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Turkey Bombs PKK-Affiliated Yazidi Faction After Losing Another Soldier In Northern Iraq (Video)

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Turkey Bombs PKK-Affiliated Yazidi Faction After Losing Another Soldier In Northern Iraq (Video)

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On September 23, a series of Turkish airstrikes, which were reportedly carried out by combat drones, hit the town of Grauzer in Sinjar district in the northern Iraqi province of Nineveh.

In a statement, the Kurdistan Region’s Directorate General of Counter Terrorism revealed that the airstrikes targeted a headquarters of the Sinjar Resistance Units, a Yazidi faction affiliated with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). The security service said that the airstrikes on Grauzer resulted in “human and material losses,” without providing any further details.

The Turkish airstrikes were likely a response to a recent PKK attack that killed a Turkish service member and wounded two others in northern Iraq. The Turkish Ministry of National Defense acknowledged the losses on September 21.

In mid-April, the Turkish kicked off an operation in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region with the aim of neutralizing the PKK’s remaining cells in the areas of Metina, Zap and Avashin Basyan. The last casualty brought to 55 the number of Turkish troops killed in the region since the beginning of the large-scale operation.

The PKK sustained heavy losses as a result of the operation. The Turkish military claims that 371 fighters of the Kurdish guerilla group have been killed, wounded or captured, so far. Despite these losses, the group is still conducting effective offensive and defensive operations.

Operation Claw-Lock will likely go on for several more weeks, if not months. Ankara does not appear to be in a rush to conclude the operation.


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Winter will help, because in Winter it’s easier to shoot much more of these high precise wonder-weapon missiles, that brought a lot of success in the last 7 months 🤣🤣🤣

Putin himself is the biggest enemy of Russia, because Putin, this fucking idiot still is too weak, too coward and too late to win 🤣🤣🤣

still no actions against ukrainian decision centers full with nato-soldiers/commanders..

still no actions against weapons delivered from the West..

still no actions against ukrainian infrastructure like railway, bridges, electricity to reduce their abilities..

still no actions against foreign fighters in the Ukraine – no, he even frees them and allows these bastards to leave russia / and he even allows the nazi-commanders from azovstal to go back to Ukraine 🤮

it seems that Putin and Schoigu are fucking traitors, paid to destroy russia and to reduce russias population..

they needed 7 months to realise that 10000 policemen are not enough for Ukraine..

and they will need 7 more months to see that they must destroy western weapons before they can be used to kill russians..

and 7 months later they will see that it would be helpful to destroy ukranian infrastructure..

what stupid and dumb idiots in this 3rd world shithole are responsible for military strategy??

fucking idiots Putin, Schoigu and all the other bastards.. they had a big chance in 2014, but Putin decided to sent 200.000 encircled ukrainian soldiers home again to give them the chance to come back much stronger many years later and now he has similiar stupid strategies again 🤣🤣🤣

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