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Turkey Doesn’t Supply Militants With Equipment, They Just “Jump In”


Turkey Doesn't Supply Militants With Equipment, They Just "Jump In"

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Around midnight on February 24th, the Turkish army moved even more convoys into Idlib, to reinforce the “moderate opposition” it backs, as well as its own troops.

Ömer Özkizilcik, is an expert at the Security Department at the SETA Foundation, a think-tank based in Ankara, Turkey.

According to him, Turkish artillery also struck the Syrian Arab Army behind the frontlines, and have completely recaptured al-Nayrab.

As it has become customary by the Turkish information network, no visual evidence of any sort accompanies the claims.

The re-entry of “moderate opposition” into al-Nayrab was, in fact, accompanied by a video, but it forgot to mention that the entire opposition’s defense collapsed in Southern Idlib, when al-Nayrab was attacked.

He also revealed how equipment and weapons end up in the hands of al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorists (Hayat Tahrir al-Sham members), in the face of  Turkey and so-called moderate rebels: they “jump in.”

Turkey entirely refuses to acknowledge the presence of actual militants in Idlib, now, it turns out that Hayat Tahrir al-Sham  fighters just “jump in” to the heavy armored vehicles and arm themselves to fight against the Syrian Arab Army.

One would presume that the vehicle was just left unattended in their vicinity and they simply took the chance to grab it and start fighting against the enemy. The same enemy that, surely out of pure coincidence, Turkey and the “moderate opposition” are fighting against.

Eradicating Hayat Tahrir al-Sham won’t be possible until the Syrian Arab Army’s offensive is stopped, so might as well work with them and equip them. Surely, Turkey has got an agreement with the militants, so after the fighting is done, they will just give up their weapons, roll over and die.

Furthermore, having forgotten that HTS simply “jump in” and fight the SAA, it then turned out that “all groups fight together” in some sort of “moderate opposition” solidarity.

He also admitted that HTS’ media wing is faster in advertising the new equipment they the “moderate opposition” received.




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