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Turkey Deploys Air-Defense System Along Border With Syria’s Idlib (Photos)


On February 22, the Turkish military deployed at least one Atilgan pedestal-mounted air defence missile system (PMADS) along the border with Syria’s Greater Idlib.

Several sources shared photos showing a truck carrying the system in a border region, likely the southern province of Hatay. Turkish activists claimed that the system will be later redeployed to Greater Idlib. These claims have not been verified, yet.

The Atilgan PMADS, that was developed by Turkey’s defense company ASELSAN, is based on a M113 armored vehicle. The system can be armed with eight FIM-92 Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, made in Turkey by ROKETSAN. The missile’s range, that’s limited to 4,8 km, makes the Atilgan a short-range system.

The system is equipped with an advanced electro-optical\infrared sensors which can detect and track aerial objects, even those flying on low levels.

Earlier this week, Stinger missiles were fired at a Russian Su-24 warplane from a Turkish post in southern Idlib. The warplanes able to dodge at least two such missiles.

Turkey had also deployed heavy, long-range rocket launchers along Syria’s border. The Turkish military buildup in the border region indicates that Ankara is planning to escalate further in northwest Syria, where its forces are supporting radical militants.

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