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Turkey Enters The Scene: Negotiations Amid Ongoing Hostilities

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Turkey Enters The Scene: Negotiations Amid Ongoing Hostilities

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Turkey Enters The Scene: Negotiations Amid Ongoing Hostilities
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Turkey Enters The Scene: Negotiations Amid Ongoing Hostilities

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On March 29th, the Russian and Ukrainian delegations came to Turkey for another round of negotiations. Ukrainian and Russian delegations have held three rounds of peace talks in-person in Belarus since Feb. 28, and the fourth one started on March 14 in a format of video conference.

No significant progress was made during the first rounds. The only point agreed by the two sides was the security of humanitarian passes from the war-torn cities, but in fact no joint measures have been implemented to secure civilians so far. No agreement on other topics of negotiations was reported.

A member of the Ukrainian negotiating delegation, David Arahamia, clarified that there will be a three-day round of negotiations in Turkey during March 28-30.

The Russian delegation is headed by Russian presidential adviser Vladimir Medinsky. Ukraine is represented by Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov, advisor to the head of the presidential office Mikhail Podolyak, and representative of the parliamentary faction Servants of the People David Arahamiya.

The Kremlin confirmed the change of the place of negotiations after a phone call of the Russian President with his Turkish counterpart on March 27th.

According to the press services of the Turkish president, during the conversation, Erdogan told Putin that a ceasefire and peace between Russia and Ukraine must be achieved as soon as possible, adding that Turkish readiness to “contribute in every possible way during this process.”

As the Russian-Ukrainian conflict escalated, Turkey — as a major regional player and a member of NATO – became an increasingly important actor. Istanbul has deep strategic and economic ties with both Ukraine and Russia, and the Montreux Convention gives Ankara control over the straits connecting the Black and Mediterranean Seas.

Implementing its strategic position of a “bridge between” the east and the west, Turkey has a cautious political approach since the beginning of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, playing on the both sides and securing its national interests. Turkey has publicly opposed the hostilities in Ukraine, but has not joined the Western sanctions against Moscow. This gives Turkey the space to implement diplomatic mediation initiatives without risking its relations with Russia and Ukraine.

Amid the ongoing negotiations, hostilities continue on the front lines around Ukraine.

No strategic victories were declared by any side for more than a week. In terms of tactical maneuvers, there were no particular strategic accomplishments recorded. The Russian and Ukrainian armies engaged in exchanges of fire on all fronts during that night.

The main developments are reported in the city of Mariupol. The joint DPR and Russian forces are moping up the central districts in the city. The remaining nationalist forces were cur into groups, what allowed the acceleration of the DPR and Russian Armies. The main stronghold of the Azov battalion remains the Azovstal. It seems that only surrender of the Azov regiment could preserve one of the largest industrial facilities in Urkaine.

Late on March 28, the Russian Ministry of Defence reported that the Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopter, which was heading for the emergency evacuation of the Azov national battalion commanders who had abandoned their subordinates, has been shot down near Mariupol, 5 kilometres from the coastline over the Sea of Azov.

Without any significant advances, the offensive of the joint forces of the Russian army and the DPR People’s Militia continues from the direction of Gorlovka. Fighting began for the village of Novoselovka.

South of Izyum, the Russian Armed Forces continue their offensive towards Slavyansk. Currently, there are battles near the village of Dolina, and part of the troops of the Russian army is advancing towards the village of Krestishche.

In their turn, units of the Luhansk People’s Republic took control over the settlements of Ivanovka, Novosadovoe and reached the line of Novolyublino, Terny.

The other Donbass front lines remained almost without changes.

In the Kiev region, the AFU repelled Russian forces from several positions near the town of Irpen to the West of the capital. In the eastern direction, Ukrainian military claimed control over the village of Lukyanovka.

In their turn, the Russian troops destroyed the fourth operational brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine, which was based in the city of Gostomel. Dozens of Ukrainian tanks were destroyed and abandoned.

Meanwhile, Russian missiles hit Ukrainian military facilities nonstop.

On the evening of March 28, high-precision air-launched cruise missiles destroyed a large fuel base near the settlement of Klevan in the Rivne region. Fuel supplies for Ukrainian military equipment to the suburbs of Kiev were interrupted.

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The maharaja

If the Russian side allows for these negotiations to hold they will be finished. It will simply be blood in the water for the sharks. The quick win did not take place and Russia should have thought of that before hand. Now that they are in the fight they need to wake up to the reality of what is in front of them. The western powers are intent on destroying Russia. They are more likely to succeed at it then Germany ever was. Russia is now in that same level of fight. They should be ready to see it through.


If you are assuming that Putin and the Russian’s are not aware of this, then you are either very naïve or very ill-informed.

The maharaja

Your concern for my being either is greatly appreciated but this is not about me. I have very little to do with it, actually nothing to do with it. Yet as an observer its clear with the Russian side agreeing to disclose a “reduced hostilities” in the north of Ukraine as some sort of agreement will only embolden the other side. As the old saying goes in for a penny in for a pound. I would also point to the the Russians who have clearly stated the similar point. The Chechen leader as well. Now their being “naive” or “very ill informed” that may be of concern to you. Me not so much


I see no cause for concern at the moment. To me it seems they want to finish up their operations in Donbas, will will free up a lot of manpower to be eventually redeployed back to Kiev when the time is right.

Last edited 1 year ago by Sunny

no formal cease fire, no agreements—if ukrops do not agree to Russian demands they will lose more


They cannot destroy Russia unless if they can trigger something within Russia, with all those NGO’s and foreign agents. That’s the only way. They partly succeded with Soviet Union so they surely want to have another go at it. Defeating Russia militarily is not possible because of the nuclear arms stockpile. Irony is, that Russia doesn’t even need delivery vehicles. Even if all those bombs are detonated by Russia itself somewhere in remote Siberia, we would be doomed anyway. It’s more than enough to trigger global nuclear winter. The mere existance of those bombs is a sign of doom.




Nahhh that’s what the CIA wants, more aggression so their lies turn to truth.


Last edited 1 year ago by Brrrr
Abraham Lincoln

Russia needs to send in another 100k soldiers and wipe ouf the Judeao Nazis brigades with heavy weapons no more pussy footing around.

Joao M...

Russia needs to trust the decadent West as much as it would a poisonous and treacherous snake…




another arkansas nazi hillbilly that cannot awaken


The United States of Fentanyl.

Joao M...

The United States Of Israel




Kick these evils out from Nato.

Last edited 1 year ago by Schekelstein

NATO impotent disintegrating…LOL


Excuse me but what is this love affair Putin has with Erdogan………. Peace talks ???

10 days ago Turkey was BRAGGING about how Turkish made ARMED DRONES were killing Russian Soldiers

It’s clear that someone in the Russian High Command was selling a idea that this operation would be like Crimea where people would be waving Russian flags drinking Vodka and Folk Dancing

jack oliver

The ‘special’ 10 week operation will be over on May 9th ( victory day in Russia )


The Rothschilds owned media LIES will be exposed and there is a good chance the western financial system will collapse !

This is why !

Biggest problem for the ZIO/US is that eventually nobody will accept the $US for valuable commodities !

Putin is leading the charge !

The picture is becoming very clear !

ALL Russia’s exports will eventually have to be paid in roubles !

Then the whole ME will start trading in their own regional currencies !

If China decides to only accept Yuan – the party is definitely over !

Reserve currency status might be done away with completely – they won’t need it !

BRI is on full throttle now !


Russian flag flying–mariopul city hall; nazis seek therapy from lgbt social worker in peoria


🖕👉👈🖕 stop wetting yourself


Abramovich: poisoned or not?

– on the morning of this 29 March Meeting in Istanbul, some Western media (Bellingcat & WaPo) alleged that Abramovich had been poisoned in early March, although he would be okay… – but the same morning, he was shown as part of the talks in Istanbul, all right!

so there has to be some connection between the two: but which?

NYT said, quote: “Still, Mr. Abramovich has gotten close to a key member of Ukraine’s negotiating team, Rustem Umerov, according to a person familiar with the talks, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the negotiations are delicate. Mr. Umerov, this person said, believes that Mr. Abramovich wants to see the war stopped.”

Umerov + Abramovich what does that mean?

“Some Western officials sought to tamp down concerns over possible poisoning, suggesting that “environmental factors” were responsible.” “The evidence is rather sketchy and in a difficult place,” one Western official said.

Funny, I thought “environmental factors” were meaningless to our “covidiot” world that rebranded the common cold and blamed humanity instead.

Anyways, I’d enjoy your thoughts on this, SouthFront readers.


maybe an accident testing the device meant to kill Putin in the satanists future meeting with Putin.


since he was against the war continuation, he might have been ‘snakebitten’ the way they like to snakebite, you know. put him in a setting with lots of booze drugs and way to young prostitutes, make sure you have some nice ultra HD cameras installed etc

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