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Turkey Arrests Six ISIS Members Preparing For Terrorist Attacks At Opposition Rally

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Turkey Arrests Six ISIS Members Preparing For Terrorist Attacks At Opposition Rally

FILE IMAGE: http://www.nrttv.com

On Thursday, Turkish security forces arrested 6 members of ISIS terrorist organization in the Turkish state of Gaziantep.

According to the Turkish authorities, the ISIS cell was planning to carry out an attack on the ongoing “March for Justice” protest led by the head of the opposition Republican People’s Party Kemal Kjelljard Oglu and his supporters since mid-June.

According to the governor of Qaysir City, Salman Kamji, one of the members of the cell rented a minivan from Qaysir City in order to carry out an attack against civilians involved in the protest. During the investigation, one member confessed to plotting to run over the protesters with the minivan. Kamji said that the cell had placed flags of the Justice and Development Party, the ruling party in Turkey, inside the bus with the aim of tensing the political situation in Turkey.

Kamji added that Turkish security forces followed the suspect and the persons he contacted with in order to carry out the terrorist operation, and managed to arrest him and all those who supported him in the end. It’s believed that the aim of the operation was to create problems and internal clashes in Turkey, where it seems that ISIS seeks to spread internal disputes between its enemies as its end approaches in Syria and Iraq.

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Pro-tip: Don’t call yourself the “Republican” or any other party than the “No-ISIS” party.

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Probably the plan was being helped by the PKK this is their kind of attack any means to suit their ends .


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