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JUNE 2021

Turkey Condemns US Decision To Establish Syrian Border Security Force Under “PYD/YPG Terrorist Organization’s Command”

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On January 14, the Turkish Foreign Ministry released an official statement commenting the recent reports that the US-led coalition had started working on establishment the Border Security Force that will be deployed at Syrian borders in the areas controlled by US-backed forces.

No: 15, 14 January 2018, Press release regarding the statements on the establishment of a so-called “Syrian Border Security Force” under the PYD/YPG terrorist organization’s command (source):

Upon reports in the international press on allegations regarding the establishment of a so-called “Northern Army” by the PYD/YPG with US support, the Chargé d’Affaires of the US Embassy had been summoned to our Ministry on January 10 and requested to provide further explanation on the matter.

This time, in reference to a statement made by the spokesman for the Global Coalition against DEASH, news have emerged that the Coalition is working with the PYD/YPG-dominated so-called “Syrian Democratic Forces” (SDF) to form a 30,000-strong so-called “Syrian Border Security Force”, comprised partly of PYD/YPG elements, that would operate under “SDF” command.

Turkey has reiterated repeatedly at all levels and platforms that fighting DEASH on the ground and conducting stabilization activities in areas liberated from DEASH in cooperation with another terrorist organization, PYD/YPG, is simply wrong and dangerous.

On the other hand, Turkey, as a member of the Coalition, was not consulted with regard to the establishment of the so-called “Syrian Border Security Force”. It is also unknown by the approval of which Coalition members this decision was taken. Announcing unilateral steps by attributing it to the Coalition is an utterly wrong move that can also harm the fight against DEASH.

Such initiatives endangering our national security and Syria’s territorial integrity through the continuation of cooperation with PYD/YPG in contradiction with the commitments and statements made by the US are unacceptable. We condemn the insistence on this flawed approach and remind once again that Turkey is determined and capable to eliminate any threats targeting its territory.

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America, Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are united and are aggressive forces in the whole world they have entered into Yemen, Palestine, Syria, Iraq etc and have abused the International law.

John Mason

International Law is on holidays for quite some time and doubt that it will be back any time soon. One can blame the US, UK and France for it’s disappearance and in regards to the UNSC of the 5 permanent members, US, UK and France can veto their own violations.


Which they will never do.

John Mason

Erdogan needs to stop sitting on the fence and start contemplating Turkey’s security issues. He dos have options like closing down US/NATO bases in Turkey and instead of complaining about the Kurds/US relationship start by attacking them with full force.




The more the US Deep State psychopaths are allowed to get away with, the bolder and more aggressive they become. I think the Hawaii nuclear false alarm was intentional as a test in preparation for a much more serious war…. a world war…. a nuclear war these psychopaths believe they can win. The only chance for the planet’s survival is for those targeted countries to unite and say enough is enough! As you say, it’s time for Turkey to take a STRONG stance. Attacking the Northeastern Syrian border with full force, before the Empire establishes a solid occupation force, ought to get the message across.


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Muriel Kuri

Tired .. says they won’t need NATO bases in Turkey, since they’ll have them in Syria.
I say they will use the toehold in Syria to have a large base there. Now is the time for action before they get entrenched. Russia, Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and Turkey need to wipe the area clean now.

Jim Martin

“Now is the time for action before they get entrenched. Russia, Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and Turkey need to wipe the area clean now”

MY Question to you: With laser beams, aliens or spaceships?


Snipers with drones , but Idlib and Deir Ezzor , and Damascus must be first .

Jim Martin

You are talking about a failed state propped up by homicidal vicious brutality and a slews of ICC war crimes. Not exactly the definition of a future for 23 million Syrians (less 4-500,000 dead of course)

John Mason

To get rid of the Yanks all you have to do is show a few sling shots and your face, they will break the worlds record in sprinting.

Jim Martin

Like the Imperial Japanese and Bin Laden?

John Mason

Bin Laden? No evidence that he is dead. Those living outside the US know that it was the US government that murdered there own citizens in 9/11 and that Bin Laden was used as an excuse to start “War on Terror” which is rather ambiguous since the US is the terror organization.

Cheryl Brandon

Turkey is not be trusted; Erdogan talks loudly and say one thing in public then, does 180 degree in private??


Nah, Turkey has to wait until this force is active and then do a cleaning operation in Turkey. Once the new Border patrol comes marching into Turkey to help the YPG they can just blast them away. After that happens the US is no longer able to support them.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The good thing is the Turks calling the US out in building this Bull Shit Farce,the drawing of the media attention will help. The us have built a large Terrorist army at Al Tanf and due to funding have had to reduce the numbers. Just last year the US Base Commander had to pay out severance packages worth several thousands of dollars each which ended up releasing 5,000 to Rubkan refugee camp and like the US did in Iraq by creating ISIS recruits in the BAATHIST stronghold so this area also has become lawless.

They have about 2,000 with all those Jihadi brigades there on payroll, and recently had brought 200 more ISIS from Northern Syria to Al Tanf. The US has allowed them free run of the area turning a blind eye to their actions. The US tried baiting Russia and Syria into pacifying this area knowing full well it will be impossible as everyone behind those lines the US has drawn are being targeted for radicalization. They are all prisoners of the US backed terrorists and escape is for the lucky few.

Well back to your comment Turkey needs to deliver and stop playing footsies as Feto Gulen is in the wings and waiting.


It’s interesting how wherever the US goes, terrorism is nurtured, funded and supplied with whatever weapons are needed, Isis and AlQueda are a good case in point. Never in the history of the world have we witnessed such heavily, modern weapon carrying terrorists who receive also satellite targeting information. Look at Afghanistan…. The US created the Talliban to fight Russians, and now the US is fighting Talliban?; well at least that’s what we’re told, but with so many lies given to us all for wars (with the truth ultimately coming forth), one has to assume that whatever the US Deep State states, is nothing but lies.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

We already no the first death of the unknown soldier’s name is and why the soldier is buried at the beginning and that name is “truth”.

Jim Martin

Perhaps a solution that both Congress,the Senate and the rest of the world can understand? What the Admin could be trying to accomplish?

The SDF/YPG/YPJ areas are actually more of a Federal State. Province or Carton (s) within and undivided Syria and not Independence or a state-let. As the local councils are set up, to actually represent the locals the SDF/YPG/YPJ becomes more Syrian dominated, not Kurdish dominated which is fine with many/most Kurds as Syrians collective strength is not from being Arab, Kurd, Christian, Turkmen or whomever. Their strength is from being Syrian and Erdogan and the rest if the malcontents should get used to it

As this happens more and more, the Assad Regime will not be toppled, but the power around him will simply “dissolve” which I think is also what both the Americans and Russians have in mind? This also means Sen Cardin and Corker that there is an end game, and not endless conflict; however, patience is required; not “are we there yet”? From the back seat. A resolution such as this with the increased backing of the Syrian people means that neither the Russians or Americans will have to stay open ended; however the pace of this change will be based on how well we support the collective SDF/YPG/YPJ inclusive structures. BTW the PKK and their ideology has played a positive role in this whole picture (and no I don’t support either PKK or Turkish State Oppression /Terrorism); however “The times they are a changing” and at some point this could also help Turkey when all Kurds there are as proud of being Turkish as they are being Kurdish. We are not talking about any new independent states, but federal state, Provincial or Cantonal anatomy within one undivided Turkey at peace, not pieces with blood , sweat and tears going nowhere which has tragically gone on for decades. Respect for minority rights will make “one Turkey” stronger not weaker. It’s not just a matter of having faith in others, but that Turks have faith in themselves so that the “barn burning homicidal KKK actions” become socially unacceptable in Turkey. It’s the only way ahead to avoid blood, sweat and tears.

As for Tehran’s influence? Now only in the context of a Syria at peace and not a proxy or land bridge into Syria and Lebanon as spoilers , and to confront Israel at the expense of the Lebanese, Syrians, Palestinians, Israelis and yes also Iranians.

This is a conflict that has no place in the 21st Century, and only also serves to support the Israeli hard liners against the Palestinians and the future of their own people, including the destructive settlements on Palestinian land which supports the mindless cycle of violence and oppression, going nowhere but more blood, sweat and tears (tragically a common reoccurring theme for the regions than also needs to be and must be “dissolved” also)

Could this be it? Well?


You do seem to be a “patriot” , dreaming in the foggy American cloud . The US administration , State Dept , CIA etc . have been trying to accomplish one thing since they started this war against Syria , and that is “regime change” . Financing Al Qaeda directly , and ISIS indirectly through Saudi Arabia . The Syrians are lucky enough to have allies , namely Russia . And friends , Lebanon , Iraq and Iran , all of whom have experienced American “interest” . So despite the billions spent , their proxy armies are all but defeated . Attempting to turn the Kurdish people into their next proxy army , is clear for the world to see .
The ” Federal State” is a central government , with provinces or states within the “Federation” . Federal governments control borders , the military , agreements with foreign states , etc . Kurdish held areas could become a self governing province , which they now are , but a federation , would be the creation of a independent nation
The Assad Federal Government “will not be toppled” , but it will not just “simply dissolve”.
The Russians have let it be known that they are there standing behind Syria’s Sovereignty . America is standing in a Russian aligned nation , with no authorization . Time for America to return to Home Base . Spend some money on Americans , not dragging this war on for another ten years .

Jim Martin

Syria’s sovereignty vanished in 2011 when they let the crazies out if prison and gased, starved, and murdered their own people.

The Assad regime has the same chance in the long run as Slobodan Milosevic, Ratko Mladic and Radovan Karadzic, or Batista or Samoza . Its just a matter of time. Not if but when. Perhaps the same cells at the ICC in the Hague?


Ah , you are working for deep state by what ever name .
So you are no patriot , and have no ability to see through the propaganda your attempting to scatter .


Given the volatile situation of the region, a sturdy border security force is very important.

Given that is will have a defensive nature and be under SDF control, the US can now stuff this force full of defensive weapens, like ATGM’s, Manpads, artillery, radar and they might even throw in some armoured units for a flexible defense.


Why can’t you get it? There is no such a thing as setting up your own state just because you can defeat a few friendly terrorists!

So silly


In regular countries you are correct. Arabs and muslim states are mostly either failed states or on their way to becoming ones. The only (temporary?) exceptions are a few rich oil states. You know any other really functional muslim state?


Syria is still functional in spite of the war created by Western powers .

Assad will wrap up this war soon if the Kurds are still sane


“regular countries” – this guy is so full of bs…

You can call me Al

We are talking the US, so how long until they get bored of you and swop sides ?.

The only thing stuffed will be the Kurds. Camel calling.

Jim Martin

We can only hope that the Americans will arm on that level, to make an attack ill advised, Callahan

It would also be good to have collation observer separation forces as we did in Cyprus for years; in this case so that neither the “Assad or Erdogan regimes” can attack and destroy the only hope 23 million Syrian have including those who would return home if peace returned. What do you think?


As Washington Post reports this force will be build in the coming years, this means implicitly the US will be there at least till 2021 and will likely contribute towards reconstruction there.

Wonderful news for secular, democratic people in Syria.


The irony alone that an extreme left wing regime, the YPG, will be protected and supported by the very right wing US is both weird bizarre and delicious at the same time.


To some extent you are right of course.

On the other hand, the PYD, not the YPG as that is a militia, is very pragmatic. In essence their economic policies are based upon a mixed economy with an emphasis on cooperative small entreprises, not unlike dutch farners, banking and many farm based industries.

In a rather primitive economy, like that of Northern Syria, this is an effective model.

There extremism is largely on non economic issues and there they are, in theory, close to Europe : democracy, gender equality, ecology, secularism. Their extremism is largely relative to their socially backward neighbours.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The PYD is a terrorist wing of the PKK and under the control of the US Military, YPG is not a militia but a known terrorist affiliate of both the PKK/PYD.

Trying to draw comparisons between the Dutch farmers and the make up of Northern Syria is a complete nonsense before it was the Suisse ,lol.

Saying they are similar to Europe is another out of touch claim, you sound out of touch as Charles Lister in Syria. The Kurds are so primitive with politics they go with the local strongman as their leader. The equality is so far not even there as the women are treated like children.

Secularism doesn’t exist they were the ones killing Christian leaders and damaging their churches and businesses not ISIS, also Sunni extremism is still alive and well among the Kurds there and Iraq, this is just Kurdish mentality. You may think some feel differently but the majority feel and act otherwise.

Why do you believe those articles even in their media you can see the propaganda some even question it. NSO media I find prints more propaganda as I read more of their articles may as well red Rudaw.


Hahaha the irony actually is will the US last very long to even think.aboit reconstruction.

Really why you guys are such low in logic is beyond me.

Turkey has started ..
Syria brands all who join as traitors which means being a member carries a death penalty.

Russia has activated certain procedures
and Iran has stated with no uncertain words…leave or else.

Jokers with what is US going to counter these forces.

One thing for certainty US is not going to intervene when Turkey attack as US has supplied manpads to the Kurds mainly to take care of Turkish air strikes as US is definitely not going to confront Turkey as member of. Nato.

Kurds ate alone to fight all ASSAD’s allies.

Result is already certain.
So US does not have to wait

You can call me Al

Oh Kurd boy; you do realise that if this happens, you will all be walking targets – both Syria and Turkey, will be gunning for you. Say goodbye to the East of the Euphrates and even Syria in general. Looks like you’ll have to get on your camel again and fu*k off to another Country to live in….it wont be Turkey and it wont be Iraq…….mmmm…….maybe the US – nope, not there either. Pop over and see your buddies and learn to bang your head on a wall. Muppet.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Well look at your belligerent claims again about secular and democratic people in Syria , what a joke that actually is out of your mouth.

Yes we know the Dutch who sell arms for killing the civilians especially the children in Yemen, and that is why they support terrorists everywhere. Then make the claim they didn’t know a weak argument from warmongers who won’t fight themselves, a nation of cowards.

You can call me Al

“the establishment of a so-called “Northern Army” by the PYD/YPG with US support”
““Syrian Democratic Forces” (SDF) to form a 30,000-strong so-called “Syrian Border Security Force”, comprised partly of PYD/YPG elements, that would operate under “SDF” command.”

Summary – the Yankers are staying in Syria and using this as an excuse.


All areas of Kurds will fall to Syria. I don’t say but my statistics say.

John Brown

Wonderful news for Syria Russia Iran etc.. Turkey will soon be closing down all NATO bases on its territory, having a full economic embargo on the ISIS Israeli Kurds and attacking them if needed.


We need fact not words !

John Brown

The SAA is winning everywhere fact. The Kurdish enclave in Iraq already collapsed fact Enough facts for you?


Erdogan has screwed Turkey’s national interests over BIG TIME. He is a huge failure in these matters. He should really shut up and do what Putin tells him to do at this point.

Cheryl Brandon

Erdogan continues to play games, on behalf of USA.He protest loudly in front of mass media but, under the table, he continue with his terrorists business as normal. This talk I guess is to trick Russia.Iran but, Erdogan and USA are 2 idiots trying to outfox 2 countries which have victories in their back pocket? You continue to back the wrong side; This is why you are allowed to do illegal stuff Erdo
gan like occupy Northern Cyprus and, have illegally entered Syria???

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