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JUNE 2023

Turkey Cries Foul About Deployment Of Egyptian Troops In Idlib. What’s Going On?

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The Egyptian military has deployed about 150 troops on the frontline in the Syrian region of Greater Idlib to support forces of the Damascus government, Turkish sources claimed on July 30.

“The troops were later deployed in the Khan al-Asal area in the western countryside of Aleppo and around the city of Saraqib in the southern countryside of Idlib,” the Anadolu Agency quoted its source as saying. The news agency claimed that the Egyptian service members had arrived via the Hama Air Base.

Later, Youssef al-Hamoud, a spokesman for the Syrian National Army, a coalition of Turkish proxy groups based in northern Aleppo, said that the number of Egyptian troops is in fact 148. They supposedly deployed in Syria in 3 groups via the Hama Air Base. According to him, 98 Egyptian personnel reportedly came from the city of Ismailia on July 26 and then were deployed in Khan al-Asal. 50 others arrived from Cairo Airport on July 27. They are supposedly deployed in Saraqib.

However, no flights from Egypt to the said base were recorded over the past few days. Furthermore, it is almost impossible to hide the deployment of foreign troops on the frontline in the conditions of the Syrian war, when almost every second fighter has a mobile phone and social media accounts and uses them to share pictures and videos from the battlefield.

Most likely, Turkish state media and proxy groups loyal to Ankara found a new original way to justify the illegal presence of their own forces in Syria. The accusation of other parties doing something that the Erdogan government does itself is something that Turkish media outlets regularly do.

In the earlier stages of the conflict, Turkey and its intelligence services openly allowed various terrorists aiming to join ISIS and al-Qaeda to use the territory of Turkey and camps on the Syrian-Turkish border as a transport hub on their route to Syria. At the same time, Turkey was actively involved in illegal oil trading with ISIS.

Later, when the Russian military operation, including mass bombings of ISIS oil infrastructure, convoys, and public revelation of the facts of Turkish cooperation with ISIS, put an end to this, Turkish official propaganda shifted its attention to accusations of all other parties involved in the conflict of cooperation with ISIS. It even claimed that its military operation against Kurdish militias in Afrin was aimed against ISIS.

Ankara sent almost 10,000 Syrian militants to Libya to support the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord. Nonetheless, Turkish outlets are crying foul about the small number of Russia-linked private military contractors hired by the UAE to support the Libyan National Army against Turkish-backed forces.

Over the past years, Turkey has occupied a notable part of northern Syria and deployed thousands of troops in Greater Idlib to protect al-Qaeda-linked terrorists there from the Syrian Army. Therefore, it would be logical for Ankara to find some ‘foreign force’ that it can accuse of deploying its own troops in the country.

At the same time, if the deployment of Egyptian troops to support the Syrian Army turns out to be true, this will be really bad news for Turkey. Ankara still seems to be unable to control its local al-Qaeda partners and the chances of a new round of escalations in the region are increasing.

The mighty Turkish Armed Forces have thus far failed to defeat the Syrian Army exhausted by years of conflict with terrorists. The outcome of the new escalation will be even more gloomy for Turkey if Egyptian forces will join the coalition supporting Damascus.

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EGYPTIAN Troops in SYRIA Backing SYRIAN Troops TURKEY Cries …

Mustafa Mehmet

Why Türkiye Cries? Egyptian lost against Israel in 6 days they will lose in 2-days against Turkey they can’t even control Egypt Israeli borders from Isis group

FANFARONE ? Year of the Pig ??

go ahead, show us your cifteteli skills lan the greek navy forced the turkish fleet to run away and hide in their safe liman just a few days ago golu golu glugluglu yogurlu

Mustafa Mehmet

Re çoban beyinsiz hayvan oğlu hayvan you should thanks to Germany for now. no 1 can stop Türkiye. Especially bankrupts greeks. Hade güle güle Cockroaches

FANFARONE ? Year of the Pig ??

Air dοg an to Frau Merkel : we are about to go bankrupt, can we drill for oil in eastern mediterranean ?

Frau Merkel : the situation is sinister, the greeks are not joking at all – here have some euro to pass by August

Air dοg an : Danke Frau Merkel

now eat your kofte and drink your vitamin D enriched ayran and be quiet lancilik LOL


turks suck shit….murdering thieving scumbags…They are a pimple on the ass of the American donkey…

Icarus Tanović

Glu glu glu yogorlu! Hahahhahahahahaha!

El Mashi

Its about time that Egypt support Syria in its fight against Al Qaeda. It has lost valuable combat experience which it doesn’t have and needs.

Mr. Saddam

Intent means a lot, Egypt is just doing this because of what Turkey is doing in Libya. It’s out of spite. Not any genuine, real morals.

FANFARONE ? Year of the Pig ??

President CC is the guarantor of stability in ME and N.Africa

Air dοg an is a turk ( laz ) islamist who imprisons secular generals, while CC is an arab secular general who imprisons islamists. Well done CC, you gave Air dοg an night terrors when you took out the arch – terrorist Morsi


150? Those are rookie numbers. They need to pump those numbers up

Ivan Freely

It’s just a message. Egypt is more concerned with their Western, and maybe Southern, front.


That’s what I’m saying.

Ryan Glantz

Bravo, that is great reporting with dry wit!

AM Hants

Nice one Egypt and interesting. Aren’t Russian mercenaries and Egyptian Forces happily working together in Libya?

S Melanson

They are, they are indeed. I made a post suggesting Sisi send First Armor Battalion of the Egyptian Army with 50 M1A1 Abrams Tanks. They can get some target practice with those M60 Patton museum pieces.

johnny rotten

Turkey is an isis that has been successful, for now, like israhell.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Anytime Erdogan’s upset about anything Assad should be happy. They keep saying Egyptian forces but I suspect that’s slightly misrepresentative, they may be Egyptian soldiers from the Egyptian army but I think officially they’re way more than just that, I actually suspect they’re Egyptian representatives from the Arab League Nations being sent on a fact finding mission, that’s who I think they really are. And I think they’ve been sent in to ascertain the best way to get the Turks out of Syria, so whether that means military, political, or even financial strategies, or combinations of all 3, the Arab League will decide on the best way to wipe the Muslim Brotherhood off the map, in Libya, Iraq, and Syria. God I hope I’m right, I think this would be the best news for Assad and the very worst news for Erdogan and the Muslim Brotherhood.

They say the claims may be false because there were no confirmed flights from Egypt, but were there any flights from Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Jordan, ect, because if they really were Egyptian Arab League representatives as I suspect they were, they could’ve flown in from anywhere around the world. Fingers crossed.


Turkey has never unleashed its vast military power. Ultimately, for the resurgent Ottoman Empire to emerge Turkey will have you square off on multiple fronts. Libya, Syria, Iraq, Greece, Azerbaijan/Armenia. Erdogan must choose his fights carefully and wisely marshal his resources. The winner writes history and Erdogan intends to win. The fact that he can exert influence on all these fronts and in doing so, occupy Syria, push the Russian backed LNA back, handily, put the Greeks in a frenzy while re-drawing unrealistic lines of maritime control, and carry the flag of Islam on the Azerbaijan/Armenia border speaks volumes about Turkey’s military power and its sphere of influence. Don’t count him out.

Porc Halal

you start from the presumption that all the other countries are fighting with swords and wooden spears against the Turds… well, things looks a ‘little bit’ different… there are also the geo-strategic and security interests of Russia in the area at stake .. .I see no reason for both the USA and Russia to deal in the more or less distant future with a growing destabilizing evil power in the area …

Porc Halal


for the moment the US do not take any action against the mongol goatfuckers due to the fact that they use the actions of islamist-neo-ottoman turkey in the region in their own interest (Ukraine, Caucasus, Iraq, oil fields in northern and northeastern Syria and Libya’s oil fields, etc.) … but there is always a limit that turdish zoophiles will not be able to cross without biting the dust…

Porc Halal


The neo-ottoman ambition of the turdish islamist regime is nothing but a chimera…a ghost…

FANFARONE ? Year of the Pig ??

why don’t you ask the poser what’s his real name and in which troll farm he works at

FANFARONE ? Year of the Pig ??

fake it till you make it, right ?

you came to believe your own lies xD

S Melanson

150 (or 148) Egyptian soldiers is to send a message to Erdogan of what Egypt can do to make life difficult for Turkey. Putting the Egyptian troops on the front line was intentional so that they could be readily be observed. When Sisi put troops on Libya’s border, I had a hunch he was serious.

Now if Erdogan has a hissy fit, Sisi can send Erdogan a package of tissues with a note:

Dearest Grand Sultan (backed into a corner) Erdogan, please find enclosed a beautifully framed picture of our latest gift to Assad – First Armor Battalion of the Egyptian Army with 50 M1A1 Abrams Tanks. They are arriving in Idlib to tour the countryside and are they not beautiful. And they want to meet your M60 Patton tanks – shouldn’t they be in a museum.

The tissues are of course to wipe the tears of joy from your face.

Love and Kisses Sisi

FANFARONE ? Year of the Pig ??


looks like it’s BS, source ( anadolu state funded ) suggests the egyptians are cooperating with IRGC ! Reliable military sources told Anadolu Agency that the soldiers had been sent to the Aleppo countryside, Idlib area in coordination with Iranian Revolutionary Guards via the Hama Military Airport.

this can’t be real, obviously turks are after triggering the saudis and undermining their relations with egypt poor tricks by lame pezevenk turds LOL

kajetán pičura

Egypt send 150 figures to Idlib. If there will be one of them killed or hurt by turkish terrorists, then the next moment Sisi has a reason to march-in into Lybia and fight the Turks there.

El Mashi

The Turkish backed terrorists in Syria are trained and directed by Turkey. Egypt will learn Turkish war tactics fighting Turkish proxies in Syria. This is essential war experience for Egypt just ask Russians who have gained invaluable battle experience in Syria. Egypt’s only challenge that the Syrian war not end too soon. Egypt is playing catch up. It is in the Battle of Idlib where Egypt will learn the most.

Icarus Tanović

I told you guys before, this is gonna turn Vietnam for Wahhabi Erdogan.

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