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Turkey Conducts More Operational Tests Of S-400 Air Defence System, Worrying Allies And Adversaries Alike

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Turkey Conducts More Operational Tests Of S-400 Air Defence System, Worrying Allies And Adversaries Alike

FILE PHOTO: The S-400 Triumf anti-air missile system

Turkey took delivery of several units of the Russian S-400 anti-aircraft defence system last year, despite strong objections and threats of sanctions from the United States. It has been conducting operational tests of the new systems over the last few months, most recently from a location in northern Turkey adjacent to the Black Sea, sparking concern among neighbouring countries and others with a significant military presence in the region.

For the latest round of tests, in early October, S-400 units were transported to a location adjacent to the Black Sea, near the port of Sinop in northern Turkey.

The military news portal Defense News managed to confirm some of the details of the latest tests with a Turkish military official.

The S-400 will be tested at the Sinop test field, and the city’s civil aviation authorities have banned all flights between Sinop and Unyem, east of the test field, at an altitude of less than 25,000 feet.

Officials reported the S-400 will be fired eastward during the tests.

The batteries were transported to Sinop on eight-wheel drive military trucks. Military officials said a batch of 10 U.K.-made Banshee target drones were also transported to Sinop for the tests.

Turkey first tested the S-400 air defense system on American-made F-16 fighter jets in November [of last year]… LINK

Turkey’s possession of the state of the art Russian anti-air defence system has caused considerable concern among Turkey’s NATO allies as well as many of its neighbours.

The S-400 surface-to-air defence system is one of the most advanced in the world. Effective for medium to long-range targets, its radar can spot, track and target aircraft and missiles at a range of up to 400 kilometres.

Turkey had been trying for many years to acquire an effective air defence system, however Washington’s reluctance to sell the US Patriot air defence system to Turkey – along with the system’s questionable operational performance – persuaded Turkey to consider possible alternatives.

Finally, Turkey signed an agreement with Russia in 2017 to buy the S-400, with the first delivery of four missile batteries worth $2.5bn arriving in July 2019.

Turkey and Russia are reported to be negotiating the purchase of a second batch of S-400 batteries, either based on co-production or off-the-shelf purchase with technology transfer.

Turkey’s decision to buy the Russian air defence system has been roundly condemned by the US. Washington has suspended Turkey’s involvement in the US-led, multinational Joint Strike Fighter program that builds the F-35 fighter jet, and has also threatened to impose punitive sanctions against Turkey if it activated the air defence system.

Turkey had previously announced that it would activate the system in April 2020, however under intense pressure from its NATO allies, most notably the United States, Turkey quietly postponed the activation process for several months, citing the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the first operational test in November 2019, Turkish F-16 and F-4 jets were tracked and targeted by S-400 units as they flew over the capital city in a simulated attack.

Earlier this month, unconfirmed media reports stated that in August of this year a Hellenic Air Force F-16 was tracked with the S-400’s radar while it was returning from a multinational military exercise, drawing strident complaints from Turkey’s NATO allies.

Following the reports of the alleged incident in August, a US State Department spokesman did not rule out the use of CAATSA provisions (the legislation providing the basis for sanctions against countries acquiring advanced Russian military equipment).

“We continue to object strenuously to Turkey’s purchase of the S-400 air defense system, and are deeply concerned with reports that Turkey is continuing its efforts to bring the S-400 into operation,” the State department spokesman said. “We continue to stress at the highest levels that the S-400 transaction remains a major obstacle in the bilateral relationship and at NATO, as well as a risk for potential CAATSA sanctions.” LINK

Turkey Conducts More Operational Tests Of S-400 Air Defence System, Worrying Allies And Adversaries Alike

The S-400 batteries substantially extend Turkey’s military reach and capabilities.

A report by Al Jazeera notes that the system’s potency and effective range of airspace coverage has caused a substantial shift in the regional balance of military forces:

This means that it could cover most of Syria. A battery placed at the border near Gaziantep, Turkey could engage aircraft as far away as Damascus and Beirut and could certainly reach any Russian aircraft taking off or landing at the Russian base in Khmeimim near Latakia, Syria.

A missile system that dominates an adversary’s air space is a potent weapon and can tip the strategic balance, making any military action on the ground more tempting.

However it is used, the S-400 has Turkey’s neighbours worried.

Greece, which operates an older version, the S-300, with little or no complaints from the US, is especially worried given it was a Greek fighter jet that the S-400 was tested on, as tensions simmer between the two NATO members.

The S-400 would allow Turkey to cover the whole of the Aegean and the eastern Mediterranean.

This was precisely the objection Turkey had when Cyprus bought the S-300 in the late 1990s – that Cyprus would be able to dominate the airspace between itself and a large chunk of southern Turkey.

Greece was obliged to take the system and have it moved to the island of Crete in order to avoid military action by Turkey against the Republic of Cyprus.

Wherever these batteries are placed, the S-400 will have a destabilising effect due to its potency. LINK


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Great Khan


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The confrontation between training companies representing the Bedouin 585th reconnaissance unit
and the Shaked Battalion occurred at the Har Keren training base on Sunday.

Things became so heated in the fracas that one of the troops even started loading his gun, according to one witness who was cited in local reports.The brawl lasted several minutes and involved around 30 people – some 21 of whom were injured in the altercation. The majority of the soldiers were treated on site, but eight required hospitalization with light injuries. In recent years IDF has suffered morale issues made worse by politically motivated Covid lockdowns and constant fear of Hezbollah or Iranian attacks.


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Great Khan

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They were too occupied in the fight, so a dozen Hezbollah fighters got into the canteen.


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show it to Netanyahu


Why do you blame the “jews”? Because they sell weapons to both sides? So does Russia, US and many European countries. You people are jealous at the success of the Israelis.


……………its what the Jews are best at………… Lying……………they are the world champions…………..its what their religion and their fake country is founded upon………………Lies.


the entire system can be overcome by swarming it with jew drones when it runs out of missiles it is dead, it is false security for the camel rapers

Ilya Grushevskiy

So can a gun? It is designed to be integrated into a network of systems to be optimally efficient, but that doesn’t mean its missiles are impotent even when stand alone.


in a real war unless you had quantities such as russian then they are useless. turks can be overcome very quickly

Ilya Grushevskiy

Well, they have some use.. and the technological transfer is worth the money in and of itself too.


russia is stupid or desperate giving a technology transfer even america refused to give them patriots let alone the technology.

Ilya Grushevskiy

it’s a defensive tech, so what? every country has a right to defend itself, and Turkey should too. Is Put in miscalculating in believing this will bring Turkey into the fold away from Empire? Maybe, but I tend to give him the benefit of the doubt.


its not purely defensive, certain S-400 missiles can potentially launch vehicles in to high orbit. i think putin got carried away with his turkish friends. never trust a jew a chinaman or a turk

Ilya Grushevskiy

Well, splintering NATO by cozying up to Turkey is no bad strategy, and with Trump punching from the inside, NATO may even finally splinter. I don’t see it as a big deal – Turkey can have their weapons, even with a bit of offensive capability (bombs are bombs after all!). But Russia’s borders are still safe, and this arguably advances Russia’s safety, because a less united NATO is worth the tradeoff of a stronger Turkey.. imo


……………….The Russian hold the Kill switch……………….

Lone Ranger

I doubt that.
But its a numbers game.

Lone Ranger

Depends how many launchers and missiles you have.
To overcome the Russian air defense you would need around 25,000 drones.
Good luck with that…


very false. 1 system 4 missiles and 2 missiles per target so if you only have one launcher on site and can launch 3 small diameter bombs from 80 miles then the S-400 is dead

Lone Ranger

Very false.
One missile is enough per target s-400 has a hit probability of 98%.
You wont get ad near as 80miles if it doesnt want to.
One complex is usually comprised of 3or 4 launchers, 4missilies each, thats 12-16 missilies for one complex.
Turkey has 3-4 now.
Thats 4×16 missilies in a fast salvo.
Its also an integrated layered air defense protected by short range SAMs and CIWS.
Its no coincidence the U.S. cries about 24/7.


the real truth is depending on target type speed, detection range, weather, countermeasures etc the kill ratio is really around 0.6 on average for 2 intermediate range missiles fired, the larger range missiles not so good. all ratios are based on interceptor pairs.

Lone Ranger

Thats maybe true for the archaic Patriot but not for the S-400.


don’t ever let facts get in the way of your story

Lone Ranger

Thats an advice you should follow up on.

Toni Liu

Its turks and they had mix between local made and western aa defence, after what they done in recent wars they not stupid enough not to layered this powerfull aa with other close or medium aa. Its ironic letting them got destroyed by enemy that used turks own strategy

Alekai Mordechai

At least 150 kamakazi drones along with 75 stand off PGMs can take out one system.

Issue is, Stand off munitions range can only be increased to 300 km with current know-hows at hand. However Harpy, Harops and different other iterations can be a cheaper alternatives too.

Greece might need at least 750 drones and 300 missiles on standby. With all 18 Rafales on routine missions.

So S-400 are not silver bullets, and it all comes down to updating software and missile guidances.

Alekai Mordechai

Refer to my posts against JDAM.

Alekai Mordechai

Concept of ”systems” passed wayyyy over your head!

You seem to be counting apple based on how many seeds it has. Pffft

Here’s a break down:

One S-400 system can constitute 6 to 8 TEL vehicles ( meaning 24 or 32 missiles on standby) along with 1 C2 vehicle along with 3/4 radars and ECM stations at different frequencies. All spreaded out! More accessories are added or deducted based on needs. Newer the variants better the processing, tracking and computation power.

With Turks having 4 systems at hand you will be seeing 24 to 32 launchers with 96 to 128 missiles ready to launch. Along with same number of missiles on reloading vehicles.

FYI, nowadays Rosoboronexport also offers an admixture of Pantsirs and Tors to accompany each S-400/S-300PMU2 systems. This might include 4 to 6 SHORADS for Point defense against swarm attacks. Another one is Gazeteechiks a ground based flare system which confuses incoming IR missiles much like MAWS used in aircrafts.

So yeah, a big break down as to what’s to deal with.


Well maybe not 25000 but if a country has an integrated air defense system in place, with short and medium range systems separately covering the long range air defense systems, the systems will be safe. Maybe a couple of hundreds of drones to take out the system itself but no country except the US would even consider to launch an operation that large just to take out 1 system because it’s not only costly but it would require manpower.


Absolutely, in a small outpost like the Russians have in Syria you could simply wait until Russian air defences run out of missiles however Russian air defences are designed as a system …. when you have an network of many S-400’s, S-350’s, S-300’s, BUK’s, pantsir’s, Tors, legacy Soviet air defences, SU-27, 30, 35, 57, Mig 29’s, 31’s as well as nifty missile systems that can take out your ships and airfields it’s a much more difficult task.


it is true for every AA system

and this is why the russian, in particular, have always multilayered defense systems in place

also, for quantity, this is just the first batch…the turks are testing them, learning how to use them, then they will buy more

Erdogan’s path will put him against the world, he cannot save his arse with only a couple of S400 batteries

Lone Ranger

Missile range is 400km
Radar range is 600+km.*


by the time i can travel 400km target will be lost, out of range or missile will be shot down.

Lone Ranger

Not if your missile travels at Mach 12 and is highly maneuverable.
It covers 400km in a 130secs or just over 2mins.

johnny rotten

Buying the S-400 was the smartest move Turkey has made in recent years, especially after the attempted obanana coup.


Turkey is not a reliable partner for the US nor Russia. It seems to play double game, so to take advantage of both. In one hand buying Russian S400, in the other hand potentially help the US to counter this air defense system.
Turkey might try to emancipate, setting up its own geopolical influence, and at the same time simply using US/Russia antagonism for its own interest, having the final goal to sap them both.


You are right. Turkey outplayed both Russia and the US.

Fog of War

Another ” signal analysis ” opportunity for ZioAmerica and Israhell. Thanks Turkey.


I’m convinced SAM’s are useless unless you have an array of offensive weapons. These things don’t work as advertised.


These systems are hypersonic dual use. That can hit both air and surface targets. Basically unstoppable once the missiles are in the air. Satcom integration is an important component. The Turks have 21 satellites. In a real conflict aircraft and other targets in range would be hit on the ground so that they don’t have to be hit in the air. Much or most of the IAF could be disabled and destroyed before they even got in the air by a regional coalition on an as needed basis. They’re helicopter fleet could also be taken out. With a very low casualty count and basically no civilian collateral damage. Unlike the baby raping scum who’ve shot 20,000 unarmed demonstrators over the past couple of years.


This is the place to start. Being an IAF map it shows what they think about the Palestinians, UN and international law.
comment image



No matter what the Turks think they can do with “Their” S400 system……………..the Russians have a finger on the “Kill Switch”. Vlad would never allow that system to be used against his own forces. That the “Dog” is so daft, just takes my breath away.


What kill switch is that, do you have supporting links, or is it just your opinion?


Richard, no I don’t have any proof………………but lets think logically. What do you know about the philosophy of how the Russians do war. Well we have seen plenty in various theaters. I am sure that there are specific weapons which the Russians will not allow to be used against themselves. If I am wrong, then I am sure that the Khibny ECM system or something similar can block the S400 guidance system…………….there are always back doors…………………


I just composed a reply to your question…………….only to have it deleted saying that it was marked as spam ?????? WTF is going on.

Svincius Savickas

Turkey’s S-400 has no more than 200 km radios.

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