. Have a good think and you will unravel the intricacies.


Yeah idiot, that’s right, whatever you say, you guys are always right. I notice that you didn’t answer a single one of my points, by the way; nor did you address the subject of this news item.

john mason

The idiot is you but to assist you to further your education I have supplied some links, easier than debating with someone who literally doesn’t know much..
PS. Reason I did not answer any of your points because it is not a question but a statement. A question mark (?) in your sentence does not equate to a question.
Here is a link that will fill in the blanks.




Did you read your own links properly? Or is that too much brain overload for you? There isn’t a single thing in those links that contradicts what I said about Putin’s policy weaknesses with regards to Turkey. In fact, the material in those links SUPPORTS what I said, by emphasizing how evil and dangerous Erdogan and Turkey are.

Besides, Gordon Duff is a demagogue-cum-wild conspiracy theorist known for making exaggerated claims about everything. What he writes is his OPINION only – not any kind of a reliable authoritative source that “fills in” any “blanks” or “furthers my education” (!)

“easier than debating with someone who literally doesn’t know much”

Yeah…the typical copout/evasion tactic, when you CAN’T debate or refute anything.

john mason

don’t mind debating especially now that you have read the links, 1 or both? I disagree with you in regards to Putin, you are basically correct about Duff but as you are most likely aware that behind every ‘conspiracy’ there is an element of truth.
Now Putin. You ever been to Russia or the Balkans? If not I strongly suggest you visit or work if you can.
When Putin came into power through Yeltsin it was on a condition that Putin makes Russia safe. Not great but safe and Putin had to promise that Yeltsin and family are protected. Putin had a lot of trouble with the Atlanticists who were responsible with the oligarchs in decimating Russia. When Crimea crises came about Putin was aware what the outcome would be and he prepared for it he also took Russia out of the doldrums.
In Syria he is up against the UN, NATO, US, Israel, Gulf States, EU and Turkey plus terrorists/proxy army. When Russia lost that fighter jet to Turkey it was sanctioned by the US and coalition and any wrong move by Putin since then would plunge the world into another major war.
Putin is far from weak and has displayed a tremendous amount of patience and fortitude and has guided around any traps set for him.
Now your turn. Why is he weak?


I didn’t say Putin hasn’t done anything good for Russia; obviously he has done a lot of great things, especially INSIDE the country, since the days of the degenerate U.S. poodle drunkard Yeltsin. I said HIS INTERNATIONAL POLICY TOWARDS TURKEY, SAUDI/QATAR AND ISRAEL, ESPECIALLY ERDOGAN AND TURKEY, IS WEAK.

“Now your turn. Why is he weak?”

Go back and read my first post and SINCERELY PONDER, if you are capable of such a thing. If you need to ask this question, either you haven’t been following events of the past years properly, or you are uninformed in the first place and unable to think and analyze correctly. Putin didn’t need to “plunge the world into another major war” in order to cut the two-bit Islamist tyrant Erdogan down to size. The least he could and should have done, was stop supplying bountiful, underpriced natural gas to Erdogan (actually even just this one move of turning off the cheap-gas spigot would have caused such economic difficulty in Turkey that Erdogan might have been overthrown); keep the tourism sanctions in place; and above all, NOT RUSH TO SAVE ERDOGAN FROM THE COUP ATTEMPT (if he did, that is, which I admit we don’t know with absolute certainty because there’s so much conflicting info and disinfo about the whole thing, but which many sources indicate that he unfortunately did). NONE of those things required starting, or would have led to, global thermonuclear war; EACH ONE of them would have seriously hobbled and/or crashed Erdogan and his vile regime.

Get in the habit of digging and analyzing more deeply, and thinking more critically. It’ll make you a better person and commenter, believe me.

john mason

you are way off with your analysis and sarcasm makes you witless. Maybe you really need to adjust your comprehension on foreign policy.
Most likely hasn’t occurred to you but the possibility does exist that Putin didn’t want to destroy Erdogan and maybe also that was the plot to entrap Putin. Starting thinking.


Yeah man, whatever you say. Keep drinking your kool-aid. I’m done with this useless discussion with you.


Well tbh i agree with you to some extent in regards to Putin’s *cough*lavrovs*cough* foreign policy being construed as week in some regards, however i don’t think it’s turkey that he needs to go down hard on, in this sphere i do to some extent agree with his treatment of Turkey. From what i can see Turkey has been effectively neutralised to the extent that if a major war were to kick off there’s NO WAY IN HELL Turkey would be fighting on the side of NATO. Turkey is being effectively ostracised from the western block and it’s now possible, if Putin were and effective INTERNATIONAL LEADER i.e. a leader of other countries, to completely rip Turkey away from the “west”.

I don’t really see what would be accomplished by allowing the coup against Erdogan to unfold. It wold have just allowed a completely servile western puppet to come to power. Should read some of Thierry Meysans work on this topic.

Please consider that i’m Kurdish, so it’s not that i would naturally adore Erdogan, however i’m looking at the situation purely from the perspective of Russian interests.


“I don’t really see what would be accomplished by allowing the coup against Erdogan to unfold. It wold have just allowed a completely servile western puppet to come to power.”

NO. You are making the same logical error that Putin made, in thinking that Erdogan’s regime is going to become a “partner to work with”, or neutral and harmless. Erdogan is an aggressive Islamo-nationalist with neo-Ottoman pretensions and expansionist aims. He is also an enemy of Russia, Europe and China; and is trying to overthrow Russia’s ally, the secular Syrian government, and outright conquer Syria – a goal from which he hasn’t deviated one bit. He is as much an enemy of Russia as the U.S./Western establishment is, just with somewhat different motivations. He can NEVER be a reliable partner to Russia. He is a FOE of Russia – his forces committed many acts of aggression against Russians just in the last couple of years, for Chrissakes! Neither has he LEFT NATO, or stopped cooperating with the U.S. CIA/deep state/neocons against Russia and Syria. The coup against him would have brought into power more secular leaders who, even if not actually “anti-Western”, would have dialed back the aggressive neo-Ottomanist Islamonationalism and jihadi-sponsoring; and consequently been far less of a danger to Russia, Syria, Europe, and the whole region.

“Please consider that i’m Kurdish…”

You are a Kurd from where, exactly? Are you a Turkish Kurd? If you are a Kurd from Turkey, there’s no way that you could be so sanguine towards Erdogan. Erdogan’s regime has destroyed several Kurdish towns and killed a lot of Kurds in Southeastern Turkey just in the past two years, and is currently trying to destroy the Kurds of Northern Syria.


I don’t harbour pretensions about Erdogan becoming a “partner to work with” however i do see that his aggressive islamo nationalism can completely alienate him from europe and weaken/destroy his country to the extent that it would leave with with very little other options. You must understand the difference between what his aims are and what is actually happening in the country and how the strategic balance is shifting. Economically Turkey is going to shit. It continues to lose strategic ground, it continues to alienate “allies” left, right and centre.

I’m well aware of neo-ottomanism but in order to actually pull something like this off you need an absolutely solid internal situation and the capacity to project power as well as high level of strategic thought. I’ve been following very closely the expansion of Turkish soft power throughout the middle-east and Europe. The movies they make, the way they saturate prime real- estate in city centres with multiple restaurants in close proximity, their T.V shows, their social engineering attempts and their leaders use of the same techniques utilised by those who must not be named etc… it’s a subject i take great interest in. I see this as an extremely futile and failed endeavour, they think that if they just copy the formula they can suddenly restore a glorious Ottoman empire and rule the world or whatever. It’s quite hilarious.

You know when i saw that Putin decided not to retaliate for the downing of the jet i was absolutely outraged, however in the past few months I’ve mostly much changed my mind. Direct retaliation would have galvanised Turkish society against Russia, however now for the most part the US is viewed as an enemy. Just because Turkey cannot be a reliable partner, doesn’t mean he can’t be used to put pressure on the west.

I’m a Kurd from northern Iraq. I’m aware of his violence against the Kurds and as i said i’m trying to analyse it purely from a geo-strategic perspective. Erdogans evil is not in question. Before this whole situation, before the Syrian war, the peace process with the Kurds seemed quite promising and i was rather happy with the direction Erdogan was taking the country, however now i see him taking the country towards dissolution, which would result in a massive loss of life, however would result in a defacto breakup of the country, which, obviously, i wouldn’t object to. It’s quite sad, but what to do.

You seem to be quite emotionally invested. I must ask, where are you from?

On the whole i agree with most of what you say, (certainly better than most of the professional cheerleaders around here) I’ve been following your posts for a while, however i do find your paradigm emotionally reactive and tends towards a black and white nihilism. I think your perception of the coup is a bit skewed. Please look into Thierry Meysans material. He’s BY FAR the best when it comes to Turkey and Syria. His information is several degrees above any other analyst.

888mladen .
888mladen .

You are basically right however I would have been a bit more diplomatic since there are many participants in the discussion which have been indoctrinated by their Western governments about “political correctness” and they will not even pay attention to the weight of your points as soon as they perceive it doesn’t sound “politically correct”. However western “political correctness” is on its last leg.


There’s a world of difference between crypto-fascist political correctness and minding your fucking manners. Class prejudice is contemptible.

John Whitehot

normally you whine about Lavrov, so you take this name when you have to bitch about Putin?


Get lost blockhead. “When you can’t answer or debate anything, go on a bullshit personal attack” – that’s the motto of you mediocre idiots.

John Whitehot



At what? Your reflection in the mirror?

John Whitehot

it’s not that bad, considering that you cry at yours.

gfsdyughjgd .

The ordinary Russians were not involved during Tourism sanction lifting against Turkey.It was only between Putin and his Nato friend Erdogan.Just as Lavrov do with Assad when choosing who should be at Astana meeting or implement cease-fire.

Mikey Harry Harris

You remember that S-400 Turkey was looking for?

Protip: This isn’t the way to get it.

Daniel Martin

I sense that the next coup against Erdogan will be a successful one …

Samuel Boas

Not sure what Putin has in his mind about all this but he better act quick. Either completely ruin Turkey or let it keep fucking around.

Bill Wilson

I bet the next hot item to be smuggled out of Syria and Iraq will be wheat. The Kurds should be able to get a better price since their wheat is higher quality that tastes better and has more nutritional value.
I would think that the idiot Ergodan had other suppliers lined up before informing Russia of the new import tariffs.

gfsdyughjgd .

Since Erdogan joint Astana talks things are complicated as he has hidden agendas.If Erdogan fails to help terrorist in Raqqa he will soon insult Russians he is not mad he wants to be please by USA/Nato and Russians.He hates white people.

gfsdyughjgd .

If Turkish enter Russia through Erdogan Russian deal then it’s goodbyecto Russia.Same scenario as in Germany and Netherlands.Even if Nato attacks Russia Erdogan will protect his terrorist on Russian soil.

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