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Turkey Designates Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham As Terrorists Group Ahead Of Syrian Army Operation In Idlib

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Turkey Designates Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham As Terrorists Group Ahead Of Syrian Army Operation In Idlib

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On August 31, Turkey designated the former branch of al-Qaeda in Syriaб Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS)б as a terrorist organization under a presidential decision, according to the Reuters news agency. The original name of the group “al-Nusra Front” was placed on the Turkish terror list several year ago.

Last month, the U.S. made a similar move and added “Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham” as an alternate name for the al-Nusra Front on its list of terrorist groups. The radical group adopted the new name after merging with several other armed groups in 2017.

HTS is now the most influential force in the opposition-held areas in northern Syria. According to a recent report by NBC News, the radical group has up to 11,000 well-trained fighters, most of whom are stationed in the northwestern governorate of Idlib.

The Turkish decision comes ahead of an expected military operation of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies against HTS. This worries HTS’ supporters in northern Syria, who fear that the Turkish government is abandoning the radical group.

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SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

So… The damned Turks now admit they have been directly supporting a terrorist organization (as if nobody knew that) for the past 7+ years.

S Melanson

HTS worries they are being abandoned by Turkey. This has been apparent for some time and this latest move simply formalizes the obvious. HTS in Idlib can be crushed by the forces arrayed against it, that is not in doubt, but the repercussions of a chemical false flag event still looms.

In the past, retaliation justified by false flags have not changed the calculus on the ground in Syria but will this new excuse to bomb Syria be different? Below, I discuss a few considerations for why it could be different.

(1) The SAA has moved the bulk of its best units to the north to take part in offensive in Idlib. This leaves fewer forces available to defend southern Syria. (2) HTS is a viable fighting force and it is believed it will launch an offensive in Aleppo in coordination with US retaliation after false flag chemical attack. This will tie up SAA forces in northern Syria. (3) US has expanded provocation from not only chemical but any aggression on Idlib, which is a failsafe if chemical false flag fails to go ahead. This suggests the intent to attack Syria is going ahead regardless as part of some larger plan. (4) the buffer zone free of Hezbollah and Iranian forces is so extensive it extends past Damascus. With Al Tanf still an active US base (now with Sam systems), the road to Damascus seems wide open to US and Israeli attack. (5) The YPG have not reconciled with Damascus and remain a threat in Eastern Syria. The YPG, US, French and UK in Eastern Syria present a potential threat. (6) The Idlib conclave represents the last significant bastion of terrorists in Syria and so one might say, it is now or never. (7) A war would serve as a distraction for the problems Trump and NetanYahoo face on the domestic front – a long tradition of this by past leaders of nations far and wide.

Israel knows that once Idlib is secured, Syria intends to rebuild its army while Hezbollah and Iran remain present militarily in Syria. Israel would see this as very threatening to her security and may have concluded that she must act now Given this current window of opportunity – for to delay risks the window closing, perhaps for good.

Israeli News Live has reported that sources in Israel are preparing for major strike in Syria against Iranian targets. Since this revelation, Israel has presented ‘evidence’ of Iranian missile production facilities in Syria which is unacceptable. What is concerning is Israel recently stated it will use ‘all means’ against Iran in Syria. Would they be crazy enough to use tac nukes…?

Russia has documented the prep for chemical false flag and presented to the UN. Will this deter the go ahead? It did not last time, so,I doubt this will be any different.

Indications are Russia will not blink this time. Will cooler heads step in…


iran is ready for thiss….. on almadas news..already probably here at southfront tomorrow… iran has delivered dozens of ballistic missiles to the PMU (iraq popular units) as well as to IRRG and SAA in syria.

The bigger picture…thats the reason no matter what..they need their war…its all on orders..waiting is not an option any more and time is running out on them.I´m talking about them satanic jews.The one world government with jerusalem as its capital under stanic jewish leadership.The minute Trump officially recognized jerusalem as the “eternal” capital of israel, we all past the point of no return.i could nt care less if u believe or not..but its the truth….most people on our planet have already figured out that on a micro level its all a big lie, a big hoax..eg. political systems world wide……democrats or republicans…whats the difference…close to zero…..and just as the people 200 years ago wouldnt believe u if you told them exactly that….think about the bigger picture..the big picture globally on a macro level….its the same hoax…….there is no good russia or bad russia or good usa or bad usa…Two sides of the same coin…its a playbook all way long… and its rather simple to understand once the fog is lifted… All countries that RECOGNIZE the illegal entity called israel are part of the agenda, be it usa,russia,uk,china,eu….. the others are fighting literally for survival on various fronts…… ps. a small secret… the dowing of the 2 malasyian airliners was a message to the malaysian government.”play ball or else”..please dont forget that even to this day 2018, no jew is allowed to enter malaysia…

back to idlib…..this false flag will take place…nato will strike…only this time there will be a backlash by SAA/IRRG…….as far as turkey is concearned…this was the plan from day 1….only turkey was able to invade as nato member syria…and they did….. I quess we people today will all soon be having free first row tickets to the most devastating theatrical play taking place on our planet in our 5 culture period.

peace love and harmony


If this is true then Iran has done a great job because entire Middle East is under attack of US, UK and of their stooges. Defend yourself and defend your neighbours. God bless Iran and Iraq both. Iran and Iraq should not expect that US and UK will defend their countries.

S Melanson

I believe you. I am aware of the warning to Malaysia and useful to pin one on Russia – same message.

Here is the qiuestion: Is the playbook inviolable?


The Jewish people ARE not Satanic. It is not their fault that they are ruled by Zionist mafia. You can neither blame the Italian people for the Mafia nor can you blame the Jewish people for their Mafia, Zionism.


Good analysis. If it happens I believe Iran will activate more forces to support SAA and Southern Syria would not be off limits to haz and Iranian forces thru the corridor.

It still depends on to what extent would Israel commit it’s ground forces.

May be the mother of all Syrian battles which SAA will win for sure


erdogan cant abandon them…this radical islamist “idea” or call it “wave” or “ideaology is the reason/powerbase of the AKP erdogans ruling party….not thousands but hundreds of thousands lost their job or were put to jail, just in the 2 most important state jobs which directly affect the power that the now ruling party has…police and military…..these were people not with islamist ideaology, they were all moslems but not with that ideaology. For erdogan to abandon the islamists in syria is like commiting suicide in the next 6 months….wont happen….thats why turkey is trying to buy time right now for the upcoming attack on idlib….they asked for talks on that attack on sept.7 in teheran.Secondly , turkish forces have entered N.W. idlib and headed to jisr-al shugur.This is the 3rd convoy in 5 days.thirdly…..be it the chlorine,be it the british special services….think about how they went and came into idlib??????????? just 1 possibility TURKEY!!!

I have tryed to explain to u folks here about the agenda of a one world government with jerusalem as its capital under satanic jewish leadership.This agenda is now playing out.Involving all COUNTRIES that RECOGNIZE the illegal satanic entity called israel.I have explained to u folks which countries r not part of it.I explained to u folks that there is no GOOD USA or GOOD RUSSIA or BAD RUSSIA or BAD USA only the agenda.TWO sides of the SAME coin.USA RUSSIA.

ps. why didnt the russians bomb the convoy , bomb the uk special services, boomb the warehouse now were the chemicals are…why???? because that wouldnt be part of the agenda.Part of the agenda, is making sure this false flag chemical attack takes place…so that more dominos cann fall.

John Whitehot

the zionists trying to convince turks to turn against Erdogan.

die in a fire.



Turkish President Erdogan and Syrian President Dr. Bashar Al-Assad both are united. Don’t follow MSM.

Several meetings have been held together of the foreign ministers of Turkey, Syria, Iran and Russia on the US, UK, France and on their stooges that have infiltrated in the Middle East and have created chaos and instability there.

Jim Bim

Nice try, old pic. It`s before the conflict. The pic is before Erdogan let thousands of terrorists pass through Turkey and enter Syria. The pic is before Erdogan made billions in trade with ISIS….stolen Syrian oil for weapons. Turkey supported HTS….until today.


Both Turkey and Syria are one land. If both are happy together then why Benjanyahu the childbutcher should worry about.

John Whitehot

perhaps Turkey finally has realized that the matter is much larger than some thousands “turkmen” living under Syria’s flag rather than Turkey’s, and it ‘s about the very same existence of a Turkish nation independent from jewish financial power.


Pity that Antoun is not here to write: excellente news!


Has someone read a good article exposing the Al Qaeda, Al-Nusra, HTS name change maneuver? Let’s mull this over. You own a big media company and a clearly evil criminal entity decides to change their name. How would you respond. Well of course, it’s a professional courtesy? Ok you don’t like O.J. Simpson and want to be P.J. Party Master, is that the right spelling, of course sir.

It’s coming up on 20 years so I am gonna push this idea for you new kids. The US government officially blamed Al Qaeda for the heinous events of 9/11/2001. Now certainly most people no longer believe the official US record of those events. Not anyone who passed a basic physics course anyway.

The fact that the US seems to be specifically protecting Al Qaeda across the ME since it’s inception is not a huge stretch for any of us either. I am willing to accept that the US works with Al Qaeda around the world since after all it was not Al Qaeda that did 9/11.

Al Qaeda did, in fact, help destroy the USSR in Afghanistan, for which we in the West will eternally be indebted to them, apparently. You gotta love the White Helmets and they are Al Qaeda so it is all pretty logical. Bashar al Asad was the mastermind of 9/11!

Hey come on it makes as much sense as their story. Damn thought I had it there for a while.

Helmut, IDLIB

When ISIS did such crimes, whole world did reaction in few days, Bashar Al-Asad and his Allies doing the same crimes as for seven years but the world is silent. Bashar Al-Asad and his Allies’s terror is the most dangerous at Syrians and whole world. #WhiteHelmets #Idlib https://youtu.be/uUysWzVNHIo?t=1m30s


Don’t post stupid things


You guys stage an event, blame it on Assad and the world remains silent? You should come up for air more often, get sat TV.

When you evil kid rapers got your assess handed to you in Aleppo, the civilians you held hostage left your territory and streamed into the protective hands of the SAA.

When F.uk.us “fought” ISIS alone in Syria, you, friends of Zionism, got bigger and bigger, your Toyotas gleamed in the sun. Russia came and thousands of Oil tankers that F.uk.us could not find for years suddenly disappeared from the barren deserts. Poof. You remember. The day the money died.

So wax poetic you evil dickhead, tell us of your glorious exploits, snatching small children from their mothers arms and fulfilling some master plan to save the world by doing contract work for the CIA. Is it the money, the captagon or all the kids?

Whatever it is, watch your step, you are not safe. All that time you and your buddies spend dreaming of the next life? Bad news, you get to find out real soon and there will be some disappointments.

Icarus Tanović

Good, Turkey! Actually great!


al qaeda shuold take TSK observer point as hostage.

Jim Bim

Finally and about time. That`s why the Turks did not lift a finger the last 30 days when 50 drones from HTS where flying over their posts, on the way to attack the Russian base.


China has lost an opportunity to fight Uighur terrorists in Id-lib, and gain experience.

Richard M

Still time. Better late than never. I’d like to infiltrate the Orcs and sprinkle itching powder on those face wraps! :D

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