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Turkey Fights Back Against ‘Assad Aggression’ In Idlib


Turkey Fights Back Against 'Assad Aggression' In Idlib

The PR department of the Turkish Defense Ministry dealt a crushing blow to forces of the Assad regime that had once again treacherously attacked innocent Turkish personnel in the province of Idlib. At least 5 Turkish soldiers were killed and 5 others were injured in the attack.

On February 10, the Turkish statement targeted 115 ‘regime targets’, ‘neutralized’ 101 ‘regime personnel’, ‘destroyed’ 3 tanks, 2 artillery positions and ‘hit’ a helicopter. After the February 3 Syrian strike on Erdogan forces, Ankara said that the Turkish military had stricken over 50 ‘regime’ targets ‘neutralizing’ at least 76 pro-government fighters. Therefore, the scale of decisive claims demonstrated a successful growth.

Late on February 10, unidentified warplanes struck a large convoy of Turkish military equipment in the Base 46 area, near the town of Atarib. These strikes became another heavy setback of Assad forces and their allies. The convoy belonged not to the Turkish Army, but to Idlib rebel groups. The Assadists missed. Furthermore, photos of the burned Turkish military equipment, a M60T battle tank and several other vehicles, released on the same day also appeared to be old. They were made west of Saraqib after the February 3 incident.

As to the villages of al-Qanati, Kafr Halab, Khirbat Jazraya and Miznaz, which were captured by Syrian government forces from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, this was just a tactical retreat. The Turkish military operation in Idlib continues successfully.

Turkey’s presidential spokesman, Ibrahim Kalin, said that Assad attacks on Turkish troops and Syrian civilians were aimed at sabotaging the Syrian political process. He added that Ankara would provide a tough response to these actions. Kalin added that the Sochi agreements were violated and Russia should bear responsibility for this. Apparently, it is Moscow supporting al-Qaeda-affiliated militants and sabotaging anti-terrorist operations in Idlib.

Until then, Turkish troops likely should register a trade union to defend their rights or at least get some benefits for their regular deployments near positions of al-Qaeda-like groups, just under the Syrian Army fire. Otherwise, the anonymous club of victims of the Assad aggression in the Turkish Army could become far too big.



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  • Johan

    Erdogan plays victim, while he was the one who gave the Al Sham/al Qauida terrorists Idlib on a silver plate. He kept the real moderate fighters from reacting against the terrorist, he promised the terrorists Turkish nationality and was the one who violated the Sochi agreements by Cheating and double crossing like he al ways does. But like he always claims it is the fault of others, like the tumbling down of the Turkish industry, economy, currency, justice, education, Lira, the whole country and all credit real Turkish leaders gathered during decennia he destroyed and made Turkey a paria state rejected by everybody.

    • Karen Bartlett

      There are no “moderate” fighters or “moderate rebels”. They’re all terrorists. Some of the “moderate rebels” decapitated a Palestinian boy, claiming he was in the SAA:https://youtu.be/kr1YTS-4Hzs?t=8

      • Xoli Xoli

        This what Turkey terrorists does the best.Lot of Turkey soldiers were falsely accused and decapitated and buried in unmarked graves in Turkey.

        • Mustafa Mehmet

          Stupid brainless coment as always from idiot oli oli boy

          • Xoli Xoli

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          • Mustafa Mehmet

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          • Mustafa Mehmet

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          • Xoli Xoli

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          • Mustafa Mehmet

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          • Xoli Xoli

            Rape and kill your own mom.Refugees son.

        • Karen Bartlett

          Who falsely accused and then killed them? Turkey?

          • Xoli Xoli

            Erdogan during his self made fake coup in Turkey.

    • Constellation 2023

      Erdogan is the best leader Turkey has seen in a century. Period. The way I see it, if he has enemies like you, he’s doing something right.

      • Sceptic_Observer


  • Harry Papis

    I am assuming the article above was written as satire, right?

    • Blaubeere

      Yes, of course. :-)

    • BlueOctopusBoy

      To the extreme such that one now has to ask if SF is serious about its articles… Every article is riddled with excessive sarcasm and tandrums …gone are the days of clear news publications

      • Josiah Gaxx Isaboke

        They had an article why they sometimes do this…That’s why they are still surving in Facebook…For now!!!Veterans Today and Infowars etc chose the direct method and were banned everywhere from Facebook,Twitter,Youtube and so forth.SF is taking precautions knowing well that Uncle Sam is watching. Satire can survive a lot longer as News only for the smart ones! Enjoy what you have now because there is talk of banning these sites from Google altogether.

    • Wegan

      Of course it is. I love this format.

    • jhon malakiat

      if this is satire then its ugly satire..


  • Karen Bartlett

    This is hilarious! Go, Syrian Arab Army, and God go with you!

  • Joe Doe

    SAA have no choice but hit Turkey military in SYria very hard and continue hitting hard. Turkey has more to lose than Syria. Syria paying price now because Putin poor judgments and pleasing Erdogan didn’t work

    • jorge

      Go die elswhere.

    • Xoli Xoli

      Those rubbish Turkey soldiers dies like flies because of stupidity.

  • jorge

    Turk, go home!

    • Kananda

      in coffin

  • antoun
  • nick1111


  • gustavo

    Oh my, this made me laugh so much, very good satire.

  • Xoli Xoli

    Erdogan is disrupting Syrian peace and stability. Erdogan is looking for shit.No more hiding behind ceasefire shit.No more ceasefire to reposition Erdogan terrorists and attack.

  • Xoli Xoli

    Syrian military is fighting back Erdogan aggression and terrorism. No more de-escalation rubbish there are Syrian border which serve as de escalation borders.No Turkey military entry in Syria.Syria government forces are not entering Turkey land.Violations of Syrian sovereignty and integrity has automatically cancel Astana illegal agreements. Idlib is now officially in the hands of Syrian government forces. Syria never invited Turkey.Turkey decides were Kurds and Syrian forces should be in own country that is nonsense.Putin must stop babysitting Killer Erdogan.

  • Gj

    I like The irony. Good news!

  • Rhodium 10

    Turkey have looted from Syria…Archaeological pieces, petrol , industrial machinery, vehicles, wheat, fruits farmers, olive oil….terrorist in Syria are just the Thief army of the Sultan!…

    • Maximus Decimus Meridius

      He got what the crap got from Syria. ??????????????? 4 million refugees, just that.

      • Karen Bartlett

        Turkey carried off on semi-trucks the entire industrial equipment and machines of Aleppo while Syria was fighting terrorists there. It’s on video on YouTube. and the “Syrian refugees” in Turkey are terrorists and their families.

  • Tom Tom

    So sad, if only these Syrians could stop their aggression, in Syria (their own country), haha.

    I think the Syrians can take the Turks, esp. since they appear to have Russian air cover. Why stop at the Turkish border? Less than half of Turkey is made up of actual Turks. Split them off to their smaller country, and free everyone else, Kurds, Armenians, etc.

    • verner

      it’s better if they can join up and deal with the most crucial issue in the middle east and how to get rid of the squatters occupying palestine – not quibble over idlib which will be liberated soon enough.

      • Tom Tom

        Now that would be a mistake, verner. Read Ezekiel 38-39 to see why.

        • verner

          don’t read ezekiel so why don’t you spell it out

    • Mustafa Mehmet


      • Tom Tom

        Well, now face, Mohmet, ya’ll ‘r a-gettin’ yore arses kicked in Syria.
        If it was just the Syrians you’d still fall back to the border line, but with the Russians giving air support, going any further means the end of the Turkish nation.

        • Mustafa Mehmet

          No problems Tom tom

  • Rodney Loder

    Thing’s are bad and could be getting worse, the Kurds are the enemy not the Turks so you migh say some Kurds are Syrian but if they support Syrian Occultation they are not friends but enemies.

    Brother Erdogen has to stand up for Muslim Brotherhood and all rebels in Idlib have a future in the Brotherhood both as fighters in Libya and as asymmetric warfare cader.

  • Constellation 2023

    Asad the Savage of Syria has surpassed his killer father by ten folds now. “Long live hell for tyrants!”

    • Padre

      What you make it sound, like they were Bush, Clinton or even Trump!

    • Tom Tom

      yeah, boy, how dare he fight when his country is invaded. How unreasonable of him, har-har.

    • verner

      why don’t you just sit on your hands so we don’t have to read your drivel.

  • wolf

    what an irony!!!!!while bishar ass’ad is busy banging his doughtr and her muther in same bed,,,,,,his son is enjoying hookr in russia while our sons are fighting war with no end in sight. facing worst horror and terror on idlib front, i bet if his gayyyy son stayed for one night

  • Tom Tom

    When turkey is split up they can make up several countries, with Armenia getting a big slice of the east, and Kurds as well. Then Turkey will be “Little Turkey.”