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JUNE 2023

Turkey Deploying Howitzers And Vehicles To Northern Syria For Alleged Attack On Kurdish-held Afrin Area (Video, Photos)

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Turkey has been actively deploying military equipment, including T-155 Firtina howitzers and ACV-15 armoured vehicles, to the area of the militant-held town of Azaz in northern Aleppo, according to Kurdish sources.

Turkey and pro-Turkish militant groups are allegedly preparing for a large advance against Kurdish militants in the area of Afrin. The YPG-held town of Tell Rifat may become the first target of this advance.

Photos (source: @PYD_Rojava):

Turkey Deploying Howitzers And Vehicles To Northern Syria For Alleged Attack On Kurdish-held Afrin Area (Video, Photos) Turkey Deploying Howitzers And Vehicles To Northern Syria For Alleged Attack On Kurdish-held Afrin Area (Video, Photos) Turkey Deploying Howitzers And Vehicles To Northern Syria For Alleged Attack On Kurdish-held Afrin Area (Video, Photos)

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SAA should not work with SDF anymore in Manbij.


They may not want to mix things up as long as SDF still holds that pilot.


I was the biggest enemy of Backstabbing-Erdogan. But now where the Kurds become traitors to Syria i would say: Let the Morons kill eachothers! SAA shouldnt help the kurds anymore.. They deserve it!

Concrete Mike

Yup. Although im beginning to think that SDF are not unified, There might bé some factions that are closer to us than others.

I also think that some of the SDF leaders have been usurped but Saudi and American money and guns.

Has anyone talked to à regular kurdish Joe and asked him what hé thinks?

What a mess… Glad Canada pulled out last year.

Were still training peshmergas though, im not à fan of that. Id rather focus on peace keeping like we did un Cyprus…long time ago

Alex Black

I speak with kurds regularly, the conversation quickly turns into name calling, as the kurdish response to all criticism is to call you a liar and a turk. Consider this, SDF has been absorbing local arabs into their ranks, it is no longer a purely Kurdish coalition, and that has impact on their policy towards Saudi Arabia and SAA

Concrete Mike

So Isis shaved their beards and cross over thé euphrates then…

Damn what à mess…gotta give some crédit to us and friends, There getting creative and arent giving Up, its sad that many people have to die for some rich Bitches pleasure…

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The US are creative they had Dunford talking about their idea how to negotiate for their zones , just tell the Russians and have them work out the details . They always forget what the word negotiate means .

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

You forgot Fascist , Nazi and Rascist Scum just a few you missed , with those attitudes I call the subhumans and just as the idiots who act like that are everywhere nowadays .


I assume that most of those Arabs in SDF are Sunnis and that they will bring all the others Sunnis still in FSA and ISIS in order to receive the support of Saudi Arabia. If im correct, a Sunni-Kurd coalition is about to be formed without Turkey.


They have been taking in more and more Arabs at such a pace that the real balance of power must already have shifted away from the Kurds (even though they claim that they are still in command).


I sure hope they don’t compromise abortion rights.


I understand the impulse. But we should observe that in that case, all pretense has been abandoned that Russia is the major power going to restore state order in Syria and with it, Russia’s own standing in the world. Russia then is just one of many chaotic actors in the-country-formerly-known-as-Syria.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

What kind of pipe you been smoking in regards to calling a recognized sovereign nation by the UN and others the country formerly known as Syria . Just go pedal your US pedantic ideas elsewhere , Syria is one of the strongest nations in spirit and courage something which allies Saudi Arabia, Jordan,UAE , lacks . Russia seems to be amongst the few who actually are trying to combat terrorism, where the US seems that not only anecdotally seems but evidenced are supporting it . The blatant support for Al Qaeda in Yemen and elsewhere , the witnessed support for ISIS ,which the Syrian,Russian,Iranian coalition is fighting and being very successful too .

The Syrian Government gave most of the region to the YPG/YPJ/SDF to protect which they have to seemed to violated that agreement now by openly supporting the US which has now usurped them . There seems to be the biggest chaotic actor right there the US since it has no clue as to what it is doing .

Red Tick Alert

Sorry, I do not understand your logic at all.


I also have the feeling that Terra Cotta has no idea what I was trying to say, which could of course mean that I wasn’t saying it clearly. But at least you are not yelling so let me try again: if the remedy to SDF misbehavior is giving the green light to Turkey to gobble up even more of Syria (at SDF’s expense), then Russia has given up on keeping the local rascals in line themselves.

And calling the US clueless as Terra Cotta above is a frequent (pro-)Russian hobby. To me, it assumes that the US has similar objectives to Russia, but is implementing them poorly. Nothing could be further from the truth. The US *controls ~20% of Syrian territory *has built permanent bases, and proven its willingness to defend them *in doing so, has drawn red lines for the SyAF which in some cases Russia helped negotiate. Did Putin never see these coming, or has he consented to it in a secret deal which is often speculated about?

And the big one: *The US has shown the world that you cannot afford to be a Russian ally, unless you already have your own strength to deter US invasion. The US raises a little hell while Russia looks away. Many commentators are pleased with Russia’s maturity, but small countries don’t so much need a mature ally but rather one who can protect them.

Red Tick Alert

I think I understand and shall leave it at, whilst I agree with certain aspects, I think you leave many others out from Russian allies (many new) to the rapidity of the US’s decline and collapse of the Petrodollar.

If the US are beaten in Syria they will lose huge amounts of influence in the ME which will only hasten their collapse so they are in panic mode now.

Regards the SDF and Turkey as you infer the SDF seems to have burnt its bridges by playing both sides of the coin, as have Turkey. We shall have to wait and see what happens with the SDF because they have internal factions like all of these groups – for me, the first priority is to eliminate ISIS and all the Jihadi groups and protect the majority of Syria’s borders. Leave the little enclaves of US direct control until last if necessary. Regards Turkey – yes I understand your view and you are correct in stating “is giving the green light to Turkey to gobble up even more of Syria” and maybe that is a good thing on a temporary basis, but then what ?: they have alienated the US and Nato, alienated the EU, alienated the likes of Saudi Arabia and the UAE plus plus, but they now have strategic relationship with the likes of Russia and China and have started dialogue with Iran; so assuming this ever ends, if there new alliance friends say get out – what are they going to do ?.

If this is incoherent, apologies, it is far too early for me.


Kurds need to unhitch from the US controlled SDF , and sit down with the Syrian government . Keeping the pilot is America written all over it .

Justin Ryan

i have said it before and ill say it again….. Turkey will attack the SDF (Kurds) in its north western Pocket. The SDF Kurds will retaliate in its North Eastern held area (near manbij) and the Turks will have gotten the exact Kurdish reaction what they wanted! An excuse to commit and ALL IN attack upon Manbij!

This will draw SDF / Kurdish forces to the North Away from Raqqa and Deir Ezzor! The timing of this happening will occur just as the SAA attempt to make a fast run towards Deir Ezzoir and get there before the SDF do!

Coordination between Russia, Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran are all taking place!

I like it! :)

I like it a lot!


I hope and believe Trump will defend Manbij from Erdogan in order to keep SDF focused on ISIS; making those Howitzers fodder for A-10s and Predators.

Justin Ryan

Isnt it easier for the US to just try another coup in Turkey as it did so in Ukraine? Coups are the best way to block russian pipes to europe and to force regime change for the new pipes to run through (kurdish region) Syria

Yep…. Fuckin SCUM! (US and Israel and their Sharia law UN human rights leaders Saudi Arabia)


I really don’t know how easy a Turkish coup would be.




Hahaha my sentiments exactly!! Love that show lol


One of those situations where one whishes both sides the best of luck – LOL


Two thumbs up ! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/13a2a669997878cbca9df9d1508baafc9382cc62c7bba04c23ef7f1984183643.png

Valery Grigoryev

Erdogan has nothing to do there. As in Russian slang: “to get the cunt” (excuse me) :) It means to be hard beated and damaged, in real Russian language…


Afrin should be left as a buffer zone , they should attack the Manbij area

Alex Black

Its less about what the Turks should do and more about what the SAA wont do, they will block all reinforcements, and let the turks have em.

Alex Black

You mess with the SAA you get the Turk, its a good doctrine.

Terence Silvestre Jr.

Doctrine that I am very supportive of. Although it is obvious that the Turks are not and have never been much to the liking of the Syrian government for all its ills, I think of two evils one must always choose the smallest of the worst. And I think that is exactly what is, or may be going, through after all the abominable events of a few days ago followed by the very questionable and malicious behavior of the treacherous kurds.


Although I support primarily PYD abortion rights, I loyally criticize recent SDF and SAA provocations near Tabqa. Both should fight ISIS first. SDF should crush SAA only AFTER crushing ISIS; and defend abortion rights from Kabul to Windhoek.

Terence Silvestre Jr.

Fighting ISIS is exactly what the SDF and SAA was doing in Raka, part of the own sovereign territory of the Syrian government, when the United States intervened by destroying the Syrian bomber to support ISIS, That is the true, unless you are so naive and childish to believe the American pathological liars, who have nothing to do there, because without a formal invitation of the Syrian government they are nothing more and nothing less than damn invaders using the Kurdish assholes and ISIS to achieve their dirty geopolitical objectives in Syria, i fear my dear friend.


They will likely get block again by the US. All of this is unnecessary

Terence Silvestre Jr.

I do not think so, my friend. Because, if Turkey has the approval of the Syrian government itself with its Russian ally, no one can intervene to save the Kurds from Turkish hands. It is obvious that the Americans and no-one in the area would go so far as to side with the Kurds instead of such a powerful NATO member as Turkey, whom has a much greater strategic and geopolitical value that all the kurds together. The only real protection of the Kurds from Turkey, came only from their own Syrian government with the blessing of his great ally Russia, to those, the kurds have already betrayed, challenged and afflicted my friend..


If you are right then SDF should return the pilot right away.


The Syrian government protected SDF from Turkey as long as there was no complain from SDF side. The action of SDF of keeping Ali Fahd the SU-22 pilot may allow Turkey to consider to jointly work together with Syria against SDF.


Which is why they should, and will, release the pilot. unless the CIA has him and they can’t.


They should.fight sdf too!!


niceeeee i hope they also target SDF :)))


From several reports, there is indeed a growing chance for a new confrontation between attacking FSA mercenary groups with lots of turkish regular army forces.

Two observations :

Commenters clamoring for this out of anti kurd feelings are fools. How is Turkey occupying syrian lands help Assad in any way? Assad will be unable to get them out and in 60 years it will be like Hatay or the Golani heights : gone forever.

Secondly, the assumption SDF will be defeated is really uncertain. August 2016 there also was a concerted attack on Tel Rifaat, Sjeikh Issa and newly liberated villages. More then 40 tanks were involved, artillery, air attacks. Nothing worked. There were substantial FSA losses, turkish losses. In the end, after days of fighting and getting nowhere, Turkey said they captured Marea, wich was already under FSA, declared a win and went away.

SDF has been digging in there for an extra year, Afrin is mountainous with building defensive positions for 5 years and Afrin has received several large transports of heavy weapons out of Manbij though SAA held lands. SDF numbers over 30k in Afrin, more likely 40k+.

FSA forces are hostile amongst themselves. As soon as the losses mount, thwy will abandone the invading Turks.


No, they are not fools. And they are not clamouring for it out of anti-Kurdish sentiments. They are clamouring for it out of anti-SDF sentiment and because of the betrayal by the SDF who have allied themselves with the arch-enemy. The Turks are always better than the arch-enemy,


I really do not know about Metohia nor do I see the relevance for this discussion.

Nor are your remarks relevant to my comment.

Are you a turkish paid troll?


You have been trolling way too long here, stupid Kurdish troll.

If you do not understand my comment, either learn about the subject first, or politely ask for an explanation, or simply refrain from commenting on it, if you cannot make sense of the other 2 options.

Your ignorance can never be an excuse for your rudeness.

Either digest it, or expect the ampulla recti sitting atop your neck to get kicked up next time.


A clash between the two regional abortion rights defenders would be a disaster, so I sure hope they see sense.



kurdi aram

As it was expected long time ago, Kurds must lead a big war against greedy turks. Kurds need help and support from everywhere on the Planet.


Kurds need to build their nation at the expense of anti abortion territory (Syria, Iraq, Iran) not fellow abortion rights defending Turkey.

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