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JUNE 2021

Turkey Deploys Special Forces Troops In Syria’s Idlib (Photos)

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The Turkish military redeployed a commando brigade from the eastern Turkish province of Tunceli to the northern Syrian governorate of Idlib in order to reinforce its observation posts there, the Turkish Haberler news outlet reported on September 22.

According to the Syrian news outlet Enab Baladi, the deployment of the Turkish commandos is a part of the Russian-Turkish deconfliction agreement on Idlib. Under the agreement, both countries will establish a demilitarized zone around the Syrian governorate, which requires deploying additional forces.

The Turkish military deployed dozens of battle tanks, artillery pieces and troops on the border with Syria during the last few weeks. These forces may also enter Idlib soon under the Russian-Turkish agreement.

The agreement forces Syrian militants to withdraw their heavy weapons from the demilitarized zone before October 10 and radical groups will have to withdraw their forces from there by October 15. Later, Russian and Turkish units will began carrying out patrols in the zone to ensure the implementation of the deconfliction agreement.

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Richard M

Anyone that thinks the Ottomans plan on dismantling their puppet Orc Bashi Bazouk hasn’t been paying attention and/or lives in a fantasy universe!

Feudalism Victory

I would tend to agree with you. I dont think turkey wouldve fought russia and or iran for it but it looks like they wont fight turkey for syrian territory either.

Just wait till the us sells to the sdf(and its territory) to turkey to break turkey away from russia.

Then theyll have all the remaining syrian territory assad didnt get. And prepare for decades of complaining but no action from syria about lost territory.

N Halpin

I’d be obliged if you could point me in the direction of a site(s) to get knowledge on the Geopolitics of the IdLib/Syria/Turkey situation.

Feudalism Victory

History books. There is nothing new on the earth and the passions of men are the same as they ever were and the geography and geology of geopolitics is static for virtually all purposes.

There no one good site of distilled wisdom. The smart stuff is behind expensive paywalls but the future is an echo of the past.

Joe Dickson

The US doesn’t give 2 Fs about Turkey as an ally, they are creating a Kurdish state to replace them.

Jason Sixx

How is this helping assad and syria??

Tommy Jensen

There is a serious problem in Idlib, the risk of one more refugee wave of millions.

Its would be a problem for Turkey, US/NATO would love to destabilise Europe one more time, US/NATO/MSM would love as many Idlib civilian casualties as possible.
By containing Idlib with demilitarisation zone, this is more controlled also from a Syrian point of view.

Hind Abyad

Europe is Europe Syria is Syria.
US/NATO/MSM/Israel created ALL.


It’s freeing up Syrian government coalition assets that can be used elsewhere, is opening the main highways through the province to the rest of Syria, is moving Syrian government coalition forces into and throughout the province, and is removing the terrorists from the province without harm to the SAA. It’s the least that the Turks can do after all of the harm that they’ve caused.

Joe Dickson

It is really just allowing the Turks time to fortify their positions. They have no intention of leaving.


That’s one possibilty. It’s unlikely that the Syrian and Russian governments would have agreed to it if they thought that that was the case.

Joe Dickson

Just look at what they are doing, they have moved thousands of troops, hundreds of vehicles and 20k TFSA, unless they are getting ready to assault HTS they are preparing for a Russia showdown.


I agree with the first part of your statement. The second part is foolish.


putin is happy

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