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Turkey Demands to Stop Bombings on Aleppo City

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All attacks on the city of Aleppo, in northern Syria, including air strikes, must be stopped immediately, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said.

Turkey Demands to Stop Bombings on Aleppo City

Photo: Reuters / Umit Bektas

All attacks on the city of Aleppo, in northern Syria, including air strikes, must be stopped immediately, the Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu, said on Monday.

“All attacks on Aleppo, including air strikes, must be discontinued immediately. Turkey’s support for the Syrian people will be continued,” the Anadolu news agency quoted the words of Cavusoglu.

The statement was made during the meeting between Mevlut Cavusoglu and the General Coordinator of the High Negotiations Committee (the main opposition bloc in Syria), Riad Hijab.

It seems that the resetting of relations between Russia and Turkey has ended before it could properly begin.

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Turkey – still the terrorist’s friend.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Erdoğan cucked Putin haha. Turkey shoots down Russian plane, harass their ships. Sends Turkish special forces to kill Russian pilots inside of Syria, send ISIS and terrorist into Ukraine to kill Russia’s. And they destroy Syria. And when Erdoğan is in trouble, Putin rushes to prop up his master Erdoğan. What a bitch, Turkey does whatever they want to harm Russians and Syrians, and Russian and Syria are on their knees servicing Erdoğan. Wow, just wow. Bunch of cuck looser’s running Russia and Syria these days..


Stop your stupid antisemitic rant. Its silly and insults your intelligence… of you have any that is…

Lord Lemur

Yes, its pure conspiracy thinking the Jews are opposed to nationalistic European states: http://www.haaretz.com/world-news/europe/1.728420?v=8F56D89595A908420B0A5244C68E9EC9

See, they are our friends! They certainly not making ‘what’s good for the jews calculations’.


I don’t particularly agree with RARA, but I fail to see anything anti-Semitic about his rant. In the future perhaps you should stay on subject rather than interjecting issues that are not relative to the discussion. Unless, of course, your a hasbarat troll, and cognitive dissonance is your method of attack.


I say lets vote as a community to kick this idiot of the Southfront.org, this real retard of racist action garbage individual.

The idiot can not even think for one second that WW3 is being prevented as much as possible by not attacking a NATO country. Putin being a brave Master Geopolitical Chess Player.

DUMB ASS “real anti racist”, Keyboard fighter, PC action filled IMBECILE you.

I should find where you are as you have also insulted the Kurds too…

Daniel Martin

Wow! You really are a premium idiot!

lol whut

Don’t be ridiculous Erdogan was on his knees begging for forgiveness, he even fired his bitch Davutoglu


The islamic monkey comes out of the sleve ( you can never trust moslims )like we say in the Netherlands ! Turkey is now fighting the syrians the Russians and the NATO ( it decapitated it’s military top after the coup , which is never a good thing ) I guess If turkey is going to interveen in Syria , the Russian Will be more than willing to test their Iksander rocket ( with or without nuke ) on the forward assembling bases in turkey like in yemen Fun could be starting soon

Andrew Illingworth

These Turks just cannot help themselves can they?

“Turkey’s support for the Syrian people will be continued”. What an insult.


maybe putin will humor them until they get bold enough to quit nato. after that, they will be in deep shit.

Veritas Vincit

If the conflict is to be ended in the shortest possible timeframe, anti-government militants (including U.S. sponsored terrorists masquerading as being ‘moderate’) need to be eradicated. Facts on the ground will determine outcomes, not negotiations (that will likely remain ineffective).

“The longer our military presence in Syria [aviation, artillery or special forces] lasts, the better. However, we should put an end to this war. One can either win, or God forbid… as they say. Just striking will be of low efficiency, as the fighters have already created a fortification system: they have dug into ground and so on. Thus, it’s very important not to just carry out strikes, but to have the territory occupied by our coalition. First of all, all the passes at the border of Syria and Turkey should be closed, these are the Jarabulus and Azaz. Our General Staff has already stated that some thousands of fighters with equipment and ammunition were moved from the territory of Turkey to Aleppo and Idlib during so-called armistice. So, now it’s not enough to just carry out air strikes….” [Semyon Bagdasarov, Centre of Analytical Studies]

After the downing of the Russian MI-8 by U.S. supported Jaish al-Fatah, responsive measures can be broadened and not be limited to proxy forces. The killing of Russian servicemen (and aid workers) by proxy forces can be responded to symmetrically (not inclusive of aid workers but the targeting of all anti-government assets, including the illegal presence of hostile foreign forces). This would serve to send a clear message that there will be direct consequences.

As for Turkey, it has merely clarified its position of ongoing support of anti-government militants. As such its claims of a ‘reorientation’ appear to be disingenuous (as is suspected by many analysts). But this is to be expected as deceit is a tool of war and a situation of war is active.


Despite it all they send ever more Turkish flag waving invaders into Syria. Why did V Putin help Erdogan? May now be regretting it.


… No kidding!


Throw them out of NATO!

Why is my country allied with those retards?!?!

Boris Kazlov

Because ‘your’ country does not belong to you, but to them, they are more than allies, they are same.

Tony B.

I wish more people were aware of this. The enemy of all peace loving people lies in the City of London; those it owns are SYMPTOMS of Rothschild greed, that center of greed is the CAUSE.

Green Rose

because those air raids on Al-Qaeda terrorists hurts Turkish government. Look still they believe in terrorism.

Green Rose

Obama and Co. that attacks on civilians near Manbij, thats OK.

Muhammad Shoaib

Bashar Assad,the butcher and Zombie who eats flesh and drinks blood of own syrians who wanted democracy but he killed millions but world did nothing and those who took arms later were declared terrorists means—–there is christian extremists and terrorists who have no sympathy for human rights

hey ya fool

Was that sarcasm or what? Because if you are serious you are the most retarded braindead imbecile in history of internet.

Assad IS A HERO who defends his country from terrorist hordes, real butchers, heart-eaters, head-choppers, mass murderers, child-killers, jihadi freaks, wahhabi psychos, and all other foreign anti-syrian degenerates, and a few bandits, traitors, wh0res paid with saudis bloody money, supported by turkey and US who turned Syria into a graveyard, commited a GENOCIDE which braindead morons like you support. Have you no shame? (coz you have no brain)

GO join ISIS you sick ugly scvm and die, they need more virgins in hell.


there needs to be a successful secular coup to return true democracy to Turkey and put the Islamists back in their place

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