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Turkey Has 37 ‘Military Points’ In Northern Iraq (Map Update)


Turkey Has 37 'Military Points' In Northern Iraq (Map Update)

Source: Republic of Turkey Directorate of Communications

On July 6, the Republic of Turkey Directorate of Communications released a map of the military situation in northern Iraq revealing that Turkey has establsihed 37 “military points” in border areas of the Kurdistan Region and inside the cities of Erbil, Duhok, Zakho and Soran.

The map showcases the growing Turksih military presence in multiple locations, spreading across the Iraq-Turkey and Iraq-Iran border areas. The Turkish army also keeps a military base in Bashiqa, in the disputed province of Nineveh, despite multiple calls from Baghdad to withdraw from the area. With the recent start of a new phase of Turkey’s fight against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in northern Iraq, its military presence there is expected to grow even further.

It’s interesting to note that later the Republic of Turkey Directorate of Communications decided to remove its post with the abovementioned map. Likely, Ankara decided to not promote in media locations of its new military positions in the country.




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  • Dick Von Dast’Ard

    Is there actually any Turkish military left inside of Turkey one asks? For they seem to be trespassing in just about every other country than their own.

    • occupybacon

      With very limited profit. The oil is still far far away.

      • Ronald

        “The oil is not far away”.
        Look at Dohuk, Berderesh and Erbil. those are all very close to the oil fields,
        both Kurdish and Iraqi controlled.
        And six “observation Points” up near the Syria – Iraq border. No wonder the Americans just roll whatever they like into Syria, the Turks have that border covered for them.

        • occupybacon

          I didn’t mean by phisical distance… It was a metaphor.

    • adzsiam

      I think it’s a dual strategy of creating a buffer zone / sphere of influence while eradicating / stifling threats (state and non state.) But at the end of the day, the Sultan like all politicians, needs to be looked upon favourably by his local subjects. He is currently riding a wave of popularity which must be maintain to secure his throne.

  • Assad must stay

    torki being the usual prick pain in the asses they are

  • Paul

    Turkey will get cooked by Arabs and kurds


      Just like in history :d funny boy.