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Turkey Deploys 90 Battle Tanks in Northern Syria – Report

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According to media, the Turkish Armed Forces have sent 90 tanks and a long convoy of vehicles, carrying weapons and ammunition, to northern Syria.

Turkey Deploys 90 Battle Tanks in Northern Syria – Report

Photo: Getty Images

A long convoy of vehicles, carrying weapons and ammunition, and 90 tanks of the Turkish Armed Forces have arrived to northern Syria. As media reported on Tuesday, citing an informed source, this military hardware will take part in an operation to take al-Bab town in the northern part of Aleppo.

“Ninety tanks of the Turkish Army crossed the southern country’s border and entered northern Syria in al-Shahba region this morning. The army sent the tanks to the battlefields near the town of al-Bab,” the Hawar news agency cited the source. “It’s not yet clear, where the tanks crossed the border and entered northern Syria, but the Turkish forces and Ankara-backed terrorists are very overtly preparing to capture al-Bab.”

According to Kurdish-affiliated Hawar, on last Thursday, Turkish military supplied to terrorists in al-Shahba region heavy military hardware, including the M60 tanks. The news agency claimed that terrorist groups have released photos and videos, showing them, using armored vehicles of the Turkish Army in the village of Tal Jorji in al-Bab region. The M60 tanks were also captured on the photos.

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canon fodder for the russian kalibr missiles.

this Turkey terrorist attack is coordined action with russia


yes russia fooled the turks to go deeper in syria so she can kill them easier…now turks send 90+ tanks down the road…lol


If the supply lines are on Syrian territory they will be targeted by Airforce. The deeper Turkey goes into Syria then the higher risk of cut off of Turkey supply lines. The first step would not be an attack on Turkey/NATO . The first Syrian hit would be to Turkey equipment in Syria. Turkey entered Syria without an invitation so Syria is not responsible for the damage to Turkey.

Brad Isherwood

When Turks are not moving their armor….they get zapped by ATGM like the dumb Saudi. Agreed….Turk logistic lines are vulnerable. Those Israeli upgraded Tanks didn’t stand up to ATGM. Turk shelling YPG and pushing them around might = serious payback soon. Erdogans probably covering up Turk military losses in Equipment +KIA/WIA.

Any Turk military been captured?


Lets see if there is a big change after Trump comes in.


Better take them out now than after they have al-Bab.


Too late, turkish proxy terrorists have already got fire control on M4 highway 5-6 km NE of al-Bab from Qabasin. Meanwhile YPG forces withdrawing from Manbij before they get cut off by TAF and mercenaries advancing SE from Dalat or before TAF blow the bridges over the Furat. Dai’sh forces used to block YPG advancing from the west, maybe they will now pull back themselves from al-Bab and allow FSA jihadis in just like their staged pullbacks from the north. More like a relief in place than a retreat by Dai’sh so far

Ole Johansen

Its fascinating how complex this is getting…

Marek Pejović

wait till they invade Rojava and Afrin.

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