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JULY 2022

Turkey Deploys Hawk Air Defense System In Syria’s Greater Idlib (Video)

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The Turkish military has deployed a MIM-23 Hawk medium-range air-defense system in the northwestern region of Greater Idlib.

Opposition activists released a video showing at least one Hawk battery moving through the Syrian region on March 28 afternoon. Three M-192 anti-aircraft missile launchers for the system can be seen in the video.

Obretix, a defense observer on Twitter, revealed that the Hawk battery was filmed on a sideway in northern Idlib, a few meters to the south of the Bab al-Hawa border crossing.

The Air Defense Command of the Turkish Air Force (TAF) has 16 Hawk battery, which have been modernized to the XXI standard.

The Hawk XXI is a more advanced, and more compact version of the U.S.-made air-defense system. This version uses the 3D MPQ-64 Sentinel radars, which have a range of up to 40 km, and the AN/MPQ-61 high power illuminating radars (HPIR).

The Turkish systems are armed with the more advanced MIM-23K anti-aircraft missile with a range of up to 45 km and altitude of 20 km. The missile, which was introduced in 1994, also has a new warhead and fuzing.

Hawk systems will pose a real threat to the Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) and to the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS). Earlier this year, the Turkish military targeted both Syrian and Russian warplanes flying over Idlib with Stinger missiles, which confirms that Ankara is willing to use its air-defense systems against both air forces.

The Turkish military may deploy additional Hawk batteries and even other air-defense systems in Greater Idlib over the upcoming few days.

The deployment of such advance weapons indicates that Turkey is not planning to implement the new agreement with Russia. Ankara is apparently preparing for a large confrontation with the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies.


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klove and light

hahaha…..News for the 99% Zionist brainwashed sheep, and their NEVERENDING pathetic and ridiculous excuses for threacherous Zionist pig Putin.

please post your excuses………that´s better than the best Comedy Show on earth for a good laugh!


Lol… But hey something big is about to happen soon in syria and Iraq The axis of resistance vs NATO…. Stay tuned

Wayne Nicholson

Great opportunity to try out KH-31’s in the SEAD role. Both Russia and Syria have these missiles.


If Turkey shot down an Russian aircraft in Syria i would expect Russia to bomb Turkish military post in the region. Maybe Turkey should take home all soldiers from Syria since an action like that might put them all in danger. Since the engagement would be from within Syria every Turkish soldiers would be fair game if Russia or Syria wanted to retaliate. Moving air defenses and establishing military posts in the area shows that Turkey does not intend to honor the memorandum for peace or is unable to do so.

Zionism = EVIL

That was quite obvious from the beginning and the idiot Putin keeps on kissing Erdogan’s arse. The Turkeys have already down several Russian and SyAAF planes and Russia has done fuckall and I don’t believe Putin will allow the frustrated Russian military to do anything.


The AA-Systems are nothing an frigate based Russian Kalibr can´t fix. Russia buys time and plays textbook “applying to international law and stick to treaties”. This makes them reliable and trustworthy. Of course this decision has a price. Any decision does. But the Russian decision is a sustainable one which bears longterm benefit. Short-term thinking people are not able to understand this and short term thinking does not prevail in the long run.You chose your side and in the short term I am not able to prove you wrong. But look where Syria and Russia stood 2015 and where they are now.

Regarding Turkey – one doesn´t knopw the agreements in the background at all – but if they dare to betray Russia again in a way that means absolute loss of face – they will pay dearly. But again – not with hastily made decisions but with a plan that hurts where it needs to.

Jaime Galarza

I agree. Russia already foresaw the western-dominated world is “in its last throes” -to use the expression from that famous war criminal: Dick Cheney. Thus, it is essential for any system to respect law, and Russia shows that they do it. In an uncertain world, countries need predictability, and this kind of behavior, coming a big power, provides it.


Not really, just see what happened when Turkey shot down a Russia airplane before. TurkeyStream has catched Russia from its eggs. At least, it looks like so far.


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Can you just die you piece of shit.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

it’s a link grab, watch out. hook noses want this site’s viewers’ information southfront needs to ban them already


bomb it if you can, we’ll fuck your mother and your sister right in front of you.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

no, you do that with goats just like your jihadi friends.

Those mim-21 hawks will be vaporized by Russian Airforce, so go on I dare you to use them ?


Turkey doesn’t take Russia seriously… Russian government made every possible compromise short of capitulation to the Erdogan regime. The time for games is long over, they need to unleash HELL on the neo-ottoman invaders or they might as well go home.


Turkey is a US surrogate not only in Syria but Libya also. For the BS to stop, Syria needs to take the conflict to Turkey and confront the US in Syria. One can assume that Iran and PMU with Hezbollah will side with Assad and as for Russia and China one has doubts.


I happen to agree with you, ala US surrogate. I have always thought that. But I think that going after Turkey proper is exactly what Erdo wants…the same with confronting US forces. The way things are going, Erdo is expending his assets, both human and materiel…without the threat of expanding the war zone. Syria cannot stand any more fronts. As it is, it is like shooting fish in a barrel…target rich environment, in a relatively small area. As Turkey and the US are supposedly at odds(not), I think they would try to use article 5, whether it meets the criterion for assistance or not, possibly dragging in the EU, reluctant or not. I feel it is a trap to engage Russia and Iran in a wider conflict. As for the missiles, it is an attempt to bring Turkey and Syria (and by extension, Russia) into open conflict, which is what Erdo has been doing all along, but the Russians make agreements they hold Turkey to, even so far as attacking Turkish assets when they assume the role of terrorist. Then Russia apologizes, saying that they were unaware they were Turkish military, as they were not informed of (illegal) movements…which of course is part of the game, as Russia knows exactly who is what and where. But being able to fall back on the agreements which Erdo signed, puts Erdo and US plans on the back foot, so to speak. These missiles are plainly a provocation. In reality they mean nothing, as they can be eliminated at any time. Their purpose is to goad Russia/SAA into open conflict with Turkey…which I think the US would use as an excuse to interfere. SAA/Russia could use SOFs or stand-off means to deal with them. What could Turkey do as far as retaliation? More bluster and lies for the home audience? It appears that Turkeys role in Libya is the same as in Syria…continued war and chaos…which continues to enable interference by the west. How long can Turkey continue to supply terrorists and their weapons? Sooner or later, Turkey’s ability to supply either will wither and with that, the US plans will falter. At least that is my opinion and hope.


Syrians are being maimed and dying of no fault to themselves. If I was Assad I wouldn’t give a damn about world opinion and gas the invaders and if they object tell them that there is plenty where that came from and Syria wouldn’t hesitate using it in their territory.

Rafik Chauhan

Erdogon is liar same like netanyahoo. he is taking Russia goodwill for granted . he wants to create buffer zone of all the M4 highway from east to west of the sea and give that territory to be use by salafi terriost. Erdogon is still working for Nato US and israel. This time Russia and SAA should not give any ceasfire and take all of Syria and make this Erdogon pay.

Zionism = EVIL

Putin is also working for Jews.

Mustafa Mehmet

russia goodwill ? https://media3.giphy.com/media/gPbhyNB9Vpde0/giphy-downsized-medium.gif


An escalation for sure but, for what purpose. They are probably in range of SSA and Co. weaponry that can destroy them. It has also reached a point where the gloves are off and very serious Turkish casualties can easily occur. If this is posturing, then it is understandable. Russia et al are able to deal with that. if it is aggressive in nature. I am sure amongst all of the hardware coming to Syria from Russia, there are one or two items that could be very nasty for Erdogan et al. Hard to tell what exactly is going on here. My take folks.

Rhodium 10

Its a matter of monitoring where Hawk are deployed as that system is not mobile….then in case of war…Smerch 300 mm rockets( 100km range) and KH 31 air to ground missile can easily wipe off that assets!

Xoli Xoli

We have said this when s-400 were deployed to Russian base but still Israel and Turkey kills Syrian soldiers in mass.

Zionism = EVIL

The MIM-23 are very effective SAM system and you can thank little Putin for allowing the Turkeys to bring in more reinforcements.

Mehmet Aslanak

“Earlier this year, the Turkish military targeted both Syrian and Russian warplanes flying over Idlib with Stinger missiles, which confirms that Ankara is willing to use its air-defense systems against both air forces.” Author of this phrases probably don’t know or refusing to accept the coordination between Russian & Turkish forces in the area. Putin is happy Turks are blasting Syrian hardware, so he sells more hardware to Syrians.


The usual Russian way is to maintain technology parity between sides. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Russia arm the Syrians with anti-radiation missiles in the near future.

Xoli Xoli

Erdogan is clearly mobilizing against Russia and Putin who were supposed to criticize Erdogan for Syrian soldiers death.Only apologized to this two tongue double face killer Erdogan and his criminal terrorists group soldiers.

Xoli Xoli

Putin is both Russian and Syrian military traitor.Putin always give Erdogan his ass to be fuck blindly.


Russia does not know what to do since is looosing little by little its ideology and passing to $$$ interest. TurkeyStream is the big problem created by this change of ideology, and Russia wants to please both Syria and Turkey at the same time. WOW ! let us see what will happen next.


loli loli

very poor troll

r u being paid to be stupid or is that your natural state?

Lazy Gamer

So how is this going to go down? A patrol/drone recon on april fools which leads to the “discovery”/documentation that the M4 is still blocked, then an attack by the SAA at Jisr al shughur or some other near town to clear the highway. From there, we will get to know how Turkey will respond. lol The SAA soldiers attacking will possibly be subjected to a planned bombardment. Not something to look forward to. lol SAA should then give all observation posts 24 hours to leave or be attacked.


the turkish military is going to find itself short of body bags.


Turkey is a pain in ass, as its has huge ground troops that will greatly complicate to Syria-Russia operations if engage fully. To counterattack & disable its military inside Turkey, its paid Nato gang membership will invoke protection.

Just wonder if cruise missiles or rockets are fired to destroy all these Turkey’s SAM, what can Turks do? Russia can make a false flag to have its old fighter jet shot down to justify.


Incredible, and all of this under Russia consent, isn’t it ? because Russia can see all Turkey movements inside Turkey.


Russia is not even protesting these moves because their military cant wait to test how well the NATO weaponry can be vaporized.. This is their best live weapon research lab . Where else can they test and fine tune real war (defense) ability.

Goran Grubić HardyVeles

Guys, seems you all fail to recongize: it is Syrian and Russian interest to keep Erdogan in power. That:s why is seems like loose game on they behalf. Why? Because Erdogan jailed more ranks and soldiers since Eurobasket in Instambul than current active members of SAA. If they defeat him drasticly and quickly, his regime will fail and amnesty takes place resulting in complete restore of Turkish military potential


Is this american version of s200?

Jacob Wohl's Nose

Russian Airforce has many ways to defeat this, wont be a problem :)

Willing Conscience (The Truths

This will definitely help the Russians and Turks get rid of those terrorists, the Turks will now have the ability to blow all of HTS and Al Nusra’s planes out of the sky in no time, then they’ll be able to help the Russians implement the new M4 agreement, it’s an excellent solution, well it would be if HTS and Al Nusra had any planes, but they don’t, only Syria and Russia have those. I wonder what Erdogan’s going to call the first province of his new Ottoman Empire, will it remain Idlib or will he he revert it back to the old Ottoman name, I’ll have to go look it up and see what Northern Idlib might be called in the Future. Does anyone know what the newest Ottoman province is going to be called, apart from ‘hell on earth’.

omega insane

Is Turkey really gambling on corona hindering a Russian response to aggression against their forces? Oh my. What a miscalculation.


When they kill/attempt to kill your soldiers and you reward them providing a common anti-aircraft shield.

That’s ironic.

Assad must stay

what is this hawk is it any good or shit like patriot?

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