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Turkey Deploys Heavy Artillery In Greater Idlib Amid Reports Of Near Syrian Army Operation

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Turkey Deploys Heavy Artillery In Greater Idlib Amid Reports Of Near Syrian Army Operation

Image: aa.com.tr

On September 26, the Turkish military deployed reinforcements in the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib where it maintains more than 60 positions.

The reinforcements, which included several T-155 Fırtına 155 mm self-propelled howitzers, entered the region from the Kafr Lusin border crossing. The heavy howitzers were deployed in a Turkish post located on Baluon hill in the al-Zawiya Mount in the southern countryside of Idlib.


In the morning, Turkish troops were temporarily deployed along the Lattakia-Aleppo highway, known as the M4. At the time, Russian warplanes were carrying out airstrikes on the outskirts of the town of al-Bara in the southern Idlib countryside. A Turkish post is located near the town.

Tensions escalated in Greater Idlib over the last week amid reports of a near ground operation by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). The ceasefire in the region, which was brokered by Russia and Turkey last year, is barely holding up as a result of the repeated violations by al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham and its allies.

Turkey Deploys Heavy Artillery In Greater Idlib Amid Reports Of Near Syrian Army Operation

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A recent report by Bloomberg revealed that Turkey had deployed addition forces in Greater Idlib in order to keep the SAA and its allies out from the region.

Russia, which intensified its airstrikes on Greater Idlib in the last few weeks, does not seem to be happy with Turkey’s moves in the region. Recently, Moscow blamed Ankara for not honoring its commitments under the ceasefire agreement.

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is set to discuss the unstable situation in Greater Idlib with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on September 29. If the two leaders fail to reach an agreement, a military confrontation will likely break out in the region.


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Well there is an answer to that,and this is it,these should have been deployed a long time ago to unleash thermobaric hell on Idlib.

The Objective

Victory belongs to Allah. We’ll spend the nights in prayers for Turkish troops facing this mounting aggression against the Muslim ummah of Syria. It is worth fighting Russia to prevent the re-imposition of dictatorial rule over the Syrian Muslim ummah.
Good job Erdogan. Allah and the Ummah are with you inshaAllah. Stay strong.


lol……where was your Allah when yous born in da Somalia? Now yous praying for turkish guppu jihadi instead of Al-Shabab?…..lol. Your turkish guppu goin be killed by us soon. Just wait harumzade.

Last edited 28 days ago by Ahson

Brainwashed and braindead morons like you are recruited by AQ, ISIS, and other Mickey Mouse rent-a-terrorist groups, they work dirty jobs for Turkey, Saudis, Israel and the US, but they are too stupid and indoctrinated to realize that…. They babbling about Allah while serving scum, and scum is laughing them.

Go join HTS and die for ErDogan, he is your Allah. Make him a little bit more richer, he’s smuggling oil over dead corpses… actually you’re a coward to do so, you’re an internet jihadist, one of those who push other morons to die while you are sitting in your toilet with ErDogans picture.

Last edited 27 days ago by USISIS
Chris Gr

SCO is disintegrating. Many Slavic, Semitic, Asiatic and Indian nations should join in order to put Turkics and Iranics in check.


but who would convince busted ass hendu-pak, totally not interested Asiatic chinku or poor Slavic eastern european peasants to go put their lives on the line fighting for camel jockey liberation like you envision it?……lol……you see the conundrum here?…….Could you at least try convincing hendi to do it? Just get involved for the hell of it?……lol…..could you?

Last edited 28 days ago by Ahson
Icarus Tanović

Stupid punk, that’s who you are.


I know who he is…….He’s totally pro-Iran if Iran reverts to Zoroastrianism (to be frank he is more Iranian than half of us here)…….to be honest, I don’t mind which ever way Iran goes…….but he’s beyond obsessed with Iran and we know it…….which is fine……no problem. Zoroastrian is good for Iran, and we believe it. However…….he’s gotto moderate his opinions a bit, so the Persians reading all this at least get enthused. A harsh approach never works!

Last edited 28 days ago by Ahson

doc, I know yous upvoted me……but yous gotta come outta shame and despair. You can’t suppress Zartoshti anymore. You gotta proclaim it and be proud. Iran awaits the Iran Shah’s return back to Persepolis. If the Parsis fukking do it, it would be a master stroke right now. It would be like staking a claim on Iran’s future! You outta all should digest this now. And act on it.

Last edited 28 days ago by Ahson
Chris Gr

I am not crazy for yo anymore?


but doc, you head over heels for Iran no?……kheli aashigh shodam no?…..lol…..come on doc give it up already.

Chris Gr

LOL do you know that Iran has good relations with Turks, Azeris, Afghans and Pakis?


That’s a cultural thing. Iran didn’t become the greatest empire on this planet more than 2500 years ago by hating lesser beings.


Nuke the turks!!

Mighty turcks will finish Assads regime. He wil...

jens holm

They dont dare.

They all are in Limbo hoping their enemy leaders will die or resign by internal matters.


The Turks only understand when they are defeated in battle.
Everything else to them is gibberish.

jens holm

So what about the rest of them.


Let Iran handle them and decide their fate. Relax.

jens holm

I dont see they are able to.

The Iranians has no logistics for that. The Turkish support is much easier and shorter mainly by train.


you’re joking. Majority of Syria in Iran’s control. Where was your train when Iran took over the whole place? Where was your fukking train?

Chris Gr

You are on drugs


come on doc….why salty with me? I’m pro zartosht no?


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Iron Dud

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Icarus Tanović

Let’s show thwm what matis, Milan, concurs and Kornets are for.


Escalating into a full confrontation with Russia….. Good I hope Russia take the Hagia Sophia back and presents it not to Bartholomew the skismatic, bit to the Patriarch of Moscow 😊👍


Dreaming dreaming again little boy 🖕


pro turk buffoons, and their love for hts. Hilarious fools. Give it some time. Your proxy clowns are being ground into dust.


this is erdogans turkey the erdogan who ran to iran during the coup with russian air support after his own people wanted to slaughter him afterwards he got the help of zionists and nato to brainwash his people to hatemonger against all of their neighbors and russia aswell as iran who helped him and who he owns his entire families life to but anyway this erdogan saw the entirety of turkey burn people lose their lives and their homes and he came to them and he threw teabags at them telling them all will be okay while little gets done to help them and the land gets bought off by his crownies making it almost look as if he started the fires so this turkey is not what people think it is and it can have a revolution today and nobody of you would understand why which is sad and connected to all the lies which weaken you only more than they could ever strengthen you

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