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Turkey Continues Crackdown On Supporters Of Gulen Movement

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Turkey’s crackdown on supporters of the Gulen movement [often referred by the government as Gulenist Terror Organisation – FETO] continues with 95 arrest warrants issued on December 28th, Anadolu Agency reported.

The Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office in Konya issued 60 arrest warrants as part of an on-going probe for FETO’s infiltration in the Turkish army, an unnamed police source was cited.

The suspects are accused of being “imams” of the ‘terror group’ and communicating with on-duty soldiers.

According to the anonymous source, police carried out simultaneous raids in 26 provinces to arrest the suspects.

Separately, prosecutors in Ankara issued arrest warrants for 35 personnel of the Turkish Naval Forces, including 10 on-duty. In a statement, the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office in Ankara said the suspects are accused of communicating with FETO imams through payphones.

The report of the arrest warrants come amid a US delegation visiting Ankara for discussions with Turkish officials on countering the FETO organization.

Anadolu Agency posted an infographic, showing the “many talks” the US and Turkey have held regarding the FETO Organization and its US-based leader Fetullah Gulen.

Turkey Continues Crackdown On Supporters Of Gulen Movement

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The January 3rd meeting was 11 hours long and was attended by Ankara Deputy Chief Public Prosecutor Ramazan Dinc, Public Prosecutor Ali Alper Saylan, Turkish Justice Ministry officials, and the U.S. delegation, including FBI officials, according to unnamed sources.

“Kemal Batmaz — a so-called civilian imam of the FETO terror group who has been remanded in custody — was brought to the hearing room for questioning, but he reportedly refused to provide any information.”

Two other people were also questioned, but their identities were unrevealed.

In December 2018, the US reportedly was working on finding a way to extradite Fetullah Gulen. The visit on January 3rd is allegedly related to that.

Furthermore, according to Anadolu Agency, “FETO schools in the U.S. have faced legal challenges of financial mismanagement, misappropriation of public funds, and abusing the immigration process.”

Ankara accuses FETO and the organization’s leader Fetullah Gulen of orchestrating the failed coup attempt on July 15th, 2016, which left 251 people dead and nearly 2,200 injured.

Ankara also accuses FETO of being behind a long-running campaign to overthrow the state through the infiltration of Turkish institutions, particularly the military, police, and judiciary.

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wasn’t it the moronic states of a that together with gulen tried to take out erdogan in order for the moronic states to have a more loyal president in the rather crucial area that is turkey! think if the moronic states had succeeded, the outcome of the syrian war had been quite different!

You can call me Al

If you believe that Gulen organised the coup !!.


no but the moronic states most likely did with the help of gulen and promise to make him the head of turkey and that they would live happily forever after. erdogan proved to be a harder nut to crack than cia had contemplated so he’s still around and gulen is scared
sh..itless for being handed over to erdo.


Gulen and Erdogan come from the same background, they were both groomed to be shills of the Zionist West. Erdogan simply figured out midway into the plan that he was being set up to be thrown under the bus. The Jews had convinced him that if he helped the US and Israel destroy Syria he would get an Ottoman Empire out of it. Once Erdogan realized he was actually getting a Kurdistan on his border with the future breakup of Turkey as the next step he stopped participating in the plan altogether and started cooperating with Syria, Russia, and Iran. This is when the CIA tried to overthrow him through a coup.

I highly doubt he will be able to act independently of the West for the long term though. Sooner or later he will have to pick a side. The Zionist West isn’t about to relinquish control of a Turkey they have spent decades infiltrating and grooming.


it’s an amorphous scene and today the euroasian interests in the area are balancing out the fukus group’s entire sphere of influence. and think about it – the moronic states lost the war in afghanistan, lost the war in iraq and lost the war in syria so they are basically on their way back home notching these three losses as one since it looks less ominous.

the time of threats and intimidation are gone and if we’re lucky the moronic states will be folding its tents in most places before long – and all I have to say is ‘good riddance’ and that israel is discontinued for good at the same time. please note – israel is not needed and it can be vaporized out of existence at an early covenience!


He has been setting up an unwelcome Muslim network within the US. He may have outworn his welcome currently. I have heard through the rumor mill that Gulen many be handed over.



It has nothing to do with the Clinton foundation dude, you seem to be getting all your information from CIA sources, which is why you’ve posted a video from that disinformation CIA agent Sibel Edmonds. It’s the CIA that’s doing all these activities. Gulen himself is a CIA asset who takes orders, just like Sibel Edmonds.


Since the Clinton Foundation investigation is still a work in progress I suggest that we have this debate when it is complete and the findings put into the public view. Neither you or I have the completed findings so for the time being you stick with your speculations and I will stick to mine.


There’s no “investigation” man, that’s part of the psy op that you’ve been deceived by. Clinton is just a puppet, she just works for the Jewish money power that runs America from behind the scenes. The CIA and FBI which would be doing the investigation are themselves working for the same power. You still have faith in the system and cannot believe how hopelessly corrupt it really is.


There is something that we can agree on completely. The system is more corrupt than any sane person can imagine. :-)

I am not here to change your mind, and it is not likely that you will change mine either. As an example I see Tom Fitton from judicial watch out there every day fighting the good fight, and I do not believe that he fights alone.

If you want to believe that the situation is hopeless, that is up to you.

I do not.


I didn’t say the situation is hopeless, I said the current system is hopeless but that doesn’t mean we can’t try to change it. My point was that it’s futile to expect reform from the system itself. The CIA is not going to investigate its own crimes. Expecting them to do so without some major internal change is fantasy. Remember this comment when Trump leaves office and nothing has happened to Clinton.


I will remember that comment if nothing has happened to Clinton when Trump leaves office. But for now, we are trying to figure out her current location. As you can see, she has updated her twitter account with holiday photographs…from decades ago. ;-)


The C_A needs to be taken apart so that not one stone is left standing. For the time being I do not think that it has been fully inventoried so not all of the buried bodies have been accounted for. For some strange reason their Chief of Staff resigned earlier today.


I do think that there are efforts being made from within to change the system. We are on the brink of the end of the Democratic party. That ought to stir things up a little.

Time will tell.

You can call me Al

“He has been setting up an unwelcome Muslim network within the US”….. there is the excuse then.

Nice video; thanks.

Brother Ma

The moronic states are throwing another ally under the bus;Gulen! I couldn’t care less as he is an Islamist pig but good to see the US acting true to character.

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