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MARCH 2021

Turkey Ctiticizes NATO for ‘Low Military Activity’ in the Black Sea


Turkey Ctiticizes NATO for 'Low Military Activity' in the Black Sea

© AP Photo

On May 11, Recep Tayyip Erdogan criticized NATO’s insufficient military presence in the Black Sea and called the Alliance to enhance cooperation in the area.

“We should enhance our coordination and cooperation in the Black Sea. We hope for concrete results from the NATO summit in Warsaw on July 8, 9… The Black Sea should be turned into the sea of stability. I told the NATO secretary general that you are absent in the Black Sea and that is why it has nearly become a Russian lake. We should perform our duty as we are the countries with access to the Black Sea. If we do not take action, history will not forgive us,” Sputniknews cites Erdogan’s speech in Istanbul.

Turkey’s President believes the acception of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia to NATO is important for stability in the region.



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