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MAY 2021

Turkey Deployed Dozens Of Armored Vehicles, Battle Tanks In Greater Idlib (Videos)

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On January 3, the Turkish Armed Forces deployed large reinforcements in the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib.

Opposition sources said that the reinforcements, which included dozens of battle tanks and other vehicles, were deployed in the al-Zawiya Mount in the southern countryside of Idlib.

Activists released videos showing a part of the reinforcements. Several covered-up battle tanks, most likely M60s, and BMC Kirpi mine-resistant ambush protected vehicles can be seen in the videos.

The al-Zawiya Mount is controlled by al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham. The Turkish-backed National Front for Liberation also maintains a presence there.

The Turkish military has been reinforcing its troops in the al-Zawiya mount for the last two months. Several new posts were established in the region.

Last year, a number of reports said the Syrian Arab Army and its allies were preparing to launch a large ground attack on the al-Zawiya mount. This may be the reason behind the recent Turkish military buildup in the region.

Turkish forces, which maintain more than 60 positions in Greater Idlib, are not taking any real action against terrorists in Greater Idlib. This may soon lead to a new military escalation.


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    1. Fog of War says:

      So is Turkey going to attack Russia or is Russia going to attack Turkey ?

      1. Servet Köseoğlu says:

        Saa will attack and russians will give air-support…

        1. Jesus says:

          Is it going to be a turkey shoot.

          1. Servet Köseoğlu says:

            we’ll see…

          2. Luna says:

            Yeap , in last ‘turkey shot’ , SAA lost almost 1/3 of its armored divisions and hezbullah faced the biggest loss since decades.

            When you propagandists will accept that those Hezbullah and et al are only good against civilians in war torn countries / failed states ?

          3. Jesus says:

            Yea because Putin gave Erdo a few days to cool off after a Russian bomb killed about 50 Turks. Instead of cooling off Erdo stabbed Putin in the back by attacking SAA and allies by surprise.

            If Turkish army is so good, how come you use mercenaries? UAE and Saudi Arabia make similar boasts with more sophisticated weapons….without the ability to win anything decisive .
            Did ISIS teach Turkey a few costly lessons ……so the Turks decided on mercenary cannon fodder being a better solution than dead Turks ?

          4. Luna says:

            Strange. None of Russian officials admitted killing 36 TR soldiers, and they blamed SAA. Why do you think , were they afraid to confess or what ?

            Proxies are as old as the history of war, Jose. Americans have Kurds , Russians have Wagner , Iranians have Afghan brigades , etc etc. If you want the truth about who won what , you need to look at the map. When you look at it I see Turkish controlled lands in Iraq and Syria , what do you see ? Rest is only words..

          5. Jesus says:

            Wagner are Russians, Iranians have Shia afghans, Turks and Saudis have mercenaries. Turks quite possibly have 35-50,000 mercenaries, looking at the map Turkey has marginal slivers of land in northern Syria and Iraq…..
            which are temporary.

            “”” Proxies are as old as the history of war, Jose”””
            You are mistaken, what proxies did the Ottoman Empire employ?
            National armies or provincial troops in case of an empire;

            Proxies are mercenaries to fight for a military/political agenda, where the aggressor does not want to commit boots on the ground. US ZIO and Turkey started the civil unrest in Syria culminating with the civil war using Islamic proxies.

          6. Luna says:

            Ottomans had bashibozouks , british used soldiers from their colonies in both world wars , iranians have afghans ( their being shia does not strip them from being mercanies) , french has foreign legion – examples are countless.

            Yes proxies are old as the history of war.

            It was Assad who turned a civil unrest in Hama into a full blown civil war, it was also his secret service who slaughtered a 14 year old kid mutilating his genitals fusing an uncontrollable civil uprising. His father was also the sugar dady of PKK and sheltered Ocalan for more than a decade. They are dictators and syrian people are only tradable goods inherited from father to son under the dictatorship of Assad.

          7. Cromwell says:

            Right so all the murders rapes beheadings and terror are all down to something you say happened almost ten years ago in Hama,LOL!!! fuck off you mug,problem is Assads Dad didn’t finish the Brotherhood off in Hama years ago.

          8. Luna says:

            Hamza Ali Al-Khateeb (Arabic: حمزة علي الخطيب‎) (October 24, 1997 – May 25, 2011) was a 13-year-old Syrian boy who died while in the custody of the Syrian government[1] in Daraa. On April 29, 2011, he was detained during a protest. On May 25, 2011, his body was delivered to his family, having been badly bruised, along with burn marks, three gunshot wounds, and
            severed genitals.


            Bashar Assad is the other side of the coin, not different than nany other headchopper in Syria.

            There is also nothing called Assad’s ( Bashar ) dad , the father is also Assad (Hafez ) as well fucking uneducated propagandist piece of shit.

          9. Cromwell says:

            Assad doesn’t hack the heads off Children off you Wahabi trash.

          10. Icarus Tanović says:

            Well said, great answer to that troll.

          11. Luna says:

            Yes Assad is rather interested in chopping genitalia of 13 year old boys LMFAO.

          12. Jesus says:

            Turks are like S. Arabians, rely on mercenaries and air power.

            Not a winning formula.

          13. Luna says:

            Go and look at the map of Syria , Iraq and NK once again .
            What these maps tell you , Jose ?

          14. Icarus Tanović says:

            Go back to your Zionistic rat hole you pig.

          15. Luna says:

            Icarus , mate , the time of dotards like you who can not put a sensible comment down is over. Not everyone f*cking you is a zionist, get used to it old piglet.

          16. Icarus Tanović says:

            ‘Mate’ time of Trollstoys such is you is over and you’re ziowahhabi pig, so once again get back to your shit hole.

          17. Luna says:

            What are you gonna do if I dont , dotard ? Do you miss the days which you were posting worthless bullshit backand forth with yr senile friends without being interrupted ?

          18. Jim Allen says:

            Oh, shut the fuck up.
            The only things you have is a hugely overblown opinion of your silly ass self, a big fat stupid lying mouth, and a penchant for grossly underestimating your chosen enemy while wildly overestimating your own insignificant capabilities. In real life, not some Zionist Khazar hallucination you’re in love with, you’re nothing more than a a pimple on Iran’s ass.
            US military can’t beat Iran, you need to wake the fuck up and see what time it is. Your petty, shallow, superficial bragging, is all bluff, and bluster. Not a bit of substance, you embarrass yourself with your incessant repetitive idle chatter. You’re a legend in your own mind, but to the world, you’re a laughingstock. Full of bullshit, not one damn word you say is true, you’re as bad as Trump acting like a petulant child. That desperately needs to be put over your mom’s knee, and a spanking administered to your bare ass. Then sent to bed with no dinner.

          19. Luna says:

            Oh , no I wont.
            How I like you pea brained daydreamers react when they are confronted. Your beloved iran is nothing but a paper tiger , who can only operate in some failed states. Look at the places they are active , yemen , Iraq , Syria , Lebanon . What these countries have in common other than being war torn and failed states ? Iran is a hellhole , it is a pimple in the ass of the civilized world. It is a 15th century fanatic dictatorship.

            You need to wake the fuck up and tell us what kind of moron you are to claim that US can not defat Iran , considering that Iran fought a stalemate war with Saddam for a decade while the US military razed all Iraqi army not more than a month. You are speaking about an army which is bigger than the combination of the following 15 armies in line . What kind of evidence , what kind of locigal arguments to support yr butthurt and childish arguments ? Sentimental Dodo LMFAO

            Everything I wrote are plain and bitter facts , we both know these and that’s the reason none , including you , can not write a single reply but can only throw angry tantrums. You guys are only hot air and cheap bluffs just like your beloved Iran, nothing to be taken seriously , So why don’t you either block me or simplky fuck off ?

          20. Icarus Tanović says:

            Why don’t you block me or simply fuck off?
            You coward. Proove that you ain’t!
            Now fuck off pig.

          21. Luna says:

            Icarus , mate , I dont need to block you or something.
            It is always nice to have a senile clown around like you, especially when you are trying to post frustrated messages like above.

          22. Icarus Tanović says:

            Proove that you’re not coward. I asking you just that.
            I’m not frustrated, actually I’m very amused abusing a ziowahhabi cowards. Such is you. Now, have a dick and a smile. Like this: :D

          23. Luna says:

            LMFAO , dotard , where did you had the idea that I would need to prove something to you , where did you had the idea that you can ask me a favour ? Why you shallow , pea brained old socialist wannabe clowns think that everyone screws you on net is a ziowahhabi ?
            May be you shoudl take that dick out of yr ass as well , coz you look def butthurt and seeing a senile monkey like you thumping its foot with anger always saddens me .

          24. Icarus Tanović says:

            No, that’s an order, slave. Coward. At least I have my full name here, while you hiding behind some bullshit pseudonim.
            Coward, pussy, chicken ass, dog crap.
            Be original. Copy/pasting me is boring.
            Who repeat my words eat shit from the third world.
            So, have that dick and a smile.:D

          25. Luna says:

            LMFAO dotard goes ballistic , tries reverse psychology and tries his luck with unoriginal curses from 20th century.

            How does it feels to speak about slavery from an eastern european country who is dominated by almost everyone who managed to wake up earlier than others? How does it feels to speak about third world countries while you send your women to west europe for prostution and follow Merkel orders 7/24. Let me give you a hint , it feels just like you.

            Is that original enough for your senile ass ?

            You are just an unimportant old man from another defeated, beaten eastern european state , in real life we both know that you even dont have the balls to look others in the eyes. A fact that we both know.

          26. Icarus Tanović says:

            Haha, I’m a of Saxon origin, you Briton coward. English trash.
            Okay, I’m ready for you to reveal your real name, so we can manage to look each others in the eyes, toe to toe, Luna, you female.
            Let’s have a duel, so you can show me how brave you are.

          27. Luna says:

            What Briton , what Saxon, what English you dotard , what are you talking about ? Are you fucking drunk or what ?

            What you will do while we are duelling , will you attack me with yr walking stick ? Will you believe me if I say a name and tell thats its my real name ?

            Lets go ahead , dotard .. What kind of saxon origin carries a slav name and lives in bosnia or comes from there ? Go ahead and enjoy me , LMFAO

          28. Icarus Tanović says:

            Is this the best you can fake named bitch? Try harder, fake named bitch. I’m saxon, hell I am, and I don’t give a fuck will you believe it or not fake name bitch.

            Just tell me your REAL name, fake named coward bitch, so we can continue.
            Looser, you don’t even have balls to put your real name here, and bitching around, fake name bitch.
            Let’s get to business, so we can have a duel.
            Toe to toe, fist to fist. And don’t you worry, I know what I’m gonna do.
            Take a dick and relax.

          29. Luna says:

            LMFAO , what we have here is a ‘Saxon’ named Icarus Tanovic, and he claims to be telling the truth. What is the problem dotard , Alzheimer stage 7 ?

            By the way , my real name is Luna the Icarus foucker. I am also Saxon , I specialize on halfwit slavs who claim to be Saxon on net . Provoking and and mocking conservative seniles of SF is my main field of expertise.

            Lets get into the business, with our duel. Start rattling yr walking stick with yr foaming mouth as aide pushes yr wheelchair , you archaic liar.

          30. Icarus Tanović says:

            What is this blahblahblah thing? I don’t really care what you gonna say.
            Does it always takes that long to answer anyone?
            All you have to do is put up your real name. No more no less.
            If you don’t go ahead and shut up, unknown trash talker, is this best you can do.

          31. Luna says:

            LMFAO . Mr saxon from Bosnia with a slav name . Brainless liar.
            My actual name in Icarus focuker , go and prove it is not.
            It takes long because I dont live here like you do , I come and go whenever I like. Pathetic senile charlatan.

        2. Jesus says:

          SAA has allies like Hezzbolah and various Iranian groups and militias.

          1. Luna says:

            Jose , militia is nothing against an organized army . They are only good at hit and run ops. Thats the reason why SAA and Iranian militia were being slaughtered like cattle before the arrivall of Russians.

            In case you tkae russians out of the equation in Syria , SAA and iranian ragtag militia wont last more than a few months.

          2. Servet Köseoğlu says:

            hezbollah learned a lot from russians..

          3. Luna says:

            Hezbullah was being slaughtered by almost everry warring party in Syria before Russians arrived.

          4. Servet Köseoğlu says:

            yeah they suffered a lot…agree with you..they dont have any single chance against Tsk..Ruaf changed the tide of the war..

          5. Luna says:

            Hezbullah is onbly good against unarmed civiliand in war torn states . Rag tag militia , collected from dirt poor slums of undeveloped countries.

          6. Cromwell says:

            They kicked the Zionists arse in Lebanon in 2006 you dumb Bumpkin.

          7. Luna says:

            İlleterate twat , why dont you tell us how many inches hezbullah got back from Israel during all those decades ?

            Self declared victories by hezbullah, for the gullible. LMFAO.

          8. Cromwell says:

            They liberated Lebanon you Muppet.

          9. Luna says:

            Liberated ? Lebanon was a highly developed place before hezbullah appeared there , now it is another shithole. Hezbullah turned once glorious Phoenicans into beggars . Thats yr ”liberation” , propagandist scum.

          10. Jesus says:

            What changed? Hezzbolah retook Saraqib in one night from the Turks and their mercenaries. They can teach turkey a few lessons in ballistic missile attacks.

          11. Luna says:

            What changed is the remaining part of Idlib , which is still under opposition control.
            Hezbullah can not teach any lesson to anyone, Jose. Theybare only good for beating cvilians in the streets of Lebanon .

            Problem is not having the gun , problem is the having the balls to pull this trigger. Hezbullah never had and never will have the balls to send ballistic missiles to Turkey . They can not bear the consequences.

          12. Jesus says:

            “”” Problem is not having the gun , problem is the having the balls to pull this trigger. Hezbullah never had and never will have the balls to send ballistic missiles to Turkey . They can not bear the consequences”””

            That is what the zionists think.

          13. Luna says:

            You mean the same zionists whom yr beloved Hezbullah cud not get an inch from after all these decades ?

            TAF killed many of these hezbullah in Idlib and and Afrin , how many ballistic misisles they could send ? Didnt they have any by then ?

          14. Jesus says:

            Hezzbolah suffered casualties early in the war, however, they got better by gaining overall experience, weapons and support.

          15. Jesus says:

            Syria has regular troops along with the militias, the Russians will make your drones ineffective, your F16 will not do good against the S300, your M60 is not be effective with the improved T72 and T90 Syrian tanks, the militias like auxiliaries will wear you down, and attack your supply and communication lines.

          16. Jens Holm says:

            Yes, his troops vesion is ioncorrect. They mainly had normal military forces but it has been a need fpr them to take in different kinds of more or less organized milisias.

            I will not vomment the rest. None knows what can happens next.

            It seemes You are not aware of how many F16s Turkey has as well as they have much better tanks and armed vehicles and artillery.

          17. Jesus says:

            Haves Assad the father of Bashar had a standing army that counted in the hundreds of thousands. Losses and finding a proper strategy to fight against hundreds of thousands ISIS and Islamic irregulars led the Syrian army to become fragmented and tribal.
            Turkey can only make limited war in Syria since Putin and Russian MOD will make sure they are defeated even in a limited war.

          18. Jens Holm says:

            Hafez Assad was a man making hard structures well and by that very organized and Bashir should not have been despotic president and was not chosen as such.

            But I also will say Bashir took over at country which had plundred its own ressources by loosing in 1967 as well as 1973. I think we should see that that build up had a price, which made any other kinds of build ups very difficult.

            After that they have taken up oil and gas as a lucky help, but I hardly has seen the money used in sensible ways apart from some railroad.

            I dont know if the corruption was the same, but the money dont go to devellopment and in that very needed educations to handle advanced things.

            I agree in Turks only can make limited war. But they almost has taken, what they want – havent they. So its more a matter for them too keep and more or less doint care, if many Jihadists are killed.

            I will remind thee ones, which dont like USA, that they could keep Turkey more or less outiside Syria in The SDF area.

            So my proposal for solution still is the same: Assad and most of the Baathists must be reduced in power and have the SDF parts as annexes with local parlaments and by that be united as well as they go.

            Assads cant handle anything well and are totally depended on Russia, Iran and Hesbollah.

            I dont see the problems. Assads dont devellop most parts of Syria apart from better lines for taking oil and gas to their party memebers and sell it to their member, the rest of the syrians and for export.

            The SDF Kurds by PYD has develloping plans, which would make a very poor part of Syria less poor – not rich. I allow me to add great parts of Syria should need same kind of simple and logic reforms.

            I have written many times, Im noy tpersonale involved but jywant a wall around ME, but what SDFs wish for is exact as most of us in west has as well as other ountries has it too. A Countryin the seize of Syria cant be ruled well by only trust in a Emirate or Sultan structure.

            The trust dfor local matters should be given to those which pay the tax and know what they need and only order, what they can pay for and make the best for those money.

            What we have seen for many years is all incomming tax dont come back from Damaskus. Oil money dont come back from Damaskus. And above that people has to pay for corruption from lewest to highest levels.

            So its a good idea half of the tax never each Damaskus and the local politicians and administrators can be controlled muchj better by the people, which actually pay in their money – a lot, low or none.

            And if You find corruption there ots only very bad in the local parlament and the rest work as they should looding no móney.

            Well, thats a littleout of context. My oppinion is Turks just want that borderzone and replace some of the ost not enemy Syrian there as a soendable bufferzone. So far they has no succes with that at all. Only Jihadist families dares to live there.

          19. Icarus Tanović says:

            M60s are on pair with T55. So we have enough more than that Matis to do the job.

          20. Luna says:

            Of course Russians will make drones ineffective , just like they had done in Idlib , Libya and NK. Wont they ? LMFAO.

            I really laugh at you guys writing some victory stories mentioning some miltary gadgets.

            So can you tell how Russia will cut Turkish supply lines which are only 30/40 km away from Turkish mainland ?

          21. The Objective says:

            You are correct. But the arrogant Shiites are geniuses at taking credit for someone else’s work. If not for Russian presence in Syria, the rebels would have defeated the combined might of Iran, Syria, and all the Shiite militias fighting at the time. I can remember Bashar Al-Assad controlled less than 30% of Syria before Russia got involved.
            Yet some Iranian pussies here label all kinds of criticism on Russia for not stopping the Israelis. They forget that Russia’s presence alone is saving them many lives in Syria.

          22. Ali says:

            You continue this route and you’ll have a heart attack in a couple months at max! You need chill out and make peace with yourself. Accept and try to win or don’t and forever be a loser in denial. We never said Russia’s help wasn’t effective. But for your knowledge sardar Soleimani was the one who asked putin personally to get involved in Syria. So let’s do some quick maths. No Resistance= No Soleimani= No Russia in Syria= Possible fall of bashar assad. So speaking in terms of the butterfly effect. The Resistance saved Syria from those animals. Russia sped up that process is what they did.

          23. Jim Allen says:

            Not exactly. Syria, and Russia are long time allies, with trade, and military alliancesl. What Assad requested from Russia is “military assistance.”
            Syria had been fighting since 2011, with Hezbollah, and other militia’s, and support from Iran. SAA was slowly being overwhelmed by US Coalition forces, defense contractors, and the Western Intelligence agencies, “pet terrorist enemies.” al CIAeda, and ISIS that came with extra terrorist organization names. US already had Taliban in Afghanistan.
            Turkey is a loose cannon. It doesn’t fit in with the NATO crowd, EU doesn’t like it, to US, it’s like a red-headed step-child, but does have a good size military. Can’t fight for shit though. Erdogan is a snake, playing both sides, (poorly) leveraged by it’s debt to The City of London, Erdogan’s dancing around like a fart in a skillet trying to appease his Zionist Khazar masters, but it’s always at Russia’s expense. Putin has put him in his place a few times, but must find him useful for something, if only to keep his forces tied up in Syria, after he barged in uninvited. Turkey owe’s Russia some pretty big money, and is broke as fuck.
            Erdogan stuck his nose in Libya, and got it punched. Then started picking on Greece, moving on to Azerbaijan, making a lot of noise, but shut the fuck up when the time came for Russia to step in as it had agreed on Armenia’s behalf. After taking shit off the CIA installed basement puppet.
            Russia barked, Turkey shut up. Now Erdogan is messing around in Ukraine. Again, trying to appease his masters.
            US won’t back his dumb paprika snortin’ ass when inevitably he gets in over his head. Israel is The City of London’s yappy little lap dog, running around biting it’s neighbor’s ankles, as it’s protection is fading away. With no replacement bully to hide behind, and bark. Like it, or not Iran is the regional military power, and are excellent strategists, with a grasp of the geopolitical situation. This is where the trolls get lost, as they’re clueless about how the world works.
            US Government is destroying the country from the inside while the Globalist’s are working on their world genocide plans, but everything’s out of synch for them. US can’t sustain much longer, as the population is being “vaccinated,” which is not going too well, the military is still needed by the Bankers, but is in no shape to fight, it’s NATO allies hate US, so aren’t likely to help, so Turkey’s taking up the slack.
            The Globalist’s plans are all fucked off courtesy Russia. Putin destroyed decades of Banking Cabal planning, their New World Order,
            de-population agendas, and resource thieving are stopped dead, moving very slowly, or losing ground. Venezuela, Bolivia, Ukraine, with Crimea snatched away from Rothschild, and the Donbass, holding it’s own against Ukraine’s military, the Headcutters losing in Yemen, the US pissing off China, Russia expanding it’s presence, and having Western military outgunned, Syria is holding it’s own, Iraq, is pressing US out. It’s not looking good for the Zionists, and they’re the real enemy to every country on earth. There will be no peace until they’ve been destroyed.

          24. Ali says:

            “Syria, and Russia are long time allies, with trade, and military alliances” then why didn’t they join the war in 2011? I didn’t say they’re not allies because they are. But Russia joined the war because the resistance convinced them of the dangers of having a Salafi state close to its borders. Was it because the terrorists were close to Damascus? Yes. But lets ask what would happen if Russia didn’t join? Would Damascus fall? That’s the million dollar question. My personal answer is no. That’s why i said “Russia sped up that process” because i believe even if they didn’t intervene the resistance would defeat those creatures anyway it just would have taken way longer with way too many more deployments/casualties that we were not willing to take. In other simpler words: Russia helped us greatly but didn’t win the war for us. As a lot of Turks and Egyptians here like to say so.

          25. The Objective says:

            I’m at peace with myself. 2020 has been a particularly good year for me. Donald Trump was my man of the year 2020 as far as middle east events go. I’ll miss him though, but he’s made some changes in the Middle East that cannot be easily undone. Especially, some people in the middle east would never forget him for causing them so much pain and for making them cry like babies.

          26. Luna says:

            Iranian peasants were being kicked in the ass almost by everyone before Russians arrived. Now they think that everyone has forgot how they were being slaughtered before russian presence in syria , moreover they are posting some funny empire maps here.

            Iranians have always been writers of fairy tales, thats what they are famous with.

          27. Jens Holm says:

            Thats highly incorrect in urban warfare as well as well educated soldier in good plans are very important.

          28. Jim Allen says:

            Stood up pretty well against IDF.
            Whupped their ass.

          29. Luna says:

            Gained what in return ? They used it to present theirselves as the sole saviour of Lebanon and tightened their grip on desperate Lebanon .

          30. The Objective says:

            The U.S and Israel will take care of Iran and its terror proxies.

        3. Fog of War says:

          Sounds like a conundrum for your side.

      2. Jim Allen says:

        Turkey isn’t stupid enough to attack Russia. Russia can strangle Turkey with a few sanctions. As Putin has demonstrated.

  1. The Objective says:

    Many articles on SF portrayed Turkey’s abandonment of several observation posts as a Turkish surrender of Idlib to regime forces. I always thought the Turks are taking precautions against what happened in February 2020, and preparing for a possible battle in Syria with regime forces, and maybe with Russian forces depending on whether Russia attack Turkish forces.
    Turkey recently took a leadership role in NATO, and established a cooperative group with the U.S to resolve the S-400 issue. This is an extremely important development. I’ve always been suspicious of Russia’s intentions for Turkey, and I knew it is no good.
    Some realignment is needed for Turkey to effectively handle the threat posed by Russia to Turkish national security. Turkey must resolve its differences with the U.S and strengthen its economy. This will allow Turkey invest more in its defense industry and develop new systems, acquire new weapons to arm its allies (Azerbaijan, Libya, Qatar, and Syrian rebels). Russia is currently occupying Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan armed with a shitload of various state-of-the-art weapons would make it more difficult for Russia to continue the current occupation for long.
    What is needed now is some Turkish-Pakistani defense pact that would allow for transfer of nukes to Turkey should Turkey be sufficiently threatened. The major advantage Russia has over Turkey is nukes. At some point in the future, Turkey must get nukes.

    1. Rancilio says:

      You take drugs and it doesn’t do you any good.

    2. Cromwell says:

      Is that convoluted Bullshit supposed to mean something?

    3. John Wallace says:

      Their withdrawal was obviously as their positions were untenable and becoming a logistical nightmare and should hostilities again breakout they would be prisoners at the mercy of the SAA that they were just redeployed. It is also been obvious for several months that Turkey is strengthening its positions with no intention of going anywhere. The SAA can not attack without Russian support which they won’t give as they have an agreement of greater value with Turkey. Syria has been divided up into areas of control with all parties that are involved. Assad has his new smaller Syria , the Yanks have their parts , the Kurds have theirs , Turkey has hers and the “rebels” have theirs. Not much has changed since that Russian Turkish agreement and it has appeared for a long time that that is the way things are and will be . As for your waffle about nukes ?? that is exactly what it is waffle by ignorance and reading too many comics. Go have a coffee with Jens and blow each others .. minds ./

      1. The Objective says:

        You must be right. Nuclear technology is a Russian monopoly.

        1. John Wallace says:

          That is juvenile sarcasm .. No one believes Russia alone has the nuclear technology . Pakistan giving Turkey a nuclear bomb also lacks international understanding . Next America will be giving a bomb or two to Bolivia so they can threaten Venezuela ..

          1. The Objective says:

            America extends a nuclear umbrella over Turkey through NATO. There are 61 nuclear weapons in Turkey as a guarantee of U.S nuclear protection for Turkey. If the U.S can do that, then Pakistan can do even more, given its military, economic, and ideological ties with Turkey.
            I’d be surprised if Turkey is not currently helping Pakistan expand its nuclear arsenal. But of course such information would always be top secret. Considering how close Pakistan and Turkey are to each other, it’s hard to think that Pakistan will sit on its hands should Turkey be severely threatened by Russia’s nukes.
            What foxes me about your argument is that you tend to dismiss such a plausible possibility like Pakistan and Turkey coordinating on nuclear defense and even having a defense treaty. In fact, this will happen in the future should events continue in the current trajectory.

    4. Black Waters says:

      It’s almost like if your comment was precisely made by a CIA employee, haha, you guys are so obvious, but still a bad piece of propaganda by the U.S regime.

    5. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

      Erdogan and nuclear weapons, OMG, that would mean the end of the world, madmen and nuclear weapons don’t mix, they’d just go off like a, a, nuclear bomb.

  2. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

    It seems Erdogan’s probably deployed a third of his military assets to Syria, but that’s only counting all the old [and occasionally newer] stuff he gave to the headchoppers free of charge, as well as all the new high tech stuff he’s deploying now, but it’s still quite an arsenal if you add it all together.
    So I wonder just how much more can he afford to send in, he has to keep some assets in Turkey to provide adequate defenses for his own country, or are they starting to become a little stretched now.

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