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JUNE 2023

Turkey ‘Condemns’ Syrian Strike On Its Convoy In Greater Idlib, Claims 3 Civilians Were Killed

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Turkey 'Condemns' Syrian Strike On Its Convoy In Greater Idlib, Claims 3 Civilians Were Killed

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On August 19, the Turkish Defense Ministry officially condemned a Syrian warning airstrike on its military convoy heading towards the Syrian town of Khan Shaykhun, which is under control of terrorist groups in southern Idlib.

“We strongly condemn this attack that violates existing agreements, cooperation and dialogue with Russia,” the defense ministry said.

Furthermore, the Turkish side claimed that 3 civilians were killed and 12 others were injured in the strike.

A video of civilians targeted by the Syrian strike. The brutality of the bloody Assad regime has no bounds:

According to the Turkish military, a military convoy was initiated to ensure the safety of Observation Point No. 9, to keep supply routes open and prevent civilian casualties in the region.

The convoy was accidentially consisting of over 20 military vehicles, including battle tanks, and moving towards the region where al-Qaeda-linked militants democratic rebels have suffered large casualties in clashes with the Syrian Army. Most likely, Turkish forces were aiming to rescue them Khan Shaykhun by serving as human shields against the Syrian Army advance. Unfortunately for the democracy, the Assad regime prevented this humanitarian operation, at least by now.


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Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

Syria should release a statement to Turkey. ‘Do not fuck with us’


They have already made it, by three different ways.

David Parker

They just did. This time Assad and the SAA used language Erdogan could understand.


Turks should know it is dangerous to drive into a war zone ! DUHH SO STAY AWAY :)


It is illegal, blunder, trespassing, provocation to inject military conveys into a sovereign state.

Turkey should know that Green can nicely burn with dry terrorists.

Zionism = EVIL

It is an illegal occupation and invasion and the Turkeys and their terrorists will be cooked and must cooked, X-mas and Thanksgiving not withstanding.

Icarus Tanović


Zionism = EVIL

According to Iranian, Russian and Iraqi intelligence sources, the US and Zionist sponsored so-called Islamic State from its last shard of territory in Syria’s eastern Euphrates, the terror group is gathering new strength, conducting guerilla attacks across Iraq and Syria, retooling its financial networks and even targeting a vast new pool of recruits at an allied-run tent camp, Iranian and Iraqi military and intelligence officers said.The main recruitment conduit is Turkey and its MIT (military intelligence) with its Americunt CIA masters which are revamping Jihadi terrorism as a counter to SAA and Kurdish forces.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

Where u hear this?

Icarus Tanović

It may happen, but nevertheless they’ve lost their major strengths. Now they are running away from Al Lataminah, and other towns around? Haven’t heard of that before, bet. That is, mega karma is coming to get them. They spread terrorism and fear and phobias, now it turned against them, so pigs just tun. I wish I see them surrounded.

Zionism = EVIL

It is more than that, the Turkey losers are invaders in Syria and even under the Zionist UN charter, Syria is obligated to expel all invaders. The Turkey arseholes are liars as no civilians were killed in this warning airstrike which cooked 3 Turkeys, destroyed 2 APC and one Toyota pick-up. The Turkeys were trying to reinforce their headchoppers and SAA and Russians were not about to let that happen, so the lead column was hit and Turkeys fled, plain and simple. Now the SAA has total control over M5 and moving North and East.


Yeah and what the fuck are you doing with Al-Qaeda in Khan-Shukan a, deliver more goods. Nasty ottoman evils, generally Turks are good Nation tho, but these governmental mixing with Terror groups is nasty business.Understand Turks and your NFL proxies, you cannot protect HTS inside Syria. Period.

David Parker

Exactly when has Turkey and the Turks ever been a “good Nation”? Where Islam is, nothing is “good” or stable or anything but barbaric savagery.

Ishyrion Av

Turks – built nothing, created nothing, stole everything they could and murdered anyone sitting in their way (in his own country). A plague.


The Turks were only delivering Baby Milk, School books and Bagels for the civilians in the town.


Turk, go home, disappear!


There is a good video on “VeteransToday” showing the Turkish convoy taken out etc.

Syria: Turkish Convoy Destroyed Taking Arms to al Qaeda – Veterans Today | Military Foreign Affairs Policy Journal for Clandestine Services

David Price

Have they done a runner since the air strike


In their underpants apparently :)

Hanny Benny

Turkey = REAL ISIS (500 years long devshirme)

Hasbara Hunter


Hanny Benny



“The brutality of the bloody Assad regime has no bounds:” – Shows a video of armed terrorist trucks that were blasted.

Fucking dumbasses these Turks. Just strike their “observation posts” already.


does anyone know how the attack is going?! pls answ!


Is going great.

Pave Way IV

Turkey sent a couple of F-16s into Syria to retaliate and/or guard the convoy. RuAF responds by sending a couple of Su-35S to chase them away. Seems the Turk AF is plenty brave in sneak attacks on unsuspecting RuAF aircraft, but the Turk AF is a little cowardly when it comes to confronting superior RuAF air superiority fighters sent to kill them. Who would have thought?


Pave Way IV

Update: image of current situation (unverified) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/930b86e0537fa093f9425c32d6cb0fe4c615cbb16209c5dbaaeb09d6777a3a2d.jpg


That body is way too good for Erdogan lol


Not really.. Just Putin pushing back after Turkey warming up with US again.

But it does not change Russia geostrategy (Of seeing Erdogan as one of the most valueable partner in MENA besides Israel and Iran) and neither Erdogans (as sitting between NATO and Russia and benefiting from both)

But i agree it would be nice if this would indeed be true. :)

You can call me Al

Hahahaha, brilliant.


Yeah, who would have thought? I say finally though. Seems the cards have fallen. Turkey will now suck up even more to US, and after loosing Idlib Erdogan will be forced to find a place for the 10000s of Jihadists that will be pushed to Afrin and Al Bab. Thinks look finally good again for Syria!

Hasbara Hunter

I did…

Pave Way IV

Machine translation from Baldi News:

…A Turkish military convoy of dozens of vehicles, including tanks and armored vehicles, entered the Turkish checkpoints in the southern countryside of Idlib on Monday, amid intensive flight of Turkish reconnaissance aircraft.

According to Baladi News correspondent in Idlib countryside, a Turkish military convoy of 28 vehicles, including 7 tanks, 6 loaders, vehicles and trucks carrying ammunition, entered Monday morning from Turkish territory and headed towards Turkish observation points in the southern countryside of Idlib, in conjunction with the flight of Turkish reconnaissance aircraft in the air Southern Idlib countryside.

Our correspondent said that the warplanes of the regime’s air force targeted the Turkish convoy’s route, while passing on the road “Damascus – Aleppo” near the city of Maarat al-Numan, which resulted in obstruction of the convoy and stopped by the raids.

[Maarat al-Numan is 22 km north of Khan Shaykhun – SAA/Rus didn’t even want the convoy to leave that head-chopper stronghold on the M5 to KS]

…He pointed out that the warplanes raids on the highway “Damascus – Aleppo” resulted in the death of a member of the faction “Legion of the Levant” of the National Liberation Front and wounded 6 others.

[I thought this was ‘a TSK convoy’. Maybe they just picked up head-chopper hitchhikers?]

…Observers of the north of Syria broadcast a leaked audio recording from the regime’s leaders, according to which orders were given to their forces to target the convoy near Maaret al-Nu’man in the southern countryside of Idlib.

[Because air force commanders usually like to order airstrike tasking by broadcasting in the open so everyone can hear]

…The entry of the military convoy supported by tanks and heavy machinery comes as regime forces continue to advance along the axis of Khan Sheikhoun city to completely isolate the northern countryside of Hama from Idlib countryside, where there is a Turkish observation point in the area of ​​Mork.

[Morek, I guess…]

…Commandos The Anatolia news agency said that units of the “commandos” arrived in the region of Kırık Khan of the Turkish state of Hatay, opposite the province of Idlib, on Sunday. The reinforcements come in an effort to distribute them to military units based in the border region with Syria, the agency said. The agency said that the units went to the border with Syria, amid tight security measures. The reinforcements come in conjunction with the military operation of the regime forces backed by the militias of Iran and Russia in the province of Idlib, where Ankara has 12 observation posts.

[Commandos for border guards? Heh… I guess Smeagol IS really worried about 50,000 headchoppers and their families streaming across the border to ‘safe’ Turkey! I have to hand it to him though: at least Turkey protects its borders from illegal immigrants, unlike… well, you know who…]

Pave Way IV

Other news outlets reporting that the convoy was intended to establish two new Turkish checkpoints on the M5 north of Khan Shaykhun to keep the route open for head-chopper supply. While I have little doubt Turkey regularly resupplies the head-choppers and probably has stuff for them in this convoy, I have to say the convoy itself looks like it has the same kind of armor and other junk that it used to establish the previous Turkish checkpoints. I doubt Turkish claims that this convoy was meant to reinforce the Morek checkpoint – they have to know that Morek is a lost cause. I’m inclined to think that they DID want to establish Turkish Army ‘human shield’ checkpoints on the M5 to keep it open. The bombed convoy was also reported to be one of three sent from Turkey, but nobody said where the other two are now.


Perhaps the “one of three” is the three ensembled in one.

David Parker

That would be very good. Don’t let the infection spread.


Well, Turkey is in Syrian territory illegally to begin with so they will have to deal with its consequences!

Party of One

And the Turks aren’t there to help.

You can call me Al

Nonsense, so far they have helped the NWO depopulation agenda by many being killed.

klove and light

“We strongly condemn this attack that violates existing agreements, cooperation and dialogue with Russia,”

Agreement, cooperation and dialogue with Russia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SAA should immediatley attack turkish illegal Military base at morek… and take no Prisoners kill all invading dirty turkish scum……

and secondly make clear to Zionist pig Putin…. all your bullshit treacherous Agreements with Turkey are null and void!!!

Kire Stojanovski

What kind of bomb was that!?!!!! It made a 10 meters deep hole in the road!!!! It’s so mind blowing!!! I can’t believe my eyes!


The bomb went down in the ground 10 meters deep and then exploded which cover hundred meters area. It was KAB. Very perfect message to Turkey.

You can call me Al

It was a “fuckyou Turkey” bomb, also know in Nato as “not again 3972”.


Dam, that must been an FUT-500 at least ! ( official Russian designation )

Pave Way IV

First, the video is NOT from the convoy strike – the M5 (Damascus/Aleppo Hwy) is a divided highway from Maarat al Numan to Khan Shaykhun, and no part of it has any water bodies on either side (like the video shows).

The first hole only looks 3m deep (to the water inside) to me. Either unexploded HE (failed fuse) or penetrator that exploded tens of meters under the highway (unlikely). The other two craters (w/Toyota and w/tire) seem like ones you would expect from 250 or 500-class air-dropped bombs on a paved surface. Toyota truck looks like it was near an explosion, then ran into the hole. Since we don’t know where/when the video was taken, the damage shown may not even be from an airstrike, but who knows?

Maybe this was from the Turkish intel-related head-chopper that got smoked yesterday. I would expect a targeted RuAF airstrike like that would have at least one fuel-air bomb in the mix ‘…just to be sure’. The first pickup and motorcycle seem pretty toasted.


Humanitarian aid in ATGM as usual by Turkish bandits. For food and medicine there are UN and red cross. For gas, white helmets.

Niko Belić

Collateral damage.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

Why am i not surprised the torkis would have the audacity to say this lmao


Exterminate all Turkish dogs

Rhodium 10

The million dollar question?..Who are inside that Turkish armored vehicles?…answer:..Surely HTS terrorist with Turkish military uniform and helmets!….the purpose is to carry them safety to khan Shaykhun to fight SAA!

Kenneth Hammond

So long as the Turks keep suplying the jihadi’s in Syria’s Idlib province they remain an enemy occupier allied to terrorists in Syria and as such make themselves legitimate targets.


Its a bit rich the Turks complaining that Syria has violated existing agreements when the jihadists have failed to remove their heavy weapons from the demilitarised zone and have continued to attack government held areas even when the ceasefires were in effect

You can call me Al

Those trucks were carrying weapons to their terrorist scum. Syria did exactly the correct thing, hopefully will repeat it as well.


It would have been a good time to show what Russia’s FOAB would do…

Hasbara Hunter



Turkey is playing both sides against the middle and then squeals like little girls when they get their fingers slammed in the door.. Kind of like US when our ISISrael… er I mean ISIS… proxies get their white helmets shot off.

Hasbara Hunter

Turkey holds a Key Position…and always played a pretty Treacherous Role, just like a Member of the Masonic Muslimbrotherhood should… Better for the Turks to Listen to the Russian rules of playing this Game…. because the AngloZioNazis & ZIONATO are History…and besides that Europe will never ever accept Turkey as a Full member…. Turkey should focus on a new Middle East….and become a good Neighbour of Syria they want to control them Kurds…


That fence Turkey is riding is getting narrow and wobbly… Turkey does nothing out of altruistic motives, they are completely narcissistic.

Hasbara Hunter

They seem rather foolish to me…Turkey wants it all….Bwahahaha

Simon Bernstein

hopefully next time Turkey is attacked, US comes to their defense and flattens some butcher regime military positions around Idlib :)


Never going to happen rat face. Now go back to your basement and cry for your Jihadist terrorist trash. :)

Hasbara Hunter

You wish Parasitic-Antisemitic-Khazarian-Supremacist-Bolshevik-AshkeZioNazi Paedophile…. Do what you do best: Go bake sum Matzahs

Jacob Wohl's Nose

lol mini rocket nose

northerntruthseeker .

Hasbara alert!!! Hasbara alert!!!

And this one is definitely a jew scumbag….


That is for sure since Turkey is aa NATO member.

Niko Belić

Sure, next time, in the future…


Turkey is the invading force here Syria is well with her rights to attack.


Why did you take a picture of Gay Austrian https://www.ftjc.org/rabbi.html. A Hasbara infight because u just hate jews who thinks goys are people to?

In Chicago, he put together a Jewish-Muslim arts café series and convened Chicago’s first iftar meal in a synagogue sukkah

Concrete Mike

Fuck you anti black semite fuckhead!

Cant do your own fights gotta have USA rescue your dumb fucking ass every time?

You never answered me about the black african jews?

Im still waiting shithead!


Turkeys (NATO member) are terrorists helping terrorists and must be sent back home for good. Russia must bomb Turkey convoys.


Yup, the shitheads in Ankara took an Joohoho, and of course this uh…. human aid uh…. convoy was just there to help the people, their happy head chopping friends and the moderate happy head chopping friends of Tumpstein & Co, in Ibdil, right Turkies, and inside, uh….. Syria, and they, of course as all bitches, learns to deliver drviel as their master have been doing for decades. Punding an liitle enclave with the state of the art weapons, and whines when somebody is to evil and have the bloody nerves to fight back, against the Joohohos, of course, that as the scums whine about is pure self defence, right Turkies, we didint do nuffin wrong.

But, credit goes to those that finaly awakened to the actions of this f…. the RUF did the right thing, never ever trust an Montain monkey, aka the Turkies, the only language they understands is getting an foot in their faces, and keep it there, since montain monkeys have an problem with learning, and getting the bloody facts into an proper track, and like worms, tries to wigle them selfs out of their own created problems by blaming others. It took some time, didnt it Russia, but I hope that this isnt the end, bomb the bimbos back to their own shithole Turky, let them run. The next time, make shure nothing is left, just eraze them completely.


David Parker

Erdogan orders his minions to invade Syria and then cries when his invading Turks coming to aid his head-chopper demons, get hit by the very SAA they mean to kill! By this logic, Assad would be justified to send terrorists to shell Ankara and torture Turkish civilians to death and Erdogan should allow Assad to resupply the terrorists. The effrontery of Erdogan rivals that of Netanyahu.

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