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Turkey Gets Bogged Down In Karabakh War As Armenian Forces Reclaim Initiative

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Armenian forces have reclaimed the tactical initiative in the battle for the Nagorno-Karabakh region and conducted several counter-attacks taking back positions earlier captured by Azerbaijan on the Jabrayil front on the evening of October 7. Later, on the morning of October 8, the Armenian Defense Ministry announced that Azerbaijani forces had launched a military offensive in the area, which had been repelled.

“Early in the morning, at 08:30, the enemy attempted an attack in the southern direction, but after losing 3 units of military equipment and about 20 soldiers, the enemy escaped from the battlefield near Jabrayil,” the representative of the Armenian Ministry of Defense Artsrun Hovhannisyan said.

“Fighting continues. our troops are performing their tasks brilliantly. We have some good luck, but heavy fighting continues,” he said.

It should be noted that, according to the Armenian side, Jabrayil remains a contested area despite Azerbaijani claims that it had been captured. In their turn, Baku says that all Armenian reports are fake news and their statements about retaking some positions just confirm that they have lost them.

Meanwhile, the Azerbaijani military released videos showing captured Armenian positions in the villages of Shaybey, Shukurbeyli and Chaxirli. Armenian forces abandoned three T-72 battle tanks, three D-30 howitzers as well as many military vehicles and trucks, most of them were damaged to some extent.

As of October 8, the Turkish-backed advance by Azerbaijan on Karabakh slowed down due to the fierce resistance of Armenian forces, complex mountain terrain and bad weather. Nonetheless, the Azerbaijani leadership and its Big Brothers in Turkey demonstrate no indication of readiness for a new prolonged ceasefire and the resumption of negotiations. Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said that the “attempt to achieve the ceasefire” could be made only after the Armenian side provides an official schedule of the withdrawal of its forces from the contested region, which should be approved by the OSCE Minsk group. The Azerbaijani military, with help from Turkey, still maintains full air dominance and has an upper hand in artillery, heavy military equipment and manpower. Therefore, it seeks to develop the initial success gained in the first week of the war and further deliver a devastating blow to Armenian forces and then dismantle the self-proclaimed Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. On the other hand, Armenian forces deployed in the contested region lack modern air-defense measures, heavy equipment and artillery. They compensate this with a wide network of fortified positions in the mountain area and the better combat readiness of their infantry.

More and more evidence of Turkish involvement in the conflict surfaces online. After multiple photos and videos with Turkish-backed Syrian militants deploying to the combat zone, satellite images show Turkish F-16 jets on the airbase near Azerbaijan’s Ganza. The satellite images confirm that as of October 3, Turkish warplanes were still there. On September 29, Armenia announced that one of its Su-25 fighter jets had been shot down by a Turkish F-16 that had taken off from Ganja. At that time, Turkey and Azerbaijan denounced these claims as fake news. Nonetheless, it is clear that Turkey at least had the theoretical opportunity to have done so.

The Azerbaijani leadership and its Turkish ally cannot agree on a new ceasefire and negotiations in Karabakh without claiming at least a PR victory in the conflict otherwise this may lead to a political crisis in Azerbaijan. Society, which was put in a state of military hysteria, will not accept such a decision from their government. Thus, it is expected that if Azerbaijan experiences more difficulties in the conflict and is not able to develop momentum, Turkish involvement in the conflict will grow further.

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Free man

As I wrote on the first day of the war – Armenia has no chance. And Turkey will not stop there. İbrahim Karagül, editor-in-chief of Yeni Şafak daily (Turkey’s AKP mouthpiece) : “The Turkish-Origin Population In Iran Will Also Undergo Mental Shock – In Fact, The Shock Has Already Started”.

Kalle Sändare

The big question is if Russia will allow for N.K to be overrun….I doubt that These are Christian people there. No they will do what they did in Ukraine/Donbass….keep it going without it boiling over and eventually the muslims will give up.

Free man

Erdogan has an agenda that he pushes with all his might. He has succeeded in Syria and Libya far more than all the experts predicted. There is no reason why he would not succeed here as well. See what’s starting to happen in Iran: https://twitter.com/HAbdolhossein/status/1311967637707132928

cechas vodobenikov

there r more azeris in Iran than there r in azerbijian

Icarus Tanović

Fuck him, stupid Zionistic Wahhabi lover bum.

Fog of War

It’ll be fun to watch if the Turkmen in Iran vote ( Crimea style ) to leave Iran. I’m sure that everyone’s double standards will explode in confusion.

Leonardo Russo

Armenia alone is causing a lot of mess for Azerbaijan and Turkey, I did not expect that to be honest, it just proves weapons alone cannot win wars… If Turkey and Azerbaijan does not win this war less in than 1 month, the situation will be extremely bad for them and good for armenians….


Hello, please share this documentary, it is useful for people to learn the history of Azerbaijan. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Ifua_z692k0#


Secret playground for adults, where you can meet different people – https://cutt.ly/qgtMohL

Anvar Akbarov

If Armenia is “Armenia alone is causing a lot of mess for Azerbaijan and Turkey” – WHY DOES PASHINIAN IS BEGGING FOR HELP FROM RUSSIA? LOL Think…..

cechas vodobenikov

in more than 1 week the amerikan/israeli/turkis supported azeris/ISIS have proven them selves incompetent…I suspect that when Artahsk troops inflict more damage azeris will do as they did in 1994–withdraw


It’s a NATO game didn’t cares Azeris or Armenian, but to confine Russia… ! At least in Iraq, Syria, and Libya there is Oil to steal…

Anyways NATO is a house of cards, the US like it or not, the Future is Eurasia Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)


The American dogs can stand no competition, they are getting outclassed by China worldwide, and even now as they focus on containing Russia, their only hope is to ally with Russia. Ignorant barbarians descended from ignorant barbarians, soon there will be civil war in the US.


Chinese are wonderful peoples ! Since 1986 I went there hundreds times, even bought a penthouse I kept 13 years… In the US few times for few months, but didn’t like junk-food and peoples way of life and attitude….

“Tell me what do you eat, I will tell you who you are”


I think I figured it out. 2 authors 1 supporting Armenia another supporting Azerbaijan are writing the articles, obviously both lean on the related sources, whether legit or fake. Having 6-7 articles out of 10 articles on NK shows that there are more clicks on this topic, hence more advertisement. And the editor deciding to publish both sides separately is done to fuel more debate and hence move the articles up in the metasearch.


That’s how free press should be,I guess.


getting dictated by the viewers on what to report and how? i think that would be biased, news shouldn’t be bound to revenue.


No, I meant the visionbof the journalist should prevail over the official stance of the publication.


oh you mean less control of the editorial section, i would agree with that. as long as its fact checked, like back in the day


Still better than media dominated by the State as in many ( most?) countries.


I would rather have one party in control than several self interest groups. I think dictatorship is better than anarchy, but thats just me

cechas vodobenikov

WMD’s in Iraq—NYT murder civilians were claimed to be Viet-cong during the amerikan war in Vietnam–one of many lost US wars


you didn’t understand my comment, did you?

Arman Melkonyan


Artsakh is not Azeri land.

Only nominal control of the *autonomous* oblast of Karabagh was gifted to the Azeris in 1923 by Stalin for the hubristic purpose of pleasing his abominable Muslim Donmeh Turkish allies. Armenians populated Artsakh/Karabagh thousands of years before Turks invaded the Caucasuses and Asia Minor/Armenia. The population was still 85 percent Armenian even after 70 years of Azeri oppression and attempted ethnic cleansing.

Artsakh was *never* part of an independent sovereign country of Azerbaijan. It was part of the USSR. Azerbaijan itself only existed between 1918-1920. Therefore the Azeris have no right to claim it as their own land especially when they only intend to genocide the Armenians and refuse the Karabagh citizens’ appeal to hold a referendum on their independence from Azerbaijan. Azeri civilians backed and led by their government institutions raped and tortured to death hundreds of Armenians in Baku and Sumgait between 1988-1990.

The perfidious Americans, Europeans, Turks, and the equally perfidious and traitorous Russians, have no right to gift Artsakh to the murderous psychopathic Azeris again. Nor do these HYPOCRITES have the right to refuse the right of self-determination to Armenians when they voted to give Palestine to the Non-Hebrew Khazarians based on dubious claims of ownership of said lands from 2000 years ago.

And what unbelievable hubris and hatred on the part of the Jews selling terror drones and illegal weapons like cluster bombs and ballistic missiles to the Azeris while denying the genocide of the first Christian nation of the world, the Armenians.

The hatred of the Jews for the Armenians is ancient. The Khazars tried to invade and subjugate Armenia for centuries but failed, losing instead their own land and infiltrating Eastern Europe after adopting Judaism.

The Donmeh Jews organized and committed the Armenian genocide with their Turkish partners: https://russia-insider.com/en/history/real-holocaust-1915-armenian-genocide-and-its-russophobic-origins/ri22877


Kalle Sändare

I agree with a lot you say but I find it hard to believe Russia will leave Artsakh hanging.. These are not the soviet days and these are Christian people facing musltms.. I dont think it will sit well with Trump either. And Turkey will only go so far in this. I smell a globalist rat here in trying to starr up a big war but neither Russia or the US are interested… and that will probably have it simmer for a while but not really taking off. Artsakh will hold. I pray.


Russia is not some Holly defender of Christianity, it’s about land not religion.

Servet Köseoğlu

lol..people get offended because russia is not playing kind of deus-vult.. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6cd4a0aa45fa79696045a7dd70105bd2c751a140eca771fc2b20127c9b27c173.jpg


During the invasion of Georgia, Russian soldiers tortured and forced Georgian pows to dance on Georgian flag, while joking ‘how can you call yourself a christian when you dance on the cross? ‘

cechas vodobenikov

u fascist racist–the Georgian US colony stupidly attacked South Ossetia and Abkhazia—shelling civilians with artillery; now de facto part of Russia….u r the robots that can’t feel….only 15% of u barbaric robots believe torture is never justified (Reuters/ IPSOS 2016) “amerikans cannot feel. they live in a materialist dream”. M Ostrogoski “amerikans cannot feel pleasure”. Zizek “it is as if all the sensitiveness has dried up in amerikans…the crystallization of love is impossible in USA…I admire their kind of happiness but I do not admire it–it is the happiness of a different and inferior species”. Stendhal “amerikans have lost the capacity for spontaneous feeling”. Erich Fromm “amerikans have always been genocidal, enjoying killing from afar”. Philip Slater expected from insecure feminized sexually repressed stupefied barbarians

cechas vodobenikov


cechas vodobenikov

2 million Armenians live in Russia—2 million Azeris live here too….Russia will only defend Armenia, not Artashk


I am so tired of ppl talking Muslim-Christian wars here, these has to do with land and country not religion….any idea the Russian Muslim population? Russia itself has a very big muslim population. As a muslim I support Armenia, and I have seen some muslims here also support Armenia.. But we also support that Armenia should withdraw from the occupied territories (not the entire N-K though) after 1992 war. If Armenia implement this withdrawal, the situation could have exposed Erdogan and Azerbaijan… Russia and Iran could have intervened swiftly to put things right. My warning to those talking about Muslim-Christian wars, this is the card Erdogan is playing, because if it’s real religious war, Russia will be in a big mess… any idea of the Muslim population of the Russian army? If its religious war like the sf Christian fanatics here want us to believe, we could see Russia going to war with itself long before Wahabi headchoppers will even join.

Icarus Tanović

Yes, it doesn’t have anything to do with religion. This is blatant land grabbing by Erdogan the Zionistic dog.


You are correct in many ways but in some cases it still has to do with religion. If Armenians were Muslim we wouldn’t have been in this situation. However you are very right that it should not be made out to be a Christian vs Muslim conflict, because the Christian world is a joke. Armenians have always had good relations with muslim countries, one of the closest is Iran. Also, there is close ties with Lebanon and Syria. Im an ardent supporter of Assad and Irans right to live how they see fit. They have always treated Armenians very well for the past 1700 years. So thank you for not being so blinded by simple arguments.

Hatred Incarnate

This is less about religion and more about race and territory. The Azeris have turkish blood, they are just as turkish as any HTS combatant. And like other turks, they want to wipe out non-turks from Armenia so they can occupy it themselves.

Icarus Tanović

So why they attacked Syria, Lybia, some extent Yemen. No, man they doesn’t care about religion. The dog is Zionist.

Arman Melkonyan

Karabagh is indefensible (with the means available to poor Armenia) without the land between Armenia proper and Karabagh.

All that geography and more belonged to Armenians anyway.


Both the Turks and the Azeris forfeited their right to exist after the crimes they committed against God and man.

kajetán pičura

get out all musies from europe. then i could trust your words, not earlier.


Thank you for this sane assessment. Yes, it’s not and really never about religion. That’s at best an excuse for the very stupid. So why bring up the conflict again? Is it much more than a much wanted (needed) nationalistic diversion for Aliyev and Erdogan?


Since Trump got elected he has cut financial aid to Armenia by 70% and boosted Azeri aid several times over.

Arman Melkonyan

America is ruled by the same people that own and control Israel and Turkey.

No normal human being could even admit the existence of Turkey which is an abomination created through the genocide of millions of Christians — let alone become military allies with them (America, Europe) or even do business with them (Russia, China, Iran).

I have zero faith in the Americans and I believe the Russians will do the absolute minimum just to prevent the Turks from adjoining Azerbaijan. That’s all.


based and redpilled, bro

cechas vodobenikov

and u racists wonder why Israel is selling weapons to the Azeris

Arman Melkonyan


Acknowledging reality and your enemies is not racism.


Hello, here is a great documentary about the history of Azerbaijan


Arman Melkonyan

Thanks for sharing Andranik.

kajetán pičura

u will vanish anyhow. why did you apease usa? ask usa for help and leave russia out.


Hard to imagine Armenia might finally win only with military means. By containing Turkish/Azeri offensive, this alliance will have to pay an expensive price. At the end social crisis and dissatisfaction will weaken both countries, as Yemen has done to Saudis…

Mr T

I know this forum is pro Putin and maintained by Russian trolls. But this latest news on Armenia winning is pure fantasy… too much … ?


Piss off troll boy. Go and bash your head on the wailing wall instead.



really! it’s not true, Sherlock .go drink some petrol moron


Watch out putin fanboys will eat your dick

cechas vodobenikov

you CIA propaganda bacon lies r only admired in Topeka


triggered mongoloid detected


That last statement is worryingly true. If the Azeris are indeed bogged down with minimal gains it will look bad for Aliyev, so just like the Saudis, they’ll keep fighting to try and save face.

I doubt Aliyev gives a damn about the peons he’s sending to their deaths (especially the jihadists), so he’ll just keep pouring more meat in the grinder.

As with the failure of Erdogans proxies in Syria and Libya, he will have to step in if he wants to prevent their eventual defeat.


This is interesting, if confirmed. A Whatsapp call recorded allegedly from one of Syrian mercenaries in Qarabagh:


And the transcript:



Regarding Jabrayil, it’s not far fetched if the Armenians could cut the Azerbaijani lines and eventually retake the area:



Sorry but it’s a bit cheesy

Potato Man

It sure seem fishy tho, I wouldn’t believe it because it is not the first time Wahhabi morons dying in foreign country (Libya) they didn’t had a good time over there, and I’m sure some of them also send a “message” to their “friends”….But let’s not forget SAA, Russian and Iranian made hell where Wahhabi terrorists were in Syria. This guy is new to the group, or he was under rock for very long time.

Read this: “We have tried talking to the Azer but they just say do your job otherwise we will kill you.” LMFAO Image a Wahhabi terrorist say that LOL.

That is sound so much like Armenians, read this report (it is from MassisPost: Latest Armenian news from MassisPost. Get news from Armenia and the Armenian Diaspora.) I love this part:

Moscow should not act like a jealous husband who assumes his wife is having an affair just because she laughed at the joke of a man other than her husband.

(I love this quote btw)

You do know what they mean by that, and the way this message is written also sound like an Armenian write it.

TBH it wouldn’t matter, that’s why Azer and Turkey use this apes. :/ True or not Armenia is doing good work finishing morons.

Potato Man

Here is the link to that report: https://massispost.com/2020/09/armenias-fraught-relations-with-russia/


I had an hartly laugh, hehe, because of that what I define as an briliant description of how I see this Russian stand, the jealous husband, trying desperate to impress the neighbors, while they screw their own, Russia is not only an million roses, it have some major problems regarding its behaviour witch not always reflects whats said and what a lot of hurrah patriots think.



Should start snowing soon lol

Pave Way IV

I don’t know, Garga. Sounds like something I would write. In fact, I might steal a few parts for future head-chopper mockery.

Icarus Tanović

Bogged down in the swamp, why don’t you rot there Turkish degenerate.

Kishan Chali

The best opportunity for Armenia is to follow scorched earth tactics and inflict as much damage as to the Azeris and the Turks. They should give the invaders a bloody nose


This terrain is so barren its already scorched earth. But yea the longer the defender Artzakh holds out inflicting damage the more the war swings in their favour.


Turkey and Azerbaijan will be in a very costly attrition war if they do not retake all of NK by November 30. It was very foolish and arrogant of them and their propagandists to think that they could drone strike their way to victory and retake that entire region in 3-8 weeks, as many pro-Azeri posts here suggested. NK is too big and well-defended. It is also mountainous terrain. The US could not win in Afghanistan for 20 years even with air superiority and drone strikes night and day. The Russians and Syrians took at least two years to reclaim Aleppo with a few months besieging it. Raqqa and Mosul also took far longer than 3 to 8 weeks to retake. Marawi in the Philippines, even fully surrounded, took 5 months to clear. It’s very clear that the Turks and Azeris didn’t care to read about any of these when they planned their attack.

Lazy Gamer

Under CSTO charter , art. 1 -not only territorial integrity, sovereignty, and independence is protected but also regional security and stability is a goal.

Article 7 and 8 does not limit collective defense to territory. Hell, it can be argued it extends to soldiers, equipment, and naturally officials.

Conclusion: A piece of paper is not going to make a country secure. lol Russian apologists in this forum should stop trolling. Armenia has to find countries willing to resupply it in the long term.

Pablo Rivera

let’s see what happens on the next hours, PMs have been summoned by Lavrov


Difficult to see what is so important about Nogorno Kharabakh for Azerbaijan, it looks such barren rocky hilly land. Is Nogorno Kharabakh important for water source for Azerbaijan? Like Golan heights for Israel and Tibet for China?

cechas vodobenikov

excellent question–perhaps a geopolitical tactic designed to destabilize region

cechas vodobenikov

excellent question–perhaps a geopolitical tactic designed to destabilize region…anything that creates trouble for Iran will be promoted by USA (more Azeris reside in Iran than azerbijian)


relax mongoloids 100% , best is yet to come , soon first snow will fall and your jihadi friends will start to copulate with each other to warm up …. then Armenians will finish them. Mountains + snow = nightmare

cechas vodobenikov

did turk ministry of deception spend too much lira on seven morons? she says nothing about the ceasefire—did the Azeri HTS proxies return to Tripoli or istanbul?

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