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Turkey Established A New Base In Syria’s Ras Al-Ain: SOHR

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Turkey Established A New Base In Syria’s Ras Al-Ain: SOHR

Turkish forces are seen near Mount Barsaya, northeast of Afrin, Syria January 23, 2018. REUTERS/Khalil Ashawi

Turkey was increasing its military presence in the town of Ras al-Ain in northern countryside of Syria’s al-Hasakah, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on July 10.

According to the London-based monitoring group, the Turkish military has established a new base in the village of Tell Halaf, near Ras al-Ain.

Furthermore, Turkish forces were seen patrolling Ras al-Ain’s towns center. The SOHR claims that these new measures are meant to guarantee the security of the town, which is located right on the border with Turkey.

“[Turkish forces want to] regulate the armed aspects in the town, place it under their control and to punish anyone who carry weapons inside it, except for the police and pro-Turkish factions,’ the SOHR’s report reads.

Earlier this month, a fierce battle between Turkish-backed militants took place in Ras al-Ain. At least four militants and a young girl were killed in the clashes.

The town has also been hit by a series of explosions over the past few months. Eight people were killed and injured as a result of the most recent explosion, which took place on December 4.

The work to secure Ras al-Ain is likely related to Turkey’s efforts to secure its own border with Syria. Turkish forces ignore the deteriorating security situation in the areas which are located far enough from the border line, like Afrin in northern Aleppo.


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M.A. Lamett

Good for Turkey Turkey is only protecting its national interests. Turkey will never allow a Kurdistan (aka greater Israel) to be established in Syria. Turkey is also keeping an eye on Russia, which are working hand in hand with the zionist entity Israel in Syria and Iraq.

Fog of War

Then it needs to attack the Turds currently under ZioAmerican protection. We’ll see how that turns out for brave Turkey

Willing Conscience (The Truths

All the Turkish opposition parties with no exceptions are all saying current actions in Syria aren’t actually protecting Turkey’s national interests at all, only the AK Party and it’s one coalition party member actually say they are, in fact all the Turkish opposition parties claim that Erdogan’s actions in Syria are actually harming Turkey’s long term interests.
And the ruling AK party have been predicted to lose the next Turkish election in a landslide, even Erdogan’s admitted that, so everything Erdogan’s been doing in Syria on behalf of Turkish interests will be undone when the AK Party and Erdogan lose power and the opposition take over.

M.A. Lamett

Opposition parties are globalist Soros shills. They will do what you say for sure, they openly admitted to withdraw from Syria, Libya and the Med sea and open up to separatist Kurds. That is why Europe is supporting them. I am not a fan of islamist Erdogan in any form and shape, especially his ideology, but I would prefer him to the opposition, as he currently does things for the national interest of Turkey. I can see that this fact is bothering the western colonialist power enormously. In the current situation Erdogan is the better choice for Turkey and its national interest.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

You’ve got a good understanding of the situation, you’re reply was quite astute, however unlike you I personally think Erdogan’s heavy handed tactics will have the opposite effect on Turkish society and International relations.
If his policy continues it will not only further divide the Turkish people themselves, it will also further increase the International criticism of Turkey’s International diplomacy and their military incursions into Iraq/Syria/Libya, and I think their business and political dealings with Russia, the US, Iran, and Iraq will all come back to haunt Turkey no matter who ends up in government.
The Turkish people will decide in 3 years time who they want in government, and atm it looks like the AK Party and Erdogan will lose, I have faith the Turkish people will make the right choice, but maybe they could also take the middle road if some new candidates/parties are established before the election.
I’m no fan of globalism either.

M.A. Lamett

Erdogan is doing this only to manipulate his voter base. There is about 20-30 percent hard core Muslim conservatives in Turkey who will vote for him no matter what. Another 10-20 percent is the key swing vote which consist of conservative rightists, nationalist. Remaining 50% is anti Erdogan. This swing group is extremely important to him, as he depends on this vote to continue with his reign. His extreme move to convert Hagia Sophia was only for that purpose, to gain the swing vote. He is an opportunist manipulator, a fanatic or religious zealot, but a shrewd middle eastern politician at the same time. I am not a supporter of him, on contrary I am not fond of the Islamist ideology. However, having stuck in between the globalist puppet opposition and Erdogan there is no other choice for the Turkish people at this moment, it seems. Opposition government will sacrifice all the legitimate international rights of Turkey especially in the Med Sea and Cyprus for the globalist cause. This I see as an existential threat for Turkey. What the globalist couldn’t do by the attempted coup d’etat in 2016, they are trying to do with a political take over. This is clear to me as daylight. The leaders of the oppostion like A.Gul, E.Imamoglu, Babacan, Davudoglu are supported by the infamous globalist City of London/Davos (see Chatham House) I hope the secular state-nationalist or true secular Kemalists, would have been in a state to rectify the situation in Turkey. Eventually, true patriots, nationalist Kemalists will get back, as the common sense always prevails. However some of the foreign policies of the islamist in Turkey may put Turkey in a very difficult situation in the mean time. I hope this won’t cost Turkey dearly. In the region, ideally, Turkey should be partners with Iran and Russia plus Syria’s Assad. The region rightfully belongs to these great regional powers and nations. Israel’s zionist expansionism is causing many of the problems we see today in the middle east. The root cause of Islamist fundamentalism lies within the zionist issue. Everyone knows that the Jewish lobbies are manipulating the US, but Russia unfortunately is also controlled by the zionist oligarcy. That is why Russia’s foreign policy will always be under the spell of the zionist. This doesn’t bode well for the Russian national interests. As the great late philosopher Solzhenitsyn stated in his famous book called “200 years with the Jews”, this issue needs still be resolved for the Russian Nation to become truly independent. Nevertheless, I have high hopes for the middle east. With the decline of the US hegemony and the west in general and the power base shifting to the east, eventually middle east will get more peaceful and the region will be finally owned and ruled by the sovereign indigenous regional state-nations.

Zionism = EVIL

At this rate all of Turkish army will be in Syria, thanks to little Putin.


How dare you Russian hater! You must be Hasbara! You cry and rage!! /s

Have an upvote, and fuck the idiots who are too brainwashed to see the truth in your post

Zionism = EVIL

Thanks, I tend to tell these irate folks the truth, whether they like it or not is no concern for me. Putin has created a perilous situation for Russian forces in Syria as well. Why do think the Syrians signed a defence pact with Iran and are bringing in Iranian AD systems. The Turkeys are too well entrenched in over 16,000 sq kms of the best agricultural lands of Syria while the Americunts and their headchoppers have annexed another 25,000 sq kms in eastern Euphrates, an enclave 4 times the size of Zionist occupied Golan heights. Once you have so many foreign occupation forces in a country maintaining sovereignty is impossible. Like humpty dumpty Syria Arab Republic has ceased to exist.

cechas vodobenikov

wasted effort…many are too neurotic to comprehend nuances and ambiguity here


Turkey is giving back to the Syrian People via Infrastructure hauled back into Syria soon to fall into SAA hands to help rebuild the country. Quite a payback after Erdogan Mafia stealing so much Syrian oil!


Do you mean like cutting of the water pump stations.
Where do you get your information that Turkey is giving stolen property back to Syria.

Zionism = EVIL

He is a troll and posting crap for effect. It is the Indian guy “paul” with a new account.

Brother Ma

Turkey is bullying as always just like the bullies in the school yard. She needs one blow to the nose to teach her a lesson. She has been protected way too long by her pimps ,the US ,Zion,Nato and The EU.

Zionism = EVIL

It is called a hyena pack and sadly there is no resistance to them.

johnny rotten

They are widening too much, they will end badly, Turkey as we know it today tomorrow or after tomorrow will no longer exist, the mistake they are making is to follow the example of the Yankees, without considering that even the empire uses outlaw is on the last turn, and he will leave his vassals helpless at the mercy of their historical enemies.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

For a week now the Turkish proxies who control the water pumping station have stopped supplying water to government held areas, and miraculously after the Turks build a new base in Tell Halaf the water starts flowing again.
And Russia thinks the Kurds should be grateful for their help because the Russians negotiated the recommencement of water supply, but they also let the Turks build another base in Syria to help facilitate the deal, so the Russians give with one hand but take with the other.
The Kurds aren’t all dribbling morons, they can see the obvious horse trading that’s going on between Russia and Turkey, they saw what happened in Afrin as a test case for Russian/Turkish dealmaking and they don’t want the same thing to happen here, they’d be cutting their own throats if they ever allowed Russia any say in any future negotiations, because on that front they’re better off dealing directly with Assad and the Syrian government.
But that would mean that Assad would have to deal directly with the US too, and sadly that’s something he’s continuously refused to do, so this won’t be the last time the Turks turn off the water supply, it’s going to be a recurring occurrence for a long time to come.
Step up Russia, earn your brownie points the hard way, horse trading with Erdogan just loses you points in both Assad and the Kurds good books, but taking back control of the pumping station and then giving it back to the Syrian government would be a good way to earn heaps of brownie points, with both Assad and the Kurds, and maybe even a few with the US too.
But unfortunately Russia would lose a heap of Erdogan’s brownie points if they did that [not Turkey’s], which is why I don’t think the Syrians will ever regain control of their own water supply, it’s going to be Erdogan’s favourite choice of blackmail for a long time to come.

cechas vodobenikov

u r consistently an idiot—knowing nothing you believe u can offer advice…farcical

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Ignorance is bliss for some people so remain blissfully ignorant and shut up, you have nothing to contribute so why bother typing a response, you remind me of those LGBTQI freaks who don’t like anything I have to say and then respond the way you did, your insults reveal just how ignorant you are, so stay ignorant and go have a sex change operation.

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