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Turkey Describes Possible French Military Build Up In Syria As “Invasion”


Turkey says the French military buildup in Syria is “illegitimate”.

“If France takes any steps regarding its military presence in northern Syria, this would be an illegitimate step that would go against international law and in fact, it would be an invasion,” Turkish Defense Minister Nurettin Canikli said April 7.

However, Canikli forgot to add that Turkey had recently deployed its troops in northern Syria to combat Kurdish armed groups in the Afrin area without any approval from the legitimate Syrian government.

In turn, France, which has criticized the Turkish operation in Afrin, operates in the country as part of the US-led coalition which had also intervened into the country illegally.

On March 29, French President Emmanuel Macron hosted a delegation of the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which is just a brad created by the US for the YPG [one of the Kurdish armed groups described by Ankara as terrorists], at the Elysee Palace. Later, France suggested to mediate in the Turksih-Kurdish conflict in northern Syria.

The Turkish leadership criticized the move and the suggestion describing its as an act assisting to the terrorism in the region.

Now, the both countries, which have illegally deployed their forces in Syria, criticize each other for such a move.



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  • AJ

    HaHa the pot calling the kettle black!

    • Leon Auguste


  • jerry hamilton

    illegals blaming illegals. Fake gas attacks. What time are the dancing elephants due?
    What a circus.

  • antoun

    the france state terrorist!!

  • Johan 54

    800 soldiers of the French Foreign Legion are already in Syria.

    • Joe

      easily wiped out by you know who….
      They need 100K . Less than than just yawn….

      • You can call me Al

        “easily wiped out by you know who….” …………. oh sh.it, not my Auntie Jean again ?

        • Lupus


    • antoun

      yes vired d,irak in january!!

    • antoun

      the 800 frenchies will DEAD!!

    • Alpha&Omega

      Do you have any source for that?

  • Joe

    Assad is not complaining why Turkey makes noise?

    Syria is now free for all.

    • Samuel Boas

      The Syrian government constantly criticizes the Turkish illegal invasion.

      • neil barron

        To establish it’s point that they are sovereign nation and let it be known they are going to protect it.


    Syria describes possible Turkey Military Build up as INVASION

    • You can call me Al

      Official – yes.

    • Roger Snellman

      “possible Turkey Military Build up” Are Syrians so idiotic they do not comprehend that Erdogen has bent them over and is having his way with them? For Heaven’s sake they invaded weeks ago and will cut Syria off from the Mediterranean is they are not stopped.

  • You can call me Al

    mmm SF, I am not sure if “In turn, France, which has criticized the Turkish operation in Afrin, operates in the country as part of the US-led coalition which had also intervened into the country illegally.”….is correct as my gut view is that the Syrian (or Russian) AND the Turkish government are working hand in hand.

    I hope I am right, but on past results, I even wouldn’t put a fiver on me.

    • georgeking

      wise bet, and yes I believe they are working together but Russia and Syria have their combat vests on backwards now.

      • Roger Snellman

        Good observation. Turkey is working with everyone. Just watch them convert Syrian territory to Terrorist occupied, Turkey liberated, Turkey occupied, Turkey protected and finally to Turkish Territory. They have already promised to return all lands to Syria as soon as the war is over and a stable government returns. Yet they are making sure that will never happen. Turkey is playing this game well and should end up with the largest chunk of Syria.

      • You can call me Al

        hahaha – I like that one, cheers.

  • Sime

    Dear gents/ladies, there is no new deployment of French military but just political “legalization” of those deployed already under “Coalition Forces” auspice for internal (we are “big boys” and protecting French economical interests in Syria) and global purposes (USA is not alone). Turkey has been revealed French ORBAT in Syria twice – in October 2017, and 4 days ago.

    • Joe Dokes

      The only source we have for French special force deployments is SDF and they say French strength is growing in Manbij. The French are bringing their new 5th gen anti-tank missile MMP to test against Turkish tanks.

      • Skagos

        “The French are bringing their new 5th gen anti-tank missile MMP to test against Turkish tanks.” Hopefully this is true. ‘cuz so we can capture them and reverse engineer the shit out of them.

        • Joe Dokes

          The people smart enough to do that have either fled to Europe or are sitting in prison. Turkey is suffering a huge brain drain in the defence industry and officer corps.

          • Skagos

            Officer corps? Yes. Defence industry? No. Defence industry, unlike anything else(because everything else has collapsed), have improved under AKP rule.

          • Joe Dokes

            Tens of thousands of engineers have fled the country, thousands of which are out of the defence industry. AKP is voted by the uneducated masses who forces the educated CHP to flee abroad as they cannot enjoy freedom of speech in Erdogan’s Turkey.

          • Skagos

            A country’s “defence” industry does not follow the patterns you put out there. If it did, we wouldn’t have armed UAVs and their smart ammunitions(MAM-L) in Turkey’s inventory right now. Defence industry developes differently. That’s why today we have South Korea not being able to manifacture its own MBT’s engine despite its huge capital in R&D.

          • Joe Dokes

            The Olive Branch never showed a UAV dropping bombs, they just recorded F-16s dropping bombs or artillery shells. Turkey is under embargo from Germany and all of its engines are reliant which is why FSA has to go in there with Toyotas and ancient American AFVs. Turkey cannot make an MBT engine, it can’t even make an automobile engine. It certainly can’t do it now with all of its best engineers headed to Europe. The sovereign debt rating is junk, inflation is double digits, the lira is headed down, FX reserves are depleted and it costs 20% APR just to get a loan. Turkey is headed for a serious crisis.

          • Skagos

            I honestly thought I was talking to a guy with a brain not to some weirdo. Of course Turkey can’t make an MBT engine, even SK can’t do it. Are you fucking insane? What do you think an MBT engine is? A car engine? Are you fucking insane?

            You wanna see armed UAVs blowing PKK rats up?


            There you go. Suit yourself. Pick whichever you want.

            No fucking idea why you are talking about the economic stuation anyway. WTF????? How is it even related to fucking defence industry?

          • Joe Dokes

            You agree with my points yet call me insane, now that is insane.

            None of it is the UAV dropping bombs, it is UAVs recording F-16 drops.

            The economics have everything to do with the defence, where do you think the money comes from? Turkey has no oil to give a solid economic base. It is all reliant on trade which is suffering.

          • Skagos

            I agree with your points on the ECONOMY. Technology required to advance a country’s defence industry HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ITS HUMAN RIGHTS STUATION AND LAW SYSTEM.

            Yes, there are UAVs that monitors, tracks and marks target so F-16s can strike them but at the same time Turkey developed armed UAVs with Smart Micro Munition(MAM-L).


            Which can be seen in the link.

            Now, you can argue that the development of ANKA happened 1.5 years ago and so far only 5 of them were manufactured due to horrible economics and you would win that argument.

            But to say that a country’s defence industry DEPENDS on its ECONOMY and its HUMAN RIGHTS and JUDICIARY SYSTEM, THAT IS WRONG. WROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG.

            And I give the examples; South Korea. A country that has a major capital in R&D and thus new generation technologies, CAN’T MANUFACTURE ITS MBT’S ENGINE, thus gets help from Germany.

            North Korea, whom is the WORST when it comes to economy, human rights, law and order or education; has developed long-range ballistic missiles WITH NUCLEAR HEADS.

            There we go. I don’t like it when i see a person repeating his thoughts like a parrot and ignoring the other side’s solid points.

          • Joe Dokes

            The human rights situation has scared away the intelligentsia and the upper classes who are running in droves. 12k millionaires in two years have fled creating capital flight as they move their money out of the country, 50k PhD holders have fled who hold degrees in both sciences and engineering, that directly effects research and industry. There are hundreds of thousands with lower degrees going with them. Turkey is losing its money and brain power while it has reached the largest account deficit in its history. Erdogan stimulated the economy by debt spending and deferred payments, that bill will be coming due soon and with a junk debt rating it is very expensive for Turkey to borrow lowering the value of the lira, which incurs even more capital flight. The economy and financial health of the state effects everything, to think otherwise is very wrong.

            South Korea doesn’t need to build MBT engines, they are not under embargo from Germany, Turkey is. ROK makes engines of all sizes from marine turbines to automobiles, if it was a national emergency they could make an MBT engine. Turkey cannot.

            North Korea is one of the most antiquated military forces on the planet. I would not want to use them as a model if I were you.

          • Skagos

            Meh. I suppose you simply can not comprehend what you read.

          • Joe Dokes

            Meh, I suppose you can enjoy the lira that has hit record lows today. It must be nice to be holding a currency that isn’t worth the paper it is printed on.

  • It’s like Stalin and Adolf accusing each other of illegally seizing lands in eastern Europe! :D

  • Joe Dokes

    This is so last week.

  • jim crowland

    Christian France: give the ottomans the final stroke that was not done in 1918….

    • Hewal Neutralizer

      Hahaha your evangelical asses got kicked so hard. You rats ran back to europe your heels hitting your asses with each step.

    • Bob

      France is in Syria as a US-NATO poodle – and to desperately try and get back some influence in the former, French Mandate, early twentieth century colony of Syria. Furthermore, be well aware that since 2012 France, like all the NATO states, has backed the Syrian based Sunni extremist militants in the conflict – whose factional leadership’s have variously advocated for the expulsion of the ancient Syrian Christian communities to Lebanon.

  • Hide Behind

    Thieves fighting over the spoils.
    France a nation on brink of complete social implosion because of socialist policies without any internal means of supporting them has once again dug out its old colonial aspirations of invading and looting of nations.
    It’s present President is I’m nuts claiming he is some long dead reincarnation of God’s, and is going back towards De Gaulist Dictatorship police State mentality of pre 1960’s.
    In a lawless world the real leaders are no more than criminal bosses, who have lots of willing smaller ads kissers who for filthy lucre. Francs and ShekelsDollars doing dirty work.
    Turkey France and over 150 nations of U.N. are but part and parcel of low level members of our NEW WORLD ORDER criminal organization.

  • Sakaramanga

    Turkish homeland was being continuously attacked by rockets fired from north Syria where SDF/YPG were in control.
    SDF/YPG aim to establish a Kurdish state, capital of which being Diyarbakir of Turkey.
    Now compare this with France’s excuse and say that they both are equally illegal in Syria again.

    • enrpreit

      In “Binxet” under the border is Turkish army that shell the syrian kurdish villages, and there are a lot of children beated, killed and wounded. Who suffer on the border are the kurds and go to tell your story to the morons.

      • Sakaramanga

        My debate here is that Turkey’s presence in Syria can not be considered same as France. not how many civillians killed by who; thats an endless discussion. Besides, only morons do not accept that Kurds, by help of US/Israel are trying to occupy part of Syria where original habitants were made to flee or killed by ISIS and Kurds (PKK/YPG).

        • enrpreit

          The narrative of the etnic arab cleansing operated by kurds resists only in the turkish propaganda and has finally denied by HRW. The project of Rojava is based on prnciples of inclusion and multiculturalism. If yo put on the same plane the ISIS with the YPG and with PKK that is something different, you make an offense to your intelligence. By the way i support YPG and not consider a PKK a terrorist group but a guerrilla organization enforced by the wrong turkish politic.

          • Sakaramanga

            we can discuss with you (I am open) on this however one thing; the narrative of Syrians’ cleansing by Kurds is not only Turkish narrative. check voltaire.net and/or globalresearch.ca or other independent anti imperialist websites. Apparently you do not believe Kurds are being used by Imperialists. There you go wrong.

          • enrpreit

            I know that they are used by imperialist powers and i don’t make difference between USA and Russia. When someone risks to be slautered one accepts the help of the devil too, I don’t blame kurds for this they accepted the USA help in Kobane and the Russia help in Afrin untill Russia betraied them in favour of Turkey.

          • Sakaramanga

            Kurds in syria (ypg/pyd) betrayed Assad / regime first.
            And PKK betrayed Turkey first (1980/onw)

          • enrpreit

            Assad (father an son) oppressed kurds before as the dirty turkish governments too. Thank you for your comments but now i will not answer anymore.

  • You can call me Al

    I have a cunning plan….

    1. Turkey desperately calls for all Turks to help the good fight.
    2. ALL EU residing Turks travel to Syria and fight the Kurds (all of them)
    3. After the Kurds are finished, they are told to LEAVE SYRIA and meet in Paris then are told to take out ALL opposition Muslims – basically all.
    4. After that, they are called urgently back to Turkey with a 500 Euro bonus to invade and eradicate the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

    Blimey, this wine is great ……but it would be a solution.

    • jerry hamilton

      Yes. A lousy one. I love my local kebab shop.

      • You can call me Al

        PS Leaving just a few goody Turks to run the Kebab shops.

        There sorted.

  • georgeking

    Got to love Turkey Pot calling French Kettle Black. Still, it is a help to Syria overall.

  • georgeking

    Maybe US cruise missiles will hit Turkey by mistake, hum that could be interesting.

  • Smaug

    We really need to stop abusing the term illegal, the Kurds are the fact on the ground controllers of that area and if they accept a token French force there’s really nothing Ankara can do about it. Besides invade that is but they won’t do that.