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Turkey Entered Syria to End ‘al-Assad’s Regime’ – Erdogan

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According to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish Armed Forces launched its military operation on the territory of Syria in order “to end the rule of the tyrant al-Assad.”

Turkey Entered Syria to End ‘al-Assad's Regime’ – Erdogan

Photo: CC

The Turkish Army launched its military operation on the territory of Syria in order to put an end to the rule of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said at the first Inter-Parliamentary Jerusalem Platform Symposium in Istanbul on November 29.

“In my estimation, nearly 1 million people have died in Syria. These deaths are still continuing without exception for children, women and men. Where is the United Nations? What is it doing? Is it in Iraq? No. We preached patience but could not endure in the end and had to enter Syria together with the Free Syrian Army [FSA],” Erdogan said during his speech.

“Why did we enter? We do not have an eye on Syrian soil. The issue is to provide lands to their real owners. That is to say we are there for the establishment of justice. We entered there to end the rule of the tyrant al-Assad who terrorizes with state terror. [We didn’t enter] for any other reason,” the Turkish President added.

Erdogan also said that justice could not be provided by the UN with its current structure. He noted that the Security Council should include all continents and all belief groups around the world instead of the five permanent members – “the world is bigger than five,” he stressed, referring to the number of permanent members of the Security Council.

An operation of the Turkish Armed Forces on the territory of Syria, dubbed Operation Euphrates Shield, was launched on August 24. Officially, the main goal of the Turkish Army and its allied fighters of the FSA is to clear the southern border of the country from terrorists of the Islamic State (IS) group and fighters of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD), which is considered by Ankara as a terrorist group, linked to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which is outlawed in Turkey.

It is interesting, how is Russia going to react on such statements and actions of its partner?

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Sultan gollum lost his marbles.


Arm up the Kurds and aid Kurds within Turkey. Internal rebellions and bringing Turkey deeper into war will weaken Erdogan domestically. His days are numbered


…a taste of his own medicine.


Yes. I feel he has finally gone too far. If he overextends his forces in Syria, while facing Kurdish resistance to his purges and oppression, he will face a REAL coup.


He’s already overextended. Turkey has not got the financial resources left for a big war. If he backs down now he looks weak, if he doesn’t the country will bankrupt itself.

Marek Pejović

naah, he’s irrepairable. only a rope will heal him.. or better, the world off him.

Marek Pejović

don’t forget to load silver.


Hell yeah he did!


He is incredible.

Carlito Briganti

give the kurds manpads


Yes , lets see how Russia reacts to this? I for one think Russia has done what it can to defend its allies in Syria, short of full scale war. I dont see the benefits to Russia to go beyond what it has already done? Perhaps it has made a decision on the future of Syria some time ago at least with how far it will go.

Pavel Pavlovich

Not long ago, but it was made. As a matter of fact, any further escalation would have lead to Caribbean Crisis. Which would lead to a strategical defeat of USA. This is why Trump was selected by one part of the ruling angloamerican establishment. Let’s see if he succeeds where Obongo has failed so badly. I hope not.

John Whitehot

Russia will not allow anybody to “topple Assad” without giving back enough damage to make them wonder if regime change in Syria is worth the trouble. In this perspective, it’s worth only for countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, maybe Turkey. But it’s clear they don’t have anything near the military power needed to commit to that cause. That’s why they’ve been lying and brown nosing the US and NATO since the start of the Syrian civil war.


John, I agree with what you say except for the Civil War. An invasion is what it has always been.

Marek Pejović

haha good point John! I forgot about that! LOL true! try to seriously engage SAA and you deal with Russians as well!


Yeah, Putin will fight everywhere with everybody until the last Russian.
Putin is zionist tatar – that means anti-Russian, and that explains a lot.

John Whitehot

yeye, and I’mma zionist Duck.


Putin cannot let Syria fall. Syria is a stepping stone to Iran and thence to Russia. The whole reason for the mentioned pipelines is to diminish Russia’s considerable clout via their petro supplies to Europe. NWO cannot move on Russia before securing alternate energy supplies to Europe, then they could continue to tighten the noose and eventually bring Russia to it’s economic knees. Putin has fortunately realized this and has been changing the economy into more home grown products; from aircraft, weapons systems, to autos, to wash machines, etc. I see this as more of desperation by the west. The window for their plan is closing, which means some sort of event will be needed for a trigger, to maintain ‘the threat’. A commenter remarking on Erdos turnaround to Russia after the ‘coup’, said it was no big deal, as soon as the US/NATO/west ponied up, he’s flip sides again. He said Erdo was just a political whore. Maybe it’s just as simple as that….and his megalomania. He thinks he can play both sides. One day he will learn what happens when you keep on poking the big bear.

Terence Silvestre Jr.

Erdogan the dreamer.
If in your own house you do not prevail what makes you believe that you will be in someone else’s house!
The only thing that you will achieve in Syria with that attitude is to unite Kurds and no Kurds along with all their allies in one letal force to kick your butt out of Syria with all your sick pretensions my friend.

Kim Jong

Interesting. So, this stuff, this “bla bla” cant be serious from him. War against Assad would mean that he is in war with SAA, Iran, Hezbollah and of course with RUSSIA. I cant believe that turkish presence in Syria would be tolerated by Russia without any special sense. We will see.

Pavel Pavlovich

Just political hype. Next week he will sing a more friendly tune.

John Whitehot

I ‘m inclined to think this too. But the guy has always been unpredictable. Besides, last week turkish authorities were talking about the necessity of Assad remaining in power to end the Syrian civil war.

Marek Pejović

only, now SAA is killing turkish soldiers. and you know Ergodan is type of elitist who thinks turkish poo poo dont stink so anyone killing a turk (even if he invades) must be punished. i don’t think it’s just talk. mostly yes, but not 100%.


Pejovicu, pa oce sve da nas pobiju uvlaceci nas u ratove, zar ne kapiras!?
Leaders of each countries are united in quest to kill off as many humans as possible, that’s the catch!


Even Germany and other NATO members are sick of suffering this fool. If he thinks NATO under Trump are going to leap to his defense, he’s got another thing coming.


I hope you’re right. Or, are they all just united against us-all-the-humans?


Putin is anti-Russian with the task to kill off as many Russians as possible. Is it clear now?

Kim Jong



No more speculation about him. Turn on the air defense system and sink anything that has no right to be there.


Turning on an air defense system will not sink anything.


The great supporter of terrorist Mr ordagan is now teaching the world peace . He is killing his own people, Iraqis, kurds and Syrian to be the sultan of Othman
LoL good dreaming

Pavel Pavlovich

This is not delusion of grandure, this is political hype. However, the Sultan of Bosphorus is not capable of ending the legitimate Syrian government on his own. It is generally known for a fact that Turks are miserable fighters.


You just struck that odd note ,( “on his own” ) this is the “set up” move for ? ( Saudi ? US? Israeli?) to suddenly back him ?

Pavel Pavlovich

Very doubtful. Trump is going to give up Aleppo officially for fear of a nuclear standoff that they’d 100% lose with a man like Putin. I rather think that Sultan Recip is playing games here.


The general reputation as a fighting force of the Turkish army has been rather good for the last three generations. The effects of the purges is unclear.

Pavel Pavlovich

Size is not everything. Look how many wars the Ottomans fought and how many of them they actually won. Turkey is a major military power in the region but as I said, size is not everything.


Right. Size is not everything. Equipment, morale, leadership and tactics are even more important, see the Israeli Arab wars.

Having said that, the turkish army gained themselves a good reputation in Korea and they perfomed well in Nato exercises.

The purges within the TSK must have harmed both moral, organisation and operational capability of the airforce (50% purged).

Ottomans are a thing of the past, do not tell Erdogan, and hardly relevant a century later.

Pavel Pavlovich

Really? In Korea? Did they fight with armies against other armies?

I don’t care about battles, I was talking about REAL wars.

Joseph Scott

If you don’t consider Korea a real war, then no one has fought one since WWII. And yes the Turks really have had a decent military reputation since the founding of the Turkish Republic, precisely because their military was organised nothing like the corrupt Ottoman army. They copied many aspects of the Prussian system, and had, until Erdogan, a strictly secular armed forces, with a stepped, merit-based promotion and military education system for their officer crops that gave them the second best military in the region, after Israel. But Erdogan has been trashing all of that, reappointing officers the military dismissed for their openly Islamist views, and undermining the whole Turkish Republic and the values the military was devoted to.

Pavel Pavlovich

I guess secular Turkish soldiers unter Atatürk were good judging on their victories.
But Sultan Nutcase has destroyed everything.

Joseph Scott

Yes, I think he is doing tremendous damage to Turkey in every conceivable way. Atatürk wanted politics and religion kept in separate boxes, and established a strict constitutional structure to avoid ever becoming like the rotten Ottoman Empire he grew up in. Erdogan doesn’t seem to understand that the only reason Turkey become a powerful modern country was because of those rules, which he violates and seeks to undo every day.

The Ottoman Empire was a one-trick pony; it had adapted Mongol tactics, and carved out an empire with that, but had nothing more going for it besides it’s temporarily advanced tactics, and the mobility of a nomadic people, which it gave up to have an empire. It thrived only because it lived in a power vacuum, surrounded by failing and failed states. It’s survival up to WWI depended more on great power rivalries and their opportunism and disinterest than any actual structural viability. If Erdogan succeeds in recreating his Ottoman Empire, he will spell the demise of Turkey. He has a powerful nation-state and he would rather have The Sick Man of Europe.

Keep this trend going for 10 or 15 years, and you will have a failed state. The PKK will carve off their piece, not because they want that any more, but because it will be easier to get an independent North Kurdistan than any reasonable reforms from the Mad Sultan; and once they do, everyone else will come and carve off their piece, like Poland, and Turkey will vanish off the map. The Turks better hope their military can put together a more effective coup while they still have a country.


The good fighters of Turkey are people of Slavic descendancy, mainly Russians from Crimea and Serbs from Bosnia and Serbia. Turks have been stealing Slavic children in “blood taxation” for centuries, bringing them to Turkey and mainly training them as frontline soldiers. Erdogan is now getting rid precisely of those Slavic elements in army ad jurisdiction, which is a clear sign he wants war with Slavic countries – Russia and Balkanese ones…. :(


While I have no opinion about “slavic” fighting spirit of turks, I do know that there are a lot of people in Turkey from slavic ancestors and in the 70ies or so some half a million muslim bulgarians moved to Turkey.


All the good parts of Turkey belongs to someone else, Constantinople was built by Christians.


One more Lavrov failure,was the Russia-Turkey approach and the silence when Turks invaded N.Syria.


Here we go again…


Some arguments about this i wrote above?


It was not his failure, but his anti-Russian establishment win, that no Russian patriotic forces reacted as they should have… Russians are drilled like cheese, if this time the people of the West don’t help them, all aryan race will fall into Turkish slavery (east and West)…


Erdogan talking about Human rights is like Saudi Arabia being on the UN human rights council… oh wait. The world really is turning upside down at the moment.


It actuallu turned upside down in ’90-ies, when Croats, Jihadists in Bosnia and radical Albanians of Kosovo were called the victims, and Serbian victims (who lived to see genocide by these groups in WWII and were now striving to prevent it from happening again) were called perpetrattors…. The shadow masters saw such “politics” can pass without anyone noticing and reacting, and now they just repeat it…. Though it’s luck, now at least there is internet, unlike in ’90 – which is the reason why nobody on the West still doesn’t know what actually happened in Yugoslavian wars.

Karai Puku

first, you have to agree on borders,
second, you have to decide what to do with minorities
if you accept the EU, European project
you will very humbly decrease the importance of borders, by imposing free movement of people, capital, goods
raise the level of rights of minorities until they feel at home, even when on the wrong side of the border
it’s a good, very human project, it’s actually working in Switzerland for centuries, is working between Germans and French, even Germans and Poles, and Czechs, and in the most of what is now EU. But this was accepted as good only after terrible suffering in the first and second world war, when whole nations suffered the fate of Jazidees, and whole countries were turned into Alleppo
The problem of this approach is that minority is going to get it’s state, in Europe as the home of nations, like Catalonia, or Scotland
on the other side,
you have the approach that European imperial countries followed before 1945., and that Turkey is following from Ataturk on, the concept of national state
and that approach leads to genocide. If the people are going to vote for their independence, or fight for independence once they get the arms, it’s rational to solve the problem by expulsion (ethnic cleansing) or extermination (genocide)

And it is the same in Serbia when thousands of Muslim population were expelled into Turkey after successful fight for independence, in the 19th century

or in Turkey where millions of Armenians were killed, and millions of Greek expelled during the I World War and shortly after.
If Turkey gives rights to Kurds they will sooner or later demand autonomy, then independence, if Turks choose to give them right on the whole territory Turkey will become a binational state, Turkish and Kurdish. And yet, you have to do something. It’s really simple, either genocide or freedom.

It was the same with Serbia and Kosovo. So, Serbians should be happy that genocide was prevented, and that they now have a state with recognized borders inside which Serbians are majority.

This politics of EU is the only politics opposing genocidal logic.


Great comment


Erdogan has lost his damn mind


If you read what this sponsor of terrorism says closely he claims to not have an eye on Syrian soil, but to return it to its rightful owners. He has stated that he considers Aleppo and Mosul part of Turkey in the not too distant past. Hopefully Russia will help Syria and Iraq put this wahabi false muslim thief in his place. He has a lot of nerve to call the democratically elected leader of Syria a tyrant while acting as a tyrant himself. As far as I’m aware Assad hasn’t demanded other countries prosecute their citizens for offending him like erdo has. On a positive note, he did just confirm the turkish invasion of Syria wasn’t to fight isis or about border security.

Gabriel Hollows



Nice Pepe, Gabe.


Are you going to do that? Or you expect Russians to give their lives again? Russians have been bleeding for Europe and Christianity for centuries, and all they got is European hate and wanting them dead some more, for the sake of Turkish Khazars who rule Wstern countries?! I hope Russians get rid of Putin-the-snake and liberate themselves, and never die again for nothing… And I hope Westerners realize finally that they’re under the grip of covert Turkish rulership for centuries, who use them against their Slavic brothers all that time; starting with Templars who ruined Konstantinople, easying the way for Turks to enslave Slavs like they’ve enslaved Westerners before that (what do you think, whose idea the inquisition was?!)…


Civil War coming to Turkey very soon.


Erdonut has got out of his padded cell again and is of his meds.


Obama, Kerry, Biden, Killary and zionist israel are very happy with you Turkey. for that you will provided with anything that kills people…just name it.


Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.

Brad Isherwood


Turk Generals and Officers want the body bag show with no outcome results?
They lost over 30 mechanized Units so far,…..they are going to eat ATGMs
Big time soon…..that plus standoff strike….Maybe even some Kalibr if Putin
Thinks Erdogan is not listening.
The Egyptian Military coup the nutcase Muslim Brotherhood leader,threw him in a cage.
Turkey is same dynamic with a kook MB leader


As for the losses of mechanized units. It is not only about units destroyed by IS, SDF, it is also about operational availability. In combat circumstances, in a semi desert area, operational availability is reduced rapidly due to maintenance requirements.

As a result of this, the TSK not only has to replace losses, it also has to compensate operational capabilities and has to take into account the longer supply lines.

Brad Isherwood

Yes…the Turk military logistic lines are thin.
You could Zapp them in rear staging areas which are sitting ducks,
Like the dumb Turk tank operators who parked on hilltop…until Mr ATGM
Said Hello.
Some decade ago…Turk mechanized attacked PKK .
The weather went bad….Turk soldiers were not issued winter jackets or other.
They froze their asses while PKK and other Kurd zapped them with hit and run.
The opp was a complete Debacle .
The Turk swagger into Syria reminds me of their arrogant past and how they do not consider the common sense reality.
Even money the YPG kick the living Shit outta the Turk mechanized with some assistance in ATGMs and real time Reece to Zapp them while they boil down their coffee : )


Folks, haven’t you heard the news from few days ago that anti-Russian zionist Putin is talking to Erdogan about selling him S-400? How’s that?
To me it’s clear as the Adriatic Sea that Putin is a horrible danger to Russians and all aryans. Both Putin and Erdogan belong to the same anti-aryan kin – that explains a lot, doesn’t it?!

enemies R among us

Fuck Erdocunt

Marek Pejović

comment image


This is what you get with striking a “””deal””” with Mr roach. Good thing I never bought the turk and Russo re-alliance as suggested by sputnik & RT.


Neither did VVP. Believe it.


Erdogan seems to be all about shoring up domestic support at present – his previous policies have wrecked the economy and put Turkish relations in mess with everybody. So anything he says these days is generally directed at his domestic audience – trying to pushing the buttons of both Turkish nationalism and Turkey as islamic bastion. The fact that Turkish soldiers are now getting killed in Syria, only a few so far, puts his decisions under more pressure, and he is ramping up the rhetoric to the Turkish public as to why this is happening, this week it’s about removing Assad to justify his actions.

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