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Turkey Deploys Large Military Reinforcements Along Border With Syria (Videos)


During the last 48 hours, the Turkish military deployed large reinforcements along the country’s border with Syria for unclear reasons.

The Anadolu Agency reported on July 10 that more than 20 trucks, battle tanks and self-propelled howitzers of the 20th Armored Brigade were deployed in the border town of Akcakale in the southern Turkish province of Sanlıurfa.

A day earlier, more than 50 armored vehicles carrying several commandos units were deployed in the town of Kırıkhan in the province of Hatay along the border with Syria’s Idlib.

The Turkish military occupies large parts of the northern Aleppo countryside, including the Kurdish area of Afrin. The army also has twelve observation post in the so-called Greater Idlib region.

Some Syrian opposition and Turkish sources believe that these reinforcements are a part of ongoing perpetrations for some military operation in northern Syria. However, Ankara is likely working to secure its border due to the increasing unrest in the “opposition-controlled” part of northwestern Syria.

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  • RichardD

    It looks like the SAA may be moving to partition off the southern part of occupied Idlib as part of a cordon and clear operation. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5d08106a9bf22454f8209bfa5f5a3a4d2d7bf8affe4bc8d7bdb3acdcc3593916.png

    – Syria Civil War Map –


    • Sinbad2

      Love the way they call it a civil war, when the occupied areas are full of foreign forces.
      Good map.

  • mhtsaropinigitakis

    turkey is going to invade the kurd areas…the usa will cry and bich and then?

  • Eskandar Black

    Turks are no threat to anybody. The worst they can do is give arms and comfort to terrorists. As a military force they are totally inept. They maybe useful for clearing out kurds, but that is the extent of their usefulness.

    • Sinbad2

      They saved the US army in Korea.

      • mhtsaropinigitakis

        that was an era gone…now there is a new genertion of tablets and sofas

  • S Melanson

    20 trucks and armoured vehicles… this is a company sized force. 50 armoured vehicles is battalion size maybe. I do not see this as indication of much of anything. When Turkey moves a couple of armoured divisions, some mech brigades, forward position attack helicopters and conduct heightened reconnaissance missions, ok, then we are talking

  • Rob

    To be honest Assad does not wanna know that what’s going on in Syria. The entire Syrian cabinet is silent. Now only God can save Syria. Assad have no leadership capability.

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    Erdogan’s deploying more troops and vehicles along the Turkish border with Aleppo and Ar Raqqah governorates as well, does that mean he’s expecting trouble on two seperate fronts, or is he about to cause some himself.
    The US totally ignored Erdogan’s demands to set up a Turkish controlled 60 km exclusion zone in US controlled Syrian territory and then in a “slap in the face” sort of a gesture, they also gave the Kurds even more weapons and equipment, now the Kurds are constantly attacking Turkish interests in Aleppo.
    And the Russians are constantly bombing the Turkish proxies in the west [contrary to the Astana agreement], not just HTS and Al Nusra [which are legal targets], but the Turkish supported proxies the FSA/NFL/SLF and a few others too, which means that the Russians aren’t paying too much heed to Erdogan’s demands either.
    And lately the SAA have been bombing Turkish targets [OB posts in Hama] without too much fear of retribution either, so they can’t be too worried about Turkish reprisals, or confident the Russians will come to their aid if it’s needed.
    Which means no one’s saying yes to Erdogan anymore, they must all be saying no to him now, so I wonder if he’s starting to feel just a little bit isolated, perhaps even getting a little paranoid, maybe he’s even beginning to imagine everyone’s his enemy and that he’s surrounded on all sides, oh hang on, he does treat everyone like the enemy, and his forces are surrounded on three sides, maybe he is justified in being paranoid.

  • Sinbad2

    The Turks could be setting themselves up for a big fall, if their forces fail, the Syrian troops might keep going and recover the parts of Syria that Turkey annexed in the past.