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Turkey Attacks Own Proxies In Syria, Netanyahu Names Himself Defense Minister


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From November 18 to November 20, the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) carried out a military operation against their own proxies in the region of Afrin. The TAF attacked and partially disarmed a group of about 200 members of the al-Sharqiyah Martyrs Gathering and its allied groups. The Hamza Division, the Sultan Murad Division, the al-Sham Corps and the 3rd Corps participated in the operation on the side of the TAF. At least 25 militants were reportedly killed in the clashes.

The formal explanation of the move is that members of the al-Sharqiyah Martyrs Gathering have been involved in looting and other crimes. However, this is not something uncommon for Turkish-backed groups, which participated in Euphrates Shield and Olive Branch operations.

Local sources say that the al-Sharqiyah Martyrs Gathering has just become too independent in its decisions and Ankara has decided to punish it for this.

On November 18, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu named himself Defense Minister in addition to also being the Foreign Minister and Health Minister.

“The security of the state is above all else,” Netanyahu said criticizing Avigdor Lieberman’s decision to resign from the post of defense minister. He also insisted that there should be no election for another 12 months and that in such “a complex security period” it would be “irresponsible”.

A political crisis has been developing in Israel since the recent round of escalation in Gaza. A notable part of politicians and power groups, especially radicals, openly describe the ceasefire with Hamas as a defeat. They are pushing an idea of snap elections to reshape the government.

Education Minister Naftali Bennett and Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked have also threatened to resign recently. But they have not turned their threats into reality so far.

It should be fine, however, even if both Bennett and Shaked resign. It seems that even if Netanyahu gets all minister positions in his own cabinet, the US and the mainstream media will continue to highlight Israel as “the staple of democracy” in the Middle East and a great example of alternation of power.

Taking into account Israeli policies towards the Palestinians, the conflict in Syria and other key security issues, it’s an open secret that Israel appears to not be a defender of the stability in the region.

It would be interesting, however, what the international reaction would be if Syrian President Bashar al-Assad also announced that he is to become Syrian Foreign, Defense and Health Minister.



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  • 1691

    It’s appalling to put the name of Syrian President Al- Assad next to the criminal from israhell.

    • neil barron

      You’ve got that backwards as your 1691 indicates your in a time warp.

      • Rodney Loder

        What your mouth jew boy.

    • FlorianGeyer

      The Zionist motto.
      ‘Its all mine’.


  • Rodney Loder

    I alwas thought the Turkish Armed Forces was TSK probably something to do with translation, Netanyahu is just ducking for cover and manufacturing a crisis, his Gov, if you can call it that, Pox Haven better term, problem is designed to avoid sending up F-35’S he knows their rubbish also isreal needs Russia more than the US, because the US won’t let jews back in when the time comes, Russia will.

  • Rick Costello

    Prime Minister, Defense Minister, Foreign Minister ~ Sie sind Mein Führer ~ ein Reich, ein Führer

  • alejoeisabel

    Even better. Netanyahu, head of the Zionist Brotherhood.

  • Tommy Jensen

    We got Iraq, we got 1/2 of Syria, we sqeezed Ukraine dry, we got Jerusalem, we got $100 billion weapon deal with Saudi, we are going to take down Iran until they give us their $42 trillion gas/oil reserves.

    America is a winner nation…………………………………….LOL.

    • Tommy Jensen

      Trump is it you? You cant just use other peoples accounts, this is illegal you arsehole.

      • occupybacon

        Give back Crimea and apologize already

  • Rob

    The Washington and Israeli child-butchers golden days finished. Now their remaining days will be a shame.