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JUNE 2021

Turkey Cracks Down Large ISIS Network In Ankara: 111 Suspects Detained, 245 Arrest Warrants Issued

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Turkey Cracks Down Large ISIS Network In Ankara: 111 Suspects Detained, 245 Arrest Warrants Issued


Security forces arrested 111 alleged ISIS members in the Turkish capital of Ankara on November 9, Turkish media report.

The ongoing anti-ISIS operation involves 1,500 security service members. The security operation targets the distrcits of Sincan, Etimesgut, and Cubuk.

In total, the arrest warrants were reportedly issued for 245 suspects by Ankara’s public prosecutor’s office.

On the same day, security forces also conducted an operation against ISIS in the province of Bingol.

Turkey, which has been a rear base for ISIS supporters and foreign fighters for a long time, faces a significant security threate as ISIS’ self-proclaimed caliphate collapses.

A major part of ISIS members fleeing Syria and Iraq chooses the Turkish territory as a hideout.

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Turkey fighting ISIS…thats a new one…..whats wrong?didn’t ISIS fighters do what they were paid for?money back-refund wanted by Turkey……


Its all about Turkey ‘cleaning house’ I think :)
Their previous ISIS house guests are no longer wanted.


whatever the reason it’s a positive development. It might end up turning out to be a good thing that Erdogan was not deposed in the coup…..i think Davotoglu was more willing to play ball with CIA/Mossad than Erdogan.


I am sure that the US is still working on an assassination plan for Erdogan again.


i bet all of them are just Kurds…..and i dont think that it has to do with ISIS ….maybe they are just unwanted fraction members…..in SYria there are 100s of smaller groups calling themselves ‘moderate opposition’ …controlling them is a very serious business. money is a way…but if they want more and more now that the tide is turning against them…..that causes problems…..so Turkey establishes control of the game by taking out the problematic ones…..one group (fsa) to rule them all…..fsa is turkeys pawns


ISIS and Al Nusra + other terror groups were and some still are able to use Turkey as a safe haven. Events have obviously altered Turkish policy recently but monster’s that Turkey once nurtured are still at large in Turkey.


John Brown

Yes confirmation Turkey has switched sides. Putin understood what Abraham Lincoln said . “:the best way to get ride of an enemy is to turn them into your friends”.

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