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Turkey Begins “Bombing” Europe With Captured ISIS Militants

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Turkey Begins “Bombing” Europe With Captured ISIS Militants

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On November 11th, Turkey began repatriating captured ISIS militants to the European countries of their respective citizenship, Turkish state outlet TRT Haber reported.

Thus, the country’s authorities began to implement what the Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu in the previous week said would happen.

The report doesn’t say how many ISIS militants exactly would be returned to their countries of citizenship.

On November 8th, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that 1201 members of ISIS were detained in Turkish prisons. Of them, 287 militants were captured in Syria.

On the same day, Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu said militants captured during its military incursion in northern Syria – where many “former” ISIS fighters were being held in prisons after being captured by Kurdish forces – would be repatriated.

“We are telling them: ‘We’ll repatriate these people to you’, and we are starting as of Monday [November 11th],” Soylu said.

A source at the French Foreign Ministry told Euronews that foreign jihadists were a security issue both for France and Turkey — and that it was therefore in the two countries’ best interest to handle their cases in an orderly manner.

On November 14th, the US-led coalition against ISIS would convene to discuss how to handle these repatriated terrorists.

The Foreign Ministry official said that there was already ‘close and efficient cooperation’ in place with Turkey to handle the case of French jihadists and their children.

A Belgian Foreign Ministry spokesperson said “less than five” Belgian fighters — men and women — were currently detained by Turkish authorities.

“A strong, tested bilateral procedure fully involving Belgian authorities and Turkey exists for the repatriation of fighters arrested on Turkish soil to Belgium. We assume that this procedure will be used,” the spokesperson said. “The timing is in the hands of Turkish authorities,” the spokesperson added.

France, Belgium and the UK, and other EU states, understandably, do not want the “former” terrorists back, but rather maintain that they should face justice in Syria and Iraq. The UK has undertaken a step that takes it past simple rhetoric – it stripped the citizenship of dozens of militants. The Netherlands did the same.

In a written statement, a spokesperson for the British Foreign Office said:

“Our priority is the safety and security of the UK and the people who live here. Those who have fought for or supported Daesh should wherever possible face justice for their crimes in the most appropriate jurisdiction, which will often be in the region where their offences have been committed.”

The Belgian Foreign Ministry at the same time said the country’s position was to seek trial for IS fighters “near the place where they committed their crimes.”

“This must imperatively be done in fair conditions and in compliance with international law. Discussions are continuing and Belgium remains convinced that this is the solution that minimizes the risks for our society while respecting the rights of the defendant,” a ministry spokesman said.

The UK’s move to take away citizenship makes sense, but as per international law an individual cannot be stateless, so they are, technically, still UK citizens, if they’re not holders of a passport of any other country and Turkey is within its right to repatriate them.

Turkey has long criticized its European allies for refusing to take back IS fighters who are their citizens. Ankara warned that it would send “former” militants to their countries of citizenship, even if the authorities of these countries annul the citizenship of the deported jihadists.

“We are not a hotel for any ISIS member,” Turkish Interior Minister Suleiman Soilu said in Ankara on November 2nd.

At the same time, the Turkish Interior Minister criticized the decision of several European states, in particular Great Britain and the Netherlands, to deprive citizenship of suspects of membership in the Islamic State. Such measures are “unacceptable and irresponsible,” Soylu said back then.

Euronews cited unnamed experts according to whom many of the countries are unwilling to take back the ISIS militants back, because some of the evidence against them in court wouldn’t stand up. Meaning that they would have “former” ISIS militants roaming freely in their cities.


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Tommy Jensen

Those countries who have captured EUs moderate rebels must off course also bear the court, prison, travel, lawyer and welfare costs and secure all human rights conditions and the Geneva Convention are held for our assets. Otherwise these countries should have refrained from catching them in the first hand. Therefore Turkey must bear all cost for them by themselves……………………..…….LOL.


You should also define the standards of welfare, travel, accommodation, courts and lawyers for those assets. These standards are what separates us from monkeys and EU prides itself for having the highest standards… for assets’ human rights. Make sure Turkey (and/or other countries who detained the assets understand these are not some guidelines but rules and they must adhere to them, otherwise sanction are in order.

klove and light

lololol… all bs……. Turkey is and was the number one Sponsor of Isis……..Turkey is the Country with the most Reporters in jail WORLDWIDE…..andmost were put in jail for Publishing secret Recordings in various turkish newspapers concearning ISIS commanders Talking to turkish state intelligence security members About Money/trade oil/ weapons/………i will qoute here a very small part of one such recorded conversations..

(turkish intelligence)”hello brother how are you doing?” “very well indeed(Isis), may Allah bless you” “we have a Problem with one of the border checkpoints, they confiscated the latest weapons shipment, can you help?(Isis) “yes yes, I know.We are taking care of it, dont worry brother(TI)”

this is just a very small part of the converastion between Isis commanders and turkish intelligance printed in various turkish newspapers 2 years ago.The journalists were apprehended and incarcerated on TERRORISM charges.The newspaper which printed this conversation was shut down.It was all in the News worldwide.The turkish state has since taken over this newspaper outlet.It was all seen live on TV, as “hundreds” of turkish state officials STORMED the newspaper workplace and closed it down and put several journalists in Prison on terrorism charges.

what iam trsing to Point out, is that Turkey is playing a double game.And each time when on a massive global scale double game is commited , zionism has a Hand in it. That said, it should come to no surprise that now Turkey is letting thopusands of Isis head Choppers go freely into europes haertland.If i write freely, i mean that yes, they are currently in Prison, (without charge), but Turkey knows very well, that in democratic Courts, with evidence and proof, not a single Isis member could be found guilty in any court, for the simple reason that there are no witnessses or first Hand evidence against These fucked up humans.In short, as mentioned correctly in the southfront article, These fucked up brainwashed Psychos will walk freely around europe with no borders and loads of hatred.This is soooooo typical again a Modus Operandi of zionism.create havoc. And this brings me back to the various ridicolous Agreements between Sultan Isis brother erdogan and Zionist pig Putin.It is all a typpical well thought satanic Evil plan of satanic zionism.

and People have a very bad Memory About history.The great Nation of Russia , was murdered in 1917.It was not a russian Revolution but a Zionist Takeover of Russia.Murdering all of the zsars Family including the infants and chidren.Typical satanic jew zionism tactic.Then the satanic jew zionists got rid of the TRUE russians.Check history books…READ READ… between 1917 and 1935 over 20 Million russians were butchered by them new Leaders in Russia, satanic Zionist jews.That is no secret at all.Well documented and written in a thousand books.All leading figures of the NEW COMMUNIST PARTY were Zionist jews.ALL:no exeption. somehow Folks here believe that satanic jew zionists gave up the grab on Russia sometime between 1950 and today.How foolish to believe.Once satnci jew Zionist get Control of something they dont give it up.Once the Zionist slave state of the USA invades a Nation it NEVER leaves..germany,italy,japan,afghanistan,iraq etc……. but Russia..no they gave Russia up all by themselves and a true russian KGB officer is now an enemy of jew zionism and leads the russian Nation to the Benefit of mankind.my last sentence was sarcsm , just to Show you how Incredible stupid and childish this thinking is. They are brainwasing u, the jew satanic zionists…brainwashing..and mosta re falling for the trap.Zionist jews Control the Information around the world ….remember in the 1980´s………….the bad bad russians invading Afghanistan and Hollywood had the good good rambo helping the mujahideen………now it is the bad bad americans and the good russians. Thats is all Information war brainwshing of satanic zionism.

USA and RUSSIA are two sides of the SAME COIN. wake the fuckup. They are both controlled by satanic jew zionists. Satanic jew Zionist are brainwashing you Folks to get you People into the Position they want U to BE!!! and as Long as u believe in good and bad.. good USA or bad USA or good Russia or bad Russia or good uk or bad uk or good chinma or bad China u are Living in “Alice in Wonderland”. The Control mechanisms are beyound your sight.Putin does not call the shots.trump does not call the shots.Boris Johnson does not call the shots.It is their jew satanic Zionist masters that do!!!!

ps. Maybe you Zionist Putin Lovers and dreamers should check out the following Name:

Anna Politkovskaya

the bombings that occured in Moskau before the second tschtschen war, with hundreds of dead russians were Apartment Buildings were blown up was a russian intelligence Operation.She had tape Recordings of officers involved etc… it was clearly a state sponsored inside Job……..Sound familiar???? New York 9-11??? It was not bush who decided 9-11 (September 11 2001) It was not Putin who decided on the apartrment bombings on , again Sound familiar , bombings were committed on the 9-9 and 9-13 (September 9 and September 13 1999.

It was satanic jew zionsim that controls, decides and rules. If you think differentyl,, feel free to do so……if you choose “sides” like in kindergarden, feel free to do so, choose YOUR GOOD side as your brothert or sister will choose their GOOD SIDE.But you are all beiing played, getting made by them Evil , pure Evil atanic jew zionists, who have no heart character or Soul.

death to america death to Israel and curse on the jews….go houhtis

Hasbara Hunter

Every Intelligence Agency on this Planet is Created or Infiltrated by ZioNazis…perhaps that says enough…a Global Deep State more or less…The Choice is up to the Peoples whether or not they eradicate the Cancer before it eradicates them…

Tommy Jensen

So the sheeple should decide on when they will take out Pentagon, CIA/MI6, FreeMason, Nato, CFR, The Round Table of 300, Queen Elizabeth, Rothschild Family, all Rockefeller Foundations. MSM, BIS, IMF, Deutsche Bank, Bank of England ,The House of London plus Wall Street? This is up to the sheeples choice???

Hasbara Hunter

You don’t need ALL them Sheeples…just enough to get rid of 1%….Most of the institutions you mention are owned by the same one percent…If Sheeples decide to do shit I don’t care…Then we will happily continue on our road to extinction…Which is not a bad thing either…bring back some Balance in Nature…always look at the bright side of life….

Hasbara Hunter

Europe proudly helped the U.S. & ISISraHell…they Trained, Financed, Armed & Provided Airsupport (ZIONATO) for these Filthy Headchopping & Raping Terrorists (of which many came from Europe in the first place)…All to benefit the AngloZioNazi Objectives (Yinon Plan, Looting & Destroying the Middle East)…The AngloZioNazis Lost & now they can have’m back….what’s the Fuckn Problem? Don’t want them? A Firing Squad sounds like a damn Good & Quick alternative…Our Treacherous Governments are very Happy with the return of all those Expats….in the near future pretty usefull Assets & Sleepercells for Operation Gladio 7.0


Perhaps the Zio terror gangs could be repatriated to NATO countries minus an arm and a leg. That way it would cost a fortune to keep these killers inside or outside prison walls for life. :)


Cutting off their right foot would make them less of a flight risk. Oh, and also the right ear, this will make it easier to spot them in public. :)


Good idea. Would in also be acceptable for them to wear a Yellow Star of David to show who their real sponsors are?

Hasbara Hunter

Well if you chop off an arm and a leg that would definitely make it a lot easier to recognize’m…

Rafik Chauhan

kill them why are you holding those terriost . they have killed many muslim. or talk to Syria goverment they will hang them in the street . for killing innocent people of Syria justice will be done immdeatly.by keeping this ISIL thugs you will create good thier supporters. specially US they will use them again in other countrys


They should give them to Assad to judge them Which for such criminals activities in Syria is death penalty

S Melanson

A few things going on here. First the hypocritical Turkish authorities are pointing out the hypocrisy of Europe’s selective application of the rule of law – one set of rules applies to citizens we like and another to citizens we do not like.

Citizens that commit crimes in other countries are still citizens. Stripping of citizenship is arbitrary – what laws are the basis for this? Would a parking fine be enough? And by the way, I thought that until proven in court of law, you cannot act on suspicion of a crime. Stripping of citizenship violates citizen rights to due process and fair trial – oh wait, we stripped them of citizenship so no longer have rights. This is worse than guilty until proven innocent – you will have no opportunity to prove innocence. This is absolutely brilliant, just as brilliant as Soviet era crime of ‘unproven espionage’.

By being charged for a crime, it means you must have done something wrong and therefore, proof of committing unproven espionage (this is not a joke) is provided by the very act of laying charges! Well we do not have that law but who needs it, we have done better, just strip them of their rights because we need not fear that evidence will not meet standards to continue detention, let alone conviction, because we know they are guilty because they are detained by a country known for their exemplary human right record. The very act of Turkey detaining someone must mean they did something wrong.

As Klove and Light pointed out, Turkey is setting a new standard for upholding sacred democratic principles such as a free and independent media. If Turkey has detained Journalists as terrorists then they MUST be terrorists. If Turkey detains our citizens as terrorists, they Must be terrorists.

But stripping of citizenship by morally bankrupt but enlightened EU nations is to much for even morally bankrupt but indignant Turkey. So the kettles argue with the pots about who is black and it does not matter that they both are, what matters is the ‘terrorists’ becomes the problem of the loser. Erdogan is making clear the EU will lose this one.

It is comforting to see Erdogan championing the rights of citizenship on behalf of the poor detainees because this latest chess move is truly out of concern for the detainees well being…. but the EU has one more ace up their sleeve. EU nations can make the terrorists Turkish citizens! The EU prides itself for its leadership in setting the highest standards of fundamental justice and Booting its citizens without trial is boring typical stuff, but granting citizenship of another country is truly innovative – that will show Erdogan who is at the top of the hill of moral bankruptcy

you may now reach for your motion sickness bag.

S Melanson

I posted this for another SF article but relevant here. Erdogan is making another chess move to signal his displeasure with the EU and by extension NATO. Old alliances have collapsed or are in the process of collapsing. New alliances will take form and so Erdogan is playing the game knowing Turkey is a game changer in the balance of power in the strategically important ME. Here is what I had wrote: ————————

This certainly seems confusing but it is a reflection of the fluidity of alliances and backroom dealing now that the unipolar world has broken down – Macron just conceded this when he said NATO is brain dead – I.e. the head is dead and the head of NATO is the US. So the Hegemon is dead and the US must adjust to sharing power in a new multi-polar world still in its infancy.

Things are accelerating as it becomes ever clearer which way the winds are blowing. The Players are playing chess but without dependable partners for the most part. This is now the phase where new alliances will rise from the ruins of the old alliances. Until the new alliances take shape, a free for all situation will be commonplace. Hezbollah and Iran have stepped back I think until the situation becomes clearer. Particularly how far will Putin go to bring Turkey into Russia’s orbit.

I have been critical of Russia on their methods to achieve aims but I understand the reasoning for the importance of pulling Turkey out of the clutches of the US. Russian bases in Syria are in a precarious position if there is a hostile Turkey with its considerable military only a stones throw away controlling the immensely important strategic Bosporus Straits.

Turkey is the Prize and this is understandable. The other players understand this as well. Just don’t burn every other bridge trying to build this one… after all, think about who it is that awaits you on the other side


turkey ought to repatriate incarcerated jihadists to the nation that created ISIS—the USA

Hasbara Hunter

Israeli-Secret-Intelligence-Service….. Al-Qaeda = CIA (Operation Cyclone)

Funny detail…a Photoshopped Dead CIA-Asset Tim Osman (aka Osama Bin Laden) is most likely enjoying his pension at the moment on an Epstein-Isle after a facelift…Buried in Sea…aight…next to Elliot Shimon… ehmmm I mean Abu Bakr…wtf….??



That’s only fair. Europe is not immune from rising brutal income and social inequality. Some people will be attracted to become jihadi mercenaries. In search of a salary, an ‘adventure’… a sensation of belonging, which they otherwise wouldn’t have. It’s these states’ responsibility to look after those they left alone.


The Europeans don’t want their former ISIS wannabes back and put them on trial there because they know how batshit liberal their judges are. Chances are a good number will get off with a slap of the wrist or be let go because of lack of evidence. This is why they wanted them to be put in trial in Iraq instead. Iraq would be far less lenient in its judgments. Too bad Iraq wanted to see some money and the European governments are also cheap skates, and Iraq also has the death penalty, to which Europe is also squeamish. If Iraq would please not apply to their citizens. A classic case of wanting to have your cake and eat it too.

Another way to fix it would be to rescind the nationality of anyone who had joined ISIS. But that would mean breaking some international law treaties. And Europeans seem unable to do this. Even when it goes 100% against their own interests. The US would have no problems with this. It does so all the time. But not Europe.

Pave Way IV

Turkey: “We understand the British Foreign Office’s position entirely, UK… we simply disagree. Probably should have thought about that before. Anyway, we’re at about 3000 ft. on a heading of 290°- here’s another one for you. Good luck!”


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