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Turkey Denies Russian Military Statement On Idlib Observation Post Attack


Turkey Denies Russian Military Statement On Idlib Observation Post Attack

A Turkish army tank stationed near the Syrian border, in Suruc, Turkey, Sept. 3, 2016. (AP Photo)

Turkey has denied that Russian warplanes hit targets in Syria’s northwestern Idlib upon its request following the June 13 mortar attack on a Turkish observation post in the region.

According to the Anadolu Agency, Ankara’s Ministry of National Defense said in a statement released on June 14 that these claims “does not reflect the truth.”

While the Anadolu Agency and the Turkish defense ministry attributed these claims to “media outlets,” the real source was an official statement by the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

In the official statement, the Russian Defense Ministry said that the mortar attack was carried out by militants stationed in Idlib, not the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) as Turkey had claimed. The ministry also revealed that its warplanes hit four militants’ positions in the aftermath of the attack upon an official request from Ankara.

“The close cooperation between the Russian and Turkish leadership in the fight against terrorist groups in Syria will continue,” the Russian statement reads.

Four Turkish soldiers were injured in the mortar attack, which also damaged facilities, equipment and materials inside the post.

The attack was the fourth of its kind in the last two months. However, this was the first time when Turkey accused the SAA and even vowed to respond to future such attacks.

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  • You can call me Al

    That is it Russia, you can not trust these Kebab fucking inbreeds, they are using you to play both sides with the US.

    Keep up the attacks, no, increase them.

    • Toronto Tonto

      Ya more apartment bombing at home too your support is suffering badly putin .

      • Bob

        So, are you a Russian polling expert then? Err, no?

        • Toronto Tonto

          No such thing putin wont have that happening now .

          • Bob

            Again, are you a Russian poling expert? Yes or no?

      • Concrete Mike

        We leave the appartment bombing to your ukronazi chums, they love mudering civillians!

    • Rob

      I don’t know from where these news comes may be from third party.

  • Icarus Tanović

    You Turks are worst wahhabi-zio serving scum on Earth.

    • Iranian Falcon

      They were/are mongol hordes also.

  • Johan

    Finally, Erdogan Is pushing his inner boundaries : he is now contradicting his own commands and declarations. Hopefully he will be consequently jail himself fur such insult towards his highness himself Sultan and prophet.

  • Toronto Tonto

    Both parties in question are known to lie .

    • Concrete Mike

      Pot calling kettle black!!

  • gustavo

    As far as you understand that Turkey is a selected member of NATO, Turkey actions are understandable. Turkey, through commercial and economical ties with Russia, has Russia under control in Idlib (very good plan of Israel-USA-NATO).

  • Rhodium 10

    Turkey is a NATO member who has built a new Kosovo inside Syria…Turks follow the path of Israel who stole Golan heights and USA who stole Al Tanf and Kurdish east eufrates areas!…

    • Iranian Falcon

      Another north cyprus cyprus is underway and nobody stays against them!

  • kraaiiii

    Turkey send thousand of fighters to the front-line in Idlib, a reaction was expected

    • Iranian Falcon

      Not figjters but terrorists.

  • Loung Kodak

    To find the truth, we have to find causes of this:

    0] Russia/Syria had zero interest of shelling Turkish “Observation point”.
    1) Turkey wanted a ceasefire, because of many losses from their proxy ranks.
    2) Russians/SAA were ready in DMZ, because they can shelling if not respected and they wanted to decrease international strain on Syria.
    3) But of course, militants disagreed, because they don’t want a release in strain.
    4) Then they attacked Turkish “Observation point” in retaliation.
    5) And then, Turkish can admit that publicly.

    If someone have a better hypothesis, or any comment: please feel free to post it.

  • Xoli Xoli

    No more ceasefire until Turkey withdraw from Syria. Bomb Turkeys illegalobservation post.Let Erdogan build his observation post in Israel or Russia.

  • Xoli Xoli

    Erdogan is gaot fucker Israel pig and terrorist. He is working for Israel just like Trump and Putin.

  • igybundy

    SAA has every right to blow up the invaders on its soil.. And not like the turls did nto directly assist the terrorists.. Every attack idlib to expel the SAA used Turkish artillery firing on SAA positions, this happened even after the Russian intervention when the SAA tried to free the area where the Russian pilot was killed.

  • Black Waters

    Turkey should be nuked along with Israel.

    • Toronto Tonto

      Add Moscow to that list EH .

      • Black Waters

        Are you a pedophile? Why you defend the U.S/Israel? they are degenerates, protecting pedophiles, pushing unnatural behaviors on society- pushing propaganda on children’s, what kind of wicked degenerates mess with kids, this is beyond madness.

        Israel it’s a fictional state, turkey it’s under occupation by the U.S.
        What does moscow has anything to do wit this?
        are you some kind of paid troll right? well get this right… you are supporting PEDOPHILES, jewish oligarchs, people who don’t care about you, YOU ARE CATTLE for them, if you a person wake up dude, this degenerates want to drag the whole world with them, let them die alone.

        • Iranian Falcon

          No he said nuke Turkey & Israel and moscow too, since russian governments alwayse betray their allies for greater benefits. Dont De surprised with an agreement russia gives syria to turkey as has done for its dog Islamic Regime of iran for israel isr.

          • Black Waters

            Both of you are U.S paid trolls. That’s for sure now, you come here because this site provides objective information, so the U.S way is to twist the reality of it, by creating conflict between allies and fueling misinformation.

            PD: I feel sorry for you, once the nukes come to your country, you will regret all the bs that you are spitting out.

          • Iranian Falcon

            Your paranoid your sick. Cant Cant u sorry i am not doctor.

          • Black Waters

            Common behavior of U.S paid bots, calling everyone of crazy conspiracy theorists, when you show them proves in their face.

            Whatever you say buddy, it won’t work with me.

            PD: Degenerate.

          • Iranian Falcon

            Eat your pills. You sound like a Turk lol

          • Black Waters

            Well, i’m not. But you aren’t from Iran, that’s for sure.

          • Iranian Falcon

            And your not normal thats for sure.

          • Black Waters

            Whatever you say Mr BOT.

  • DidierF

    Turkey starts using the US Israeli tactics. They friends bomb their positions. They shout “We’re under attack” by the people their friends want to destroy. The idea is to stop victories from their common enemies. The chemical false flags are failing. No one cares. If I hear that the SAA did one, I’ll only wonder who staged it. Now, it’s *we’ve been bombed”. That could allow their allies protection from any aérial attack. That’s war with lies.

  • Tommy Jensen

    Who says Turkey don’t tell the truth this single time once in a thousand years.