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Turkey Deploys Air-Defense System Along Border With Syria’s Idlib (Photos)

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On February 22, the Turkish military deployed at least one Atilgan pedestal-mounted air defence missile system (PMADS) along the border with Syria’s Greater Idlib.

Several sources shared photos showing a truck carrying the system in a border region, likely the southern province of Hatay. Turkish activists claimed that the system will be later redeployed to Greater Idlib. These claims have not been verified, yet.

The Atilgan PMADS, that was developed by Turkey’s defense company ASELSAN, is based on a M113 armored vehicle. The system can be armed with eight FIM-92 Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, made in Turkey by ROKETSAN. The missile’s range, that’s limited to 4,8 km, makes the Atilgan a short-range system.

The system is equipped with an advanced electro-optical\infrared sensors which can detect and track aerial objects, even those flying on low levels.

Earlier this week, Stinger missiles were fired at a Russian Su-24 warplane from a Turkish post in southern Idlib. The warplanes able to dodge at least two such missiles.

Turkey had also deployed heavy, long-range rocket launchers along Syria’s border. The Turkish military buildup in the border region indicates that Ankara is planning to escalate further in northwest Syria, where its forces are supporting radical militants.

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Lone Ranger

Stay safe Syria and Russia.
For safety reasons I would switch to drone strikes and MLRS.


Relax, the Su 24s will do just fine. You know what is interesting? Those air defenses will have to be suppressed by Su 34s the very first time they fire at a Russian jet, and boy you do not want the Hellduck striking at you

Josiah Isaboke

Actually the first time they SWITCH THEM ON!!!


Atilgan has a range of 4.8km. Russia and Syria fly twice as high. It’s not a threat, it’s just bluster.


Erdogan bluster!



Health and Safety and War are strange bedfellows.

This why NATO play wargames with blanks and use Jihadi’s and the criminally insane as foot soldiers to fight the US Wars of Choice in the 21st century.

Xoli Xoli

After Idlib war Turkey will be left with no artillery or armor cars weapons and Trucks


If it crosses into Idlib it will be destroyed. So why bother trying?

Free man

If Turkey shoots anti-aircraft missiles at Russian planes, that would be one of the most stupid things they can do.
For two main reasons. These A.D systems will be destroyed that day. And the S-400 systems that Turkey purchased from Russia will become , very expensive, metal sculptures in Ankara. A testimony to Erdogan’s stupidity.

Xoli Xoli

With due respect to you and your good point.Actually Turkey did attack Russian jets with anti aircraft missiles from their bases in Syria on Syria sovereign land and territory.

Free man

I too saw the video of the shooting of the two Stinger MANPADS . The Turks didn’t take responsibility for this. But you have a point.

Josiah Isaboke
Josiah Isaboke

You obviously didn’t keep up with the news…Russia destroyed that outpost killing the 2 Turkish soldiers and 6 injured ..Read the article…
Why do you think Turkey requested for Patriots and NATO’S help after that incident? https://southfront.org/turkish-observation-post-fired-u-s-made-missiles-at-russian-warplane-over-greater-idlib-video/

Xoli Xoli

Actually what I want to see is destroyed building not statement .But thank you for the link much appreciated.

Josiah Isaboke

Russia is not going to let them get away with shit like that again….They gave them a warning and Turkey went crying WE ARE NATO …Hahhahahahah! They have started a PR campaign to woo the west into the fight and get air defence systems. It’s so funny https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DLjs30LT1c&t=7s

Traiano Welcome

Now I wonder if we’d get a video from a country other than Turkey demonstrating such solidarity …


Turkey is NATO in name only. It has no real allies except Azerbaijan. Could you imagine the Greeks, Hungarians or Germans (to name just a few) actually wanting to protect Turkey or Erdogan’s regime? Not in a million years.


Yet another country using the Syrian conflict to test and perfect their weaponry. Let’s see how the Turks fair but so far, they haven’t OR can”t (depending on how you look at it) utilise their military equipment effectively to make any good impression.


Now I know Erdogan is bluffing. Not that I didn’t but why send in equipment you know will be destroyed? Simple answer, Erdogan wants us all to believe he ain’t bluffing so somebody can negotiate. What I find interesting is how stupid the Turkish Military is, actually trying to down a Russian Su 24, the second time. I am not a military strategist but I know that shooting down a Russian strike fighter will invite so much punishment that basically whatever that you are there for is worthless. Either their commanders are so dumb or the Commander in Chief’s stupid antics have spread to his foot soldiers. By the way, I like Erdogan (for my personal reasons, one of which is that he actually hates US) but he is getting it wrong in Syria and many other places.

Ricky Miller

Orders are orders. Guys in a military unit will roll their eyes and joke off the stress, then go do it. What will be, will be. I guess. What the video didn’t show us is how the fire teams scattered from the launch site after firing. I mean guys were probably way out back, hiding behind the trash dump.

Josiah Isaboke

You obviously haven’t observed their videos well…The Turkish soldiers have no say. They are always being instructed by the jihadis on where to go or where to shoot. …And everytime they shoot the jihadis scream “Allahu bacbah”,,,It’s so funny. These guys are a nightmare next to the special forces that rely on stealth on their missions. Hhahahahahah!

Traiano Welcome

If this is the case, then it’s a situation that will lead to the next coup within the Turkish army when they realise Erdogan’s been playing them for fools.


Not sure it will come from army this time. He cleansed it thoroughly. But Turks, as nation, are quite proud people and I am sure his antics will not go lightly with them.


Erdogan leading the charge!



The dog purged his officer corps 2 years ago. All he has now are a bunch of incompetent yes men leading the Turkish military.


Turkey put on a show.
They know that the range and height limitations makes it pretty useless in this scenario.

Ricky Miller

I think they’ll be used to target drones. But with a ridiculous small range I doubt they’ll be useful much in preventing Russian drones from watching everything Turkey and her pets do in Idlib. They shot down three drones at the start of their “offensive” the other day and we’ve all seen that other Russian drones provided images and no doubt targeting information to Russian mission commanders. It’s useless but they have to try something, or accept the Russian deal. Turkey has to make some battlefield progress here, even if limited. If they can, they can try to leverage that success into negotiated concessions and some face saving backoff.


max turkey can do against the saa and allies is artilery support and supplying terrorists with weapons, believe me they don’t have the balls to put turkish soldiers in direct combat with saa they will be obliterated and it will be extremely embarassing for the 4th best nato army, also no balls for air support, basically all we see here is some extreme level propaganda and show of muscles by doing military parades in idlib to show normies and simps that erdogan is doing something in the end guys we know who has the upper hand in syria since 2015 or 2016 we basically won the war the day we liberated aleppo, the only legit threat now is east of euphrates

Josiah Isaboke

Trust me…They gave watched the videos and know the end result…Thats why they are screaming WE ARE NATO now…Crying back home to mummy .https://zonadeguerra-warzone.com.mx/2020/02/20/siria-mas-de-200-terroristas-apoyados-por-tuquia-fueron-aniquilados-por-el-ejercito-arabe-sirio-saa-y-la-fuerza-aerea-rusa-imagenes-18/

Tudor Miron

Who is 2nd and 3d best?

AM Hants

Confused. On Turkey’s borders, which is their right. The same with Syria having defense systems on their side of the border.

What is the problem, especially when Syria has a better defense system?

Ricky Miller

I see the problem as the units are not likely to stay there. They really are only useful if brought forward into Idlib, and only useful in a limited way, even then.

You can call me Al

Hello girl, long time no hear, all well with your lot I hope.

Anyway, regards this, yes I totally agree but if they use that to shoot down something in Syria all hell will let loose.

AM Hants

Hi Mr, long time, no hear haha. Hope all is well with you.

Aren’t Turkey desperate to entice Russian planes into Turkish airspace, so NATO an try to officially join in?

Been waiting since 2014 for that thermo-nuclear WWII. Even got bored of wine whilst waiting.

Have no idea how Russia has been so patient. Do feel the boil is almost ready to be lanced, one way or another. Bet I am rambling the same waffle, this time next year. If not, meet you in the ashes, with Florian and Hans

You can call me Al

You spoke my words there, spot on.

Bobo Voxar

btw..where Syria have secured border with Turkey right now?.. 5 km in west part around Kasab? all resting part is under US and their ocupation

AM Hants

With the US being there illegally.


in the last battle turkoids actually got off lightly compared to how hard they will be hit next time they go against the SAA.


Erdogan, making his best speech yet, boosting Turkish army morale!



lol ignore it …it is Turkish made…it will probably explode on the operators face if it tries to fire!

Josiah Isaboke

They can deploy even the statue of Ataturk…The Russians and the SAA watch and act https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=58&v=PMfmReWnBSs&feature=emb_logo&bpctr=1582347357


The country that organizes its army on the offensive doctrine will face a great deal of trouble when it comes to defending itself. Not only Turkey, but the whole of NATO has countless offensive weapons but does not have a single one decent air defense system.
Which is, don’t get me wrong, great!

Assad must stay

I hope it gets blowed up

Tudor Miron

Useless POS. It can’t engage anyone from behind the border and if it does cross it it will be destroyed.


Sad thing is, Erdogan put himself in this position. He could’ve just withdrawn and let Syria clean Idlib. Now, he has to show face but has been embarassed by the SAA and Russian airforce.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The Turks are protecting their most valuable military assets, their long range rocket artillery, so we won’t be able to take them out easily with airstrikes now.


Destroy it right now

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