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Turkey Asks NATO to Join Its War Against Syria and Russia

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Turkey Asks NATO to Join Its War Against Syria and Russia

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Written by Eric Zuesse; Originally appeared on strategic-culture.org

Note: The events that led to this critical impasse were reported by me last night, and that report thus continues here, in order to provide context to these events.

The spokesperson for the Islamist party of Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan has called upon all of NATO to go to war against Syria for Syria’s having killed dozens of Turkey’s troops in order for Syria to defeat Turkey’s invasion and military occupation of Syria’s Idlib Province, which borders on Turkey. Going to war against Syria would mean going to war also against Russia, which is in Syria to protect Syria’s sovereignty over its own territory. If the United States accepts that Turkish proposal, then World War III will consequently result.

Darius Shahtahmasebi reported for Russia’s RT News on the morning of February 28th,

Turkey is calling for NATO’s protection after 33 of its soldiers were killed in an apparent Syrian airstrike in Idlib, allegedly while fighting in terrorist ranks. In the regional chaos that ensues, only one player stands to gain.

Speculation over what’s to come next has seen #article 5 trending on Twitter in the hours following the attacks, after Omer Celik, spokesman for Turkey’s ruling AKP party, indicated to reporters in Ankara that he was looking at requesting formal NATO protection against Damascus and, by proxy, the Russian air force.

“We call on NATO to [start] consultations. This is not [an attack] on Turkey only, it is an attack on the international community. A common reaction is needed. The attack was also against NATO,” Celik told Turkish media.

Article 5 of the NATO treaty says an attack on one member is an attack on them all.

The US State Department also condemned the attack, stating that it stands by its “NATO ally Turkey.” It further stated that it continues to “call for an immediate end to this despicable offensive by the Assad regime, Russia and Iranian-backed forces.” Never one to let us down, the US envoy to NATO Kay Bailey Hutchinson also told journalists that “everything is on the table.”

This is the opportunity for U.S. President Donald Trump to join his opposition, Democratic Party’s, and even his own Party’s, hate-Russia campaign, by unleashing World War III, if he wants to. (For example, it was a unified Congress, both Parties, that forced him, on 17 July 2018, to reverse himself and say that Russia had assisted in his having become the U.S. President. He needed to be forced in order to say he agreed with that statement.)

Internally, within Islamist-ruled Turkey, the official Anadolu Press Agency sub-headlined one English-language news report, “Crisis in Idlib has crossed all limits, says presidential spokesman after regime attack martyrs 33 Turkish troops” and opened, “Turkey’s presidential spokesman on Friday called on the international community to take measures to de-escalate tensions in Syria after dozens of Turkish soldiers were martyred in a late night attack by the regime forces.” No mention was made about those ‘martyrs’, that this had occurred in Syrian territory, where Turkish forces were invaders and military occupiers, and that the ‘regime’ they referred to is Syria’s committedly and ideologically secular, non-sectarian, Government, which is the only internationally recognized Government that Syria has (but from which Islamist Turkey is now trying to seize Syria’s Idlib Province and to include it within Turkey’s own territory).

By 7PM Turkish time on Friday the 28th, Firat Kozok of Bloomberg News headlined “Turkey Says It Has No Choice But to ‘Loosen’ Stance on Refugees” and reported that

Turkey is pressed by developments in Syria’s Idlib and has no choice but to “loosen” its policy of preventing refugees from travelling on to Europe, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s communications director Fahrettin Altun told reporters in Ankara.

“If Idlib falls, then millions of Syrian refugees will try to escape to Turkey and Europe. Turkey no longer has the possibility to provide resources for and help these people,” Altun said.

This is applying pressure upon the European member-nations in NATO to either join Turkey’s now very hot war against both Syria and Russia, or else to become faced with Turkey’s release of the tens of thousands of ‘rebels’ (mainly jihadists) whom Turkish forces in Syria’s Idlib Province have been protecting against military fire from Syria’s Army and from Russia’s Air Force.

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SF has turned to nothing more than satire website. Low IQ stuff

Hasbara Hunter

If you have got some interesting Intellectual Links of High Quality I will be more than happy to receive them…Thanks in advance

Jens Holm

Even biased its allowed to bring something, which You dont agree in. Thats free speech. Naming it as low quality is far out. They do bring how things are. They are not in an advanced high levels for inteletuals as You :(

Its more like potato. Everybody do eat potatoes and just boil it 10 minutes and give it some salt, and thats it. Thats how most of os live.

We are not Michelin 3 stars and I am no Cook it and is no Chef.

But the family and guests do eat my stuff. So the alternative is not goumet for many here, it mpre if there are potatoes or they are fine or rotten old ones or even some of them has tp make new potoes here in the spring.

Here Erdogan desperate is looking for potatoes and take any he might find.

As Nato I will not support Erdogan. As my self, we should never have been there. And I still feel bad for the partly succesfull “Obama care” went into Trump – where is Syria.

Hasbara Hunter

If you call something of low IQuality…I expect someone to show up with at least one fuckn thing of high IQuality aight….The poorest IQuality-Bullshit comes from ZioNazi-HasbaRats like you up till now….so send me some interesting Links….What are the ZioNazi plans for the next couple of years for instance? You should know…you’ve got the contacts

Jens Holm

More like Erdogan is in a mainly selfmade corner.

People here are very biased. I might be biased too. I see Erdogan protect none at the SDF border. None there ask for that.

Great parts of the SDF zone actually was a safe zone. I kind of hoped Americans would be there as hoped and many of the refugees from there could go home.

Here Erdogan made even more refugees – too. Its the same for Afrin sold by Assad. Turks made those parts of the refugees themself.

I those areas as 100% responsabilities made by Erdogan.

The rest is much mpre mixted.

I dont think satire does it. I see the many refugees and that no satire, funny, irony as evil stupidisme from so many.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

SDF is the new terrorist proxy force of NATO/Israel

Hasbara Hunter


Jens Holm

Nice people might send You glasses. Very nice people might donate eletricity to the never used thinking machine and hope.

Hasbara Hunter

You still in here? I thought you & your Drakkar were checking out the bottom of the Skagerrak by now…


Yeap, I aready told this fake jew, all about jewish garbage. You tell him about Rotschild, Shoah business, but no way: he desperately needs a sense to his life and tries to make friends. This morning I also had a “nice” exchange with other zionist retard :) RED ALERT: MOSSAD IS HERE!!! LOL

Hasbara Hunter

The Mossad is Nothing…little Chickenshit Honeytrapping Kidkilling & Organharvesting Cockroaches hiding behind a curtain…Better hold your Banner High…


I wonder how long Weinstein has to live, HH?

He knows to much and that is his ‘Get out of Jail ‘ card I think.

Hasbara Hunter

Weinstein is a dead Man Walkin’…which in itself is a very good thing….Keep arresting ZioNazis & the Problem will solve itself on the longer term…The Mossad will kill all their Own Assets before the Birdies can sing….good way to get rid of ZioNazis

Go…Go…GoO Mossad KILLEM ALL!

Icarus Tanović

That’s right my friend.


Looks like Turkish salient at highway is turning into fire cauldron.


the ????? is crying now?? fckng scum.. Er?an fck youuuu!!


It is only a naive author that thinks a WW3 will breakout over the Syrian war. You are assuming that both the U.S and Russia do not understand the consequence of such a war and will throw all caution to the winds.
There will be no WW3 over Idlib.

Christian S

If u line up history events a next world war has to create havoc and disorder for reshaping israels borders and jerusalem


Yes, just because Er-Drone-Gan had gone nuts, don’t mean US-NATO would risk the greater war against Russia, China & Iran. I know there are crazy guys & sane guys in the military. I believe the sane guys will not let the crazy hit the button easily.

On the others side, who really itches for the war is Zionist-Satan at Hell Aviv, Netanyahu doesn’t mind that war breaks out as long as it destroy their enemies (mainly syria, lebanon, iran, also Russian military presence in Syria is dangerous for Isisrael).

Idlib will be contested between Syria & Turks & other foreign-forces, as long as political will is playing its role there (to replace Assad & bring Syria under subordination of Zionist).

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Agree, US and Russian forces have been killing each other for what, 60 – 70 years now, and it was still not enough to start a “official” war between them.

They are all flexing, and thats part of the game; to paint an unavoidable nuclear war in the eyes of the sheeps, just so they can tighten control and military spending.
Ones the fear-Apex is reached, the politicians will suddenly find a solution and come out as the saviors and heroes of the world.
And no one remembers or cares about the million coffins, only the “heroic politicians”.

As Stalin said: “A million death is just a number, a single one is a tragedy”


They are getting hammered in libya,saudies soon to lose yemeni capital,ongoing,and syria are on the move again,you’d think the teorrist invaders of no good works has a valid reason to cry in vain for ‘yelp.

Black Waters

Turks crying, lol.

Pave Way IV

“Article 5 of the NATO treaty says an attack on one member is an attack on them all.”

Yeah, that’s what it says. But in reality, Article 5 and 6 ask for not other reaction from allied countries beyond some kind of response. It was the U.S. that ensured when article 5 and 6 were written, they DID NOT REQUIRE a military response because the U.S. didn’t want to get unwillingly dragged into any European wars it did not support. Syria or Russia could level the Turkish Command Center in Hatay or a Turkish drone base and the U.S. wouldn’t lift a finger. Neither would any other NATO country.

The kind of response to an ‘Article 5 attack’ on a NATO member (ANY NATO member) was up to each ally as they see fit. It’s not up to the ally being attacked to dictate if or how the other NATO members respond. NATO allies response could be anything from a diplomatic condemnation (a strongly-worded statement) to sanctions to launching nukes. Turkey (or any other NATO member) can’t expect any kind of specific response from allies beyond what those allies would probably do anyway. Since no NATO country wants to get tangled up in Syria again, none of them will offer a military response no matter how much Erdogan’s eyes bug out while he shrieks for them to respond.


Erdo has always said that the Turkish Army is the largest in NATO and is invincible, so why is he asking for help :)


When cyprus was attacked nato was busy masturbating to jens latest escapades..


Erdogan is Putin’s partner, or I am wrong?

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