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Turkey Claims Even More Syrian Soldiers Were Killed By Idlib Militants, As Well As By Israel

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Turkey Claims Even More Syrian Soldiers Were Killed By Idlib Militants, As Well As By Israel


On February 14th, the Turkish Ministry of Defense advertised some more of the supposed successes of Turkish-backed militants in Idlib.

“According to the latest information received from various sources in Idlib region, 63 Assad regime elements have been neutralized”, the ministry said.

This is, yet again, only a rumor, since Turkey fails to present any evidence that actually any Syrian Arab Army troops had been killed.

So far, close to 300 hundred Syrian Arab Army have been allegedly killed by statements released by the Turkish Defense Ministry. There’s been no evidence provided, and there is no confirmation of such casualties on the side of Damascus.

On top of that, Anadolu Agency is also advertising what the Israeli air force is achieving against Damascus, and its Iranian allies.

Israeli bombing of the Syrian capital Damascus overnight on February 14th reportedly led to the killing of seven people, including four Iranian officers.

Citing a military source, Syrian state outlet SANA added that “at 23.45 p.m. [2145GMT] on Thursday, the army observed hostile missiles coming from over the occupied Syrian Golan Heights, and immediately the army air defenses intercepted and downed a number of them before they reach their targets.”

“The hostile missiles came from over the occupied Syrian Golan,” it added, referring to the Israeli warplanes.

The Daily Sabah is also carrying out its own anti-Russia and anti-Damascus propaganda.

The Russian Embassy in Turkey, shared on Twitter a set of pictures showing the U.S. past engagement with the YPG/PKK group in Syria.

According to the Daily Sabah, this was allegedly an attempt by Russia to worsen relations between US and Turkey, since they’ve been improving after the US voiced its approval of Turkey’s endeavors in Idlib against the Syrian Arab Army.

“We leave you the verdict,” the tweet by the Russian Embassy in Ankara said. It contained two conflicting screenshots that showed the contradiction in the U.S. stance on the terrorist YPG, the Syrian wing of the PKK.

In one of the screenshots, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is seen with a caption saying “We support our NATO ally Turkey, whose soldiers have died after the attack” about the recent assaults by the Syrian Arab Army that killed 13 Turkish soldiers.

In the other screenshot, there was an infographic by Anadolu Agency (AA) which documented the Pentagon’s request for $200 million in support for YPG.

The Russian Embassy post also shows the hypocrisy of the US, as well as Turkey, who support terrorists, simply by denying they are such.


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As I said, both sides are trying to draw Turkey to their side, but they do not know that Turkey has always taken what it wants with its balance policy.

Jim Bim

“Turkey has a balanced policy”


More like Erdo is trying to play the US against Russia. All the while Erdo says he is with Russia on the subject of Syrian sovereignty, he is backstabbing everyone but the US and Israel. So what does this say? Erdo thinks he is quite the master manipulator, but is nothing but a fool…being an ISIS tool for NATO. Russia is using Turkey and doing it very well, but Erdo is too stupid to know that he has already lost. He actions in Libya are what the US and Israel desire…chaos. When the fool is finally forced to go against Russia, that will be his end. Russia can do far more damage to Turkeys economy than the west…as the fool should already have learned. But he hasn’t, has he?


Russia and America want to put their own shit plans into operation through Turkey. uh Russia nad America fucking terrorist countries.comment image

Concrete Mike

Turkey is as much a terrorist state as saudi arabia.

You have been supporting jabhat al nusrah for 8 years, you think we never saw that?

How about you stay the fuck in turkey, stop helping al nusrah, let saa kill al nusrah, send refugees back to syria.



Russia is a terrorist country, huh? What countries has Russia attacked? Then ask the same about Turkey and the rest of NATO. Stupid idiot.


IRGC officers got back to Iran from Syria they way they wanted – in bodybags.

Zionism = EVIL

Dumbass Jew faggot could not help.


Reminds me of comical Ali during the US invasion of Iraq.


”On top of that, Anadolu Agency is also advertising what the Israeli air force is achieving against Damascus, and its Iranian allies.”

And when the link is clicked we learn that Anadolu agency is quoting exactly what SOHR said.

”The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported, quoting local sources, that the bombing killed three members of the Syrian regime, including two officers, and four Iranians. ”

Manipulation at its best by the author of this opinion piece.


They stated that the Anadolu wrote about the Israeli attack and it is true. What is the manipulation here?

Zionism = EVIL

Yep, killing 2 Syrians and 4 Iranians will change the course of this lost terrorist war and history.

Friend of Russia

SOHR is the propaganda wing of ISIS

klove and light

Turkey = Moslem brotherhood

Moslem brotherhood created by british zionism, controlled by british zionism………………………….

Zionism = EVIL

Seriously, what a fucking idiot, makes Trump look like normal.


sure erdogan appears schizophrenic at best or demented in the worst case scenario. what with libya, what with cyprus and the economic zone, what with idlib, what with turkstream and what with the kurds along the syrian border – seems to have lost the plot and might soon be replaced in a coup in ankara. he ought to join forces with assad and liberate idlib and turn against the kurds and bring them to heel and then the ultimate joy – terminate the jews situation on occupied palestine. the jews would be flattened and evicted like never before, would make them dream of pogroms of of yesterday like a picnic in the park.

that is what erdogan should do – concentrate on getting the jews out in one single swoop, never to return.


i agree you Erdogan must re-check this policy and its purpose.

Samuel Vanguard

Pure propaganda by Erdogan he should recheck facts on the ground shameless that media outlets believe his flimsy lies.

Assad must stay

why does he have his hands up like that?


Turks on Turkish forums are celebrating the deaths of “Assadist forces” at the hands of the jewish attacks last night.


That Woman Standing in the back is like: Erdegon, are You Senile?

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