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Turkey Cries Foul About Fate Of Oil Smuggling Infrastructure Pounded By Syrian Missiles

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Turkey Cries Foul About Fate Of Oil Smuggling Infrastructure Pounded By Syrian Missiles

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The Turkish Defense Ministry finally officially reacted to the recent series of drone, missile, artillery and other kind of strikes that devastated oil smuggling infrastructure created by its proxies in northern Syria.

Expectedly, Ankara claimed that the ‘coward Assad regime’ is just attacking civilians.

Commenting on the March 14 strike, the Turksih military alleged that ballistic missiles were fired from the Kuweires air base in Aleppo and struck Al-Bab and Jarablus towns. The strike, Ankara claimed, “targeted civilian settlements and fuel tankers… civilians were wounded”.

The Turkish side lied not only about the type of targets struck by missile launches, but also about their locations. In fact, oil smuggling infrastructure controlled by Turkish-backed militants are located outside the mentioned towns.

In its comments, the Turkish military also claimed that it carried out ‘retaliatory strikes’ on Kuweires air base. The impact of these strikes remain unclear.


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Turkey cries as Erdogan family loses income and headchoppers face financial crises. What a shame this did not happen earlier, but now the pressure has to be maintained on a daily basis and all oil theft targeted.

Servet-i Funun Literature

Yesterday strike was minor not like the previous one.Cried lol…

No strike happened, only in your fantasy, the time of striking Russia’s interests is over

Servet-i Funun Literature

yeah,ı am almost in the field man.Hey, I’m Kenny Jones, some goofy Internet troll, believe me, not your own eyes!

Thanks for boosting our Tochka factory though, really helps our economy!

Servet-i Funun Literature

Reality check,Syria(Assad held areas) is suffering economically but now Sdf-Fsa areas will also suffer in mid-term.


yeah everyone suffers, but in the end, you get to pack up and fukk-off.


How inappropriate from SAA to strike “civilian”, “moderate”; thieves, oil smugglers :)

Assad must stay

Hahahhahahh blah blah blah, keep yapping erdodog, the missiles wont stop till you stop stealing lol

El Mashi

Küçük Sultan Erdogan had his oil destroyed as he was stealing it. Syrian oil that you steal is no Halal. Sharia Law mandates that you right hand gets chopped off.

johnny rotten

Calling terrorists civilians is a contradiction, an oxymoron.

Kenny Jones ™

This should Russia motivate to strike even more often, weekly

Kay Os

wow Turkish roaches behaving like Turkish roaches whining about their illegal crimes being punished, what a surprise


Turkish thieves – many a Greek/ central-east Mediterranean proverb about never trusting Turks.

Tommy Jensen

Exactly what I pointed out.
Innocent moderate rebels who only wanted a little freedom trying to insure an income to feed their innocent families and children were bombed by the Hitler Putin and Butcher Assad regimes, only because they refused to vote for dictatorship in Syria.

Porc Halal

Is this sarcasm? … you have to specify it because the way you write sounds a little funny …


I think he’s joking……lol

Furkan Sahin

Danes hate Assad normally


Turkey’s gotta go from Syria……they’ve already signed up to do it. Just a matter of time now. The issue here is the KRG and its affiliates in the NE who want the US to stay. There should be a coordinated strategy to tackle this. Either they withdraw back into KRG or they face attacks. They gotta make a choice. Attacks by the resistance on US bases are increasing daily……it will be the same blueprint for the NE of Syria down the road.

Oliver Eitel

LOL….since when do we vote in a dictatorship? I hope the others can understand your sarcastic comments…..as you are most funny guy here………….have a nice day

Furkan Sahin

Gaddafi is innocent he has been killed by jihadist like Assad

Hind Abyad

‘Iran: US forces must immediately leave Syria’


Hind Abyad

You twin brother again.. sigh

Chloe Salpa

Netanyahu and his puppets in Turkey Wahhabi Arabia and the US must be having a nervous breakdown. Iran’s oil keeps flowing into Syria while their stolen oil keeps going up in flames.


I love the smell of fried Rat and petrol in the morning.

Rodney Loder

Turkey has difficulty coming to terms with mistakes, even so Egypt is still there to remind Turkey that this is bad policy.

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