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Turkey Complains Of Illegal Ship Search By EU’s Libyan Embargo-Enforcing Mission In Mediterranean Sea

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Turkey Complains Of Illegal Ship Search By EU's Libyan Embargo-Enforcing Mission In Mediterranean Sea

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On November 23rd, tensions between Turkey and its fellow NATO member states, once again, flared up in the Mediterranean Sea.

Turkey protested to Germany and the EU after German forces belonging to an EU military mission boarded and tried to search a Turkish cargo ship that they suspected of taking weapons to Libya illegally.

The EU mission in question is IRINI, and it aims to actually enforce the arms embargo set on Libya, which Turkey acts like doesn’t exist.

Soldiers from the frigate Hamburg boarded the Roseline A overnight but withdrew after Turkey raised objections with the EU mission, which had ordered the search, the German Defense Ministry said.

Turkey released footage showing armed men in military uniform marshalling sailors with their hands on their heads on the bridge of what it said was the Roseline A, at sea southwest of the Greek Peloponnese peninsula.

Ankara said the vessel was carrying humanitarian aid and that the Hamburg had violated international law by not waiting for permission from Turkish authorities to board. It summoned the EU, German and Italian ambassadors to hear a protest.

Turkish state outlet Anadolu Agency, also reported that the EU mission was “Greek-led” and that the search was entirely illegal.

“The search reportedly violated international law, which requires a party to obtain the consent of a ship’s flag state before searching a vessel, according to the law of the sea.

Apparently flouting this principle, personnel from the German ship, the Hamburg, landed on the ROSELINA-A in a helicopter, even as the cargo ship’s crew captured the scene on footage.

After blocking the ROSELINA-A’s course towards Misrate port for hours, the troops departed the vessel when they realized it only carried humanitarian supplies, food and paint.

During the search, they opened all the containers on the ship, ignoring warnings that their actions did not have permission from Turkey and were thus illegal.

Turkey reportedly plans to take action before international organizations concerning the incident which also reportedly violated the principle of “freedom of the high seas.””

Germany, however, said it had actually requested permission to board, but hours passed with no reply.

It was standard practice to consider this as implicit permission.

“All procedures were followed correctly,” a Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said.

The German Defense Ministry said the soldiers had not found anything suspicious by the time they were ordered off the ship.

Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy said the Roseline’s captain had shared information with the Hamburg about his ship’s freight and its course.

“Despite this, at 17:45, armed forces from the Irini Operation boarded the ship and carried out a ‘monitoring’ that lasted long hours,” he said.

“We protest this act, which was carried out by force and without authorization (and) retain the right to seek compensation.”

The 16,000-tonne container ship left the Turkish port of Gemlik near Bursa last week, and was last seen heading southwest towards Libya, according to Refinitiv Eikon data.


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  1. Zionism = EVIL says:

    The dumbass Americunts, Zionist parasites and EUfaggot pimps are biggest hypocrites and arms peddlers in the world and they have the temerity to search other countries ships at high seas. One of these days someone will get fed up and use an SSM on these duplicitous EU pirates rust buckets.

  2. Ivan Freely says:

    Well, it looks like Turkey will be escorting their merchant vessels. I doubt the Germans or the EU would dare to attempt this again.

    1. Zionism = EVIL says:

      Russia escorted two Iranian tankers to Tartus Syria and the Americunts and their Zionist masters just licked their arse in frustration. It is time for all self-respecting nations to stand up to these piratefaggots.

    2. HitlerWasRight says:

      good…i like to see turkish ships burning!

  3. Servet Köseoğlu says:

    Pirates of The European …Turkey is working with the officially recognized government in Libya, unlike some western countries smuggling weapons to an armed gang headed by “General” Haftar.

    1. farbat says:

      nato members

    2. Ivanus59 says:

      If only Turkey was consistent in this principle of working with “Officially recognized governments”. Then they would work with the Syrian Arab Republic instead of working with Al Qaeda and ISIS.

      1. Servet Köseoğlu says:

        Correct but Assad- and Erdogan’s situation blood-feud already..

    3. Cromwell says:

      Is that the Government that tolerates a slave market in Tripoli?

      1. Servet Köseoğlu says:

        Hogwash…Does it change the fact that government formed under Un’s initiative and slavery starts with Sarraj government?

    4. LRcaptain says:

      Libya has been a basket case of war lords and will continue to be for some time
      the game of creating and maintaining vassals is difficult balance.

      though i think turkey can get away with more support. Greece is really leading a charge against them

      1. Servet Köseoğlu says:

        Turkey has symbiotic ties there and can not be sidelined by european hypocrisy especially Greece..

        1. LRcaptain says:

          yes i know about the berber tribes,
          but situation there as is complex

          the European Hypocrisy is that they stopping weapons meant for a government that they themselves recognize as legit government.

          now as for hafar the people follow him and really only him. Once he dies his faction will fall apart as he was the last fragment of the golden age and is promising to bring that age back.

          haftar is hated by the west and turkey because they worked with him and tricked him, so he will now know when they give im a raw deal or try and trick him again.

          when warlord becomes powerful their price tag goes up, so when one asks for 20% of oil profits his rival will accept 15%

          this is what i see and respect what ever your opinion is.

          1. Servet Köseoğlu says:

            exactly situation is there always chaotic and further will be complicated by the rise of dozens of local interests in villages and province..the main problem is there Uae with non-negotiable approach and infinite funds tipping the scale now..

  4. Ronald says:

    “The EU mission in question is IRINI, and it aims to actually enforce the arms embargo set on Libya, which Turkey acts like doesn’t exist”.

    Erdogan continues to support his Al Qaeda jihadists in Libya, trying to turn Libya into a Muslim Brotherhood “caliphate”. The people of Libya elected the House of Representatives, their LNA will stop him, and throw out the pretenders.

  5. Potato Man says:

    I’m sorry but how about NATO stop like…you know….selling weapons to Zion and Wahhabi terrorists.
    I’m sure as hell that Turkey just play right out of NATO book…BTW if Turkey wants to send weapons to Libya they should send some warships with it.
    France and Germany would ofc jump to stop Turkey…you know why…

    1. Kohlhaas says:

      I am not so sure, but as far as I know, ships carrying weapons are being guarded already. This was just a supply ship…

  6. farbat says:

    look at how much the nato trusts eachother

  7. Rafik Chauhan says:

    Permission from turkey to check the ship. Defenttly there will be no reply FRom Erdogon.

  8. Harry Smith says:

    Eff! Turkey screws EU from behind. France was first. Now it’s Germany’s turn. Even being on Turkey’s side this time I still feel some kind of ashamed.

    1. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

      And Turkey screws Russia from behind., after first shooting down the Russian fighter Sukhoi, then killing the Russian ambassador inside Turkey, then shooting down the Russian helicopter in NK … and now this….Russia has announced that it has arrested a police colonel from Dagestan’s Kizlyarsky district in southern Russia, who has been prosecuted on charges of involvement in terrorist activities. According to the Commission of Inquiry, Isayev was a member of the terrorist organization “Emirate of the Caucasus” (known as the “Emirate of the Caucasus”) xa xa xa Turkey fucked you well.

  9. Selbstdenker says:

    Since when do you ask the frogs when you want to dry their pond?

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