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Turkey Deploys More Troops In Northern Hama Ahead Of Reopening Of Vital Crossing Between Government- And Militant-held Areas (Video)

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On October 18, a convoy of the Turkish military, consisting of several armored vehicles and trucks, arrived the observation post in the town of Murak in the northern Hama countryside, according to the Syrian pro-opposition news outlet Enab Baladi.

In the last few days, many Syrian opposition sources reported that the Turkish military is strengthening its observation posts within the demilitarized zone around the northern governorate of Idlib, which has been established under the Russian-Turkish deconfliction agreement.

The deployment of more Turkish troops in Murak comes ahead of the reopening of a vital crossing south of the town. A source familiar with the situation told Enab Baladi that the crossing, which connects the government- and militants-held areas, will be reopened for civilians and shipping on October 18.

Earlier this month, the Turkish military said that all heavy weapons had been withdrawn from the demilitarized zone. However, several violations revealed that this claim was not true. Furthermore, radical militants have not withdrawn from the zone yet.

Despite all these violations, Russia and Turkey appear to be determined to continue their effort to implement the deconfliction agreement, even if that means extending the timeline.

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Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

cant wait for Turkey and Iran to start smashing up SDF

Poor Turk

Turkey smashes only russians, like the israelis.


How’s the weather in Hell Aviv? You’ve got what you bargained for in IsraHell right? A Syrian Iron Dome….Come over to test Your F-35

Poor Turk

interesting how easily you guys are triggered.


That is why you came in here… to Trigger us & earn sum $hekels…which will get you sum beers….we get a lot of Khazarian Company in here…Mossad every now & then… 007s from London…Langley likes to share their thoughts too… but we don’t buy their Shit…they get exposed pretty fast…. because they ain’t very intelligent…how do you folks get your jobs?

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

lol. Afrin was spectacular. Kurds said no to Syrian and Russian help, and said they would wait for US reinforcements… guess who never showed. Turkey is buying Russian military equipment, guess who is whining about it

Joe Dickson

The US is doing it for them.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

SDF are the US trained forces in Syria….. their new terrorist proxy army

Konrad Ingvarssen

From what I understand there are many thousands of foreign jihadists in Idlib now. Is anyone doing English language interviews of them (preferably in contexts where they can be honest in their answers)? How much influence do they have? How much does the fact that many or most of them are now effectively stateless affect the decisions these jihadist groups are making? Is Turkey talking about taking them in? Is anyone else? Or are they a dead weight on the political process, death-wish fanatics with nothing to lose? What I don’t hear is a plan on how to deal with them. Even if it simply is killing them all at the least possible cost to post-war Syria.

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