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Turkey Ignores Egypt’s Demands, Sends New Batch Of Syrian Mercenaries To Libya

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Turkey Ignores Egypt’s Demands, Sends New Batch Of Syrian Mercenaries To Libya

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Turkey has sent a new batch of Syrian mercenaries to Libya where its military maintains a fairly large presence, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on April 8.

According to the London-based monitoring group, the new batch consisted of 380 militants. They were sent to Libya via Turkey’s territory.

“First, the group was moved to Turkey and from there they were sent to Libya,” the SOHR said in its report.

In the last few months, a number of reports talked about a near Turkish withdrawal from Libya. One report in particular revealed that the US and Turkey had reached an initial agreement on the matter. Nevertheless, the withdrawal is yet to begin.

The SOHR said that Syrian militants in Libya, estimated to be around 6,000, are desperate to return to their country. The militants’ living conditions there are reportedly very harsh.

In Libya, Turkish-backed Syrian militants fought for the now-dissolved Government of National According against the Libyan National Army. Hundreds were killed.

Turkey’s moves in Libya will likely provoke Egypt. A recent report by al-Arabiya revealed that Egypt had suspended talks to normalize relations with Turkey. Cairo asked Ankara to fulfill a list of demands, including a full military withdrawal from Libya.


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Proud Hindu

A million muslims dispatched to hell in Syrian civil war.

Just Me

But, but unwashed Hindu BUTT, your sewer lot is not coping well with Covid either, so nothing to take perverted pride in human misery, build toilets not hate.


Build toilets AND hate …

The virus is relentless … the variants more easily transmissible and young people getting sicker … leading to mass death

Iran is suffering … eh?


Just Me

No eh, fake Canuck lol. Iran is doing fine, thanks for your concern though. NEXT eh!


Iran is losing the race with Covid … it relentless spread is assured without sufficient vaccines … hey I’m ok with it

I could give a sh Xt about Iran

The Objective

But not as many as the 50 million indians that britain sent to hell before your independence.



I thought Erdogan wants good relations with his ‘brother’ Muslims? ROTFL

YOU can’t make this stuff up … eh?


Just Me

But, But, Jew BUTT, he is one of your lot :)


Always the same BS … from you

Erdogan is an Islamist Muslim Brotherhood-type


Just Me

No eh! he is a chameleon like you Hebs

Next eh!


Shapeshifter … I hate shapeshifters

johnny rotten

If it was true it means that Erdogan doesn’t want them anymore, he wants to free himself clearly, and it would be a good thing, but coming from London the news is more likely to be the usual gasoline on fire.


He’ll end up sending them to Ukraine to fight against Russia lol.

Just Me

Turkey is NATO’s vanguard for the war against Russia. Only a corrupt fool like Putin would be selling Turks weapons. Turkey is also training Wahhabi terrorists in Ukraine.

Peter Moy

Think of the Turkish actions as nothing more than that of a job placement agency. Of course there is not one word from NATO headquarters in Brussels critical of one of its members because NATO is responsible for the current chaos there.

Fog of War

” there is not one word from NATO headquarters in Brussels critical of one of its members because NATO is responsible for the current chaos there. ”

As in Turkey is just playing its given part ? Very good conclusion.

Pave Way IV

It’s Turkey’s all-volunteer merc army. Too many Wahhabis running around the head-chopper safe zone in Syria. If left on their own, they always self-organize into criminal gangs and build huge smuggling, extortion and arms/oil sales pipelines (competing with Turkey itself). Recruiting and shipping a few thousand off to Libya is like a pressure release valve and only costs a few worthless Turkish Lira.

When the surviving head-choppers’ Libyan contracts are finished, they can easily be recruited to support the next geo-political target of Ottoman interests: Ukraine, Syria, Azerbaijan, Yemen, etc. ZATO absolutely loves this model – Turkey’s interests will always align with ZATOs with regard to the merc army. It’s not only allowed by ZATO, but (covertly) encouraged. ZATO projection of military power with at least two levels of plausible deniability, ZERO consequences if anything goes wrong.

Icarus Tanović

I can not agree more to this. Actually I always find your comments very best.

Fog of War

Egypt is blowing hot air and wont do anything, an unprovoked attack on a NATO member is exactly what the ZioWest would love. I doubt even moron Sissi is that stupid.

Ivan Freely

Not necessarily so. There’s wiggle room when dealing with a member’s forces operating outside of their home territory. Let’s not forget that we’re dealing with mercenaries and not their military. Also, Egypt is pro-US and Washington will not allow Sisi to fall.

Of course, Egypt would never attack Turkey proper. Erdogan may bitch and moan but NATO will do nothing.

Fog of War

” Let’s not forget that we’re dealing with mercenaries and not their military. ”

I wager that if Egypt uses its military to attack Turkish mercs Turkey will be justified in using its military to protect them and thats where the potential spark lies. Erdo wont back down like he has in the face of Russian assaults.

The Objective

Sisi is much more insecure than he’s letting on. It’s very simple to analyse Sisi’s position. He cannot risk having even the slightest armed opposition in Egypt. Members of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood are filled with rage and they’ll join any armed struggle against Sisi en mass. There’ll be hundreds of thousands of willing recruits in Egypt should any instability surface. The MB has majority public support in Egypt – forget the Western color revolution against Morsi that paved way for the Egyptian military to depose him. Sisi suspects that Turkey will use Libya as a launchpad to destabilize his regime. He would feel a lot more secure with Haftar in power, plus also having him as a next door ally to help his regime in the event of any domestic armed uprising. Unfortunately, Sisi currently has no neighboring allies except Saudi Arabia and maybe Israel. Chad, Niger, Nigeria, Libya, Tunisia, and Algeria are all closer to the MB than they are to Sisi. All these countries condemned the Egyptian coup and will not help Sisi’s regime put down any uprising. They’ll most likely call for a political solution and democracy – something dictators and monarchies fear like death. The problem for Sisi is that he can’t trust the GNU in Libya right now. A stable Libya will give the MB access to Egypt’s border-crossing with Libya. Sisi fears that the MB will use such border areas to infiltrate Egypt and spark an uprising. He also thinks that Turkey will use such opportunity to ship arms to any armed group fighting Sisi in Egypt.

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