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JUNE 2023

Turkey Deploying Kilometer-Long Convoys To Idlib: Russian Reconciliation Center

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Turkey Deploying Kilometer-Long Convoys To Idlib: Russian Reconciliation Center

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Turkish military convoys with a length of several kilometers are entering the Idlib zone, the head of the Russian reconciliation center in Syria Oleg Zhuravlev said.

In recent weeks, Turkey has flown a large amount of military equipment and ammunition to the Idlib de-escalation zone in Syria, the Russian military official said.

“All the main transport arteries in the north of the province (Idlib) have been operating normally over the past few weeks, which has allowed for the transfer to the territory of the de-escalation zone from the Republic of Turkey of convoys, with a length of several kilometers, of military equipment and trucks with ammunition and materials means for the Turkish troops,” Zhuravlev said.

Recently, there has been disagreement between Moscow and Ankara over the Idlib de-escalation zone, where the situation has deteriorated, primarily for Turkey, since the Syrian Arab Army continues its successes.

Turkey accuses the Syrian troops and their allies of attacks on peaceful targets and the positions of the Turkish military in Idlib and demands that Damascus withdraw its forces from the de-escalation zone.

The Russian military responded that the Syrian army was responding to militant attacks.

The Idlib de-escalation zone, in addition to the Idlib province of the same name, includes part of the territories of neighboring provinces – Latakia, Hama and Aleppo.

On February 19, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan demanded that Damascus withdraw troops to positions that preceded the offensive in Idlib, threatening to otherwise begin full-scale military operations in northern Syria. He called the issue of time the beginning of the Turkish military operation in Idlib, noting that it could begin “suddenly, one night.”

Erdogan also said that negotiations between the Russian Federation and Turkey on the situation in Idlib have not yet brought tangible results, and will continue. According to him, none of the meetings with Russia on Idlib went as Turkey wanted, and the parties are far from adopting a common position.

In an interview with CNN Turk, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said that Turkey simply wanted for the Syrian government to comply with the ceasefire.

“We do not aim for a face-off with Russia. This is out of question. We have done everything in our power to prevent this from happening, and we will continue to do so. The most important thing now is for the regime to comply with the cease-fire,” Akar said.

He said Turkey has continued its relations with all parties in a “transparent and principled” way.

Referring to a possible Idlib operation by Turkey, Akar said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan “gave orders and set targets” on the issue.

“We have done the necessary planning. We have our A, B and C plan to put into action when necessary.”

He stressed that Turkey’s stance on the Idlib issue “has not changed” and it has been fulfilling its responsibilities on the matter, adding Turkey expects its counterparts to do the same.

Regarding what Turkey expected, Akar said that “the most important issues are ensuring a stable cease-fire and stopping the migration, thus relieving the public.”

He noted that there is a humanitarian crisis in Idlib along with the military issues, adding the regime has been continuing its “ruthless attacks” even on hospitals.

“Our expectations are clear. Our stance has not changed,” he said.

He, too, mentioned that talks with Russ are on-going and that there’s little progress to show for them.

He continued the Turkish rhetoric that the militants in Idlib are “moderate opposition” and they are in need of protection, entirely disregarding the reaction of civilians when the Syrian Arab Army liberated Western Aleppo and allowed for the Aleppo International Airport to operate for the first time in 8 years.

“The regime accuses people living in Idlib of being terrorists. The regime murders everyone who opposes it through airstrikes, ground attacks and barrel bombs. This is a massacre. Turkey has stood with innocent people throughout its history, and this will not change. We will maintain our presence there and expect all parties to comply with the Sochi agreement.”

Akar reminded that regime forces “should withdraw” behind Turkey’s 12 observation points in Syria.

“We need to remind about the fifth article of the Astana agreement. This article suggests that all parties will take necessary precautions to reduce tensions in Idlib de-escalation zone. Under this, we say that we will send our forces there and maintain the cease-fire, by force, if necessary. Whoever violates the cease-fire will be our target.”

The observation posts are the only point from the Astana and Sochi agreements that Turkey adheres to, and not entirely, since it is allowed to have 12, but, instead, has close to 36.

Speaking on the U.S. support in Idlib, Akar said many countries are aware of the humanitarian crisis in Idlib and that Turkey’s activities are respected. He added that “active support” is just as important as words.

“They [the U.S.] previously sent us air defense batteries. Our country is threatened through air strikes and missiles. So there might be Patriot [missile] support. NATO’s secretary-general also made comments on the issue. [Jens] Stoltenberg is closely watching the situation, and there might be further action and plans coming from their side.

“Turkey is not going through an axis shift. It is simply conducting some negotiations to preserve our nation’s interests. No one should try to push us out. We are in NATO, and we will be in NATO. Also, nothing has changed in our EU efforts. We do what is necessary in this issue, but the problems are being created by Europe.”


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Alex Cabrera

great for target practice

without air support they are sitting ducks

Rafik Chauhan

Turk air force cant enter at all . even if they try to do that it will brought down.

Hanny Benny

turkey = REAL ISIS !!! (500 years of devsirme childabduction)


Albert Pike

Well, it looks like this Dönmeh Erdogans job…


The Turks have been arming and paying terrorists in Idlib for the entire war. They and their terrorists that they’re arming and paying have violated every clause of the deescalation DMZ agreement. If the Turkish government is sending it’s military to Idlib to help form a regional coalition to clear the IDF out of the occupied territories that’s fine. If the Turkish government is sending the Turkish military to Idlib to die for Israel. Then the Turkish government has a serious honor and morals deficit.

Idlb deescalation DMZ agreement:


The demilitarization deal was struck on 16 September and was announced as binding on both parties. The terms were as follows:[44][45][46][47][48][49][50][51][52]

A demilitarized zone (DMZ) would be setup entirely within rebel-held territory. It would be 15 to 25 km deep (9–15 miles) and come into effect by 15 October. All acts of aggression would be prohibited within the zone.

The Syrian Government would refrain from attacks on the rebel-held Idlib Governorate.

Groups deemed “radical”, such as the Al-Qaeda-linked Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), would have to leave the demilitarized zone entirely.

Groups deemed “moderate”, such as the Turkish-backed National Front for Liberation , would be allowed to remain within the demilitarized zone, but would have to withdraw all heavy and medium weapons from it, including all tanks, MLRS, artillery and mortars.

The HTS-run Syrian Salvation Government would be dissolved.

The rebel groups would open and ensure unrestricted civilian access through the M4 and M5 highways.

Turkey would use its network of observation posts in Idlib to secure the rebel-held DMZ, while Russia and Iran would likewise set up and use their own military observation posts to secure the government-controlled territories, which border the zone.

Turkey and Russia would coordinate joint patrols along the DMZ, in order to ensure compliance.

Russia and Turkey would reiterate their “determination to combat terrorism in Syria in all forms and manifestations”.

The pro-government Al-Watan newspaper further reported that the agreement would reportedly end in the return of government institutions to Idlib, after rebel groups withdraw from residential areas.[53]

The Turkistan Islamic Party, Guardians of Religion Organization, Ansar al-Tawhid, Ansar al-Din Front, and Ansar al-Islam rejected the deal, putting the agreement in jeopardy,[54][6] while Tahrir al-Sham issued an ambiguous statement on the deal.[9]

The Syrian Government accepted and “welcomed” the deal.[53]”

– Idlib demilitarization (2018–2019) –


Xoli Xoli

Welcome back from bible studies you write a nice long bible my friend.Congratulations you are telling the truth.

Ashok Varma

They should be bombed.

Joe Doe

SAA have to cut the Turkey supply route now, before Turkey establish strong position with more troops and military hardware. Furthermore, Putin should not agree to Istanbul meeting. Erdogan created the mess and Putin agree go to Istanbul will show and proof that Putin is weak leader. Russia should dement first to pull Turkey troop from Idlib and allowed civilians cross the SYria/Russia site, before any negotiation


nah, let the Turks come and then bomb the US out of them

Xoli Xoli

USA,France,Germany,Britain and Turkey knows 5heir created terrorists groups and all surrendered terrorists were relocated to Idlip with green buses.Now Erdogan wants to hijacked the opportunity of Astana agreement to exercise his influence on the terrorists. By instigating them to attack government troops and prevent Idlib liberation from Erdogan terrorists sabotage. USA organisation UN puppet secretary General must call for full Turkey withdrawal from sovereign Syria.France and Germany should intervene in the very serious matters of Yemen,Libya people suffering and call on USA,Saudi Arabia Turkey and USA to stop interfering and instigation of war.Germany and UN should call on France to stop oppressing and Butchering France protestors.Stupid remote control Kuderes of UN should call on USA to stop stealing Syrian oil and gas and withdraw immediately from Syria. Erdogan shouldn’t use Astana agreement as a scapegoat. Erdogan created ISIS to interfere together with USA,ISRAEL,France,Brittain,Germany,Saudi Arabia and Qatar for the cause of stealing oil and gas in Syria.

Faizan Zaman

I think u only watch RT. Wake up man and have a proper and unbiased analysis. In 2011 when bashar the butcher started killing unarmed protestors , it wasnt erdogan who ordered to shoot the protesters. Assad and only assad is responsible for what syria is going through now. Had he steped down and held free fair elections today syria would have been a peaceful country. Only a foolish idiot would support a person who destroy his own cities and kill his own people labeling them terrorists.

Xoli Xoli

You are lying. After NATO formed ISIS. Protesters were mobilized to cause destabilization. The spearhead to support armed protesters from Turkey 8nto Syria was Erdogan. During this chaose Turkey trucks started looting Syrian oil.Intil Russia bomb them and Russia jet down by Turkey under Erdogan command.Further Russian investigation disclosed whom the oil tankers belongs to.Initialy Erdogan son.Nato belongs to G7 which is seven headed snake king of end time prophecies.

Faizan Zaman

What type of conspiracy theories u r into ? Read proper and realistic news. I agree that later into the syrian civil war many countries interfered. But the arab spring which with an incident in tunisia where a person named Muhammad Bouazizi set himself on fire. The same arab spring even brought down the hussne mubarak in eygpt, an american israeli puppet. So asuming that protestors were sent into syria as a pre planned game is just bul shit. Correct ur statistics. See the history what hafeezul asad father of bashar asaad did in homms.

Xoli Xoli

NATO brought the chaose with its created ISIS.


When did you stop beating your wife?

Xoli Xoli

I dont fight with women my penis fights with them.I like women their are precious gifts from God.I wish I can get 2000 arab and Muslim refugee women to accommodate them.


From what I can tell, you don’t fight with anyone, Snowflake. You just urge others to fight from your bug infested coach.


You’re getting more weirdly delusional all the time. But consistent. NATO is as much part of the G7 as it created ISIS. What you been puffing on, Dude?

Xoli Xoli

Yes Jake there you have it.Dont confuse me my enemy friend.Thanks Jake.

Xoli Xoli

Sabotage all Turkey terrorists spy observation bases.Let capture terrorists attack Turkey base with manpads.

Xoli Xoli

No more friendship with Erdogan keep on attacking their convoys.Because Turkey convoys are the only soft targets.


Erdo’s army in retreat from ‘Moscow’. :)




Syria is not Russia

Carlo s

this one is even better – turkish capitulation /leaving their observation post in 1877. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/8/86/Nikopol_dmitriev.jpg/1280px-Nikopol_dmitriev.jpg


I will save that wonderful picture, thank you.



Carlo s


Ishyrion Av

“Turkey has stood with innocent people throughout its history…” What a sh.t eater!


“Turkey has stood with innocent people throughout its history” – he has a nerve to tell such a lie!


ikr, Turkey is literally hated by all of it’s neighbours except it’s precious puppet-state of Azerbaijan and the imaginary, Turk-made state of northern Cyprus. This has only gotten worse under Sultan Erdogan.

Turkey has a long history of arrogance, warmongering, slavery and genocide that continues to this day. To now claim that they’re concerned on ‘humanitarian grounds’ is beyond belief.

Romeo Pesiao

It seem’s Turkey cannot withstand against SAA Army backed up by Moscow and ask US and NATO for assistance. This time the Kurds earn a leverage from the current situation. Further, are the US and NATO responds Erdogan call?

Traiano Welcome

NATO will not honor Article 5 at Turkey’s request. NATO is terrified of actual conflict with Russia, despite all their window dressing. Honoring Article 5 will mean real conflict with Russia, NATO knows that is a losing proposition.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Looks like a pragmatic deal between Moscow and Ankara has been struck to me.

Don’t be surprised if joint Russian-Turk patrols start within Idlib itself inside of the next 6 months.

Willy Van Damme

If so it will only be a pause. In essence Erdogan wants to save his salafi friends, Russia wants them dead. It is also now seems obvious Russian, Iran en Turkey only bought them time in Astana and Sochi. They knew beforehand it wouldn’t work.

Wayne Nicholson

“If so it will only be a pause.”

Turkey has known since 2017 that Idlib was eventually going to be re-taken by Syria. Turkey has taken in a huge number of refugees from Syria. Syria agreed to hold off on taking Idlib to let the Turks deal with their refugee crisis. The Turks were supposed to de-fang their pets and open the M4 and M5 highways in exchange. They didn’t hold up their end of the bargain.

“They knew beforehand it wouldn’t work.”

No that’s not the case. Everyone knew that Syria was to be made whole again including the Turks. Turkey simply didn’t hold up their end of the bargain and Syrians were being shelled every day by “rebels” who were supposed to have been disarmed by the Turks. It’s that agreement that didn’t work.


It’s totally absurd Turkey is still taken into account in Syria . Turkey has nothing to decide about Syria. Whereas Russia has been long time allied and partner with Syria. Since de beginning Erdogan has been taking intrusive, invading behaviour

Rafik Chauhan

So turkey want to drag nato to support Alqaida . turkey think nato /EU are dumb like him . Most of the attack in EU is dne by same terriost who are in Syria came from EU. EU want Ruassia and SAA to wipe this terriost out completely so there is no help for Erdgon from Nato. Only US or israel terriost will help if they want.

Willy Van Damme

Looking in details about these statements and looking at what happened today he telephoned Macron and Merkel and got a negative. And looking at what they says about the US. The same negative answer. And from Russia… he goth carpet bombing.


The message here is most of what they have sent into Idlib has already been blown up.

Avraham Goodman ✡✡✡✡✡✡

cant wait to see turkish ally operation start. meanwhile US will deploy patriot-pac3 near border. no aircover for rossiya or syria butchers. Turk capture all idlib aleppo in 1 week tops mark my word

Carlo s

shithead your words are worthless, you are worthless just an ugly piece of shit. in 1 week tops you’ll be dead and buried and sucking jihadist dicks in hell. you can’t wait.

Avraham Goodman ✡✡✡✡✡✡

proof im yakob u peice pof shet

Black Waters

The Only BUTCHERS here are Erdogon and Israhell, you shameless bastard.


Yep, shameless, disgusting human being.

Tudor Miron

Don’t disappear for at list a couple of weeks. I’d like to hear your explanations why your wet dreams refuse to become reality.


Oh here we go, the scumbag dog is back.

Traiano Welcome

Ah, the old “1 week tops” lie we hear over and over again. Even the mighty USA couldn’t take pathetic little Iraq in a week.

The cost is too high, even if the Turkish army is materially larger, better supplied it still cannot invade Syria without risking massive internal disintegration. Also, the SAA has now more experience in ground battle than the Turkish army, they know what it means to fight for their lives.

The Turkish Army does not. It will be a hard fight and Erdogan will run begging to NATO for some scraps to help. But they will not help.

With the army bogged down in Syria, the Kurds will make merry in Istanbul. They will join with their brothers in Syria and dream visions of Rojava spanning from Aleppo to Istanbul. The moment that happens the Turkish army will be back in their barracks in the blink of an eye.

If the entire Turkish army invaded Syria they will remain bogged down there for decades while the security and economy of Turkey collapses around Erdogan’s ears.

If the Syrian state falls, anti-Turkish guerrilla forces will use the resulting chaos to form insurgencies into Turkey.

In short, Turkey is aware that they cannot commit more than a fraction to any action in Syria, without risking internal collapse.

And the Greeks will grow bolder as they see the Turks weaken and get distracted by their antics in Syria, until one day they decide to take back all of Crete, when Turkey is most distracted and when it can least respond.

And what will the Iranians do? They’ll funnel in weapons and support to the Kurds in Turkey. Politics makes for strange bedfellows, but the Iranians are nothing if not pragmatists.

This is why “the entire Turkish Army” will never enter Syria, and there will be no beating of Assad’s army by the Turks. It is meaningless that the Turkish army is ‘stronger’ than the Syrian army, the fact is that Turkey cannot translate this strength into results without paying a very high price.


This is an invasion force. Why is it not being bombed?


Because Syria wants the Turks to leave, not start a full-scale war. Even if the SAA killed every Turkish invader today, Turkey would just send more on a quest for vengeance – Erdogan’s diehard ultra-nationalist supporters would demand it.

Many thousands would be killed as a result of such an escalation. You have to play things smart, not just attack, attack, attack.


Erdogan is a low life lying scum, time to drop some ammo on his head

Raptar Driver

This is a clear NATO invasion. If Putin the meek backs down now Russia is finished and might as well start using the Dollar as its currency.

Aleks Chernyy

Turkey has not honored Astana agreement. The main question that remains is how best to defang the Turks in Idlib. One solution could be advancing the Syrian troops along the border to turn what remains of militants into a pocket.

An alternative strategy is to capture surrounding Turks at the so-called observation points and use them for leverage with turkey.

Another strategy could be a full attack on Idlib, forcing Turkey to decide how committed they are to the defense of militants in Northern Syria.

Kurds could be enlisted for removing turkey from Syrian land. If Turkey persists with the intervention Kurds could be encouraged and armed start open season on Turkish military in eastern Turkey. To follow Iranian doctrine, war must be taken to Turkey, and must be felt at home in order to force Erdogan to face real cost of his decisions.

Turkish foreign adventurers in Iraq, Libya, Greece and Cyprus could be exploited to create regional pressures to refrain from further aggression.


The BS propaganda that Turkey spews out. Pompeo would be proud.


Potential barbacue of several kilometers.


The way Turkey lied so shamelessly resembled USNato, Isahell and India. No wonder they are perfect allies make in Hell.

Erdog is doubling its bet with more troops posturing, and trying to blemish USNato as his paid gang protection. Hey, im a member of the big gang, how dare you whack me. Its a sign of weakness.

When Russia start annihilate the convoys, USNato will throw Turkey under bus immediately. No one will bother to fight nuclear war for that roasted Turkey.

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