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MARCH 2021

Turkey Eliminates Dozens Of PKK Members In Both Syria And Iraq


Turkey Eliminates Dozens Of PKK Members In Both Syria And Iraq

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On September 20th, the Turkish Air Force struck PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) in the Sinjar area, Ninawa Province, Iraq.

The Security Media Cell announced that a vehicle in which PKK members were traveling was bombed by a Turkish drone.

A statement by the cell stated that the bombing targeted an “Opel Omica” car, containing three members of the PKK, near the Sharaf al-Din shrine in the Sinjar district.

No other details were revealed.

Meanwhile, reports are such that the locals in the Kurdistan region of Iraq are demanding for the PKK to leave the area, so that people can return to peaceful life.

“Officials in the Kurdistan Region and the Yazidis are demanding that the PKK leave the Sinjar region to make room for the citizens of the region to return to their homes, and the Kurdish leaders say that the presence of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) destabilizes the Yazidi-majority town and impedes the rebuilding and establishing the foundations of stability.”

Separately, Turkish warplanes also struck targets in the Iraqi city of Duhok, according to other reports.

In addition, the Turkish Ministry of National Defense reported that in northeastern Syria, three PKK members attempted to infiltrate the Euphrates Shield anti-terror operation zone and were eliminated.

“Three PKK/YPG terrorists who opened fire and attempted to infiltrate into the Operation Euphrates Shield region to disrupt peace and security were neutralized by our heroic commandos,” the ministry said on Twitter. “We will not allow peace and security in the region to be spoiled,” it added.

In the other operation by the Turkish Armed Forces, Peace Spring, 4 PKK members were eliminated in an undisclosed area of northeastern Syria.

On the previous day, September 19th, 8 more PKK members were eliminated, and they were also allegedly attempting to infiltrate the Peace Spring operation zone in Syria.




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