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Turkey Collects Evidence of US Links to the Coup


Turkey Collects Evidence of US Links to the Coup

Supporters of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan wave their national flags and hold a portrait of Fethullah Gulen, a U.S.-based Muslim cleric, with Turkish words that read: “the Coup nation traitor, FETO” (Feto is the nickname of Fethullah Gulen), du

Originally appeared at DWN, translated by John T. Sumner exclusively for SouthFront; Edited by Desislava Tzoneva

At present, clues to US involvement in the coup are being evaluated in Turkey. So it is a fact that during the first hours of the incident, the US Embassy had informed its citizens of an “uprising” – a clearly benevolent term for a military coup. President Erdogan has announced a meeting of the National Security Council with important decisions to be made on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, the National Security Council of Turkey will meet in Ankara.

“We are in an important preparatory phase until our Security Council will meet on Wednesday. Afterwards, a ministerial conference will take place. There we will pass an important resolution, to be announced by me only after a decision has been made. In order to prevent such events for the future, the risk factor in the time to come may not even be as high as one percent. We cannot afford such a maneuvering room any more. All areas must be under control 100 percent,” Haberturk cited Erdogan as saying.

Apparently, the Turkish government does not afford credibility to Secretary of State, John Kerry, declaring that the US had nothing to do with the recent coup attempt. The pro-government newspaper, Daily Sabah, is reporting on several incidents that “arouse suspicion in the public that Washington might be behind the military coup, conducted by Gülen loyalists.” For example, the US Embassy in Ankara wrote in a Tweet, spread by the US State Department right after the coup had started: “Emergency Message for US Citizens: Turkish Uprising” – thus calling the coup an “uprising”, which is clearly a positively-loaded term that was mainly used during the so-called Arab Spring.

On Tuesday evening, the Tweet was still posted on the Twitter website of the Foreign Ministry, while having been removed from the website of the Embassy. According to Sabah, the Embassy argued saying that it had referred to Turkish news as the source, where Turkish officials allegedly should have used the term “uprising”.

Even the publishing activities of private US security service, Stratford, could be classified as remarkable. For instance, Stratford posted the flight route of Erdogan’s aircraft from the night following the coup.

Moreover, Stratford spread the hoax; Erdogan would have been located on a flight to Germany. Here, MSNBC was referring to unnamed US government sources.

In fact, during the night, other US security services had reported on the coup in distinctly benevolent terms as well. Thus, former Stratford Chief, George Friedman, said in an interview for Mauldin Economics that the coup has been executed by the secular faction of the Turkish military and that it had been planned well in advance. Friedman, who according to the interviewer, draws on “informants from inside Turkey”, said that the military leadership is opposing Turkey´s support of the IS and dislikes the “alienation” that Erdogan had initiated against the United States.

The Army is interested in good relations with the US – therefore they initiated this coup. The fact of Erdogan being the elected President of Turkey, was not mentioned. The statement is also interesting because for the first time, Friedman openly confirmed that Turkey is supporting the terror militia, IS. So far, this had been claimed only by the Russians, whose supporting documents were, however, not quite widespread among US think tanks.

The Sabah considers the extradition of Gülen as being the litmus test for the US government. Their hesitant modus operandi during the first hours of the coup would create the impression for “millions of Turks” that the “coup had been supported by the West.” The Sabah report shows that the mention of Gülen is increasingly utilised as a secret code, substitutionally used for instigators from the US.

But because Turkey is a NATO country, such an open attack against the United States is not yet possible. However, this could change in the near future, if restoring stability in Turkey would fail.

The Turkish government still doubts the situation being really under control and continues with redundancies throughout the public sector.

On Tuesday, hundreds of officials of the Turkish secret service and of the state religious authority were dismissed. They are believed to be associated with the organisation of the Islamic preacher, Fethullah Gülen, who is blamed for the attempted coup of July 15.

According to the newspaper, Takvim, around 100 agents from within the Turkish secret service were also sacked. From the ranks of the religious authority DITIB, 492 imams and other employees were dismissed, as reported by sondakika.com.

According to the local news broadcaster, NTV, the Ministry of Education should have 15,200 employees suspended from duty. On Tuesday, the university administration ordered 1,577 deans and rectors from all universities to submit their resignations. Previously, it had become apparent that nearly 20,000 members of police, administration, justice and army had been arrested or unseated from office.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, thanked his people in a televised speech for their commitment against the coup attempt. The people would have demonstrated their unity, because people “from all religions, from all political factions and all walks of life” were flooding the streets in order to quell the coup.

“Whenever throughout history Turkey wanted to make important steps, it was confronted with coups, economic and political pressure in order to force this country to divert from its path,” Erdogan stated.



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  • Ryan Glantz

    Do you want to learn the truth?

    Here is the truth –

    A military coup happened in Turkey. The coup was carried out by the
    Positive Military in Turkey against Erdogan and was crushed by the US
    negative military faction as instructed by their Khazarian / Jesuit
    commanders. Although the coup failed, it has elevated the geopolitical
    endgame to a totally new level that will lead towards the recognition of
    the factions that destabilize the Middle East. This will lead to
    resolution of all military conflicts worldwide and towards planetary
    peace at the moment of the Compression Breakthrough.

    This is what I have received on the day after the coup about the
    situation in Turkey from a reliable intel source from Middle East:

    „The coup was carried out by 60% of the Turkish army, including staff
    of the air force and even the reserve soldiers came out to the streets
    to support their colleagues against the dictatorship of Erdogan …

    The army tanks entered to the streets in Ankara and Istanbul, the
    largest Turkish cities, flying army helicopters carrying army personnel
    taking command of vital infrastructure centers to control them and that
    was successfully accomplished. Successful control of the TV broadcast
    building, Ataturk International Airport and the houses of Parliament and
    the Presidential Palace where Erdogan was, who was taken by military
    helicopter to the Ankara international airport where he asked to leave
    the country immediately …

    Erdogan approved the demands of the
    coup leaders under condition of preservation of his life and the lives
    of his family and he was granted this condition. Then he recorded a
    Skype voice message on board of the airplane asking supporters of his
    efforts to go out to the streets to stop this coup ..

    No one went
    out to the streets during the wee hours of the coup and the scene was
    blurry, those supporting this coup were by the thousands marching next
    to army tanks greeting the soldiers raising the banner of Turkey and
    referring to the founder of modern Turkey Mustafa Ataturk …

    What happened after?

    Erdogan flew from Ankara airport out of the country and he asked for
    asylum to Germany but Germany refused, then to Azerbaijan which closed
    its borders and so did Iran in the face of Erdogan.

    Erdogan had
    no choice but to return. A phone call between Obama and Erdogan took
    place in the plane as stated in the Washington Post, and he asked and
    was given permission to land in Incirlik US military base in the south
    of Turkey.

    Moments after that, 12 unknown F-16 aircraft in the
    skies of Ankara and Istanbul intercepted and shot down 25 helicopters of
    the Turkish army, carrying soldiers and some leaders who were on their
    way to control the vital centers in the country, and a real war took
    place in the air between US Air Force and helicopters of the Turkish
    army… shot down all the Turkish army helicopters and killed most of
    the soldiers and their number reached more than 800 soldiers and 50
    officers… communique from the CIA, demanding them to surrender and stop
    the coup otherwise they will crush all the Turkish soldiers on the
    border and in the streets through aerial attack.

    The leaders of
    the coup had no chance but to stop the coup d’état and ordered the
    soldiers to withdraw from the streets and end the coup .

    Do you
    understand now why many American bases in any country? It Is to prevent
    what was going to happen last night in Turkey, it’s the same thing in
    the Gulf states of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait and the UAE, all
    surrounded by the rules of the US military to prevent a coup.

    You can find a video on YouTube showing the attack on the helicopters of
    the Turkish air force and them dropping like flies ..more than 24
    helicopters loaded with officers and soldiers were shot down in the
    blink of an eye…

    Had it not been for America… Erdogan today
    would have been a refugee in one of the countries, that is if he was
    accepted for asylum by any country. If successful, the coup would have
    ended the suffering of millions of Syrians and Iraqis with terrorism and
    arms that come from Turkey… just ended the terror of Daesh in the
    region … stopped the migration of peoples affected by the policy of
    Erdogan and those who drown in the sea trying to escape it … would
    have found the leaders of Daesh and al-Nusra themselves detained in
    Turkey …all this would have happened if the coup succeeded yesterday
    …but this is not in the best interest of America and the interest of
    its policies in the region .“

    • magog

      delirium pindosi

  • Jonathan Murray

    Interesting story – clearly an attempt by the CIA to try and weave a fake narrative out of this disaster. You guys totally blew it – you handed Turkey to the Russians on a plate. When exactly was the last US foreign policy or military success – Grenada? Or when you betrayed us in the Falklands?

  • Yeah, we know who has illegally murdered tortured and killed. The Islamist Erdogan in power VS the Secular military of Turkey.
    We also know that their are dozens of SAS officers who have worked closely to help Erdogan consolidate his powerful grip over his own subjects.
    And lessons learned will then be applied across Europe through Mi6 to help maintain control over the people there as well.
    To help the Dictator’s of the UK-Empire and Norway maintain their Zio-grip over their subjects as well.
    Only one problem though, their is a great awakening going on by the millions who are opposed to Mi6 child molesters and their BBC propaganda wing.
    Can Erdogan and Mi6’s servants and the Dictator over the UK-Empire survive another 9 years?
    Chances are no…

  • Willie Spear

    Ben Dover Barry caught trying to overthrow the Democratically elected govt of Turkey, anyone seeing a pattern here?