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As Turkey Buys Russian S-400 Missile Systems, Morocco Also Shows Interest

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As Turkey Buys Russian S-400 Missile Systems, Morocco Also Shows Interest

Photo: RIA/Aleksey Davichev

According www.alyaoum24.com, Morocco considers buying Russian S-400 missile systems in order to diversify their military, as Morocco wants to be prepared for future wars.

The Moroccan-Russian negotiations came to a close on October 11 during an official visit of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to Morocco. 11 agreements were signed, agricultural, educational, tourism, energy and military spheres.

Morocco takes part in joint military production projects with India, China and Brazil. They are interested in acquiring anti-air missile defense systems, by way of licensing production from other countries.

Military expert Abdel Rahman Mekkawi considers the transaction a decision to be made primarily by Russia, as a sort of balancing measure between Morocco and Algiers in Northern Africa.

In an Akhbar Al Yaum interview, Mekkawi said that Morocco and Russia have a lot of common military interests in Northern Africa. He added, that future wars in Northern Africa will depend heavily on long range missiles, drones and anti-air defense systems.

Moscow and Ankara have signed on the sale of S-400 missile systems to Turkey, with President Erdogan saying that the first advance payment has been made.

“We’ve reached an agreement with Russia regarding the S-400 systems. There are some technical details left to muse over, but we will discuss them during my visit [to Sochi] with the participation of our specialists, including ones from the Ministry of Defense. We want this deal to be closed as soon as possible,” Erdogan said at a press-conference, before his visit to Sochi where he is to meet with his Russian counterpart.

According to Turkish Minister of National Defense Nurettin Canikli, despite having bought the missile systems, Turkey aims to manufacture it’s own anti-air missile defense systems.

“We’ve bought the S-400 systems. That’s a done deal. However we don’t want to stop there, as we want to bolster our own production output. The anti-air missile defense systems Turkey uses should be developed in Turkey.” According to Canikli, that’s the reason behind signing an agreement with French-Italian company Eurosam.

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And none to Iran or Syria…


For Iran, under the table, in Syria russians operate themselves, the moment is kind of edgy, Saudi, Israeli and the rest of the swarm are kind of disappointed with Russia’s intervention and are looking for a reason to hit things up.

You can call me Al

Iran has the S-300+, Syria has old S-200, but is also under the protection of Russian S-300 and S-400 at the moment (if they switched the damn things on), but I am sure something will be agreed, if the Russians leave for some reason.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Sorry but please understand that Russian S3 and S-400 oil and gas containers only protects Russian bases.


They sell them to a few other countries first and then say ‘Why shouldn’t Iran be allowed to have them? These other countries have them as well.’

George King

How do you know this? Maybe it is just not made public for obvious reasons. It is public that Israel and US factions push for attack on Iran, why expose your defenses?


I’m hoping this is because Russia would come to their defense if a war breaks out so they don’t need to sell them? Idk



You can call me Al

Let’s hope they work !!!.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Israeli agents are already on the ground in Turkey as well as Mi6 to study all secrets of the S-400 system the moment it lands.
Just as the moment India got Russian Sub CIA and Mossad was already inside of it and learned everything about Russian Sub’s.
If Russia sold this to Iran, this would never happen.
Russia has a problem judging good character to make good friendships with.


Of note, the Greek government already gave Isreali’s full access to previous generation S-300’s that were bought for Greek-Cyprus, against Turkey, but were later moved to Greek mainland.


Don’t you think Russia has thought of this?

Real Anti-Racist Action

Well many people thing sugar and alcohol and tobacco are bad for them.
But fail to turn the thinking into healthy life choices.
I know Russians have thought of this, I am only encouraging them to make proactive life choices for the long run.


He added, that future wars in Northern Africa will depend heavily on long range missiles, drones and anti-air defense systems.

That’s scary. Dude does NOT talk about terror groups, he’s talking about what happened to Libya.
Perhaps they know who threatens them the most and it’s not Takfiris?

Langaniso Mhlobo

It is really unfair.What about us because of bullets scarcity we use bow and arrows or machetes.But if UN peacekeepers finds you their charge you for paoching their don’t say you are a soldier or a Policeman or a security.Even animals are clever their don’t run away their only keep safe distance from you.


Lessons from Serbia/ Montenegro 1999, Iraq 2003, Libya 2011 and Syria since 2012 – unless a non US compliant state has some form of serious military defensive deterrent, they cannot trust that US/NATO will not attack them at some future opportune date – in spite of any current treaties or diplomatic ‘detente’ on the table. Hence, the current interest by range of states in purchasing modern Russian SAMs that are both powerful deterrent and operationally offline to NATO air-forces.

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