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Turkey Has Fought Russia 16 Times In The Past, Will Do It Again If Need Be: Erdogan Foreign Affairs Advisor

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Turkey Has Fought Russia 16 Times In The Past, Will Do It Again If Need Be: Erdogan Foreign Affairs Advisor

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On February 28th, Mesut Hakki Casin, an adviser to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Turkey had “fought Russia 16 times in the past, we will do it again.”

Mesut Hakki Casin, a professor at Istanbul’s Yeditepe University and a member of the foreign affairs board that advises Erdogan, said 25 million Muslims live in Russia.

He said Russia will be “dismembered from within,” according to a tweet posted by Ahval.

Russia is sending two warships carrying Kalibr cruise missiles to the Mediterranean Sea toward the Syrian coast amid mounting tensions between Russia, Turkey and Syria over the Syrian province of Idlib, the Russian Navy said on February 28th.

Turkey has sent thousands of troops and military hardware into Syria as President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned of a full-scale offensive unless Russia-backed Syrian forces pulled back from Turkish observation posts in the region.

Regardless, below is a dissection of the claim by Casin, and a review of the past Russian-Turkish wars and how they went. Officially there’s been 12 wars between Russia and the Ottoman Empire/Turkey since the 16th century.

  1. First Russo-Turkish War: took place between 1568-1570 and ended in Russian victory;
  2. Second Russo-Turkish War: took place between 1676-1681 and ended in an undecided victory, but Turkish expansionism was put on hold, so it could be deemed that Russia got the upper hand in the end;
  3. Third Russo-Turkish War, which is a subset of the Great Turkish War: took place between 1686-1700 and ended in Habsburg, Polish-Lithuanian, Russian, and Venetian victory;
  4. Fourth RussoTurkish War: took place between 1710-11 and ended in Ottoman victory;
  5. Fifth Russo-Turkish War: took place between 1735-39 and ended in an undecided state, with both the Ottoman and Russia receiving some concession as a result;
  6. Sixth Russo-Turkish War: took place between 1768-74, ended in Russian victory;
  7. Seventh Russo-Turkish War: took place between 1787-92 and ended in Russian victory;
  8. Eighth Russo-Turkish War: took place between 1806-12 and ended in Russian victory;
  9. Ninth Russo-Turkish War: took place between 1828-29 and ended in Russian victory;
  10. Crimean War: took place between 1853-56 and ended in victory for the Ottoman, British, French and Piedmontese;
  11. Tenth Russo-Turkish War: took place between 1877-78 and ended in Russian and allied victory;
  12. World War I: between 1914-18 and ended in German, Austro-Hungarian, and Ottoman victory against Russia (not as victors of the war itself). It is deemed as a victory for the side that officially lost in World War I specifically because of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, signed on March 3rd 1918 and then subsequently the Treaty of Kars, signed on October 13th, 1921. Russian territory gained in 1878 was receded to the Ottoman Empire with the Treaty of Kars. Prior to that, in the Brest-Litovsk treaty, Russia ceded hegemony over the Baltic states to Germany; they were meant to become German vassal states under German princelings. Russia also ceded its province of Kars Oblast in the South Caucasus to the Ottoman Empire and recognized the independence of Ukraine. Thus, despite Germany and co. losing World War I, Russia left the war with a peace treaty prior to its end and made quite a few concessions.

In addition, there were strained relations during World War II and the Korean War, as well as throughout the Cold War.

But the record shows that, unless Turkey receives help from Britain and France, it is unlikely to come out on top in a possible conflict. And currently NATO appears rather wary of providing anything more than words of encouragement to Turkey in its antagonism of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s forces and Russia.


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What a fkin delusional retard..


you would think something else is going on, but yes maybe he is way out there

Liberal guy

Bang on target


Turkey has lost every war to Russia for over three hundred years and its delusional policies and hollow rhetoric falls within the proverbial saying that repeating the same mistake is tantamount to insanity. As the NATO meeting yesterday made it crystal clear that no EU state or even US is interested in a military confrontation with Russia over Syria. Turkey is the aggressor and rogue actor here and really needs a reality check.


the Su-24M has been avenged. Deal with it.

opet ja

What a mess, Turkrats let today two Russsian frigates pass through Bosporus heading down to Syrian coast with Kaliber missiles and other stuff that can be used against Turkrats lol


And why wouldn’t they let them pass?

There is written international agreement to be respected when it comes to Black sea and Bosporus.
Blocking Russian ships is declaration of war plain and simple by international standards.


Yes that is correct. Yet I kinda get what oj wrote above. It’s a touchy situation.


I understand. Yet still there is fly by over the Iraq as last resort if anything critical happens.
I doubt that Turks will have balls to go in direct confrontation without direct USA-NATO backing.
It is Trump’s election year and he can’t care less about the Turk needs or starting any kind of war now.
EU hates Erdogan.

If everything still goes wrong than that will be very bad news for Turkey.
Since Russia will not have any other option left but to take off the silk gloves and kick some ass.

Simplekindof Man

Better be specific.
It’s just business.
There’s no such a thing as a coherent EU external policy.
Some “hate” turkeys others cough”Germany”cough are basically allies….


I just wanted to be short presuming that everybody knows.
Since it is common knowledge that both EU bosses Merkel and Macron does not like Erdogan.
And they decide EU foreign policy.

Some Turk blackmails with refugees and attacks on Kurds, personal attacks on EU in general have created quite a lot of their animosity towards Erdogan.

Lone Ranger

He has no other option.
Russia can fuck Turkey both economically and militarily.
When Russia stopped buying turkish tomatoes their economy almost went belly up, funny but true.
Turkey needs Russian gas, trade, and tourists.

jade villaceran

it means that turkey is not ready to make war with russia


What? The Entente won WW1 not the Allies…


…..not the Axis.

Mohand Imazatene

A big mistake with the last war (12th).
“World War I: between 1914-18 and ended in German, Austro-Hungarian, and Ottoman victory;”
The World War 1 was won by USA, GB and France. Russia was one of their allies, but in 1917 the bolchevik signed a separed peace treaty witrh Germany !


Author is very knowledgeable on history…not.
Hardly worth reading such pearl of knowledge.


An apropriate adviser for Erdogan following his patron’s footsteps, he lies. (Alternatively, he is simply an ignorant wally.)

Peter Jennings

Germany capitulated in WWI, even though they did all their fighting in France and Belgium and not once fought on German soil. WWII was a consequence because of the feeling of many German soldiers who never considered themselves defeated and then had to watch the plunder of Germany because of the treaty of Versailles.

The French military exercised their usual brutality during this time, virtually assuring WWII at some point in the future.

Lone Ranger

In WWI Turkey was on the losing side not the winning side.
Contrary to Russia.
If this Turkroach thinks they can win they are sadly mistaken.
If they could mobilize Russian muslims they would have already done it, they cant.
Most elite Spetznaz troops fighting against Turks and isis are Chechen muslims.
They know Mossad and CIA run wahabis are fake muslims.


Israel sends its condolences to Turkey over the killing of Turkish soldiers.
With a complete silence from your muslim brotherhood and a heartfelt condolence from the “root of all evil”. Turkey no longer has muslim suppurt only Israel and theirs jihadists.


You will be interested in the reality of life under Jihadi’s , I am sure. We are both acutely aware that NATO as an organisation has been promoting barbarity.


Lone Ranger

It’s a shame any western country would support rapist cannibal headchopping terrorists and genocide, but they do.
U.S., UK, France, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, all guilty.
Thanks to the internet everything is out in the open, people can see them…


Indeed, 20 or 30 years ago we would all have been largely uninformed of events that our governments do not want us to see.

George King

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov would beg to differ with this Turkish dog. I am sure arrangements could be made to invite him to Chechnya for an interesting debate about his declarations and results, he of course could not accept and would need a change of undershorts……

Lone Ranger

Spot on ;)


Except for one very most crucial threat to all mankind where shall contrast the pasts,see back then there was no such evil tyrannial incest spawn lgbtq/phaedphile governance mental illness disorder where this century poses the greathest threat to civilisations in so much as fake truths,fake storys,fake lgbtq supremacy with the power to shove it all down our childrens futures so it will be like this.
There 3rd world war will be tween heterosexuals and pro incest lgbtq/feminist/greens activists.

Conversely such comments by such moronic imbasoles who only seek to war for the queer tyrants
deserve to be executed on the spot for the sake of humanity and the sake of averting incest spawns,be it luciferian swastikas,fallen angels,feminist medusas,incest tyranny,lgtbq supremacy and the rest of the 21 gender satanic culted bloody dreams,including drinking it from all the innocent children trafficked!
My few euros worth:

Assad must stay

Learn from the past torkis, don’t get yourself messed up by Russia again, or you know what, get messed up again hahahaha

Albert Pike

Well it’s maybe all different again, source ‘Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten’ (Jewish Bonnier and they are close to the Gülen Movement) :

‘Putin and Erdogan reportedly agree to cooperate in Syria’

‘28.02.2020 13:44
Turkish President Erdoğan and his Russian counterpart Putin have agreed to strengthen contacts between their defense and foreign ministries to resolve the conflict in Idlib.’

‘After the deaths of dozens of Turkish soldiers in Idlib, a province in the north of Syria, Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan have expressed concern about the situation. The Kremlin said on Friday after a phone call from the two heads of state. The conversation was about how the agreement for the de-escalation zone in Idlib could be implemented. To this end, the foreign and defense ministers should strengthen their contacts, the Russian foreign ministry said. Coordination between the two sides is essential. However, it is uncertain whether this advance will succeed.
The Kremlin said Putin and Erdoğan had agreed to meet soon at the highest level. At first, no details were known. According to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, the negotiations between Turks and Russians for a way out of the situation should continue on Friday, the dpa said.’


i recommend not taking seriously any of the turkish retarded annoucements …they are in a very bad situation: bad relations with russia and trying to demand help from eu by blackmailing them with refugees asking for nato help while they are the agressors…. i mean it’s just bad, eu doesn’t give a sh*t about turkey and nato supporting only by words, trump is in election mode so he doesn’t really care …turkey is in this sh*t alone …and when the situation is this bad and your back is against the wall like a fuck*n sheep that is about to be slaughtered well you start hallucinating and going full retarded …i bet in the next few days we will hear a turkish official saying that turkey is going to use nuclear missiles in agelrik to hit assad forces … so southfront please no morre retarded turkish officials analysis …they are starting to sound like bearded gangsters when they claimed angels are fighting with them agaisnt bloody assad, when they see a big shining kalibr cruise missilie in the sky decending on their heads thinking it’s an angel coming to fight with them smh…

Dick Von Dast'Ard

75 years of boot licking Anglo-America has got Turkey where it is today…
In deep economic and strategic trouble.

Peter Jennings

Erdogan finally takes off the gloves after the lying, cheating, stealing and hiding behind ‘ceasefires’, ‘observation posts’, terrorists in Idlib, and now the US, or anyone who will help him break International law and Geneva Conventions, not to mention recent agreements with the Russian admin.

Erdogan has progressed from stealing Syrian oil, and just about everything else that wasn’t nailed down in northern Syria, and has moved onto stealing large tracts of land from its neighbour. I do hope that all Turkey’s neighbours take note because in an instant they could be the next target of Erdogan’s delusions of grandeur.
I guess this also means a drying up of Russian arms and self defence equipment. I’m also guessing that the Turkish military won’t be allowed access to Russia satellite navigation for that defence equipment. It would be prudent for the Russians to have a kill switch of some kind in times such as these when past customers turn rogue and try to attack Russia with its own weapons.

Rafik Chauhan

T has been 100 years now. RUSSIA make everything in the house related to war weapons. Unlike Turkey begs from NATO’s. Turkey can’t do shit without west support. And nato wants to bring turkey to its knees bcuz of past behaving with nato.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

First Chechen War (1994 – 1996) was another defeat for Turkey.


Best way to play this out is to reinforce the Russian expiditionay forces with additional assets. Russia doesnt have to go to war but it will show how much the Turks will play dearly if it wanted one.

peter mcloughlin

Great nations go to war for power: it is power that ultimately destroys them.


Didn’t Russia save Erdogan in 2016 against a foreign coup?


coming up… dastardly attack on Russian ambassador of Turkey .this how they will get their vengeance..


Rhetorically speaking, didn’t Russia save Erdogan in 2016 against a foreign coup?

Albert Pike

It was fake coup to begin with, created by Erdogan, that he could distance himself further from the Gülen movement. In the meantime he is as Zionist as a dönmeh can be. That made it more believeble to his bafoon followers, that he want’s to ‘free Palestine’…


Thank you for your input; that makes sense. The so-called coup always left me wondering. How do you fit Russia in the scheme? If I remember right, it them who alerted Erdogan.

Otherwise, I can’t agree more on Erdogan being a Zionist Dönmeh shedding crocodiles tears about Palestine. He’s (British) Muslim Brotherhood to the core.

Albert Pike

For a nice freemason war, things must look good, and most of the deaths must be for real – but the outcome is pre-arranged (don’t know what the outcome is gone be).

So yes Erdogan is “a Zionist Dönmeh shedding crocodiles tears about Palestine. He’s (British) Muslim Brotherhood”. That’s one player. The other player is Putin.

There is that wild far to outrageous Richard Tomlinson story about him: http://richardtomlinsonandtherussians.blogspot.com/
which is somehow mirrored here:
‘Some prominent Masons involved at various levels in the economic and political construction of the crisisin Europe are here listed (p. 448-456 in the book):
– Barack Obama (US President, “Maat”, *Ur-Lodge founded by Zbiegniew Brzezinski and expression of a compromise between conservatives and progressives Ur-masons);
– Vladimir Putin (Russian Federation President, “Golden Eurasia”);
– Angela Merkel (German Chancelor since 2005, “Golden Eurasia”, “Valhalla”, “Parsifal”); …

So yes not all of it is the truth, but some of it is: https://lochmann-verlag.com/massoni_chapters_1_to_9.pdf
And if you think about it a lot of the history, which is written down there, makes sense.

Don’t ask me about Assad – he seams to be real, but he is an Alawite, and Alawites were somehow put into power by the French masons, and the Alewites/Alawites are somewhat related to… well (even the last three Popes in Rome where Frankist/Jewish):

It all comes back to that fake messiah of 1666…


Thank you for the links; the one on Putin is particularly interesting. I came across Gioele Magdali’s “Massoni – Discovery of the Ur Lodges” many years ago. The on-going events have the characteristics of what you stated: a nice Masonic war. Let’s see the outcome.


Bonsoir Omega,

Un article fouillé sur la mort de James Forrestal qui devrait
vous intéresser….
Je comprends mieux pourquoi Jacqueline Kennedy
a demandé que ses mémoires ne soient pas publiée avant
trois generations après son décès….

Qui a incarcéré puis assassiné James Forrestal, puis l’a fait passer pour fou ?



Bonjour Alex. Désolé pour la réponse tardive. Un article très intéressant, merci. Je connaissais l’épisode de Forrestal d’une manière plus ou moins appronfondie, mais je viens d’apprendre beaucoup de détails. Comme Kennedy, c’était un bon homme, mais un obstacle à l’Empire. Et leur objection à Israel n’était qu’un chapitre du dénouement. Il y avait un énorme enjeu de développement économique mondiale (que menaçait l’Empire) ainsi que militaire/nucléaire (vis-à-vis l’Union Soviétique).


En faites c’est le moment ou les Ashkénazes

ont commencé a prendre le pouvoir sur la deuxième
moitié du Monde, après l’extermination des Elites
grace aux Goulags dans la Premier Moitié,
pour le conduire a la catastrophe que l’on sait
On est mal barrés, qui vivra verra, c’est pas gai !

Heureusement qu’on a les Chinois, le Hezbollah et
les Russes qui commencent a digérer la fin des années
Judeo – Bolchéviques


Bonsoir Bonjour Omega,

Un bon Documentaire Scientifique ARTE Thema

sur les laboratoires qui étudient les Virus


Épidémies : la menace invisible (rediffusion de 2014)

83 min

Disponible du 22/01/2020 au 31/05/2020

Prochaine diffusion le vendredi 6 mars à 09:25

Ce programme est disponible en vidéo à la demande ou DVD.

L’épidémie de pneumonie liée au coronavirus remet à l’ordre du jour la question des épidémies et du risque qu’elles représentent au niveau planétaire. Une enquête rigoureuse de 2014 pour nous rappeler les enjeux de cette menace invisible.

En soixante ans, plus de trois cent cinquante nouvelles maladies infectieuses sont apparues : SRAS, H1N1, H5N1, Ebola… Une émergence de virus qui semble s’accélérer. Unanimes, les experts s’interrogent : quand une nouvelle épidémie mondiale va-t-elle frapper ? Peste, grippe espagnole, variole, sida… : l’histoire est traversée d’épisodes infectieux qui ont décimé des populations. Mais où en est la recherche aujourd’hui ? Sommes-nous mieux préparés ? Le film part sur les traces de trois virus particulièrement menaçants : le H7N9 de la grippe en Asie, le MERS-CoV, cousin du SRAS, actif au Moyen-Orient, et le virus Ebola, qui suscite les pires terreurs en Afrique de l’Ouest.

Animaux porteurs

De la cellule de crise de l’Organisation mondiale de la santé en Suisse, chargée de lancer les alertes, jusqu’aux confins de la forêt du Gabon sur les traces d’Ebola, l’enquête nous mène aux quatre coins du monde. Grâce au travail de terrain de scientifiques qui risquent leur vie, nous savons désormais que les animaux sauvages sont des réservoirs potentiels de virus dangereux pour l’homme. Ainsi, la fièvre Ebola a été transmise par les chauves-souris frugivores, et la grippe asiatique H5N1 portée par des oiseaux migrateurs. Face à la menace, le monde scientifique se mobilise.

Réalisation : Anne Poiret Raphaël Hitier

Pays : France

Année : 2014


Bonsoir/Bonjour Alex. Merci pour le lien. Je visionne ce weekend.

Lone Ranger

Erdofucks memory is short…


Both Russia and Iran provided support and intelligence which has proved counter-productive considering the treacherous nature of Turks.

St. Augustine

comment image


At one point in the beginning of 1990s Turkey and Russia were allies both working full time on the destruction of Yugoslavia, the country that was much better than either one of them. And, while Turkey stood with their Muslims and fought against the Serbs, it was Russia, the only one involved that didn’t support their own which were the Serbs but did everything it could against them and supported the Turkish, German, American, British, Iranian etc. favorites like the fascist Croats, fundamentalist Muslims etc. So, chicken are coming home to roost.


Turkey will bleed to death fighting the Syrians and Libyans.


I don’t hate muslims, but how can you love them when they dare to comment something like that? Have you ever heard anything like “the opponent country has a sizable christian/buddhist population”?? This community somehow always try to keep themselves away from the rest of the world.

cechas vodobenikov

the turks stupidity and self loathing narcissism begins to amuse…soon their moribund economy will be worse, as when Russia suspended tourism to turkey—Russian tourism accounts for 5 billion USD income for the turks annually…and imports of Turk agricultural products r easily replaced elsewhere….and discounted Russian gas will be no more…rejected by the EU, disliked by Arabs, Persians alike, they have 2 last hopes—USA, Israel

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