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Turkey Delivers Weapons To Libya Via Air And Sea, Despite Embargo, Prepares To Push Sirte

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Turkey Delivers Weapons To Libya Via Air And Sea, Despite Embargo, Prepares To Push Sirte

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On June 11th and in the early hours of June 12th, relative calm remains around Libya’s Sirte.

The Libyan National Army (LNA) has it under its control and has only carried a few airstrikes on GNA convoys near Abu Qurayn.

French fighter jets were detected in the airspace above Libya, but France said that they weren’t theirs.

The Government of National Accord (GNA), however, continues sending troops towards the area, in preparation for a larger push on Sirte.

In order to support the GNA further, three Turkish military cargo planes, as well as a ship loaded with weaponry and equipment arrived in Misrata on June 11th.

Turkish warships in the Mediterranean prevented a Greek frigate from inspecting a suspicious ship traveling to Libya.

In a very apparent attempt to spread some propaganda, Turkish national news outlet Anadolu Agency reported that approximately 500,000 Libyans have been displaced and around 120,000 houses were damaged as a result of Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar’s offensive on Tripoli.

Abdul-Bari Shinbaru, Libya’s undersecretary of the Ministry of Local government, said in a statement the number of displaced families is 85,000.

He also stated that almost half of Tripoli’s population, between 2.5 to 3 million, were under the fire and shelling of Haftar’s militia, especially in southern parts of the capital.

Additionally, an alleged mass grave was reportedly discovered by GNA and Turkish forces in Tarhuna, which was recently captured by the GNA.

Finally, an inscription saying “Glory to Ukraine” was discovered, and it is reportedly an attempted by Russian mercenaries from the mythical “Wagner PMC” to pretend as if they’re from Ukraine, but, of course, nobody’s buying it.


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cechas vodobenikov

more turk lies—-soon their imperialism will wither and disappear —will the Egypt, Greek French support of the LNA drive Turkey back to oppressing the Kurds? will the UAE, Iranian, Russian support for the Battiest Syrian govt eradicate the turks? eventually…yes


Agree with your sentiment but not holding my breath waiting for Turks to withdraw.

Jamal Utr.

It’s not imperialism, it’s humanitarianism. Yes, Turkey has also some self interests in Libya, but they offer the Libyans peace, stability and money in their pockets too. So what do americans , russians or europeans can give Libyans? Massacres, chaos and poverty like all the other muslim countries they have destroyed?

Zionism = EVIL

Well, if the little Egyptian midget cunt Sisi ever dropped his puny balls, the Turkeys slow barges bringing in illegal occupation weapons would be sunk in a minute. These old slow freight barges can be sunk or disabled with RPGS as the Iranians proved with guts in 80’s when they practically shut the Persian Gulf when Iran was at its weakest and fighting off the Americunts, NATO and the Wahhabi cunts all by itself.

comment image


Probably he’s afraid if France and Brits missing their Suez chanel

Zionism = EVIL

I think it is deeper than that. Egyptian military is an occupation force in its own country and its officer corps like most Arab states in picked on nepotism and loyalty to Sisi rather than national interest. On paper even, if the Egyptians had capable leaders and operational plans, there is no way the Turkeys could last one day in Libya, almost 1500 kms from their shores and extended supply lines. Even the much smaller Greeks have bigger balls and would take on the Turkeys if openly challenged. There is a fundemental C3I weakness in Arab militaries, they simply can not coordinate combed arms ops, even in their own homeground.


I would disagree, if current Egyptian government can barely hold the power inside, opening a front with Turkey which has NATO missiles and radars could be suicide. And I don’t see much activity from the Greeks other than big mouthing, Turkish F-16 fly into Greek airspace whenever they please.

Zionism = EVIL

Greece are barely 10 million but do challenge the Turkeys whenever thy can. Keep in mind that they have support and the Americunts support Turkey which provides cannon fodder for NATO in its delusional confrontation with Russia and now China. Egypt is a police state and Sisi the cunt overthrew the only elected Morsi government. It also has massive internal problems and the Zionists are supporting an “independent Sinai”. This is conflict of inept fuckwits as I have said from get go. I believe in the short term the Turkeys will entrench themselves in Libya and rip off enough oil for their economy and share it with Italy and EU gas thieves.

Brother Ma

Sadly I agree that there is a behind the scenes plan to simply cut Greece ,Egypt and Cyprus from its rightful share of hydrocarbons. I trust an Italian or German toff about as much as I can throw him.


I have nothing but contempt for the cowardly Germans and Italians who are terrified of the Turks – in fact they will never ever dare confront Turkish vessels openly shipping tanks and artillery into Misrata (latest MV CIRKIN RORO ferry ) . This means Greece will stand alone, like in 1974 when all NATO stood by and let Turkey invade northern Cyprus. They’re still there.

Jamal Utr.

Greeks wanted to kill Turkish citizens again. Why would Turkey allow that? They gave the Greeks a good ass wooping. Turkey loves it’s citizens. Would England/USA/Russia not do the same?

Rhodium 10

UAE gave 5 Pantsir system to LNA to deploy it around west Tripoli in order to protect troops which were deployed to launch an offensive to take Tripoli capital!..well unprofesional movements of LNA caused the lost of all Pantsir!..troops without air defense means flee from all areas included south east Tripoli as the last could be isolated in that area!

Jens Holm

Others loose good stuff too – Vet unprofessional ????

Jens Holm


Maybee You should move Your own eyeballs from the Greek behinds. Greeks are not alone there but with others…

But that of course doesnt matter for You.

Jens Holm

They deny to try tounderstand the many more or less sober agreemenets and politics, there are.

Jens Holm


Brother Ma

The ideal moment was lost and Russia is to blame for it. An RPG or two early on when the Turks started to ship weapons would have been fine. Blame some lna commander gone off the reservation and the things would have been forgotten . But ,no ,we just had hot air by Russia and the EU. If it was to occur the Turks would have gotten the message loud and clear .

The Italian commodore prevented the Greek frigate from chasing off the Turkish boats because it was escorted by a Turkish frigate. The reason ,Irini is not allowed to interdict suspect ships that are escorted by the navy of a “third power”

Hahah what siht is this!! Talking about a show force or fleet in a bathtub fighting with one arm behind its back!!

No wonder they Turks are so cocky! Instead of the Turks being the “turkeyshoot”, the Russo euros are!


LOL. So , if iItalians allowed , Greek boat would chase Turkish warships , sink them , force the RORO carrying Turkish tanks to follow her and escort all these into a Greek harbour.

In real life, people who has enough balls to do all above do not listen to any Italian commodore or something , they just do it.

Please dont find excuses for your shortcomings and dont blame it on Italians or someone else. LOL.

Brother Ma

Don’t go lecturing me ,Oghur. I didn’t write the rules of engagement of the Program Irini,the dickless Euros did at US /Zionist behest. Just like your Erdo won’t fart unless America tells him to.

As for Greece ,it will fire on you when the shit gets real. It has no choice since noone has ever helped her and won’t now.

If it was up to me ,I’d break with NATO and arm -up to sink all of you curs. I’m sick of seeing that Erdo troublemaker browbeating the EU. Those chicken Germans and Dutch may like that kind of thing but I don’t.

Put that in your hookah and smoke it.

Lone Ranger

The second ottoman empire will fall faster than the first one.
Arabs are not a fan of Turks…

Zionism = EVIL

The savage Turkeys committed horrible atrocities against the Arabs, and the savage cunts even when losing the moth eaten Ottoman Empire, killed off over a million Armenians in spite. The only real modern Holocaust in history. The Egyptian idiots have no idea how to use airpower dating back to the Zionist occupation of Palestine in 1948.

Despite their overtly offensive aims in the 1948 war-destruction of the fake Jew state in Palestine-the Arabs did not seem to see the offensive potential in their air forces . They did not seek out the enemy air force and they quit the area of combat when the enemy air force challenged them. They did not bomb the Zionist supply ships and that only entrenched the Zionist occupation of Palestine. That lesson was yet to come with the Turkish occupation of Libya, even though Egypt has a far more modern airforce on paper with F-16, Mirage 2000, Rafale, Phantoms, and SU-35.

Rhodium 10

Arab armies are useless and NOT reliable force!…the main target of Erdogan is to defeat Egipt army in Libya and expel Al Sisi!..thats why he use Syrian HTS terrorist on ground and Turkish drones& air defense ststems to cover them!

Zionism = EVIL

Your assessment is correct. The MB was supported by Turkey and Qatar and secondly as said the Arab armies are useless, so I would to agree that Turkeys have have the upper hand, largely because the Egyptians are total fuckwits.

Jens Holm

There we have Mr and Mrs Erodium throwing dirt on Yourself again. Another stinker from You.

Jens Holm

Much of that is hightly incorrect. I will only mention the Nanking massacre by the Japanese.

Its highly incorrect abput 1948. The non Jews was winning bit the Israelians got airpkanes from the outisde. Later on abput egypt is highly incorrect. Its abpout Israeleians was and are much better.

Your version for Egypts being in Libya at all is a total misinformation too. Just as several others, they have tryed and tryed to avoid the quagmire, You seemes to prefare.

They even has avoided to help the many kops, which worked there and gave home much money.

So You should learn the reasons are the same as for Jordan. Keep Ypour dirt, where Ypu live Yourself.

If You used fx Avira and Malwarebytes on Ypur on Yourt highly infected sources, therehardly would be much left.

Brother Ma

You forget the Greek and Assyrian Holocaust at the same time and place as the Armenian holocaust.

The whole thing should be called the “Early Churches of Asia Minor Holocaust “.


Never was but who cares, Trump says US spent enough in the region and it’s time for others to take the role. If France and Brits are too pussyfied, it might be a lucrative business for Turks


Except in Libya where 13 000 Syrian mercs are happy to take Turkish money to kill Arabs, or northern Syria where the so-called NLF/SNA is run by Turkey to kill Syrians.


much symplier: 2nd ottoman empire will not rise.


Yup, LNA is stugling this days, because there are some fundamentals people tend to overlook, Egypts Sisy is an ISISrael bitch, been since His father, an Shepardic Jew was also in the Shin Beit, and to then try to tell me that Egypt is an somehow reliable parter is shere stupidity, they are not, and then we have the Turds, with the Ottomaian bug bitten erDOGan is the lead, the same people whom was suporting and helping the ISIS/Whatever and now, thru Putin the Moron witch I start to question is He indeed just an idiot, and one thing do both of this scumbags have in comon, they dont give an f… about the Arabs, and if backing as far they can withotu it to be to obvious, ISISrael, therby the silence, the huffing and puffing from the Turds means jack shit along with the 123d Cheeees player Putin, with an RuF whom is doing what, nothing.

The rest, of the players, like EU/UN/UssA is and have always been the real enemy of the Arab people, never trust them what so ever and is right now keeping GNA alive because of the figh for resources and borders.
Its an pitty that on Libya and Syria the players is ruining everything that could have done something substancial, several times have Putin/Russia crushed the fight for the SAA/Assad, every time they have an upper hand, every time they could inflict substancial damage and take back land since they had the momentum, Putin f… that up, and I know now that this was done deliberatly, we can always debate further why, but the Libyan theater shows you/us all whom is an f…. hypocrit and places their intresses first, from weapon sales to economic issues, and for me, Putin/Russia is right now totaly depirved of anything even remotely conected to been credible and to have an bit of integrity, and I dont buy the exuses, this, Putin is just as rotten as Trumpstein is, and non of the mayore players cares about this nations just fight against the western backed and created happy, of course, moderate head choppers.

Thats why Libya is thrown under the buss by all sides, and the GNA is not even legitimate, and the only one whom have suport from the Libyans is LNA, we debate Haftar, but that done alter the reality of whom is and have the legitimacy to fight in Libya, against the very same forces that crushed it, they have no f…. shame.
Another intresting issue is that the Hurra patriots and Russians is equally moronic when it comes to find idiotic exuses for whate ever their respective Gov and doing or not, I am not the slightest impressed, its just bloody anoying, but the one that have lost all my respect is Russia/Putin, from something down to nothing.



Sisi is a confirmed Zionist plant.

Jens Holm

And You are nothing with a minus in front.

Brother Ma

Who cares if he is anti- Moslem Brotherhood jihadi.I don’t!

Brother Ma

I agree with you .

Jens Holm

According to Danish media there are 200.000 refugees there. 2 moire massgraves are found.

Its very strnge to me any can pass that embargo.


20 000, not 200 000

Jens Holm

20.000 is highly incorrect. Turks says 400.000. I Commented that danish medies are referring 200.000 “only”. I didnt count them myself. The danish medies referred.


Glory to Allah , the only one God , Muslims are about to clean lybia and egypt and syria soon from russian terrorists and zionist arabs traitors.

Brother Ma

Shut up lack-wit.


Hell yeah, punish those war lords terrorising the country for long.


Turkey Delivers Weapons To Libya Via Air And Sea, Despite Embargo

Like russia.

R. delivers weapons to syria despite embargo. after please of regular government. for kicking of ass of rebels.

Turkey does this in libya.


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